issue twenty four




Published 18 March 2004




Main News Features and Reports

  • MI5 Evolution: Britain's Security Service increases staff by 1,000 to combat al-Qaida terrorists.

  • "Mystery" gas used by Russian security forces to end theatre siege by Chechen gunmen - noted by al-Qaida.

  • The Corridor: US and Pakistan forces start major operation to find Osama

  • Mystery of the 20th Hijacker: US intelligence edging towards 9/11 answers. A new suspect emerges as an alert US immigration officer speaks out.

  • Uranium equipment discovered at Iranian air force base.

  • Al-Qaida targets West¹s financial centres. New strategy of terror group.

  • Capture of the flower-waving accomplice. International operation results in the capture of Aldo Moro kidnapper.

  • The Pilot: CIA had intelligence on al-Qaida 9/11 pilot for months prior to attack.


  • Spying: New Techniques for an Old Profession: Glenmore Trenear-Harvey
    looks at the many methods used by the security services to keep their eyes
    on you!

  • NSA and GCHQ Relations Damaged? Katherine Gun, a translator at GCHQ, walks
    free from court after leaking NSA information to media.

  • Spy Story: The al-Qaida courier¹s strange package intercepted. Evidence
    bin-Laden is helping al-Qaida insurgents in Iraq to target US forces.

  • Spy Games: NSA and GCHQ accused of espionage at United Nations in run-up to Iraq war.

  • The Farewell Dossier: Computer sabotage and a mild-mannered economist helped win Cold War. Deliberately flawed US technology was allowed to be obtained by Soviet spy ring.

  • Need to Know - Eavesdropping: A look at bugging, wiretapping and eavesdropping since the 1800s.

  • British spy operation targets UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

  • Spying Œhappens everywhere¹. Michael Smith asks what all the fuss is about regarding the UK spying operation in the United Nations.

  • KGB double agent, Victor Makarov "let down" by Britain.

  • Oldest Professions Entwined Again: French spy faked intelligence reports
    for 20 years.


  • Nuclear's Real Doctor No: CIA effort underway to establish who benefited from information supplied by the father of Pakistan's nuclear industry, Dr Abdul Qadeer.

  • The Jackals: CIA take no chance as al-Qaida plot triggers fresh airline alerts across Europe and America. Plot uncovered - a pound of explosives concealed in intimate part of body would be detonated in aircraft washroom.

  • Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The continuing hunt for Iraq's WMD.

  • The Legendary Decoder Ring: A charming look at the history of the decoder rings used to augment the Captain Midnight radio series.

  • First Strike? TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America (part 2). Jack Cashill examines the background of the fatal crash of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island in July 1996, and suggests the airliner was deliberately brought

  • TWA Flight 800: The Official Explanation.

  • Origins: The National Security Agency: In 2002, the NSA turned 50. Eye Spy presents part one of how the world¹s most secret organisation came into being.

  • The Central Security Service: A look at America¹s little-known CSS.

Intelligence - New Series

  • Kevin G. Coleman begins a new series of features designed to prepare students entering the intelligence world of the skills required by government. INTEL: Part One - Technology

Product Review

  • Mini Keykatcher: Computer Monitoring. Peter Jenkins looks at a new upgraded version of this tiny data-catching device.

Spy Gadgets

  • A few fun spy gadgets, including a truth detector and miniature spy camera.

Photograph Special

  • Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director-General of MI5 as you have never seen her.

  • Remarkable satellite images of Iran's nuclear facilities, including the heavy-water factory in Arak, uranium enrichment facility at Natanz and light-water reactors at coastal part of Bushehr.

Intelligence Briefs

  • Journalist's widow (Mariane Pearl), wants al-Qaida killer (Omar Sheikh) executed.

  • UK accused  of cover-up over Libyan ship carrying nuclear components.

  • CIA website requests information on Iraq's WMD.

Intel Snips

  • Air Marshals already deployed by UK; RAF fighter pilots trained for hijack eventuality

Book Reviews
Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland; Ultimate Deception: How Stalin Stole the Bomb; Crime Scene: Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science;Dereliction of Duty; Operation Barras: The SAS Rescue Mission Sierra Leone
2000; Going Ballistic: The Build-up of Missiles in the Middle East; Surveillance and Target Acquisition Systems: New Battlefield Weapons Systems and Technology Series in the 21st Century; Special Forces: Weapons and Equipment; Scharnhorst.


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