From the editor

September 2017



Various elements of espionage tradecraft used by underworld operators continue apace across many theatres. In Montenegro, it appears darker elements of Russian Intelligence were involved in a plot to assassinate the country’s leader and overthrow his government; in Cuba, an agency has opted to use sonic weapons against US diplomats, while in troubled Ukraine, a plot has been exposed resulting in Kiev being blamed for helping North Korea secure weapons and missile technology. These three events are symbolic of how tradecraft can and does impact everyone - and the repercussions are dramatic.

Just as troubling and impactful, the actions of ISIS and its growing band of fragmented international followers. Attacks beyond the recognised theatres of Syria and Iraq continue. Barcelona, London and other cities have all been affected. Atrocities performed in these locations come at a time when ISIS ‘military’ forces are being squeezed and destroyed in important locations - such as the groups de facto capital - Raqqa. Soon its land fighting capabilities will have been destroyed, but this does not mean for a moment its ideology or its menace to attract new members will disappear any time soon.

And as 2018 draws nearer, intelligence eyes are still firmly locked-on to evolving events in North Korea, Ukraine, North Africa and other countries. Interesting days lie ahead.

Mark Birdsall - Editor