100 years of MI6 & MI5

The Security Services

Commemorate the historic 100th Year of MI5 and MI6 with these superb giant luxury posters - available only from Eye Spy

In Autumn 2009, both MI5 and MI6 are 100 years old, the latter going operational just 72 hours before Vernon Kell, the head of the Home Section of the Secret Service Bureau sat down in his office. Kell began work on a Monday, while his counterpart, the eccentric first chief of the Foreign Section - Mansfield Cumming, decided to open his door on the Friday before. Even today, MI6 is proud of this fact, though it has been rumoured Cumming did this on purpose as both agencies should have started functioning at the same time!


These famous services have provided the basis for countless books, documentaries and even pictures. Eye Spy has worked with a number of parties to create these posters, and most of the photographs and text have been carefully researched and commissioned. Besides providing an illuminating history of the journey of MI5 and MI6, the posters are packed with facts and anecdotes.

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100 Years of MI5 & MI6

MI5 1909-2009

MI6 1909-2006

The current MI6 Chief is Sir John Sawers who replaced Sir John Scarlett in November 2009. Unlike many of his predecessors, he is a willing speaker and not frightened of communicating with the outside world. This suggests a monumental change of direction for MI6, perhaps even more openness, after all, the Service did not officially exist until 1993. His image sits opposite Cumming - evidence indeed of how the Service has evolved in 100 years.

As for MI5, it too has endured some incredible moments in its role as a counter-espionage organisation. From hunting down Nazi agents, to the chilling Cold War games played out with KGB spies, MI5 has always been able to evolve, suffice to say, it is now engaged in a secret war with terrorists.

These superb A1-sized (841mm x 594mm) posters capture the essence of both agencies and are absolutely unique. The first print run of 250 is a limited edition and numbered (example 1/250, 2/250 etc.) and readers who purchase posters will receive an embossed certificate of authentication with your name. This is your opportunity to acquire two fantastic posters that will undoubtedly become collectors' items.