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Death of Bin-Laden

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Death of a Welsh Spy

Welsh spy Gareth Williams's naked body was found in a locked bag in a bath. Police still don't know how, or why, he died. One of his closest friends speaks exclusively to the programme, and sheds more light on the mathematician from Anglesey.

Reporter      Iolo Dafydd
Producer      Andy Maguire . 

Tue 5 Apr 2011
22:35 BBC One (Wales only) view documentary


US Eastern Seaboard Bomb Plots

Al-Qaida’s attempt to carry bombs via cargo carrying aeroplanes to the eastern seaboard of the United States has caused much concern to the aviation industry. Described by Eye Spy MI6 sources as a ‘tic-tac-toe’ operation (location, carrier and country hopping), the terrorists almost succeeded in causing another atrocity. The incident came just hours after British Airways Chairman Martin Broughton, said Britain has to stop ‘kowtowing to US demands on airport checks’. Mr Broughton also drew reference to passengers being told to take off their shoes when passing through security points. Eye Spy has liaised with a former British intelligence agent who provides a deep insight into the creation and delivery of such menacing devices. His comments form part of an examination and anatomy of the incidents in Eye Spy 71.

Editor’s note. Mr Broughton seems utterly oblivious to the cunning of al-Qaida terrorists, their use of multi-falsified identities and the insertion of explosives into everyday objects, including shoes. He might also want to obtain the secret CIA signal that flagged an AQ operation to insert and detonate bombs from inside persons. Mr Broughton was correct in his comments regarding internal US flight security programmes. Either way, one can never have enough security in air terminals.


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    Many readers have expressed opinion that Eye Spy should hold an intelligence and espionage conference. Readers might like to know that several discussions between various parties have already taken place regarding such a venture. We would like your comments and feedback.



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MI5 Officer and Torture Allegations

        New Scotland Yard found no evidence for any criminal offence arising from the interview of former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed. An MI5 officer, identified only as 'Witness B', was accused of collusion and/or awareness of certain interrogation techniques. Eye Spy described the original claims as 'groundless'.

        Editor's note. It is my understanding a wider inquiry involves at least one other MI6 liaison officer.


        A major reader requested project has finally been concluded. The magazine has received numerous requests to publishing a comprehensive index of its content since inception in May 2001. I am pleased to announce that beside our brief overview of each title, readers can now search our massive index which is a valuable research tool. This will help you search for reports, events, individuals and all materials published in the magazine (Issue 1 through 70).

        Mark Birdsall



        Don't miss! In the New Year Eye Spy starts a brand new series of tradecraft features on surveillance and photography. In part one, surveillance authority Peter Jenkins looks at infrared photography.



Cabinet Secretary's review of Megrahi papers

On 20 July 2010, the Prime Minister asked the Cabinet Secretary to conduct a review of Government papers relating to the release of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi to see whether more needed to be published. The purpose was to ensure the fullest possible explanation of the circumstances surrounding his release.

The Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, has completed the review which has been published to Parliament. It is also available on the Cabinet Office website.

In completing the review the Cabinet Secretary was assisted by the former Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, whose opinion is that the documents published “provide a fair and accurate account of events”.

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              Many readers have already taken advantage of our exclusive offer regarding Go! Go! Go!, the fantastic book written by former SAS officer Rusty Firmin. In 1980, Firmin led Blue Team in the operation to free hostages in the Iranian Embassy. The images of the dark-clothed SAS were beamed across the world. One photograph in particular captured the imagination of the public and media alike. Eye Spy, in conjunction with Rusty, is including a personally signed copy of the photo and book at no extra cost. If you are looking for a brilliant, but unusual Christmas present, look no further. See here for ordering details

              Eye Spy's huge project to list and describe the global intelligence community continues apace. (See Intelligence Services of the World). Please be patient, this is an on-going project which requires extensive research and cross-referencing.
              Eye Spy was featured on BBC's Inside Out - London, 7 February, 2011. Mark Birdsall and BBC Security Correspondent Gordon Corera, discussed some of the spy locations identified in Eye Spy's - 150 Spy Sites of London book. View video here
              View video here


                     Professor Kent Jeffrey's 'authorised' book - MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909 - 1949, has been widely acclaimed in the world of intelligence. However, there are some clear omissions, including little if any comment on the flight of Adolf Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, to Scotland in 1941. Indeed, there is not even a reference which is most puzzling. It has always been rumoured the event involved a shadowy element from MI6. Eye Spy has an exclusive feature on this omission and analyses the reasons why Kent Jeffrey may or may not have been given all the facts.

                      In his recently released book, Decision Points, former President George Bush refers to a controversial incident whereby a terror suspect imparted vital intelligence after being subjected to 'waterboarding'. That intelligence was reportedly used to stop a major terrorist attack relevant to Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf. Eye Spy exclusively reports on a little-known MI5-New Scotland Yard operation that is almost certainly related to the president's comments.

                      One of the world's leading investigative journalists and intelligence experts, Nick Fielding, is preparing an exclusive feature on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operations in Afghanistan. Just how successful have these remotely controlled devices been in targeting al-Qaida and Taliban strongholds? An authoritative piece not to be missed.

                      Other fascinating projects currently being researched include the use of surveillance vans and the equipment available to operators.