issue eleven




Published 15 August 2002


Main News Features and Reports

• US and German Intelligence clash of 9/11.
• Mohammed Haydar Zammar - al-Qaida commander codename The Keyholder is captured.
• The Increment: MI6’s secret soldiers set to move against Iraq troops. Focus on this most secret unit.
• Jewel in the Crown: Iraqi defector reveals secret WMD sites across country.
• The Travelling Human Bomb: More European connections to al-Qaida revealed.
• MI6 Top Secret nuclear operation set to be exposed by former Russian agent.
• November 17: The Domino Effect. One Greek terrorist arrest (Savas Xiros) leads to collapse of entire organisation.
• Twist in the Tale: The Anthrax Investigation - who fits the FBI profile?
• Scotland Yard study NYCPD ‘dirty bomb’ detectors.
• US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld fumes as Iraq attack plans are leaked to US press.
• Saddam challenges Tony Blair to provide evidence of his weapons of mass destruction.
• Al-Qaida’s Road to Casablanca: Agents crossing into Europe from Morocco.
• Israel’s spymaster - Ephraim Halevy, warns of Iran’s secret nuclear missile programme.
• Ahmed Sheik, arrested for murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, says video showing killing was “faked.”
• Saddam’s nuclear cargo route exposed.
• Iraq simply a “phantom menace” - Scott Ritter, former UN weapons’ inspector.
• The Chilling Letter: More arrests follow as Greek terror group N17 collapses.

• Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe says Britain is spying.
• Doubting Thomas - the Churchill Spies: Churchill’s nephews incorrectly called spies by MI5.
• Secret Spycatcher Comrade D-209: Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy strange past.
• The spy case involving CIA traitor Howard.

• Welcome to Delta Junction: Alaskan town that will host base for US National Missile Defence Shield.
• Midnight Convoy: The night Osama bin-Laden simply drove right through US forces in Afghanistan.
• Eye Spy covers the opening of the Washington Spy Museum.
• Inside Camp-X: Canada’s WWII spy training camp that inspired Ian Fleming’s 007 character.
• Insight: Focus on Russian Special Operations Units.
• Death by Association: The strange case of Hilda Murrell, MI5, and the General Belgrano.
• View of the security and intelligence scene in Russia.
• Defence of the Realm: Britain’s Force Research Unit.
• Raid on the Rock. Feature on how Argentina planned to attack British warships during Falklands War.
• The controversial death of CIA Greek station chief, Richard Welsh.

Intelligence Briefs
• French Intelligence plot to oust President Chirac?
• So nearly the Day of the Jackal: Real plot to kill De Gaulle uncovered.
• Spain’s intelligence service, CESID - name change.
• Abu Sabaya - leading Philippines terrorist shot dead by CIA.
• New MI5 DG says don’t blame US Intel over 9/11.
• Focus on the Dugway Proving Ground.
• Congress hits out at US Intel 9/11 failures.

Intel Snips
Chile spymaster, Vladimiro Montesinos jailed; Ex-KGB officer, David Levin jailed for money laundering; John Walker Lindh, US citizen caught fighting for Taliban jailed for 20 years.

Tool Box Series
NEW SERIES: Number One: Room Bugs and Radio Microphones

Book Reviews
Camp X: The Final Battle; Scapegoat; Inside Camp X; The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes; Hitler’s U-Boat Bases; Task Force; Behind the Lines: Special Operations in WWII.


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