US Military

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

J-2 Directorate for Intelligence

HQ Air Force Materiel Command Office of Intelligence

Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence from Army Materiel Command

Intelligence and Technology Security Activity at Army Materiel Command

U.S. Army Intelligence Center's Distance Learning Office and the DLO's Skunkworks

Naval Reserve Intelligence Command

Gulflink Guide to Intelligence

AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations)

ATSDIO (Asst. to the SecDef for Intelligence Oversight); also overview document

CALL (Center for Army Lessons Learned)

DEFENSE (Defense Department)

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)

DLIFLC (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center)

DSS (Defense Security Service) Overview (pdf), Training Publications, Security Library

DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center)

FA-34 (Army Functional Area 34/Strategic Intelligence Officer Assignments)

FMSO (Foreign Military Studies Office)

FUTURES (Army Intel)

JITAP (Joint Intelligence Training Activity Pacific)

JLTC (Joint Language Training Center)

JMIC (Joint Military Intelligence College)

JMIC/UGIP (Undergraduate Intelligence Program)

JMIC/PGIP (Postgraduate Intelligence Program)

JMIC/MSSI (Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence)

JRIPSS (Joint Reserve Intelligence Planning Support System)

NMCITC (Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center)

ONR (Office of Naval Research)

MI Branch: Warrant

TACSIM (US Army TACtical SIMulation (TACSIM) Project Office)

TSM-ASAS (TRADOC System Manager - All Source Analysis System)

USAMINOA (U. S. Army Military Intelligence Noncommissioned Officer Academy)

USAIC (United States Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca)

USASMDC (U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Commance, Dep.Ch. Staff / Intel & Security)

WIM (Warfighters Simulation Intelligence Module)



NPS C4I (Naval Postgraduate School)

SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command)

DASDI (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence)

RL (USAF Research Laboratory Information Directorate)

21st Space Wing

300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist)

304th MI BN

501st MI Brigade

519 Military Intelligence Battalion Association

525th MI Brigade (Airborne)

634th Military Intelligence Homepage

704th Military Intelligence Brigade

748th MI Battalion

USAARMC and Fort Knox Threat Manager

National Guard Separate Brigade

LINK-33 (EW/I Maintenance)


13th USASA (13th USASA Field Station Association - Menwith Hill)

AFCEA (The Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association)

ASA Online (Covering the Army Security Agency)

CFIBA (Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association) [Intelligence Notebook]

DFAX (The Dfax Home Page)

DIAA (Defense Intel Alumni Association, Inc.)

DSD (Defence Systems Daily)

ISA (Intelligence Students Association)

JED (Journal of Electronic Defense)

LIBERTY (USS Liberty Memorial Page)

MCCA (Marine Corps Cryptologic Association)

MCCIA (Marine Corps Counter Intelligence Association)

MCIA (Marine Corps Intelligence Association

MICA (Military Intelligence Corps Association)

MICA-Potomac (Potomac Chapter of MICA)

NASAA (National Army Security Agency Association)

NIP (Naval Intelligence Professionals Home Page)

NMIA (National Military Intelligence Association)

OSS Society (Office of Strategic Services Society)

OV-1 (OV-1 Mohawk Association)


S-2 (The S-2 Company)

SEMA (Special Electronic Mission Aircraft)

U-2, SR-71 (News About Recon Birds)

USNCVA (U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association)


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