volume one

Issue One 20.5.2001
Issue One
Issue Two 5.7.2001
Issue Two
Issue Three 16.8.2001
Issue Three
Issue Four 27.9.2001
Issue Four
Issue Five 11.11.2001
Issue Five
Issue Six 13.12.2001
Issue Six
Issue Seven 13.2.2002
Issue Seven
Issue Eight 28.3.2002
Issue Eight
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This is the collection from the first year of the world’s most popular intelligence magazine - eight editions, issues nine through sixteen. The volume as a set is currently sold out, however there are several single issues within the set that are still available. For sold out issues, please follow the link above for options.


news highlight


Issue One

UK loses 20 intel officers as Chinook - ZD576 crashes

Issue Two

MI6 learn of imminent major al-Qaida plot

Issue Three

Echelon, the CIA and terror outfit ETA


  • Issue Four

    Al-Qaida terrorists hijack four US airliners - 3,000 dead



  • Issue Five

    US prepares to invade Afghanistan
  • Issue Six

    Hunt for Russian-built ‘dirty bombs’
  • Issue Seven

    Focus on the spycraft “sexpionage”
  • Issue Eight

    Manchurian Candidates - fact or fiction?