issue seven




Published 7 February 2002


Main News Features and Reports
Bombs, Lies and Videotape - the secret propaganda war with al-Qaida.
Richard Reid: The Shoe Bomber and his al-Qaida links in Amsterdam.
CIA analysts note decline of bin-Laden’s health.
Osama bin-Laden’s ‘bookkeeper’ identified (Al-Abidin Mohammed Hussein).
Djamal Beghal - al-Qaida’s European recruiter arrested.
MI5 foil terrorist bomb plot in UK.
Secret Rendezvous: Lockerbie, Libyan Intelligence and the CIA.

MI5 sting prevents major security breach as security guard (Rafael Bravo) tries to sell secrets to Russians.
Chinese discover 27 CIA listening devices secreted on $140m Boeing 767 purchased for President Jiang-Zemin.
Agent Champagne and the Rabin Assassination Mystery.
China shows off new J10 fighter based on US technology via Israeli outlets.
British Lord (Sempil) was spy for Japan.

Eyes on Iraq: NSA note Saddam moving his chemical weapons. Eye Spy predicts war.
Air America: The CIA’s Secret Civilian Airline.
Sexpionage: Two of the oldest professions combine - honeytraps, sex and spies.
Bomb in the Basement: Israel’s secret nuclear deal with France.
Vanishing Secrets: A look at some rare buildings associated with espionage in London - many of them now falling under the bulldozer.
MI5’s Day of Disaster: The Chinook ZD576 affair as 25 officers and officials die in suspicious circumstances.
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: Gary Powers junior and his visions of a Cold War museum.
Going Underground: Bin-Laden orders his men to go underground and wait for orders to strike.
Princess Diana: The hidden evidence that some people connects MI6 to the death of Diana.
CIA files reveal al-Qaida given instructions on how to construct hybrid nuclear device.
MI6 and SAS Collaboration: SAS officers recruited by MI6 for special operations.
NSA: Loose Lips Sink Ships: US intelligence embark upon controversial poster campaign aimed at public.
Missed Opportunity: Bill Clinton says he missed chance to get Osama bin-Laden.

Intelligence Briefs
Iraq has ‘stealth-seeing’ technology.
CIA draws up hit list of al-Qaida commanders.
US forces clash with al-Qaida in Philippines.
Al-Qaida arrests in Italy.
Al-Qaida fighter waiting to cross into UK as refugees.
Two hundred fingers removed to check for fingerprints after fighting at Tora Bora.
Terror attacks against US interests in Singapore.
MI5 question suspects at Camp X-Ray - the holding centre on Cuba for suspected al-Qaida operatives.
CIA paramilitary officer Nathan Chapman shot dead in Afghanistan.
Dame Stella Rimington criticised over release of her book - Open Secret.

Intel Snips
Lord Ahmed of Rotherham - phone tapped; new ruling on MI5 spying techniques; MI5 failed to connect Richard Reid with al-Qaida; CIA establish proxy force in Somalia to monitor al-Qaida; CIA accuse Greeks of protecting killers of British diplomat Stephen Saunders - gunned down by N17 terrorists in Athens.

Book Reviews
Secret Soldiers: Special Forces; Fighting Dirty: Covert Operations from Ho Chi Minh to Osama bin-Laden; Spies Beneath Berlin; Kempeitai: Japan’s Dreaded Military Police; Assassination.

Photograph Specials
A famous image showing people being evacuated from Saigon - has had the wrong caption for decades.



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