issue One




Published 20 May 2001


Main News Features and Reports

Operation Gateway - The Hunt for Osama bin-Laden. First intelligence on US pre-emptive strike on al-Qaida.
From Russia with Love - Richard Tomlinson - former MI6 officer.
Peru’s spymaster Vladimoro Montesinos and President Fujimori flee country.
Cold War Games as Russian warplanes ease past US radar.
Allies of the Jackal - case featuring Illich Ramfrez Sanchez - Carlos the Jackal.
Operation Sandstorm - MI6 and CIA uncover al-Qaida cells.
Devastating al-Qaida Attack on the USS Cole.
Falling Down Helmut Kohl and the Stasi.
The Big Squeeze - MI5 intelligence leads to new Home Office regulations.
NSA admits technology gap between government and terrorist groups is closing.
Dangerous Liaisons - whistleblowers in the secret Force Research Unit.

The Spy Who Loved Himself - FBI spy Robert Hanssen.
The Fugitive - Holgar Pfahls - German spymaster on the run.
Russia and United States expels dozens of spies.
President Putin pardons Edmond Pope - suspected US spy.
President Putin visits Russian spy centre (Lourdes) on Cuba.
The China Syndrome - FBI search rubbish tip for top secret nuclear tapes.
Colditz Castle - MI5 papers reveal Royal Navy traitor.
Cold War spy Geoffrey Prime released.
Now You See Me - Russian faces spy trial (Igor Sutyagin).


The Fatal Flight of ZD576 - 25 UK intelligence officers die is bizarre helicopter crash.
GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters - the history.
Secret Archives - Britain’s secret British chemical and biological research project.
Raoul Wallenberg - mystery solved?
ETA’s Leading Edge - major focus on Basque terrorist group.
Former MI5 chief defies censor with new book (Stella Rimington).
November 17 - MI6 involved in hunt for Greek terrorists.
Mordechai Vanunu - Israeli scientist who revealed nuclear secrets.
The Wing Will Fly - flying wings
Our Time to Die - SS killing fields.

Intelligence Briefs
Germany’s security service - BND - pays £100,000 for intelligence from its own archives!
David McTaggart - Greenpeace co-founder dead.
MV-22 Osprey - US Lt. Colonel admits falsifying records on US Marine project.
MI5 monitor animal activists.
MI5 bugs Sinn Fein vehicles.
SAS features.

Intel Snips
John Le Carre admits he worked for MI6; MI5 officers lose 59 laptop computers; MI5 and wife of Lord ‘Haw-Haw’; Pearl Harbour; theft of Enigma machine - man arrested; UN on Taliban; Action Direct - focus; access to all public phone calls; CIA’s Operation Condor (Chile); Japan’s WWII germ warfare atrocities.

Book Reviews

Hitler Spies; Easter Rising; The Price of Disobedience; Jack the Ripper; Medieval Folklore.



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