issue three




Published 16 August 2001


Main News Features and Reports
Echelon, the CIA and ETA. Spain uses Echelon in its war with terror group ETA.
The darker side of new FBI chief - Robert Mueller.
Spanish Intelligence foil ETA ferry bomb plot.
Yugoslavian plot to assassinate Tony Blair.
Peru spymaster Montesinsos captured.
Star Wars test is a success as Minuteman missile destroyed.
Bin-Laden video: Al-Qaida video shows terror group members shooting at screen image of Bill Clinton.
Atomic Intelligence: German intelligence officers arrest ‘nuclear smuggler’.
Alaskan missile base gets green light.
Iraqi SAM almost downs USAF U-2 spyplane.
Al-Qaida plot to blow up Los Angeles airport foiled.
Dame Stelle Rimington - former MI5 DG given permission to publish biography.

Russia accuses scholar of being a US spy.
FBI’s Hanssen admits spying for Russia.
To Russia with Love: US Army Reserve Colonel (George Trofimoff) charged with espionage.
Focus on Vasil Mitrokhin.
MI6 ‘shadow company’ spies on Greenpeace.
Brief timeline of major spy cases since 1994.

The Numbers Games: Radio - an invaluable tool in intelligence and espionage.

Enigma: How the Poles cracked Enigma.
Crack with a Spy - meeting with KGB spy Gordon Lonsdale.
Infiltration: How two British undercover researchers gained access to several secure sites in the UK, including the Ministry of Defence.
Crack MI5 Asian unit infiltrates Real IRA in sting.
French Intelligence involved in the destruction of the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace vessel.
Secret Archives: Focus on the most secret museum in the world (NSA).
Sorry - ‘Wrong Number’: Feature on who is listening to your phone calls.
The Invaders: Greenpeace protesters invade secret NSA base in England (Menwith Hill).

Intelligence Briefs
FBI lose huge arsenal of guns and computers.
MI5’s policy on releasing intelligence data.
MI5 archives on Leon Trotsky, Mile Nathalie Sergueiew and Eddie Chapman released.
Secret War: Israel’s ‘Fifth Column’.

Intel Snips
Israeli intelligence recruitment drive; Kremlin silence last free Russian radio station; plans to raise sunken submarine - the Kursk; jill Dando - suspect arrested;

Book Reviews
A Dirty War; Unfinished Business; Britain’s Shield; This Grim and Savage Game; Fascism in Modern Britain; Hitler’s Henchmen.
Major interview with former MI5 intelligence officer David Shayler provides a fascinating insight into the Security Service.



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