Historical Interest

Cuban Missile Crisis

Foreign Relations of the US: Cuban Missile Crisis via State Department

Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges (local)

RealAudio recordings from Oval Office during Cuban Missile Crisis

Declassification - Reading Rooms

CIA Task Force Report on Greater CIA Openness (1991)

DCI Gates Response to Task Force Report on Greater CIA Openness (1992)

Conference Remarks on (De-)Classification by John Podesta (Nov. 1998)

Declassified Military Resources

Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group via NARA

State Department Electronic Reading Room

FBI Electronic Reading Room

Activities of the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel 5/1997-4/1998
National Archives Guide to OSS Records

Yale Declassification Site

Foreign Relations of the U.S. 1945-1950, Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment Summary and full text

Historical Espionage

FBIs FOIA documents on Venona (local) (~3 megs) or via FBI server

FBI Press Release re: Earl Edwin Pitts

FBI Affidavit re: Harold James Nicholson

Historical Images of female spies in the Civil War (via UVA)

Executive Sessions of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations (McCarthy Hearings, 1953-54), via GPO or local (volumes I, II, III, IV, V) [large pdf files, ca. 2.5 mb per volume]

Spy Letters of the American Revolution (Via University of Michigan)


Historical SIGINT Topics

Bletchley Park Trust

On Enigma and a Method for its Decryption

The Turing Bombe

Korea: AFSA Role (1.9 mb pdf)

Korea: Chinese Intervention (1.9 mb pdf)

Truman Memorandum (Oct. 24, 1952) Establishing NSA (.tif format)

USS Liberty Memorial Page

FBI FOIA documents on Venona (local) (~3 megs) or via FBI server

The Zimmermann Telegraph available in coded or decoded versions


Research Related Organizations

Guatemala Document Collection via National Security Archives

Harvard Project on Cold War Studies


Imaging Space Reconnaissance Operations during the Cold War [William Burrows]

Code Name: Corona, via Technology Review

Corona: America's First Satellite Program (local huge18 mb pdf) or via CIA's CSI

Index, Declassified Collection of CORONA, ARGON, and LANYARD Records, 26 Nov 97

The Life and Death of Cosmos 954 from Studies in Intelligence, Spring 1978 (pdf file, 587 kb)

NRO Launches from 1959-1965 (F97-0007)

Other Historical Documents and Subjects

Citizens Guide to Using the FOIA/Privacy Act (House of Representatives pdf)

The Farewell Dossier: Duping the Soviets (pdf format-large) (Gus Weiss, Studies in Intelligence, v.39 no.5, 1996) or html via CSI

List of National Security Council Intelligence Directives (1948-1977)

The Ames Affair

Ames Complaint and Warrants

White House Press Conference on Ames (February 22, 1994)

White House Statement on Ames (February 22, 1994)

1994 CIA Inspector General Report on the Ames Affair

1995 CIA Inspector General SSCI Statement on the Ames Affair

Security Awareness Bulletin on the Ames Affair

DCI Deutch Oct. 95 Public Statement on Ames Damage Assessment

DCI Deutch Dec. 95 SSCI Statement on Ames Damage Assessment

Debates and Controversy

GAO/NSIAD-95-187: Results of a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, NM

Justice for Jonathan Pollard (n.b.Website authorized by the Pollards)

The Politicized C.I.A. [sic.] via Center for Security Policy

The RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs) Debate Page via Commonwealth Institute/Project on Defense Alternatives

Inspector Generals Report on the Plot to Kill Castro

The CIA as Economic Spy: The Misuse of Intelligence via CATO Institute

DIA, Global Threats and Challenges to the United States and its Interests Abroad, 5 February 1997

Budget of the IC

Chinese Espionage stories from the Washington Post

Wen Ho Lee Supporter's Page

Final Report of the Attorney General's Review Team on the Handling of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Investigation, May 2000 ("The Bellows Report")(local; also available directly from Department of Justice)


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