issue fourteen




Published 12 December 2002


Main News Features and Reports

• The Waiting Game: UK Intel believes spectacular attack imminent.
• Abd al-Rahim al-Nashire - al-Qaida’s Gulf liaison man captured by US Special Forces.
• Pandora’s Box: Al-Qaida strikes in Kenya as Jewish hotel and airliner targeted.
• CIA’s Cold Rain: Former Osama bin-Laden guard (Ali Qaed Sunian al-Harthi) killed by Predator in Yemen.
• Bali and High Finance: CIA believe al-Qaida financed Bali bomb.
• Death of a CIA Maverick: Former DCI Richard Helmes dies.
• The Prague Connection: No evidence Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague.
• End Game: Former MI5 officer David Shayler jailed for six months for breaching Official Secrets Act.
• Underworld: Al-Qaida menace now spread throughout the world.
• MI5 arrest al-Qaida’s European ‘ambassador’, Abu Qatada,

• Operation Dragonfly: MI5 sting nets British traitor Ian Parr; secrets on sale were Storm Shadow.
• Spy Scandal: Swedes expels Russians for spying on telecom giant Ericsson.
• A Dandy in Aspic: The 1960s Profumo affair. Plus, was Dr Stephen Ward murdered?
• A Child’s Garden of Espionage: 1940s Radio show Captain Midnight and ‘code-of-graphs’.
• DIA officer Ana Belen Montes sentenced to 25 years for spying for Cuba.
• Russian Colonel Alexander Sypachev charged with spying for CIA.
• True Spies: How MI5 infiltrated groups regarded as political subversive.
• Lt. Colonel Omar al-Hayed of the Israeli Army charged with espionage.

• The Strange Case of Yvonne Ridley: Allegations that CIA and MI6 plotted to kill journalist.
• The Enemy Within: Aftermath of the Washington Beltway Sniper killings.
• The Long Arm of Mossad.
• Escape and Evasion: Teachings of the Russian martial art - the ‘System’.
• Oklahoma City Bombing: A prelude to 9/11? Part 2 - plus Project Bonjinka.

Intelligence Briefs
• Al-Qaida link to killing of US diplomat Larry Foley.
• White House introduces sweeping new wire tap laws.
• French oil tanker Limburg struck by dingy packed with explosives.
• Hoover’s futile hunt for “Communist” chess player (Bobby Fischer).
• US ponder establishing MI5-type organisation.

Intel Snips
£80m theme park based on espionage to open in France; MI5 recruiting drive to attract UK Blacks and Asians; FBI warn of “cult teachings” in Yoga book; bin-Laden’s fifth wife, Amal al-Sadah arrested in Yemen;

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number Four: Are You Being Bugged?
Trade Secrets
HARD PINS Crests, insignia and secret identification used by the world’s secret services.

Photograph Specials
A spectacular view of the Royal Navy Rosyth nuclear base in Scotland.

Book Reviews
War, Science and Terrorism; Without Enigma; Both Sides of the Fence; Hitler’s V-Weapons Sites; The Women Who Lived for Danger (SOE - WWII); The Flight of Rudolf Hess: Myths and Reality.

Issue 14

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