issue six




Published 13 December 2001


Main News Features and Reports
Mossad tell Washington Iraq “not involved” in 9/11 atrocity.
A Bridge too Far? Documents reveal al-Qaida plans to bring down bridges in USA.
Ayman Al-Zawahiri - named as al-Qaida Number Two - CIA codename - ‘The Warm-up Man’.
Muhammed Atef - al-Qaida tactical chief by inadvertent USAF bomb.
Secret CIA liaisons with Osama bin-Laden.
SAS and Delta Force soldiers confront al-Qaida fighters in Afghanistan.
The Madrid Connection: Al-Qaida agents arrested in Spain.
FBI and MI5 lose track of al-Qaida suspects.
FBI confusion over the ‘20th hijacker’ (Zaccarias Moussaoui).
Death of a CIA officer: CIA man Johny Mike Spann killed in Afghanistan.
MI5 aware of London al-Qaida cell in 1999.
GCHQ steps up security following 9/11.

The Third Man - Stalin recruited British intelligence officer to murder General Franco.
Invisible Ink: The spy’s favourite solution.
Under the Counter Intelligence: Major feature on MI5 - Britain’s Security Service. Part Two.
Magic Lantern: FBI’s new eavesdropping software augments war against terror.
Feature of Mata Hari - master spy or innocent victim?
India detains four Pakistan ISI agents.

Mossad: The Institute. Focus on the world’s most feared intelligence agency.
For Your Eyes Only: Psychic Spying - fact or fantasy?
The Secrets of Bletchley Park.
Feature on CIA’s SAD (Special Activities Division).
Secret Archives: The use of animals in espionage.
CIA files and image of ‘Noah’s Ark’?
Strange files released by CIA.
Al-Qaida and the Nuclear Threat.
CIA believe bin-Laden is developing nuclear device - the ‘dirty bomb’ (suitcase devices).
The Road to Baghdad: CIA investigate reports that Saddam liaised with a number of al-Qaida commanders.
Weekend Spies and Special Operations.
CIA fear secret invisible ink will be exposed.
David Shayler former MI5 officer criticise UK secrecy laws.

Intelligence Briefs
President Johnson’s secret Vietnam admission.
US Army sergeant - bin-Laden strategist.
Houses of Parliament targeted by al-Qaida.
Stealth ends up in Yugoslav museum.
Codename ‘Target’. President Bush eyes Iraq in new operation.
Postcard from London: View from the UK.
Dublin’s mysterious liaison with Nazi Germany.
The Suicide Bomber: Mossad’s Achilles heel.

Intel Snips
9/11 hoaxer jailed in London; 20 years for killer of warlord Arkan; Force Research Unit; MI5 deaths in helicopter crash - Lords Inquiry; CIA estimate 70,000 men have passed through al-Qaida training camps; CIA reveal New York office destroyed in 9/11 attack; USA deploy watchers across country after 9/11;

Book Reviews
Holy War Inc: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin-Laden; Black Helicopters; Taliban: The Story of Afghan Warlords; Gun for Hire: Secret World of Britain’s Bodyguards; Stealing the Thunder; Anthony Blunt: His Lives.



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