issue thirty two




  • Published 16 April 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    Invisible Ink - Betrayed CIA Agents in Iran.

    New York City, City of London    - the Madrid Brief

    Operation Paget - British Intelligence Officers Questioned over Death of Diana


    MI5 Release Treasure Trove of Intel Cases

    M: MI5's First Spymaster


    The Deadly Cell Phone Call - Saddam's secret M-21 Directorate has passed its deadly

    Days From Disaster - British police arrest another 9/11 second wave shoe bomber as new airline plot emerges

    Infiltration- FBI convinced al Qaida is trying to infiltrate all areas of US intelligence

    Insight - CIA close-in on Al-Zarqawi - the master of disguise - his invisibility is now known to the security services

    Hitler's Nuclear Bomb - new research on Hitler's atomic bomb project


    Special Features
    Warlock Red and Warlock Green - US technology to outsmart the cell phone triggered IED's

    Out if the Shadows - exclusive interview with Martin Ingram a former British Intelligence agent who operated in Northern Ireland

    MI5's Connolly House Bug - surveillance operation may have led police to robbers of the £26 million Northern Bank heist


    New Series

    UK Secrets - Alan Turnbull of Secret Bases fame takes a look at some of the UK's little known facilities

    Intelligence continuing education series



    Phone-tapping: how you can detect and counter any fixed telephone bug

    Intelligence Briefs

    MI6 Officers Breached Geneva Convention

    Airport Intelligence - Advanced Security and Technology to Thwart Airline Bombers

    The Churchill Museum Phase 2


Product Review

Galaxy 8-channel communication watches

Book Reviews

The New Pearl Harbor, Understanding Intelligence in the 21st Century, Affordable Security, Dictionary of Terrorism, The Encyclopaedia of the World's Special Forces, The 9/11 Commission Report, Chatter: Dispatches from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping, Deceiving the Deceivers: Kim Philby, Donald MacLean and Guy Burgess, Wireless Security, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers, Hackers Challenge ", Cyber Alert.


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