eye spy intelligence magazine index


V-1. US missile project involving pigeons. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Vahidi, Ahmad. ES84, 2013
Valdai Club (The). ES76, 2011
Valentine, Jean. (See Code-Breaking). ES74, 2011
Valentine, Jean. Codebreaker. ES75, 2011
Valkyrie. (See Adolf Hitler). ES75, 2011
Vallance, Andrew. D-Notice Secretary. ES91, 2014
Vallance, Andrew. ES59, 2008
Valley of the Kings. ES49, 2007
Valli, Alida. ES90, 2014
Valls, Manuel. ES82, 2012
Valls, Manuel. ES85, 2013
Van Lew Mansion, ES56, 2008
Vance, Cyrus. (See Jose Pimentel). ES77, 2012
Vandenberg AFB. (See Missile Defense Shield). ES58, 2008
Vandenberg AFB. ES42, 2006
Vandenberg, Hoyt S. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Vaneker, Chris. Royal Dutch Air Force. Former pilot guilty of espionage. Feature. ES77, 2012
Vanguard Class submarines. ES91, 2014
Vanilla Sky. ES33, 2005
Vanity Fair. ES50, 2007
Vansittart, Robert. ES60, 2008
Vanunu, Mordechai. (See also Whistleblower: Feature. Hero, Villain, Traitor or Spy?). ES86, 2013
Vanunu, Mordechai. Arrested again. ES30, 2004/5
Vanunu, Mordechai. ES2, 2002
Vanunu, Mordechai. ES90, 2014
Vanunu, Mordechai. Feature on jailed Israeli scientist. ES1, 2001
Vanunu, Mordechai. Freed. Feature - Out of the Fire... ES25, 2004
Vanunu, Mordechai. Freedom beckons. ES12, 2002
Vanunu, Mordechai. Travel ban. ES48, 2007
Vardon, Pearl. Feature - Love and Treason on Jersey. ES1, 2001
Vargo, Bruce. ES61, 2009
Vartanyan, Gevork Andreyevich. Famous Russian spy dies. (See Operation Long Jump). ES78, 2012
Vartanyan, Goar. ES78, 2012
Vasenkov, Mikhal. (aka Juan Lazaro - see SVR). ES69, 2010
Vasilenko, Gennady. CIA get back agent in spy exchange. ES69, 2010
Vasiliev, Leonid. ES84, 2013
Vassal, John. ES80, 2012
Vassall, John. ES53, 2008
Vassall, John. ES65, 2009
Vassall, John. Feature - pink Circles and Honey Traps. ES42, 2006
Vassall, John. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Vassiliev, Alexander. ES63, 2009
Vassiliev, Vladimir. ES11, 2002
Vatican City. ES33, 2005
Vatican espionage. Feature - Corridors of Silence. ES33, 2005
Vatican. Secret codes. ES57, 2008
Vatican. Senior priest resigns in spy row. ES46, 2007
Vaudois University Hospital Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland. See Yasar Arafat. ES88, 2013
Vaughan, Hal. ES75, 2011
Vaught, Major General James. ES89, 2014
Vauxhall Cross. ES57, 2008
Vauxhall Cross. MI6 Headquarters. ES20, 2003
Vauxhall Cross. MI6 Headquarters. ES66, 2010
Vavilova, Elena. (aka Tracey Lee Ann Foley - see also SVR). ES69, 2010
Vavilova, Yelena. ES81, 2012
Vaz, Keith. ES57, 2008
Vaz, Keith. ES85, 2013
Vaz, Keith. Home Affairs Committee Chair. ES88, 2013
VBIED. Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device. ES35, 2005
V-Bombers. Valiant, Victor, Vulcan. ES44, 2006
VBR. Vauxhall Bridge Road. MI6 Field Station London. ES66, 2010
Vegera, Victor. ES55, 2008
Vehicle Bugs. (See Bugs - Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Vehicle security. ES77, 2012
Vehicle Tracking. ES15, 2003
Velche, Raymond (aka Roland Verge - see Rainbow Warrior). ES3, 2001
Velvet Revolution. (See also Haval, Vaclav). ES77, 2012
Veness, David. ES21, 2003
Venezuela. ES49, 2007
Vengeance. Steven Spielberg. (See Europa Hotel Incident). ES68, 2010
Venlo Incident. Feature. (See MI6). ES60, 2008
Venlo Incident. Feature. ES39, 2006
Venona. ES83, 2013
Venona. Exploiting Russian diplomatic signals. ES42, 2006
Venture Magazine. (See Anna Chapman). ES74, 2011
Venture Star. Feature - America's fantastic bomber project. ES4, 2001
Vera. See Vera Schalburg. ES94, 2014
Verizon. ES41, 2006
Vesti Nedeli. Broadcasts programme regarding death of Litvinenko. ES67, 2010
Vetrov, Vladimir, Colonel KGB. (See Line-X). ES75, 2011
Vetrov, Vladimir. (See Farewell Dossier). ES24, 2004
VEVAK. Feature. The Illusionist Hand of Iran's VEVAK. Inside VEVAK. Propaganda and creative elements. ES84, 2013
VEVAK. Iran Intelligence. ES84, 2013
VGDSh. Antenna. ES90, 2014
VHF Airband Transceiver. ES42, 2006
VHF. Very High Frequency. (See ELINT). ES58, 2008
VIA Rail. (See Whirlpool Bridge Plot). ES85, 2013
Viagra and the CIA. Feature. ES60, 2009
Vickers, Kevin. See Canadian Parliament Building. ES94, 2014
Vickers, Michael. (See Defense Clandestine Service). ES79, 2012
Vickers, Michael. ES91, 2014
Victoria and Albert Museum, London. See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Victoria, Queen. ES61, 2009
Victorian spy camera. Feature. ES51, 2007
Victory Center, Alexandria, Virginia. Possible site of new FBI HQ. ES83, 2013
Victory Code. KGB. Feature. ES48, 2007
Victory Parade, Red Square, Moscow. ES74, 2011
Video Surveillance by AQ in America. ES64, 2009
Video virtual training combat. ES33, 2005
Vienna International Centre. (United Nations). See Timothy Hampton). ES65, 2009
Vienna, Austria. ES49, 2007
Vienna, Virginia. (See Robert Hannsen). ES47, 2007
Vienna. City of Spies. Feature. Former Libyan chief minister Shokri Ghanem assassinated. ES79, 2012
Vienna. MI6 Field Station. ES60, 2008
Vienna. Nuclear deal involving so-called P5+1 buys Iran time. Feature. ES90, 2014
Viet Cong. ES7, 2002
Viet Cong. Use of insects in war with America. ES76, 2011
Vietnam Protests at US Embassy, London. (See MI6 Chief 's letter of protest). ES55, 2008
Vigenere, Blaise De. (See Ciphers). ES50, 2007
Vigilance Park, National Cryptologic Museum. ES83, 2013
Viking 300 unmanned aircraft systems. ES86, 2013
Vilayat Dagestan. Terrorist organisation. ES89, 2014
Vilks, Lars. (See Jihad Jane). ES67, 2010
Vilks, Lars. See Colleen LaRose. ES89, 2014
Villa, Pancho. (See Zimmermann Telegram). ES10, 2010
Villepin, Galouzeau de. French Foreign Minister on AQ. ES13, 2002
Vilnai, Matan. ES81, 2012
Vinas, Bryant. ES64, 2009
Vincennes Air Incident. Feature. ES40, 2006
Vincent, Patrice. See Tentacles of ISIS. Feature. ISIS operatives and supporters launch and prepare attacks in Canada, UK, America and Europe. ES94, 2014
Vines, John. ES33, 2005
Vinnell Compound. AQ target. ES18, 2003
Vinnemann, Lt. Colonel Benedict. (See Annecy Shootings). ES84, 2013
VIO. Vetting Investigation Officer. (MI5). ES42, 2006
Violet Club. Codename for nuclear weapons bases in UK. Feature. ES4, 2001
Viper Surveillance. Visible Intermodal Protection and Response. Feature - ES38, 2006
Virus - Influenza. Secret tests. ES1, 2001
Visa (European) Waiver flights concern to CIA. ES61, 2009
Visby class corvette. ES94, 2014
Visual and Audio Devices. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES41, 2006
Vladikavkav, North Ossetia. Terrorist attacks. ES89, 2024
Vladivostok. Russian naval base. ES65, 2009
VLF. Very Low Frequency. (See Silent Service. Feature. Submarines, Technology and Espionage). ES83, 2013
VOA. Voice of America. (See Radio Voices of the Clandestine Services). ES75, 2011
VOA. Voice of America. ES67, 2010
Vodafone. (See Greek phone tap mystery). ES40, 2006
Vogel, Wolfgang. (See The Mail Man). ES58, 2008
Voice activated pen recorder. Product Review. ES74, 2011
Voice of Russia. See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Voice Recognition. ES53, 2008
Voicemail. (See Hacking). ES73, 2011
Voiceprint Recognition. ES31, 2005
VOIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol. ES61, 2009
Volant Solo. ES72, 2011
Volga-Avia Express Flight 1353. Terrorist attack. ES89, 2013
Volga-Aviaexpress Flight 1303 blown up by terrorists. ES28, 2004
Volgograd Metro Railway Station. ES89, 2014
Volgograd, Russia. Terrorists strike in city ahead of 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Train station and bus attacked. A Deadly 24 Hours. Feature. ES89, 2014
Volgooskaya Nuclear Power Station. ES30 2004/5
Volkov, Konstantin. ES64, 2009
Voodoo. (See Cuban Missile Crisis). ES52, 2007
Vorobyeva, Lyudmila. ES92, 2014
Vorontovsky Park, Moscow. (See Ryan Fogle). ES85, 2013
Voss, Otto Hermann. ES53, 2008
VOX. Voice Operated Switches. ES88, 2013
VPDA. Vansittart Private Detective Agency. ES60, 2008
VSA. Voice Stress Analysis. Feature. ES23, 2004
VSA. Voice Stress Analysis. Surveillance. ES76, 2011
VST. Virtual Simulation Training. ES93, 2014
Vulcan bomber. Bombing of runway on Port Stanley. ES79, 2012
Vulcan Bomber. ES44, 2006
Vulture. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Vulture. Five-year surveillance aircraft. ES56, 2008
VVER 1000. Pressurised water reactor. ES75, 2011
Vydizhenet [The]. Feature on SVR spy Anna Chapman. ES69, 2010