issue thirty seven




  • Published 16 December 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    Deep Black: Espionage in Space - preparing for a space Pearl Harbour

    Man in a Suitcase - FBI bring charges up against Jose Padilla, involved in the 'dirty bomb' plot

    Under the Counter Intelligence - National Clandestine Service

    Fool's Gold - who forged the Niger-Yellowcake documents?

    The Salt Pit - CIA terrorist holding camps


    Gone With The Wind - US Stealth technology 'sold' to foreign nations

    The French Spy Who Never Was - fraudulent French spy conned millions of pounds from unsuspecting bankers


  • Lantern versus Horizon - Israel and Iran launch space surveillance programmes

    New Technology to beat the bombers

    Magic Shield - Chinese citizens suspected of selling America's secrets

    UAV's - spies in the skies

    Operation Marlborough - crack special forces unit


    Special Features
    Task Force Black - new UK-US special operations unit formed to locate and remove terrorists in Iraq

    Nuclear Sting - Australian intelligence officials believe they have thwarted a 'deadly nuclear attack'

    Cloak and Dagger Syrian Style -  operation that led to the assignation of former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri

    MI5 Set for Biggest Ever Challenge - outposts to tackle al-Qaida



Understanding Intelligence - Digital Footprints

Professional Bodyguards - IED's Part 5


Intelligence Briefs

Demolition Man - Bali bomb mastermind - the end game

Black Market nuclear bombs

The Fort and the Farm



Going Grey - how professional spies simply disappear


Product Review



Included inside 32 page equipment catalogue


Issue 37

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