issue twelve




Published 25 September 2002


Main News Features and Reports
• 9/11 Codeword - Holy Tuesday revealed. “Two sticks a dash and a cake with a stick down.”
• MI6 “have evidence” of al-Qaida links to Iraq.
• ISI arrest other suspects in the killing of Daniel Pearl.
• The Iraqi Brief: CIA will lead fight to topple Saddam.
• The record room of al-Qaida discovered in Kabul.
• 9/11 al-Qaida associate Saud Abdulaziz al-Rasheed arrested in Saudi Arabia.
• Hijack: Karem Chatty arrested in Sweden after US Embassy allegedly targeted.
• Saddam and the Gates of Hell. Intelligence report states Saddam just six months away from building nuclear bomb.

• On Deadly Ground: Sidney Reilly - MI6 officer - how he succumbed to a sucker punch. KGB officer confirms execution.
• Body in the Harbour: One of MI6’s greatest mysteries - the headless frogmen (Kenneh Crabb) and the Russian warship.

• The Longest Day: How US ATC landed 4500 aircraft on 11 September 2001.
• Clandestine Law Enforcement: The role of the DEA.
• Torture without Pain: Examination of new methods of interrogation - without the pain.
• The Street of Secrets: The intelligence links of Fleet Street in London.
• The End of Abu Nidal. US troops kill terrorist in Iraq.
• Wastelands: Anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill explains why his life has been turned upside down.
• Angel You’re Coming Down: The al-Qaida message relayed to Air Force One.
• Operation Diver: CIA and Greek intelligence operation against N17 terrorists.
• The Gouzenko Affair and Camp X.

Intelligence Briefs
• KGB poison dart attempt to kill dissident revealed.
• Hans Blix criticises George Bush.
• US fighters launched 462 times between 9/11 2001 and June 2002 because of terror alerts.
• Final N17 leader - Dimitris Koufodinas arrested.

Intel Snips
Christopher Andrew chosen to write MI5 history; US believes senior al-Qaida men in Iraq; a new wave of spy games hits UK television; several al-Qaida suspects arrested in Holland;

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number Two: A look at Covert Computer Monitoring.
Interview: The Secret World of Osama bin-Laden. Eye Spy interviews Peter Bergen, a man who knows much of the world’s most wanted man.

Photograph Specials: New York police officers in London honoured.

Book Reviews
The Sixteen; Secret Agent’s Handbook; Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of Terror; A Time to Die: The Kursk Disaster; Kill the Fuhrer; Capturing Enigma; Among the Heroes: The Story of Flight 93.

Issue 12


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