issue thirty one




  • Published 12 February 2005




    Main News Features and Reports

    Next Stop Iran? Secret CIA Missions in Iran.

    Outsmarting the Ministry of Fear - how the intel world and science is tackling the world of terrorism

    Access All Areas - reinventing the spying games with micro espionage

    CIA's Guantanamo Bay Express - controversial CIA flights revealed as mystery jet traverses the globe


    The Spies Left Out in the Cold - what can happen when former spies and agents are 'hard done' by in their words

    Counterspy - Cold War spy cases from a counter-espionage officer

    A Spy Riddle - was a famous KGB double agent betrayed by a writer?


    The Truth About Rudolph Hess - Michael Smith reveals contents of a hitherto unknown diary that sheds light on the affair

    Ten Seconds From Now - CIA warn MI6 of bio-warfare spies as US SnifferStar project are about to flourish

    The Invisible Timebomb - growing evidence of Iran's nuclear bomb programme

    The El Salvador Option - CIA Station Chief NIE prompts discussion on return of America's hit squads


    Special Features
    Next Stop Iran - CIA reject claims it's conducting secret reconnaissance missions in Iran, but rumours persist

    In Suspiciuos Circumstances - fresh doubts cast over death of WMD scientist Dr David Kelly

    Spy Twist - new UK scientific discovery has NSA and GCHQ listeners scrambling to find out more

    Wjite Heat - floating bombs that threaten US coastal cities



    Tag Spray - used by British counterintelligence officers to identify spies and secret routes to dead letter drops

    Intel - biometrics

    Intelligence Briefs

    A KGB Spy Soup - Agent Orange used to poison Yushchenko

    al Qaida claim it shot down RAF C130 Hercules in Iraq

    Book Reviews

    FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons, Disguise Techniques: Fool all of the People Some of the Time, Individual's Guide to Understanding and Surviving Terrorism, Radio Monitoring, Killing Zone: A Professionals' Guide to Preparing or Preventing Ambushes, Speak Like a Native, Air Band Radio Handbook, Ultimate Scanner 3, Home Security, Scanners and Secret Frequencies, US Marine Corp Scot/Sniper Training Manual, Airborne Espionage, SOE's Ultimate Deception, The Ultimate Sniper: Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers



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