Breaking News from around the world


Sky News
Breaking UK and world news with live webcasts.
  ITV News
Constantly updated world news and special reports.
  Voice of America
U.S. government's international news service.
  BBC News -
Worldwide 24-hour updated international news
Breaking intelligence news
  Fox News Channel
Online site of Fox cable news network.
  Reuters News UK
Provides breaking world and financial news headlines.
  The Wire
News from the Associated Press.
  Drudge Report
Matt himself, plus many news links
  NPR News Now
National Public Radio news and program links.
Virtual news channel, will open a popup window on your desktop to receive realtime news.
  Free Republic
Conservative news and views
  International Herald Tribune
News, commentary and analysis.
  News from Russia
Daily news from Pravda.
  Wired News
Daily technology, political, cultural, and business stories.
  RTE News
Updated daily news service provided by RTE including audio and video downloads
  English Epochtimes
Covers breaking news from around the world.
  CNN: News Summary
Cable News Network's Headline News. Includes story headlines and briefs.
  Christian Broadcasting Network
Conservative news and analysis.
News, investigations and commentaries.
  Environment News Service
Provides Breaking international, real time news gathered from a worldwide network of correspondents.
  CBS NewsPage
News and features from CBS network.
  CNews: Top Stories
Canadian and International News.
Contains American and world news headlines, articles, chatrooms, message boards, news alerts, video and audio webcasts, shopping, and wireless news service. As well as ABC television show information and content.
  Irish Examiner Breaking News
Irish news website providing up to the minute news and sports reports.
  USA Today
National daily newspaper.
  Big News
Current news on international issues daily headlines by email.
  Lycos News: Breaking News
Frequently updated throughout the day.
  CBC News
Canadian and international headlines, articles, wireless services, e-mail digests, and live internet radio. [English or French]

The Times and Sunday Times

National newspaper UK


The Daily Telegraph

Daily newspaper UK


The Daily Mail

Daily newspaper UK



Daily newspaper UK


Washington Times

Daily newspaper for Washington D.C.


Washington Post

Daily newspaper for Washington D.C.


Wall Street Journal

 international business and finance news; paid subscription required.


New York Post

Daily newspaper for New York


Chicago Tribune

Daily newspaper for Chicago.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Daily newspaper for Philadelphia


USA Today

Daily print and online news from USA Today, covering world news, sports, finance, and technology.Daily