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Voice Activated Pen Recorder/Flash Drive

With only one micro concealed button, this pen recorder looks and writes  as a normal pen with superb recording quality. Records up to 10 metres away, no flashing lights, 71 hours recording capacity on 6-8 hour battery. Charges in one hour, shock-proof, WAV format files, PC or Mac compatible. Can also be used as Flash drive with 1 GB storage for files. Computer not necessary - you can listen to files via the supplied earphones. Complete with USB lead, earphones, 2 refills and user manual.


Buy Here UK £125.00 USA $175.00 ROW £150.00
SALE UK £75.00 USA $130.00 ROW £85.00


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Mini HD Digital Recorder/Camera

Superb small discrete camera /recorder. Measures just 4 x 32 x 81mm. Delivers an incredible 2048 x 1536 pixel photograph and 1280 x 960 resolution at 29 frames per second (FPS). JPEG format, Micro SD/SDHC card/TF card support with built-in rechargeable battery and accessories.

Buy HereUK £125.00 USA $180.00 ROW £135.00

Mini MP3 Style Video Camera

Special Introductory Price. Mini MP3 video camera 1280 x 960 resolution; Micro SD storage, supports up to 8GB, 1 Lux, 640 x 480 AVI of CIF; photo format 1280 x 960, storage consumption: 1GB = 40 minutes recording. Battery charging time just two hours.

Buy Here UK £79.99 USA $150.00 ROW £95.00

Tie Video Camera with Built-in DVR

Built-in 4GB DVR
Records video and can record audio
Classic business style Tie
Remote control for extra fun
Built in USB port for easy data transfer

view footage here

Buy Here UK £79.99 USA $150.00 ROW £95.00

Button Video Camera with Micro DVR

Two-inch long LCD screen, records 30 frames per second (FPS), recording resolution 640 x 480 with built-in 45MB memory. Supports up to $GB SD card.Records with or without audio and has timestamp.

view footage here

Buy Here UK £175.00 USA $250.00 ROW £190.00

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Snoop Stick


Clock Recorder


Night Vision Dashboard Camera

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In conjunction with our strategic partners, we can supply security, law enforcement, military and counter terrorism products & services to the world’s governments and law enforcement agencies. We also provide equipment and services to corporate and industrial buildings and facilities and to corporate executives.

We offer complete, full service for your security needs, including situation assessments and consultations in a discrete and confidential manner. We can also provide complete turn key installations including training and maintenance. Custom engineered products are also available.

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National Security - securing borders and buildings, counter-terrorism, airport, seaport security, public safety

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