issue four




Published 27 September 2001


Main News Features and Reports
Attack on America: ‘We are at war’ - President Bush.
US Intel community failed to uncover 9/11 plot.
Events of 9/11 - early reporting.
FBI make arrests across eastern seaboard of USA.
US citizens ask how could it happen?
Intel Digest on 9/11 - worldwide snippets.
CNN reporter on board Flight 77.
China’s intelligence windfall as US Navy sails into Hong Kong.
The Kursk: Sinking of Russia submarine - several theories explored.
Russia fears MI6 will acquire intelligence on sunken Kursk.
Iraq shoots down unmanned Predator drone.
New search for band leader Glenn Miller.

MI6 in secret Russian submarine spy operation in Arctic.
Retired USAF man (Brian Regan) charged with espionage.
British security guard (Rafael Juan Bravo) charged with espionage at BAE systems plant.
John Tobin - suspect spy - set to walk free from Russia.
Spy exchange mooted (Christopher Lez and Pavel Borodin).
NSA monitor China’s secret Ziyuan II spy project.
Sidney Reilly: MI6 superspy betrayed?
The Spider’s Web: Hunt for mass murderer in Iran.

NASA fears al-Qaida may attack Shuttle launches.
Secret SAS operations in Serbia.
Russia’ Alpha Squad end Chechen hijack

The Rainmakers: RAF responsible for 1952 floods?
FBI - inside look at the agency in need of reform.
Real IRA unit strikes in London.
IRA men rumbled in Colombia.
Right to be on the Wrong Side - the secret diaries of Errol Flynn.
America’s Fantastic Space Bomber: Feature on the futuristic X33 Venture Star.
Pinpoint Prevention: Israel targets specific terrorists using unusual methods.
CIA features including major Intel blunder.
CIA’s ‘Q’ takes on China’s censor.
Whitehall’s nuclear Cold War deceit?
Open Secret: Ex-MI5 DG goes ahead with publication of her biography.
CIA gets Tinsel Town makeover in new television series.

Intelligence Briefs
FBI angered by new proposals for ‘home rule’ for CIA.
Inquiry call into SAS suicides.
20 Iraqi special forces troops die in poison gas accident.
Greece Intelligence debacle - director resigns after N17 suspect escapes 60 officers.
UK issues support for Star Wars programme.
FBI and MI5 cooperate over ‘state-of-art’ bombs.
India shields its nuclear secrets from NRO.
MI5 uncover violent anarchist plot.

Intel Snips
Author of Big Breach - profits seized; China helps Pakistan in missile programme; General Richard Myers appointed as Chairman Joint Chief of Staff; Ex-MI6 head appointed new chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC); Spanish intelligence service discovers ETA ‘hit list’.

Book Reviews
Who Killed Kit Marlow?; War Against the Panthers; Hitler’s Gift: Scientists Who Fled Nazi Germany; The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence; Hunting Humans: Inside the Minds of the Real-Life Hannibal Lecters; Back on the Road - Che Guevara.

Photograph Specials
• Selection of images from Londoners showing support for New York.
• Images from the al-Qaida attack on the Pentagon.



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