Am I Being Watched?
The Art of Anti Surveillance

Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine is pleased to announce the arrival of a 60 minute step-by-step professional training high-definition DVD illustrating how to use secret surveillance methods to discover... am I being watched?

Essential viewing for government, military, security and surveillance professionals, close protection teams, media figures, corporate and travelling executives, business persons, chauffeurs, celebrities and importantly - members of the public.

Before an attack, theft, kidnap or an attempt to gather information about you, your family, business, home or office, one thing is proven... your routine will be watched.

Learn all the secret skills used to identify surveillance without anyone knowing you are even looking... this is the art of anti surveillance.

In this highly informative, instructional and professional DVD, Adrian Radford, a former British intelligence instructor presents some of the secrets of this essential guide to discover if you are being surveilled.

Specialist driving tips

Avoid starring through windows


The knowledge of how to detect if you are being followed has long been kept a secret. Widely used in the intelligence world, Anti-Surveillance has an even further wider application for members of the general public to protect themselves from the growing threat of surveillance.

With airline staff being targeted by terrorists, businessmen being targeted by drug cartels, and the public becoming the victim of robbery and crime, it's not just government officials, military personnel, celebrities and VIPS who are being targeted by surveillance before attack, robbery or kidnap occur.

Surveillance has become globally ubiquitous and until now there has been little to arm those at risk with the skills they need to protect themselves in detecting if they are under surveillance.

Few books have been written and few residential training courses in anti-surveillance exist - why? There simply hasn't been the professional and instructional capability with credible expertise to reach out to train those in need. And then there's the cost of employing a professional consultant, often exceeding £500 in exchange for a little knowledge.

One such expert has decided to end the void in anti-surveillance knowledge and has launched a series of professional training DVD's for corporate and home use, for team training or self-directed learning. With a credible and impressive background as a former member of British Army Intelligence, and an instructor to specialist UK Police Forces and the British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6), Adrian Radford's programme to teach the general public, business executives, and close protection and surveillance teams anti-surveillance is a giant step forward in revolutionising the ability of every day man to at last take responsibility for their own security by learning how to detect if they are being followed, what threat that surveillance posses and perhaps most importantly, invaluable security advice on what to do to ensure to your safety and evade any surveillance present.


Walking towards a “choke point”

The corner trick

The collection encompasses 3 DVD's all filmed in High Definition with realistic scenarios and live demonstrations on what and what not to do...

Volume 1 is the first release in the series. Inside readers will also find a voucher that can be used against the price of Volume 2!


Am I Being Watched?: Highlights include:

* Professional instruction by a leading industry figure * Never seen before techniques, skills and personal tips * Essential techniques to learn whilst walking * Essential techniques to learn whilst driving * How to combine foot and driving techniques for maximum benefit * What to do to improve chances of detection and what NOT to do! * How to precisely determine what threat any surveillance poses * How to secretly evade any surveillance utilising enhanced techniques * Live product demonstration of the NEW Personal Alarm and Tracker * Engaging presenting brings this complex subject to life * Live demonstrations on foot and in vehicles * Realistic scenarios using credible targets * Easy step-by-step lessons in easy to follow chapters * Multi screen technology showing different angles simultaneously * Multi area location shooting simulating realistic environments * Filmed in High Definition for large format viewing * Edited and fully animated with CGI graphics * Licensed for corporate training, team instruction and self directed learning * Available in both UK/US versions and multi country formats * Ongoing support, training and consultancy * Cost efficient pricing to facilitate wide spread take-up and learning * Long lasting behavioural change empowering the viewer to take responsibility

A genuine reason to onserve

Using reflective surfaces to detect surveillance

Intelligence instructor Adrian Radford

Spotting the signs of surveillance

Utilise surroundings

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