issue ninteen




Published 14 August 2003


Main News Features and Reports
• The Fall Guy: UK’s leading Iraq WMD investigator commits suicide.
• The Death of Dr Kelly: Loss of a major UK intelligence asset.
• Collective Blame: 9/11 US intelligence Inquiry reports: “Not good enough.”
• Anti-terrorist seats on aircraft - unique project.
• CIA adamant of mobile Iraq WMD laboratories.
• Niger envoy at centre of yellowcake row/forged documents and overview.
• WMD - only fragmentary evidence exists.
• Lie Another Day: WMD expert David Kelly crushed by BBC story and Downing Street.
• Agent Stakeknife: More details on alleged MI5 spy.
• CIA warning as 727 airliner goes missing in Africa.
• NSA intercept new coded al-Qaida targets in USA.
• Fools Gold: Washington fury over bad British intelligence - Niger’s illusory uranium deal with Iraq.
• The Nuclear Alley: Iran’s secret nuclear programme.
• MI5 Director-General, Eliza Manningham-Buller lectures in London about al-Qaida terrorists.
• Intel ‘sting’ backfires? Renegade politician George Galloway set to sue over Iraq allegations.
• North Korea and Iranian nuclear scientists meet in secret.
•FBI pressure grows on controversial UK cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, as plans to remove his citizenship are discussed,
• Two former CIA Directors (John Deutch and James Woolsey) differ over Iraq WMD.
• Terrors Tourist: Transport memo warns of new al-Qaida hijackings.
• CIA create new digital Saddam makeovers to help in hunt for removed Iraqi dictator.
• Confusion over real hero in Jessica Lynch incident.
• Uday and Qusay Hussein killed in Mosel, Iraq.
• CIA agent who confirmed Saddam’s position at beginning of war, believed to have been executed.

• The Stasi Jigsaw Puzzle: New secrets held by former East German secret police could be revealed.
• CIA set to expose staggering 50,000 Stasi spies.
• FBI find documents buried by NRO spy - Brian Regan.

• Private Jessica Lynch: Truth may be unpalatable for Hollywood to stomach.
• The Spying Game: Insight into new book disclosing intelligence secrets in UK.
• Defendo Revisits Camp X: Review of a rare fighting art used by special agents in WWII.

Intelligence Briefs
• Hopes fade for missing US Navy pilot Michael Speicher - lost in Gulf War One.
• North Korea and Iran - secret nuclear meetings.
• CIA adamant WMD evidence from Iraq will emerge.
• New York appoints FBI counterterrorism expert (Psquale J D’Amuro).
• Convicted former MI5 officer David Shayler loses appeal.
• Paul Wolfowitz, US Deputy Defence Secretary comments on link of al-Qaida and Iraq.

Intel Snips
GCHQ relocation plan £450m over budget; bizarre story of Saddam and magic; Spy camera inventor, Walter Zapp dies; Uranium recovered in Iraq; German exhibition celebrates Baader-Meinhof terror gang.

Photograph Specials
• Unseen images given to Eye Spy of covert Iraqi minelayer disguised as tug boat.
• The Kremlin Guard: Moscow’s Secret Service and President Putin’s State visit to UK.

Advanced Surveillance
NEW SERIES: Peter Jenkins discusses new methods of surveillance used by the security services across the world.

Book Reviews
React: CIA Black Ops; Espionage: Spies and Secrets; The Bruneval Raid: Stealing Hitler’s Radar; The Stasi Files; Terror’s Source; Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers; The Spying Game; SOE Scientific Secrets; 30 Days: At the Heart of Blair’s War; Terrorism: Inside a World Phenomenon; Michael Stone: None Shall Divide Us; Radio’s Captain Midnight; Harry Gold; Arafat.

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