issue sixty nine




  • Published 18 August 2010



    • Contents:


      Main News Features and Reports

      Lockerbie: Suspicious Minds - real genesis  behind the Libyan trading, contracts, BP lobbying and spy games

      Russian SVR Spy Ring Betrayed in America

      Operation Chicken Farm - US based terrorists sought al-Qaida help to facilitate strike against JFK Airport... evidence of an Iranian link

      The Vydizhenet -  'pushed' into espionage, who pushed Anna Chapman

      Top Secret America - Washington Post journalists compile huge amount of data reflecting US intelligence community - but for what purpose?

      Mossad's Saudi Corridor - Saudi intelligence figures have met with Mossad to discuss allowing Israeli warplanes use of SA airspace

      £1 Million Pay Off - MI6 employee managed to extract information from Vauxhall Cross


      SVR-KGB First Directorate - Russia's foreign intelligence arm; the origins


      Cybercom's Secret Code Demystified

      SVR Jackal or CIA Magician? Christopher Metsos

      Mossad Agent Code Named Angel - a corner couldn't decide how suspected Mossad agent found dead in London 2007 met his end

      CIA's Alternate Three - Langley pondering implications of a 'double defector' following Shahram Amiri's return to Tehran

      • A Grand Stage - Colonel Gaddafi's Libya is now given the 'red carpet' treatment in London and Washington. We examine the journey

Taranis: Celtic God of Thunder - BA has rolled out its new unmanned aerial vehicle


  • Special Features
    Communicating With Spies - methods used to transmit and receive intelligence

    SPAWAR Photo Special - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

    The 5th Domain of War - Kevin Coleman looks at the increasing likeliness of a cyber war

    Camp-X Spy Collection Fears - rare artefacts from the famous WWII agent training camp being sold

  • Series

Mind Control in Intelligence - Part VI


Intelligence Briefs

Intelligence Fears of 'Wikileaks'

Times Square Plot - long term al-Qaida plan

Pentagon Computer Hacker - reprieve almost certain

Cuban Agent 202 - life for State Department spy

Iraq Intel Warning - Former MI5 Director General had concerns

ISI Delegation in 'No Show' - cancelled - secret tri talks between ISI, MI5 and MI6

A Man for All Seasons - KGB agent Hanssen to be questioned


  • Tradecraft

    What Do You See? 60 seconds

    Old and New Tradecraft Used by SVR Agents in America




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