issue eighteen




Published 26 June 2003


Main News Features and Reports
• CIA told to monitor Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
• Stakeknife - MI5’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’: Fury as identify of British agent who infiltrated IRA revealed.
• Was UK bomb suspect killed by his own handlers in Israeli terror attack (Omar Khan Sharif)?
• Dora Farm Bunker - “CIA illusion?”
• Worldwide Update on successes against al-Qaida.
• Laughing bomber Amrozi goes on trial for Bali bomb outrage.
• MI5 investigate reports that Mossad death squad is in UK.
• Footage shown by Saddam of dead babies due to insufficient medical resources, a “sham” according to Iraq’s own doctors.
• Bring Down Brooklyn Bridge: Al-Qaida call to US-based terror cell.
• All the Prime Minister’s Men: Downing Street under siege over bad WMD intelligence claims.
• Cloak and Dagger: CIA and MI6 uneasy about handling of Iraq WMD intelligence.
• Masterminds of Terror: How the attack on America was planned.
• Armies of the Night: Terrorists act on secret message in released bin-Laden tape.
• CIA capture Abikhar Mohamed (alias Issa), leading al-Qaida agent in North Africa.
• Night of the Long Knives: Operation Sabre: Serb Intelligence foil coup d’etat by Milosevic followers.

• The Spies Beneath Berlin: Exclusive feature showing MI6 officers who built the vertical shaft of the spy tunnel beneath the Russian Embassy in Berlin.
• Redressing the Balance: CIA agent Alexander Zaporozhsky, gets 18 years in prison for spying.
• Spy case ends in Australia as prostitute walks free,

• MI5 tracked Jewish bombers in 1946: Terror gangs plotted London assassinations.
• SMERSH: “Death to Spies” Proclaimed Stalin,
• Whispers from the Canyon: A tribute to the Navajo code talkers from WWII.
• Watchers in the Crowd: Secret bodyguard tactics of a Russian operative.
• In From the Cold: War on Terror brings back the blimp as an observational platform.
• Atom bomb spy (Klaus Fuchs) was missed by MI5 - new released Intel papers show.
• CIA man James Critchfield, acknowledges mistakes in past were hugely costly.
• Camp 30 - Bowmanville: Historic look at WWII German POW camp in Canada.
• How the USA reaches its decision on terror alert status.

Intelligence Briefs
• Bin-Laden had planned to meet Saddam.
• Canada’s CSIS aware of emerging terror threat.
• Steven Hatfill - anthrax suspect, says his life has been “wrecked” by FBI surveillance teams.
• CIA investigate fate of Saddam.
• Al-Jazeera sackings after Iraqi spy links.
• Man held over 1984 murder of CND activist Hilda Murrell.
• CIA believe al-Qaida secretly building nuclear device.
• US road map for peace in Middle East in tatters.
• MI5 hunt foreign spies - in Belgium.

Intel Snips
• Guantanamo Bay suicide attempts; German peacekeepers murdered in Afghanistan; profile on Fazul Abdullah Mohammed - al-Qaida terrorist; CIA and MI5 discuss global security issues in London;

Photograph Specials
• Legacy of bin-Laden - huge concrete defences go up in London’s ‘circle of concrete’.
Interview: Unmasking ‘Kevin Fulton’. In-depth interview with UK special agent in Northern Ireland.

Book Reviews
War on Saddam; Baghdad’s Spies; Masterminds of Terror; Enigma Variations; MI5 - The Security Service; Defending the Realm; Tuxedo Park; Lost Lives; Rogue Warrior of the SAS; Zacarias Moussaoui; Two Minutes over Baghdad; Secret Intelligence of the 20th Century; The Passport; Pinochet in Piccadilly; German Naval Code Breakers; Guillotine; Asymmetries of Conflict; Soldier Against the Odds; Researching the Troubles.

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