issue two




Published 5 July 2001


Main News Features and Reports
EYE SPY EXCLUSIVE: MI5 uncover huge al-Qaida plot to attack a major target. How the clues to 9/11 were reported but missed by Western Intelligence.
Red Dawn Rising: China forces high-tech EP-3E to land and secures huge intel bounty from surveillance aircraft.
Blue Crystal: NSA new programme employs 25,000 staff.
FBI chief - Louis Freeh resigns.
MI5 night games in Stuggart - infiltration of terror group in Germany.
Russia’s major military operations worry NATO.
The alliance against November 17 terror group.
Terror at 10,000ft: Attack on UK’s most senior policeman - Sir John Stevens’ light aircraft.
CIA’s Middle East operations - plus other reports.
National Missile Defence.
Evidence secured on the attack on the USS Cole.
Bin-Laden connected to Embassy bomb attacks.

Mystery of the Gaul spy ship
President Putin’s KGB career exposed.
The Berlin Spy Tunnel: USSR knew of famous tunnel under its embassy within days of its construction.
The Stasis secret SIRA tapes - CIA windfall.
Listening devices found in Ministry of Defence.
Stealth technology and Heathrow Airport.
NSA spies on EEC targets.
CIA spy killed in Iran.
Mugabe’s spies operating in Britain.
Paranoia: Israel’s nuclear spies.
MI5 and FBI infiltrate the Real IRA (David Rupert). Articles
Schroder’s cousin was Stasi officer.
Secret Archives: Foot and Mouth Disease - controversy.
Lockerbie: Kennedy man could not be heard.
Gaddafi linked to Pan Am outrage.
Slaying of CIA man Richard Welch.
MI5 - Shayler - every which way but lose?
MI5 and the security scene in Northern Ireland.
Oscar Schindler’s famous list.
Watergate - the secret mission exposed.
Unlikely Liaison: Scottish Nationalists and the Nazis.

Intelligence Briefs
MI6 lose track of Saddam’s germ warfare expert.
Pentagon eyes deep space projects.
IRA - MI5 peace note discovered.
Jill Dando - killed by a professional?
Force 17 - Yasser Arafat’s personal bodyguard.
MI6 and the UK Independence Party.
The ‘boys from Belgium’ - ex-SS man at political reunion.

Intel Snips
Son of Star Wars; Former MI6 chief David Spedding dies; Hague seeks agents to get Karadzic;

Book Reviews
Abbie Hoffman - autobiography; Emerging Viruses; Gangbuster; Cause of Death; Snitch Culture; Special Agent FBI.
For Your Eyes Only - Double Standards. Interview with the authors of a controversial new book on Rudolph Hess.
Photograph Specials
Menwith Hill - NSA spy facility England


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