issue thirty six




  • Published 28 October 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    Able Danger - surveillance team who identified four 9/11 hijackers months before they attacked America

    Alec Station - Eyes of a Predator

    Number Crunching - Arrest of Briton exposes al-Qaida use of code making

    Operation Safeport - new fears for our ports


    Espionage and Propaganda- MI5 releases fascinating WWII files

    Acoustical Espionage - new device that compromises keystrokes by audio capture

    A Spy in the White House - FBI analyst caught passing secrets to colleagues in the Philippines


    Out of the Shadows - MI6 go 'live'

    Kill Rasputin - new evidence suggests Britain's SIS assassinated Rasputin

    MI5 and Echelon - UK rejects total Euro-intel sharing to keep its Echelon options secure


    Special Features
    Airwaves Blunder - CIA operatives under fire

    Secret Campus Wars - MI5 engaged in nationwide operation to infiltrate universities and identify al-Qaida recruiters

    Underworld - New York braces for subway attack



    Understanding Intelligence - Money Laundering

    Professional Bodyguards - Part 5 IED's


Intelligence Briefs

London al-Qaida sniper plot to assassinate Tony Blair




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