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Y Service. (See Interception. Feature. A 21st Century Necessity). ES86, 2013
Y Stations. (See Interception. Feature. A 21st Century Necessity). ES86, 2013
Y Stations. ES63, 2009
Yad, uranium mining plant, Iran. ES69, 2010
Yadlin, Amos. ES84, 2013
Yaghi, Ziyad. ES64, 2009
Yagoda, Genrikh. ES70, 2010
Yahiye, Adam. Gadahn. (aka Adam Pearlman). Part 2. ES56, 2008
Yahya, Adel. (See London 21/7). ES46, 2007
Yak-28. Soviet fighter. (Firebar - NATO codename). (See Brixmis). ES34, 2005
Yakima Firing Center. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Yakovenko, Alexander. Russian Ambassador to Britain summoned following shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. ES92, 2014
Yakovlev, Anatoli. Yun, Juwhan. ES47, 2007
Yakunin, Vladimir. (See Domodedovo Airport bombing). ES72, 2011
Yale Library Project. (See OSS). ES17, 2003
Yalowitz, Kenneth Spencer. ES90, 2014
Yalta Conference. 1945. ES78, 2012
Yamadayev, Dzhabrail. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Yamadayev, Ruslan. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Yamadayev, Sulim. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Yamam. Feature - The Secret World of the Yamam. Israel's Gray Patriots. ES29, 2004
Yamam. Yehidat Mishtara Meyuhedet. (Special Police Unit). Israel. ES29, 2004
Yannuzzi, Rick. ES2, 2001
Yanukovych, Viktor. See Ukraine Conflict. ES90, 2014
Yardley, Herbert O. ES40, 2006
Yardley, Herbert. ES23, 2004
Yari, Rabiou Hassane. ES19, 2003
Yariv, Aharon. ES60, 2009
Yariv, Aharon. General . ES68, 2010
Yarkas, Eddin Barakat. ES25, 2004
Yasin, Abdul Rahman. ES10, 2002
Yasser Arafat Fatah militias. ES4, 2001
Yassin, Sheikh Ahmed. Founder of Hamas. ES80, 2012
Yates, John. ES72, 2011
Yates, John. ES76, 2011
Yates, John. New Scotland Yard. (See Hacking). ES73, 2011
Yatom, Dani. Mossad Director. ES80, 2012
Yatom, Danny. ES15, 2003
Yatom, Danny. ES15, 2003
Yatom, Danny. ES54, 2008
Yatom, Danny. Mossad. ES6, 2001
Yatom, David, ES88, 2013
Yatsenyuk, Arseniy. ES90, 2014
Yazid-al, Mustaf Abu. ES57, 2008
Ye Old Bell Tavern. (See GCHQ. Feature. A Bag of Secrets). ES82, 2012
Yediot Ahronot. ES84, 2013
Yee, James. ES21, 2003
Yehov, Nikolai. Head of the Soviet OGPU. ES6, 2001
Yehudi. Secret US Navy invisibility project. ES58, 2008
Yellowcake. (See Niger uranium documents). ES27, 2004
Yeltsin, Boris. ES75, 2011
Yeltsin, Boris. ES90, 2014
Yeltsin, Boris. KGB resurrection? ES1, 2001
Yemen AQ cell arrested. ES1, 2001
Yemen. AQ arrive in country. Feature - Storms of Yemen. ES13, 2002
Yemen. AQ operations and planning. Feature. ES66, 2010
Yemen. AQ operations. ES28, 2004
Yemeni, Abu al Muthana al. ES92, 2014
Yemer, Aman Hasan. ES67, 2010
Yevloyev, Magomed. (See Domodedovo Airport bombing). ES72, 2011
Yi, Zongcheng. ES81, 2012
Yichen, Gao. (See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature). ES80, 2012
Yifrah, Eyal. ES92, 2014
Yifrah, Eyal. ES93, 2014
Yilmaz. AQ recruiter. See Syria Conflict. The Recruiters. How would-be jihadists are using tradecraft to recruit and travel to Syria and Iraq. ES92, 2014
Yom Kippur War 1973. ES81, 2012
Yom Kippur War. ES51, 2007
Yongbyon nuclear plant. Feature. ES16, 2003
Yongkang, Zhou. Ministry of Public Security/610 Office. (See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature). ES80, 2012
Yongyue, Xu. MSS. ES93, 2014
Yop-Jang, Hwang. ES76, 2011
Young Guard Public Council, Russia. ES76, 2011
Young Pioneer Group. Bugging of USA Embassy in 1945. Links. ES83, 2013
Young, Courtney. ES1, 2001
Young, Gord. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Young, Lee Han. ES76, 2011
Young, Sir George. Leader of the House of Commons. ES80, 2012
Young, Stephen. ES86, 2013
Young, Thomas. (See Rosetta Stone). ES68, 2010
Youngblood, Jennifer. ES82, 2012
Younger, Alex. New MI6 Chief. Feature. ES93, 2014
Yousef, Ramzi. ES10, 2002
Yousef, Ramzi. ES134, 2002
Yousef, Ramzi. ES25, 2004
Yousef, Ramzi. ES43, 2006
Yousef, Ramzi. World Trade Center bomber [1993]. ES6, 2001
Youssef, Bassem. FBI Whistleblower. Feature. ES56, 2008
Youth Organisation. AUF. Norway. ES75, 2011
YouTube. Web site removes terror lectures after UK-USA pressure. ES76, 2011
Y-Service. ES60, 2009
Yu, Zhaio. China Air Force pilot involved in interception of US Navy surveillance aircraft. ES1, 2001
Yu, Zhao. ES89, 2014
Yuan Wang Class Chinese satellite and missile tracking ship. ES93, 2014
Yugoslavian break up. ES62, 2009
Yukos. (See Litvinenko). ES47, 2007
Yun, Juwhan. ES47, 2007
Yunesi, Ali. Iranian Intelligence Minister. ES28, 2004
Yurchenko, Vitaly. ES65, 2009
Yury Dolgorukiy (K-535) Russian nuclear submarine. (See Bulava missile programme). Feature. ES80, 2012
Yusgiantoro, Purnomo. Indonesia Defence Minister. ES80, 2012
Yushchenko, Victor. Poison attack on Ukraine leader linked to Russian Intelligence outfit. ES31, 2005
Yushchenko, Viktor. ES45, 2006
Yushenkov, Sergey. Assassinated. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Yusupov, Felix. (See MI6 plot to kill Rasputin). ES36, 2005