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  • Published 31 October 2008



  • Editor’s Brief Notes:


    The US Department of Homeland Security is a relative new intelligence agency but its Secretary or chief, Michael Chertoff, has already gained himself a reputation for straight talking. In a recent interview with a British news channel, Chertoff issued a warning that the next US President will almost certainly have to confront the real possibility that terrorists will strike using a biological weapon. Taken alone, that remark is chilling enough, but when combined with events and warnings from senior UK ministers, one can only conclude something sinister is afoot.


    In 2005, Eye Spy learned that MI5 had infiltrated several universities with agents. Their brief was clear - collect intelligence on al-Qaida penetration and schooling, and monitor possible breaches of security in relation to laboratories. In late October 2008, news leaked that MI5 and MI6 have been involved in combating a massive al-Qaida operation to breach UK postgraduate entry laws into universities. It is our belief that more than 100 bogus students seeking places have been stopped because of real security concerns. Simply put, they were trying to enrol and access the labs and programmes whose work is directly related to biological and radiological research and development. Two years ago, MI5 via the Home Office, sent out officers to all universities and colleges to make department heads aware of the need for total security. Many of these facilities produce materials that al-Qaida is definitely seeking to use. Allied to these developments, Britain’s most senior security minister, Lord West, former head of the Royal Navy, made a remark in mid-October that a “great terror plot is forming and being watched”. He also said Britain had made every effort to secure installations and even the water supply. One hour earlier, the Home Secretary in her battle to get support for a 42-day-without-charge detention law, said the UK was already at the “severe end of severe” in its security alert chart. And finally, it was revealed in Parliament that on several occasions already this year, specialist teams from Britain’s top secret Porton Down facility had been sent around the country to investigate incidents. Porton Down, of course, also deals with research of a biological and chemical nature...


    Though it is not clear if Mr Chertoff’s remarks contained coded messages lifted from his growing liaisons with UK intelligence, but one thing is absolutely certain, obtaining biological weapons and ‘dirty bombs’ are high on the agenda for al-Qaida’s large following. For those who argue that infiltrating universities and obtaining articles for the preparation of terrorist activities is far fetched, think again. One of the last statements of outgoing MI5 Director-General Eliza Manningham-Buller two years ago, was to warn publicly that the world is entering a new phase in its fight against global terrorism. She said: “We know that attempts to gather materials are there... we know the attempts to gather technologies are there.” In Eye Spy 59 we cover a few of the topics outlined here, but a major feature is already being researched on this issue for a future piece. Biological weapons are created from materials all around us, and as Mr Chertoff warned, terrorists have recognised that they can use nature to accumulate the core ingredients of future delivery packages.


    Several pages of this new edition concern tradecraft. They are guaranteed to be of interest - and not only to those who work in the industry, but also ordinary people... it’s the positively interesting surveillance art of anti surveillance. It is an oft misunderstood module of surveillance, but two highly regarded intelligence figures who work in this area have provided a fascinating insight. And we can also reveal that the first in a three-part high-definition DVD series on surveillance has been produced by Eye Spy associates. ‘Am I Being Watched’ focuses on anti surveillance and its many related branches. It is a fantastic professional step-by-step guide production by a former British Intelligence instructor. We have also negotiated a special price for Eye Spy readers.       


    Mark Birdsall - Editor


    A brief overview of Eye Spy 59 follows...





    New Scotland Yard working with MI5 and a counterterrorist team sealed off an end-terrace house in the Harehills area of Leeds. The raid was pre-planned and in connection with the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. That attack by a Leeds-based al-Qaida terrorist cell resulted in the deaths of over 50 people. Detectives turned up at the flat at 7.00am on 8 October and took one resident away. He is not a suspect.


    The arrival of forensic specialists at the Harehills apartment in Shepherds Lane, suggests the Security Service believe it could also have been used by the bombers to store or manufacture some of the devices used in London....






    The trial has begun of Nicky Reilly, the Muslim convert who attempted to detonate home-made bombs at Exeter’s Giraffe restaurant on 22 May. Reilly was recruited by al-Qaida supporters and then received guidance on how to build the bombs via a series of e-mails from Pakistan. Eye Spy discovered he went by the name ‘Chechen 233’ on his YouTube Internet page.


    Reilly had become fascinated in Islam, and forwarded images of improvised bombs to an unidentified contact in Pakistan who then explained how to make something similar. Eventually he built two bombs from six glass bottles - some filled with caustic soda, the others kerosene. He then filled them with 500 large nails and tied the bottles together using tape. Reilly had support from two recruiters in the UK who are being hunted.






    Its proper description is the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee. It is the non-governmental UK body sponsored by the Ministry of Defence which has always been rumoured to suppress the odd story from publication - if it feels national security is at risk. In days gone by, many believed that would have meant the issuing of a “D-Notice” - and despite what you may have read in conspiracy books, Eye Spy has officially been told by the office itself, that no “D-Notice” has ever been used to block a story or broadcast. That does not necessarily mean guidance has not been issued to editors or publishers... resulting in the same thing - the story doesn’t reach the public domain. Now a book that should have been available today through this magazine and your local book store detailing the official history and work of the committee, has been controversially blocked by the current head of the committee itself. Written by a former DA secretary, ‘Secrecy and the Media: The Official History of the D-Notice System’, by Rear-Admiral Nick Wilkinson, charts the historical journey of the committee from its inception to 2004. That should have been the case, but bizarrely its journey now stops in 1997... and five hugely important chapters are not going to appear.


    Eye Spy understands from Mr Wilkinson himself, that none of the intelligence services, including MI6, MI5 and GCHQ objected to the book, so what’s really going on? A full report with an exclusive statement from Nick Wilkinson and the content of the missing chapters.






    It’s not unusual for politicians to cosy up to people with lots of money, or celebrities who like to think they have. Favours, free holidays, “jobs for the boys” perks and much, much more are often the norm when such meetings take place. Little of what happens in this elitist world ever sees light of day,  but just occasionally the press gets ‘whiff’ of a story and scandal breaks out. Once exposed, politicians use all their tact to deflect questions and criticism. That’s what happened recently in the UK when of a couple of politicians met and socialised with one of the richest people in the world - Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. Conservative George Osborne allegedly tried to secure a £50,000 party “donation” from Deripaska when he visited him on his yacht in August. And Peter Mandelson, who recently rejoined the Labour government, has spent time in the company of the billionaire. Now some folks might just be mumbling “what’s all this got to do with intelligence”? Well it’s to do with a KGB spymaster and potential compromise... A fascinating look at one of the world’s most powerful intelligence clans.






    A 2004 faxed MI5 memorandum sent to police in West Yorkshire raised concerns about two of the Leeds bombers, including gang leader Mohammed Sidique Khan. His name came on MI5’s radar following surveillance of another “committed terrorist” known only as ‘Ausman’. Could an investigation have stopped his terrorist planning and 7/7?





    Leading surveillance instructor Peter Jenkins looks at the oft-misunderstood field of anti surveillance, and provides some fascinating tricks of the trade along the way...


    This feature considers many aspects of anti surveillance - a practice that is frequently confused with counter surveillance. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to remember that anti surveillance and counter surveillance are two different disciplines of surveillance detection.






    The trial has begun of “prisoner XA6933” - Tehran-born Daniel James, 45, a British Territorial Army interpreter who is alleged to have betrayed his country and offered to serve as an agent for Iranian intelligence. The Old Bailey heard how James (born Esmail Mohamed Beigi Gamasai) arrested in December 2006, had become “embittered” about being passed over for promotion and “aggrieved” at his treatment - some of it allegedly racial.




    Veteran returns to the site of his Top Secret WWII mission after 66 years...


    In Eye Spy 47, Jim Crone and Pete Jackson wrote about one of the most daring operations ever planned in WWII. British Intelligence had prepared a secret facility to monitor German naval manoeuvres in the event Gibraltar - a key British territory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea separating Europe from North Africa - was lost to the Germans. Six operatives volunteered to be secreted in a cave atop the mountain and forward radio communications back to London. The operation was known as Tracer. One of those brave men was Dr Bruce Cooper, who at the age of 93 afforded the authors with a wonderful interview. Amazingly, thanks to the efforts of a number of persons, Dr Cooper recently returned to Gibraltar to see again the ‘Stay Behind Cave’, as it was known. A charming feature about a true wartime hero...






    The New Scotland Yard surveillance team who tracked suspected 21/7 London bomber Hussain Osman, have been giving evidence at the inquest of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes in south London. He was shot dead by CO19 officers on a Tube train at Stockwell Station after being misidentified for the terrorist, who just hours earlier had tried to detonate a bomb on the London Underground.


    The inquest has been hearing from all manner of people, including civilians and government workers alike. Every tiny detail which could have sealed the fate of de Menezes, from people organisation and police competence, to a plethora of unfortunate incidents and circumstances that came together on the morning of 22 July 2005, has been heard. In attendance at the inquest, which is being held at the Oval cricket ground, are members of the de Menezes’ family.


    One of the most contentious issues is how and why de Menezes was mistaken for Hussein in the first place. Eye Spy has always maintained that the two men, despite differences in their skin colour, did have a similar appearance and bodyframe. Especially when you compare and splice together their images. However, the surveillance team who had tracked down Hussein to a south London apartment block, were relying on poor-quality photographs taken off CCTV pictures, and a damaged gym membership card found at the scene of the attempted bombing. And of course, this also happened to be the apartment block where de Menezes lived.






    As the trial of a suspected al-Qaida sleeper cell begins, MI5 considers the theory that not everyone involved in the London and Glasgow bomb plots have been identified. Eye Spy investigates this and the meticulous planning that went into the attempting bombing of the TigerTiger bar, a far cry from the men's suicide mission just hours later at Glasgow Airport.






    Journalists are still trying to pick through the shadowy tales and information provided by the most notorious CIA agent in decades - ‘Curveball’. News organisations everywhere are keen to interview the man generally accepted by the intelligence world to be CIA agent Curveball - Washington’s primary source of information on Iraq’s illusory weapons of mass destruction. Rafid Alwan is adamant that he never passed intelligence to Germany’s BND agency; similarly, the defector objects to the use of the name ‘Curveball’, saying that there were other informants who had supplied the intelligence. He was also adamant that at no time has he operated as an agent for any security service. Despite this, Eye Spy has learned he was interviewed at least 40 times by the BND... but bizarrely, not once by the CIA.





    A familiar silver screen spy drops in to voice his support for the preservation of Britain’s most famous code-breaking centre


    Bletchley Park codebreaking museum launches petition to help raise awareness over the government’s continuous refusal to support this truly important “intel gem”






    It was a seemingly bizarre accident in the affluent area of Mayfair, London. A 62-year-old man was found dead in a private garden area beneath a luxury apartment block - he had presumably fallen from his £5 million flat and died instantly. As an ambulance and police arrived, the identity of the man became clear - it was Egyptian businessman and multi-millionaire Dr Ashraf Marwan - son-in-law of former Egyptian President Gamel Abdel Nasser. He was better known in intelligence circles as a former Mossad agent once code-named ‘Angel’ and ‘Babylon’.


    Now after crucial evidence went missing and an appeal by Marwan’s family, New Scotland Yard have drafted in an elite team which has already travelled to New York City to question witnesses and associates. Was Marwan pushed by two unidentified men allegedly from the Mossad seen standing on his balcony? Or was it a revenge attack by an Arab intelligence agency. Either way, his tell-all manuscript about his spying days that was nearly complete and inside the apartment, has never been found....






    Eye Spy interviews Adrian Radford - a former leading intelligence operative who unravels the ‘mechanism’ and meaning of various aspects of surveillance




    Eye Spy: Anti surveillance is a very specialised and important part of intelligence collection. What first interested you in this field and how did you progress to such a high level?


    AR: From the age of 17 I’ve been employed in the covert world of intelligence acquisition and analysis. I wanted to join the Army to play the tuba in my step father’s regimental band, however on achieving high entry results coupled with my knowledge of three languages the careers’ office had other ideas. I was thankfully persuaded to join the British Army Intelligence Corps, and I have never looked back since. I was most fortunate to have been taught surveillance, anti and counter surveillance by exceptional individuals and this grounding fused with my passion for attention to detail stemming from an earlier period at stage school, propelled me into instructing for one of the UK’s lead intelligence agencies, having worked with very specialist military, police and government communications agencies both in the UK and abroad.




    Eye Spy: Using anti-surveillance measures correctly means an individual has a good chance of discovering what level of surveillance they are under, and alerting colleagues if necessary. But this opens up a new category - counter surveillance. Can you explain what this is and how it impacts on anti surveillance?


    AR: Counter surveillance is where a third party, usually a team of people, deploy to ascertain if their client, colleague or principle is under surveillance. Once you have detected...





    In this important feature, US intelligence analyst Kevin Coleman discusses the implications of a global conflict that few of us, until now, have considered part of the intelligence wheel...




    A cultural war is raging around the world. Religious and politically motivated groups as well as some nation states are attempting to change the culture of selected counties, tribes and areas. Cultural warfare has grown to become the antithesis of evolution. It is a forced changed brought on by an external unnatural pressure. Cultural Warfare refers to actions and tactics designed to bring about change that targets human activities, knowledge, norms, customs, and arts of a group of people.






    In a remarkable turn of events, a leading German intelligence agent has been detained by Berlin for allegedly supplying technology to Iran... however, it has since transpired that agent ‘Sinbad’ was also collecting invaluable intelligence for the BND on Iran’s nuclear weapons programme...






    The UK’s bid to pass a law that would enable the security services to hold terror suspects for 42-days without charge, has all but been defeated. Eye Spy looks at the reasons why this might just be a mistake, especially as terror plots are becoming increasingly complex and international in nature.






    As reported six months ago in Eye Spy, the government is already funding a huge electronic communications gathering operation using devices known as ‘black boxes’. Every phone call, e-mail, fax and all Internet surfing will be stored on huge computers at GCHQ. Despite reservations, Downing Street seems committed to the programme, but is it a surveillance step too far? Eye Spy considers the implications.





    A fantasist who carried a large number of fake identification documents, including several intelligence related, has been jailed for two years at Leicester Crown Court. Michael Newitt created a “James Bond” image posing as “Commander Newitt of New Scotland Yard”. On one occasion, he walked into a police station claiming he was on a top secret counter-terrorist mission and that he needed a new pocket book - he was duly given one.





    Author reveals he considered defecting

    Spy author and former MI6 employee, John Le Carre admits he was once tempted to defect



    An ex-CIA officer living in the UK and who owned his own security company, died from a heart attack after an warning buzzer was turned down next to his hospital bed



    Trial of 20 CIA officers set to collapse

    The trial of more than 20 CIA operatives in Italy is set to collapse after some Italian agents refused to impart evidence. The CIA staffers were charged following an extraordinary rendition operation to remove a suspected al-Qaida man from the country



    US intelligence is investigating if an earthquake under Iran might possibly have been a covert weapons test related to its nuclear weapons programme



    Abu Jihad al-Massri - one of the world’s most wanted terrorists was killed by a CIA missile strike in the north Waziristan region bordering Afghanistan.



    Michael Chertoff, Secretary of US Department of Homeland Security warns the new US President could be facing a biological terrorist threat



    Eight people died including a leading al-Qaida facilitator as a CIA-led mission targeted a safe house


    11 SEPTEMBER 2001

    Just another terrorist attack

    Former MI5 Director-General Dame Stella Rimington, has angered many by saying the attacks against the US were just another terrorist act. In an interview she further stated that the response to 9/11 was disproportionate...



    As the credit crunch sets hold, a person furious with bankers posted 50 letters containing a white powder to leading financial institutions across the USA. A note explained that they were about to die because the powder was anthrax






    A 60 minute step-by-step professional training high-definition DVD illustrating how to use secret methods to discover... ‘AM I BEING WATCHED’?


    For government, military, security and surveillance professionals, close protection teams, media figures, corporate and travelling executives, business persons, chauffeurs, celebrities and importantly - members of the public...


    Before an attack, theft, kidnap or an attempt to gather information about you, your family, business, home or office, one thing is proven... your routine will be watched. Learn all the secret skills used to identify surveillance without anyone knowing you are are even looking... this is the art of anti surveillance. In this highly informative, instructional and professional DVD, Adrian Radford, a former British intelligence instructor presents some of the secrets of this essential guide to discover if you are being watched  



    INTRODUCTION: The knowledge of how to detect if you are being followed has long been kept a secret. Widely used in the intelligence world, Anti-Surveillance has an even further wider application for members of the general public to protect themselves from the growing threat of surveillance.


    With airline staff being targeted by terrorists, businessmen being targeted by drug cartels, and the public becoming the victim of robbery and crime, it’s not just government officials, military personnel, celebrities and VIPS who are being targeted by surveillance before attack, robbery or kidnap occur. 


    Surveillance has become globally ubiquitous and until now there has been little to arm those at risk with the skills they need to protect themselves in detecting if they are under surveillance.


    Few books have been written and few residential training courses in anti-surveillance exist - why?  There simply hasn’t been the professional and instructional capability with credible expertise to reach out to train those in need. And then there’s the cost of employing a professional consultant, often exceeding £500 in exchange for a little knowledge.


    One such expert has decided to end the void in anti-surveillance knowledge and has launched a series of professional training DVD’s for corporate and home use, for team training or self-directed learning. With a credible and impressive background as a former member of British Army Intelligence, and an instructor to specialist UK Police Forces and the British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6), Adrian Radford’s programme to teach the general public, business executives, and close protection and surveillance teams anti-surveillance is a giant step forward in revolutionising the ability of every day man to at last take responsibility for their own security by learning how to detect if they are being followed, what threat that surveillance posses and perhaps most importantly, invaluable security advice on what to do to ensure to your safety and evade any surveillance present.


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