issue thirty




  • Published 9 December 2004




    Main News Features and Reports

    The Suitcase Man: The extraordinary story of a man who allegedly tried to sell a nuclear bomb in a suitcase for $6 million.

    Saddam's Secret Russian Convoy - secret MI6 report on Iraq's Russian weapons, which helped propel President Bush back to the White House.

    Balloons: An Unlikely Intel Device - a fascinating look at how balloons have played a significant role in war, peace and espionage

    CIA: No More Jack of Tall rades - New CIA Director Portor Goss says his officers will be allowed to spend more time in the spying game

    Secret Bases - how one man sparked a security alert when he decided to examine why some government facilities failed to appear on O/S maps

    The Mossad Unmasked - the case files and disinformation that helped develop the mystic of this famous intelligence agency examined by those who know..


    The Unknown Enigmas - one man's collection of remarkable cipher machines

    New Russian Spy Ring?


    Where Eagles Dare - the world of unmanned aerial vehicles

    From Here to Eternity - Love, Secret Codes and the Holy Grail

    The Suitcase Man - follow the 'yellow brick' road


    Special Features

     HEAT on location with the world's finest

    Troubled Waters - maritime threat that keeps re-surfacing

    The Secret Convoy



    History of the Bodyguards - another journey with the bodyguards part ". Protective escorts and their unusual genesis

  • Product Review

    NitePalm Palm 4

    Intelligence Briefs

    Bugging Mania - 30,000 operations in 12 months

    Dutch Intelligence Service Infiltrated

    London Airport Security Scan a Little Risqué?

    Book Reviews

    Identity Theft: What it is, How to Prevent it and What to do if it Happens to You, JFK The Second Plot, Hitler's Espionage Machine, Dome Raiders; How Scotland Yard Foiled the Greatest Robbery of all Time, Twenty First Century Grail: The Quest for a Legend, Soldier Five: Real Truth About the Bravo Two Mission, Counterspy: Memoirs of a Counterintelligence Officer in WWII and the Cold War.


Issue 30

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