issue Ten




Published 27 June 2002


Main News Features and Reports
• 9/11 hijackers had GPS devices in New York on 10 September 2001.
• The Recruiter: Is Abu Qatada a misunderstood cleric, bin-Laden’s chief in Europe or MI5 supergrass?
• Three Mile Island Alert: CIA believe al-Qaida has nuclear plant in its sights.
• The Radiation Bomber: CIA and FBI operation ends with arrest of Adullah al-Muhajir (Jose Padilla) in Chicago - implicated in ‘dirty bomb’ plot.
• The Man Who Tried to Warn America: The story of FBI agent Kenneth Williams who provided information that could have prevented 9/11 but was ignored.
• The Gibraltar Affair: Three suspected al-Qaida members from Morocco arrested after plot to attack UK and US ships uncovered.
• Day of the Jackal: US intelligence name Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the mastermind behind 9/11.
• MI5 warn al-Qaida fighters enroute to Britain - Interpol issue Europe-wide warning.
• The French Connection: Shoe Bomber Richard Reid linked with European al-Qaida commander called the ‘General’.
• The Poison Letters: Old KGB poison letter trick used to assassinate two Chechen commanders - Omar Khattab and Shamil Basayev.
• Missed Opportunity?: Mohammed Atta tried to secure loan to buy a crop duster aeroplane.
• Controversial CIA officer, John Limond Hart dies.

• Spies expelled after row between Pakistan and India.
• Lourdes - Russia’s spy base on Cuba, could be sold to Chinese.
• Nowhere to Run - Nowhere to Hide: Feature on the CIA and FBI’s spying capabilities.
• Numbers: The DIA Cuban Spy - feature on the Wasp spy network in Cuba.
• Chinatown: Red Sky at Night. Feature showing how China uses restaurant owners across the globe to spy on their hosts.
• Asa Hutchinson, former DEA research specialist pleads guilty to selling restricted information.
• Feature on the famous ‘Conrad’ spy ring.
• Israel launches spy satellite (OFEK-5) on Shavit rocket.
• Russia jails British ‘spy’ Platon Obukhov.
• Moscow identifies 80 foreign agents in 2001.
• The FBI’s Ice Man: Story of the Robert Hanssen spy case.
Operation Samnite: Story of MI5’s Slovakian cafe sting as US agent (David Rupert) infiltrates Real IRA.
• US expels Abdul Saad, an Iraqi diplomat for spying.

• The Zimmermann Telegram: How UK Naval Intelligence plot brought the United States into the Great War.
• The Spy Who Saved the World: Story of a US soldier whose conscience may have prevented WWIII.
• Real Time - Private Intelligence: Feature on iJet Travel Intelligence company.
• The KGB’s Ghostly Umbrella Murder: The assassination on Waterloo Bridge, London, of Georgi Markov using a poison-tipped umbrella.
• The Curate’s Egg - The Annals of MI6 Part 2. Major feature on the British Secret Intelligence Service.
• Amy Johnson Mystery Solved?
• Fugitive named after 48 years. Identity of the person who inspired series of same name revealed.
• Anthrax - Handle with Care. Who was really behind the deadly anthrax attacks in the USA?
• Feature on how easy it is to smuggle Semtex through airport security.
• UK secret sites put back on Ordnance Survey maps.
• Ramzi Yousef and the World Trade Centre plot.
• View of the security and intelligence scene in Russia.

Intelligence Briefs
• Eliza Mannigham-Buller appointed Director-General of MI5, Britain’s Security Service.
• Blaze at UK police headquarters investigating collusion - deliberate.
• Washington announces plans to track foreign students.
• Germany’s BND intelligence service warns of al-Qaida model aircraft threat to airliners.
• Georgian police search for missing radioactive material.
• FBI gets sweeping new investigation powers.
• Proposed restructure of the FBI.
• UK intelligence well of bin-Laden threat.

Intel Snips
US assembling stealth army for Iraq; MOD try and ban map sales showing certain locations; FBI and CIA end feud.

Book Reviews
Espionage Encyclopaedia; The Assassins; Nuclear Peace; The Secret Fidel Castro; A Spy by Nature; Air Band Radio Handbook; Battle of the Atlantic.



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