issue twenty




Published 25 September 2003


Main News Features and Reports
• Operation Osiris 2: Huge security exercise in London as simulated gas attack on London Underground takes place. (Also photo special)
• Under Observance: Iran’s secret nuclear bomb programme.
• Black Widows: Angel of death assassinated.
• NSA seeks wider role in intelligence gathering and analysis.
• Arms Game Ends in Newark: UK arms dealer (Hemet Lakhani) caught in US-UK and Russian Intel sting operation.
• Hambali - key al-Qaida commander by Thai police following CIA monitoring.
• Guantanamo link behind al-Qaida Jakarta hotel bomb that left over 100 people dead.

• Red Dawn Rising: CIA believe China grabbed vital technology from captured US Navy EP-3 aircraft.
• Searching for Freedom: Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, a US Navy Intelligence officer, seeks release from jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987.
• Stasi spy Jeffrey Carney out in the cold, as Germany refuses to issue passport.

• The Running Man: David Rupert - FBI-MI5 agent who infiltrated Real IRA speaks in court.
• Missing Boeing 727: International search for ‘flying bomb’ intensifies. Aircraft disappeared from Luanda Airport, Angola, in May 2003, piloted by Ben Padilla.
• Flight 93: FBI analysis of tape leads to confusion. New information suggests passengers may not have entered cockpit.
• Flight 93: Destination may have been White House according to Abu Zubaydah, captured al-Qaida commander.
• Hijacking Enigma: The strange story of the theft of an Enigma machine from Bletchley Park, England.
• The Detectives: Sherlock Holmes - the original criminologist. How we he compare to today’s detectives?
• They Flew by the Light of the Moon: SOE agents, daring raids and a charming love story.
• British Spies - as you have never seen them! London exhibition showing artwork (skulls) of famous and infamous intelligence officials.

Intelligence Briefs
• FBI anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill to sue US Government.
• Suicide bomber “will inevitably” strike in UK - Sir John Stevens, Police Commissioner.
• Libya accepts responsibility of Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 atrocity.
• Paul Bremer, US administrator in Iraq, says al-Qaida terrorists moving into country from Syria and Sudan.
• Niger-Iraq uranium scandal forces Alan Foley, CIA WMD expert to resign.
• FBI and MI5 forge closer links to combat terrorism.
• FBI launch hunt for four suspected terrorists in USA.Intel Snips
UK politician Michael Meacher says US Intel deliberately ignored 9/11 warning as excuse to wage global war; judge rules World Trade Center owners can be sued; British Airways examines anti-missile defence; Jessica Lynch nets $1m book deal; Trial begins of Moroccan al-Qaida quartermaster - Abdelghani Mzoudi, charged with accessory to the murder of 3,066 people (9/11); Security and intelligence computers stolen from Sydney Airport;

Photograph Specials
• Greenham Common - former cruise missile launching site in England.

MICHAEL SMITH - Defence Correspondent Daily Telegraph. Inside Story - the crucial points of UK’s WMD Iraqi dossier and the Dr David Kelly tragedy.
HENRY HOCKEIMER - Former Prosecutor for State of Oklahoma discusses new Patriot Act intended to stop cash reaching terrorist groups.

Product Review
The Spy’s Guide: Office Espionage; Pyramid Imaging ZT-7-3 covert wireless camera.

Book Reviews
Conspiracy; All the Shah’s Men; Hijacking Enigma; Cold War; Fire from the Forest; Erik Hazelhoff; The Old Vengeful; Empire State; Typhoon.

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