issue thirty five




  • Published 16 September 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    London Bombing - when surveillance goes wrong

    FOCUS - surveillance, CCTV, communications and intelligence

    Intel Warning on Fuel Tankers - terrorists may turn their attention on this as a weapon

    The New Codebreakers  - target Houses of Parliament


    China's Spies in US Operation - front company in North America steal Aegis System for warships


    New York City - Operation Hercules and Nexus

    Did MI6 Assassinate Himmler? - recently surfaced documents suggest it - but are they bogus?

    Message in a Container - Scotland Yard appeal for outlet that sold bomb container used in London attack

    An Enduring Mystery - developments in the disappearance of Ben Padilla and a Boeing 727 in Angola 2003

    Metal Box - surveillance cameras silent friend to security services



    Special Features
    Codebreaking and Collosus - efforts are under way to restart the famous computer that broke the Enigma codes

    The London Surveillance Operation - Peter Jenkins takes a look at the surveillance from the De Menezes case

    The Numbers Game

    Where the Wind Blows - New York prepares for biological attack



    Secret Britain - Watching the Watchers

    The Bodyguards - Part IV

    Firebar and Brixmis - Part II

    Understanding Intelligence - DNA and Forensics


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