issue five




Published 11 November 2001


Main News Features and Reports
On the Trial of the Paymaster: Al-Qaida’s money men behind 9/11.
The Full British Dossier on bin-Laden, al-Qaida and the Taliban released by Downing Street.
Osama bin-Laden acquires PROMIS technology that allowed al-Qaida to contact Air Force One.
The Kashif: Northern Alliance spies provide intelligence on al-Qaida and Taliban.
Evidence grows of fourth USA 9/11 target.
Anthrax Attacks: Several deaths attributed to anthrax in the USA.
Osama bin-Laden’s secret ships.
Al-Qaida say Bush and Blair “legitimate targets”.
The Journey Man: Osama bin-Laden - dopplegangers, elite bodyguards and secret terror camps exposed in Afghanistan.

Under the Counter Intelligence: Major feature on MI5 - Britain’s Security Service. Part One.
End of an era as Russia’s Lourdes Cuban spy base closes.
DIA employee (Ana Belen Montes) charged with spying for Cuban.

Super Terrorism: Growing evidence that a biological attack is being planned against the United States and Britain.
Armies of the Night: CIA, FBI and MI6 probe al-Qaida’s global sleeper cells.
Operating in Afghanistan: Jim Shortt tells of his time in Afghanistan with General Ahmed Shah Massoud - recently murdered by al-Qaida agents.
Focus on Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency.
How to Collect Intelligence: Feature on how MI6 and other agencies collect intelligence.
Clinton ordered the assassination of Osama bin-Laden in 1997.
Secret Archives: Death in Dallas: A fascinating look at the archives dedicated to JFK and a pictorial of the famous locations in Dallas.
Cafe Daquise: A real spies cafe in the heart of London.
Eye Spy in Washington.

Intelligence Briefs
Interpol begins huge data base on terror groups.
CIA given licence to kill overseas following 9/11.
Predator drone had Mullah Omar (Taliban leader) in its sight.
Al-Qaida sells China retrieved Cruise missiles.

Intel Snips
China releases Wu Jianmin, previously charged with spying for USA; feature on White House Threat Matrix; France repositions missiles to protect nuclear sites against al-Qaida attacks; Russia plans to join NATO by 2010.

Book Reviews
Secret Weapons: How two sisters were brainwashed to kill for their country; Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism; War Scare: Russia and America on the nuclear brink; Nightmare in Dallas (JFK); The Octopus; Serpentine: Inside the mind of a serial killer.

Photograph Specials
• Images Through the Looking Glass: Special photographic features on MI6 headquarters and US Navy.
• Operating in Afghanistan: Stunning images of the terrain and local fighters in Afghanistan.



Issue 5


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