issue thirty four




  • Published 23 July 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    Al-Qaida Strikes in London.

    The Fake MI5 Spy Who Loved Himself

    Downing Street Security Questioned


    U-2 Spyplane Crashes Following Afghanistan Reconnaissance Mission

    Scent of an Assassin - a safe opened at Iraq's disused embassy in London contained all the tools necessary for espionage

    Brixmis and Firebar - remarkable story of how a group of British officials stole Soviet aviation technology from under the noses of the KGB


    Washington's Deepthroat - the man who brought down Nixon's government to net $1 million from film rights

    The Deadly Road to Iraq - al Qaida cells in Europe are now being established

    Operation Paget - latest news on the investigation into the death of Diana

    Bay of Pigs - true story of the death of an American CIA operative


    Special Features
    Cloak and Dagger - evidence emerges of an intricate intelligence operation in Indonesia to assassinate a human rights activist

    Project George - US Secret Service officials voice concern regarding security at Downing Street

    Agent Piccadilly - Georgi Markov's killer finally revealed

    Operation Thesis - London terror attacks



    Understanding Intelligence - Future Spy Technology From Q's Lab

    Secret Britain Part III



    The Bodyguards Part III - protective driving

Product Review

NitePalm PC8 Police



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