issue twenty six




Published 26 June 2004




Main News Features and Reports

White House Issues Subtle Warning: US officials confirm intelligence analysts warning that al-Qaida will attempt to disrupt 2004 presidential
elections. FBI release images of seven most wanted suspects.

MI6 - New Spymaster: Tony Blair announces that the man at the centre of Britain's controversial Iraq WMD intelligence document, John Scarlett,
current head of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), will replace Sir Richard Dearlove as head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS),
more commonly known as MI6. His choice is regarded as a 'surprise', by many analysts. Full background on Mr Scarlett included.


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? Informative and controversial feature that examines the shadowy liaison between Ahmad Chalabi, Iranian intelligence and the CIA. Evidence clearly suggests Tehran duped the CIA over much of its acquired WMD intelligence. Report shows Chalabi met with senior Iranian intelligence figures on the run-up to the second Gulf War.

Secrets of the Spy Trade 1 - New Series:
The Switch or Live Drop: Hiding and recovering secret packages or messages is one of the most fascinating skills used in the world of espionage. Eye Spy examines the numerous ways to deliver and recover items.

Former MI5 and MI6 Legal Director David Bickford talks exclusively to Eye Spy about today's intelligence world, and his new novel, 'The Face of
'. Bickford discusses international money laundering, telephone taps, interrogation and much more.

Tradecraft  -Series
Part 5 - Mobile Surveillance. Peter Jenkins author of Advanced Surveillance looks at the basic methods necessary to follow a target by
vehicle. Track and keep tags on any subject or vehicle. This feature includes several excellent diagrams.

Part 3 - Directed Energy Weapons: Kevin G. Coleman looks at the controversial technology known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). This
important feature, by one of the world's leading intelligence authorities, examines how DEWs will reshape future conflicts. In the hands of
peace-loving nations, they could prove a powerful deterrent, yet if they fall into the hands of terrorists, the outcome is too frightening to predict.

Special Features
Espionage - The Female Touch: There exist many famous case files showing the demise of male spies, Richard Ames, Kim Philby and Donald Maclean, to mention but a few. Is this because there are no female spies, or is it because women really do make better spies? This fascinating feature examines the role and history of the female agent - and uncovers the many powerful tools available to woman!

Intelligence Briefs
Canada's Spies Active Abroad: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), starts sending its agents and officers abroad to gather intelligence
on terrorist organisations.

Intel Snips
MI5 investigates al-Qaida threat to attack London with truck bombs.

Book Reviews
The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11.


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