issue seventeen




Published 15 May 2003


Main News Features and Reports
• British suicide bombers strike soft targets in Israel.
• Operation Iraqi Freedom: The intelligence war with Iraq begins as satellite imagery obtained.
• MI6 duped by forged Niger documents stating Iraq tried to purchase ‘yellowcake’ for uranium.
• Operation Magnesium: MI5 and MI6 cause chaos for al-Qaida across Europe as agents rounded-up.
• Ansar al-Islam terror group wiped out in Northern Iraq did produce ricin.
• Iraq: Secret UK and US Intel meeting that blew the United Nations away.
• Al-Qaida attack on US consulate in Karachi foiled.
• Weapons of Mass Destruction: So where has Saddam hidden his WMD?
• An Intelligence Gem or Plant: Documents uncovered in Iraq point to a British politician receiving huge sums of money from Saddam - but evidence suggests they were hoaxed.
• USS Cole - another suspect arrested.
• Al-Qaida’s Secret Chemical Programme: CIA believe terror group close to producing anthrax.
• Secret Warfare: The propaganda and intelligence war with Iraq.
• For God, Queen and Country: UK military intelligence collusion in paramilitary killings in Northern Ireland.
• Old scores settled as secret Serb police factions clash and Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic assassinated.

• FBI agent Katrina Leung arrested for allegedly spying for China.
• British traitor Ian Parr jailed for 10 years.

• Sanctuary: Exclusive feature on Rudolf Hess including previously unseen material (original letters) on his stay in Berlin... was it really Hess?
• Operation Atlas: The security of New York City. How the Big Apple won’t be caught sleeping again.
• The Rise and Fall of Abu Abbas - terrorist killed by CIA in Iraq and main planner of the infamous Achille Lauro hijack.
• Number One Storey’s Gate: The opening of Churchill’s War Rooms in London.
• Justice Hunter: Focus on John Walsh - popular TV personality in USA.
• High Stakes over Skies of North Korea: Intelligence gathering operations during Korean war.
• The Strange World of a Propaganda Clown: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf - Iraq’s information minister.
• BBC creates fanciful new drama on Britain’s notorious traitors (Cambridge spy ring) invoking much criticism.

Intelligence Briefs
• President Bush talks about WMD and Tariq Aziz.
• 1865 US Bill of Rights saved by FBI agent.
• New US report shows how the nuclear clock is ticking as rogue nations race towards the bomb. Intel Snips
Former CIA man, General John A Gordon appointed Homeland security advisor; N17 terrorists apologise for 20 year of carnage and death; new X-ray technology revealed; French Intelligence score successes against al-Qaida suspects; CIA believe al-Qaida finance slashed by 90%.

Photograph Specials
• The opening of Churchill’s War Rooms in London.

Book Reviews
Weapons of Mass Destruction; Saddam Hussein: An American Obsession; Secret Operations of the SAS; Armed Struggle: A History of the IRA; Blondie: Founder of the SBS; The Searchers: Radio Intercepts in WWII; Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers; Lincoln’s Spymaster; Undercover Operator: SOE Agent; Cheating Death; Freetown Ambush.

Issue 17

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