issue thirty nine




  • Published 12 April 2006




    Main News Features and Reports

    Ghost Planes - ghost call signs from bankrupt airline - CIA piloted

    Charles de Menezes - UK surveillance officers altered the log...

    Dream catcher - Zacarias Moussaoui faces his destiny in court

    The 'Stepford Files' - MI5 finds closed doors in search of clues over 2005 London bombing



    Spy Games in Moscow - MI6 'spy rock' uncovered

    Cold War Espionage Revisited

    Russia's FSB


  • The Detectors - sniffing out terrorism

    A Through Scoundrel - Britain's National Archives release formally classified documents disclosing hunt for Wilhelm Morz

    Operation Paget - Sir John Stevens, heading inquiry into the death of Diana says investigation more complex than he believed

    CIA Target al-Qaida Number Two in Predator Strike


    Special Features
    Jack in the Box - unique street level insight into New York's counter-terrorism agencies

    The Activity - new elite forces so secret they have no name

    May Day Buccaneers - Brixmis carried out amazing operation to steal secrets of Russia's main battle tank - the T64


Intelligence Briefs

NSA Maritime Sting - US Navy intercepts vessel with help of NSA satellites

Pentagon A-Teams - Numbers Rise

USS Cole Attack Coordinator Escapes From Jail



GPS Surveillance by Stealth


Product Review

Track Stick


Book Reviews

3-2-1 Bomb Gone: The Fight Against Terrorist Bombers in Ulster, Spy Handler: Memoir of a KGB Officer, Man in the Shadows: : Inside the Middle East Crisis With a Man Who Led the Mossad, Operation Jedburgh: D-Day and America's First Shadow War.




Issue 39

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