eye spy intelligence magazine index


T2FD. Terminated Tilted Folded Dipole. ES90, 2014
T-64 battle tank. ES92, 2014
T-64. Soviet tank. (See Brixmis). ES39, 2006
Ta Mok. ES1, 2001
Tabriz Research Centre, Iran. ES69, 2010
Tachi, Susumu. ES58, 2008
Tag Spray. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Tag Spray. Used by British Surveillance. Feature. ES31, 2005
Tagipour, Reza. ES75, 2011
Taguba, Antonio. (See Abu Ghraib). ES27, 2004
Taher, Abdul. (See Gareth Williams). ES72, 2011
Taheri, Amir. ES45, 2006
Tahir, Yasein. ES13, 2002
TAI. Tactical Aerial Intelligence. (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. ES66, 2010
Taj Mahal Palace. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Tajbakhsh, Kian. ES49, 2007
Tajik, Nosratollah. ES45, 2006
Talbani, Lahur. Kurdish Intelligence Section. Feature. ES92, 2014
Talbani, Polad. Kurdish Counter Terror Group. Head of. ES92, 2014
Talebzadeh, Ahmad. ES37, 2005/6
Talent. (See Boxcar). ES9, 2002
Taliban - UN tightens grip. ES1, 2001
Taliban Afghan Revolutionary Front. ES60, 2009
Taliban and aviation flights out of Afghanistan. (See Ariana Afghan Airlines). ES1, 2001
Taliban behead 17 villagers in Afghanistan and kill 10 Afghan troops. ES81, 2012
Taliban infiltration agent kills five British soldiers. ES65, 2009
Taliban Intent Only On Power. Feature. Dr Abdullah Abdullah gives insight into Taliban. ES76, 2011
Taliban involvement in death of Tarar Sultan Amir (Colonel Imam). ES72, 2011
Taliban plot to kidnap doctor involved with operation to locate Osama bin-Laden. ES81, 2012
Taliban training camp destroyed by US forces. ES20, 2003
Taliban. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Taliban. 55 Brigade. ES5, 2001
Taliban. A Lethal Greeting. Feature. Key intelligence link man Burhanuddin Rabbani assassinated by Taliban in Afghanistan. ES76, 2011
Taliban. Attack on Government offices in Kabul . ES61, 2009
Taliban. CIA launch passive covert action. ES60, 2009
Taliban. Claim Nimrod was shot down. ES43, 2006
Taliban. ES13, 2002
Tallmadge, Benjamin. See Culper Spy Ring. ES93, 2014
Talon Robot Project. ES32, 2005
Tamil Tigers. (LTTE) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Feature. ES79, 2012
Tamin, Dahi Khalfan. ES70, 2010
Tamin, Dhani Khalfan. UAE. ES79, 2012
Tamin, Khalfan. (See Mossad - Dubai assassination). ES67, 2010
Tamm, Ilmar. ES57, 2008
Tamm, Thomas. ES60, 2009
Tandja, Mamadou. (See Niger uranium document hoax). ES40, 2006
Tang. (See Lucozade and Oasis bottle bombs). ES56, 2008
Tangi Valley, Afghanistan. ES75, 2011
Tank testing sites. UK. (See QinetiQ). ES34, 2005
Tannebaum, Benn H. ES47, 2007
Tanweer, Shahzad. (See 7/7 dry run). ES36, 2005
Tanweer, Shazad. ES63, 2009
Tanweer, Shezhad. (See London 7/7 Reconnaissance). ES56, 2008
Tanweer, Shezhad. ES72, 2011
Tapper, Captain Flight Lt. Jonathan. ES86, 201
Tapper, Jonathan. (See Chinook ZD576). ES7, 2002
Tapping Intelligence. Feature on wire tap evidence and use of. ES49, 2007
Tapping the Terrorists. Feature. Securing and using telephone-tap evidence. ES54, 2008
TAPT. Acetone Triperoxide. ES34, 2005
Taranis. New BAE Systems unmanned aerial vehicle. ES69, 2010
Tarar, Sultan Amir - aka - Colonel Imam. Feature - Kidnap of the Godfather. ES72, 2011
Tarar, Sultan Amir. Brigadier. (Aka Colonel Imam). ES73, 2011
Tarbela Ghazii. Used by US Marines as communication point in raid on OBL compound in Abbottabad. ES73, 2011
Tarmohamed, Nadeem. ES49, 2007
Tashkent. (See CIA Ghost Flights). ES65, 2009
Task Force 121. (See The Activity). ES39, 2006
Task Force 121. Special unit created to capture Al-Zarqawi. Feature. ES29, 2004
Task Force 160 [Night Stalkers]. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (SOAR) Joint Operations Command. Feature. ES73, 2011
Task Force 20. ES19, 2003
Task Force 626. Al-Zarqawi's computer discovered. ES33, 2005
Task Force 77. Intelligence led unit to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Feature - Check Mate (See Task Force 77). ES41, 2006
Task Force 77. Killed. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Feature - Check Mate (See Task Force 77). ES41, 2006
Task Force Black. SAS/Delta Force operations. ES37, 2005/6
Task Force Black. Special Forces book opposed over security concerns. ES67, 2010
Tatar, Serdar. ES49, 2007
Tatcher, Thomas. ES53, 2008
TATP. (See Operation Overt). ES43, 2006
TAU. Tactical Aid Unit. ES89, 2014
Taufeeq. (aka Abu Farj al-Libbi). ES33, 2005
Tavern on the Green, Central Park. ES47, 2007
Tavistock Square, London. ES44, 2006
Tawhid-al. ES25, 2004
Tawid Waal-Jihad. AQ umbrella group - money frozen. ES29, 2004
Tawid Waal-Jihad. Penetration. ES29, 2004
Taxis. Use of as IED carrying vehicles. ES57, 2008
Taylor, Alan. ES94, 2014
Taylor, Ann. ES32, 2005
Taylor, Colonel Telford. ES86, 2013
Taylor, Elizabeth. ES89, 2014
Taylor, John. ES58, 2008
Taylor, Ken. Feature - De Facto CIA Station Chief. ES66, 2010
Taylor, Lt. Colonel Tim. ES85, 2013
Taylor, Mike. ES82, 2012
Taylor, Robert. ES61, 2009
Taylor, Telford. Colonel. Prosecutor, Nuremberg war crimes trial. (See Chanticleer). ES74, 2011
Taylor, Terrance. ES11, 2002
Taylor, Terrence. ES19, 2003
Tazhayakov, Azamat. ES85, 2013
Tbilisi, Georgia. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Tblisi, Georgia. ES58, 2008
T-Directorate. KGB element involved with strategic military and industrial technology. ES75, 2011
TeamPoison. Cyber hacking group. ES79, 2012
Tebbit, Kevin. ES27, 2004
Tebbutt, David and Judith. ES76, 2011
TECA. GCHQ term for technical attack. ES89, 2014
Technical Hiring. (See CIA front companies and Iran). ES74, 2011
Technology Trends in the US Defense Industry. ES46, 2006
Technology Warfare. ES58, 2008
Technology. Feature - Future Spy Technology from Qs Lab. ES34, 2005
TECOM. Test and Evaluation Command. (See Dugway). ES11, 2002
TED. Application and key facts. Feature. TEDs. ES50, 2007
TEDs. Feature - E-Bombs. Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Devices. Feature. ES50, 2007
TEDs. Potential targets identified. Feature. ES50, 2007
Tegel Airport, Berlin. ES84, 2013
Tehran Conference 1943. ES78, 2012
Tehran Plasma Physics Research Centre. ES69, 2010
Tehran University. ES80, 2012
Tehran US Embassy hostage crisis. Feature - Canadian ambassador was eyes and ears of CIA. ES66, 2010
Tehreek-e-Insaf Party. (PTI) ES88, 2013
Tel Aviv University. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Tel Aviv US-based AQ terror cell seek Israeli targets. ES64, 2009
Telecommunication Transmission. ES43, 2006
Telecommunications and Network Warfare (Cyber Warfare). ES58, 2008
Telephone Bugs. Recognition. ES32, 2005
Telephone Line Tap Detection. (See Bugs - Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Telephone line vulnerabilities. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES41, 2006
Telephone tap and letter opening warrants. MI5 data. ES7, 2002
Telephone tap information. Debate on use in UK courts. ES54, 2008
Telephone Tap. See Tradecraft - Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Part 1. ES87, 2013
Telephone Tapping. Feature - Sorry Wrong Number. ES3, 2001
TEMPEST and Qinetiq. Feature - ES32, 2005
TEMPEST. ES86, 2013
TEMPEST. Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions. ES32, 2005
Temple Tube Station. (See Katia Zatuliveter). ES77, 2012
Templehof Airport, Berlin. ES91, 2014
Tempora. GCHQ surveillance programme. ES86, 2013
Ten Day Dawn. ES84, 2013
Tenet, George J. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Tenet, George, Director CIA. ES2, 2001
Tenet, George. D/CIA resigns. ES26, 2004
Tenet, George. ES59, 2008
Tenet, George. ES75, 2011
Teplyuk, Vladimir. ( ES52, 2007
Terluk, Vladimir. Alleged FSB assassin. ES67, 2010
Termini Station, Rome. (See Hussain Osman 21/7 London bomber). ES35, 2005
Terror Tourists. ES19, 2003
Terror training camp established in USA. ES64, 2009
Terrorism Act 2000. [UK]. ES57, 2008
Terrorism finance. Feature - Choking Point. ES20, 2003
Terrorism. Feature - Super Terrorism (biological, chemical, nuclear). ES5, 2001
Terrorism. State sponsors. ES81, 2012
Terrorism. Statistics of global attacks and arrests from 11 September 2001 - 11 September 2011. ES78, 2012
Terrorism. Statistics of US attacks and arrests from 1968 - 1970. ES78, 2012
Terrorist 007. (See Younis Tsouli). ES64, 2009
Terrorist Agenda. ES77, 2012
Terrorist Countermeasures. Feature on new anti-bomb equipment. ES31, 2004/5
Terrorist Distraction Operations. Feature. ES48, 2007
Terrorist Finance. Feature - Tracking Terror Money. ES42, 2006
Terrorist Financiers. ES42, 2006
Terrorist Hunters. (See Andy Hyman), ES64, 2009
Terrorist Identification. Feature. ES58, 2008
Terrorist Profiling. ES43, 2006
Terrorist Profiling. ES61, 2009
Terrorist Profiling. Feature. ES38, 2006
Terrorist Reconnaissance. ES61, 2009
Terrorist Screening Center. (FBI). ES40, 2006
Terrorist Surveillance. ES61, 2009
Terrorist Warfare. ES58, 2008
Terry, General James/ ES83, 2013
TETRA. Terrestrial Trunked Radio Technology. (See also CNI). ES49, 2007
Tetuan University, Tangiers. ES25, 2004
Teufelsberg. NSA Field Station Berlin. Feature. Former Cold War eavesdropping site under threat of demolition. ES74, 2011
TFOS. FBI Terrorist Financing Operations Section. ES77, 2012
THAAD. Terminal High Altitude Defense. ES58, 2008
THAD. Terminal High Altitude Area Defence [Mobile Launcher]. (See SDI). ES42, 2006
Thailand. CIA 'black site'. ES76, 2011
Thailand. CIA interrogation centre. ES85, 2013
Thailand. Three Iran agents arrested in bomb plot. Feature. ES78, 2012
Thalid, Munar Said. Feature - Cloak and Dagger in the Skies, Said assassinated. ES34, 2005
Thallium. Feature. An Assassin's Best Friend. ES45, 2006
Thames House. Feature - MI5 Headquarters. ES42, 2006
Thames House. MI5 headquarters. ES66, 2010
Thames Valley Police. (See David Kelly). ES19, 2003
Thames Valley Police. ES25, 2004
Thatcher, Margaret. (See The Wilson Plot). ES41, 2006
Thatcher, Margaret. ES89, 2014
Thatcher, Margaret. Feature. Angel of Death and Britain's Iron Lady. Operations and atrocities performed by Argentinian Alfredo Astiz. ES83, 2014
Thatcher, Margaret. Prime Minister UK. ES68, 2010
Thatcher, Margaret. Top Secret and Personal. Feature. Intel files reveal prime minister was actively involved in negotiations with IRA. ES77, 2012
Thatcher, Mark. ES72, 2011
The Agency. Hollywood gives CIA a makeover. Feature. ES4, 2001
The Base. (See Manos). Russia accuses US of operating NSA and CIA stations. ES62, 20099
The Great Game. Origin of phrase. ES77, 2012
The Hague. ES85, 2013
The Hauge. Dutch diplomat arrested on spy charges. Feature. ES80, 2012
The Manifesto. (See Ander Behring Breivik). ES75, 2011
The Sunday Times. (See Litvinenko). ES45, 2006
The Troubles. Paramilitary murals of Northern Ireland. ES83, 2013
Thermonuclear airburst explosion. ES20, 2003
Thermonuclear device. ES6, 2001
Thiel, Werner. ES73, 2011
Thing, The. Bug inside the Great Seal in US Embassy, Moscow. ES83, 2013
Thinthread. (See also Whistleblower: Feature. Hero, Villain, Traitor or Spy?).
Thirteen Days of October. (See Cuban Missile Crisis). ES52, 2007
Thomas, Gordon. ES62, 2009
Thomas, Hugh. See Hess, Rudolf. Enduring Mystery Surrounding Death of Hess. Feature. ES87, 2013
Thomas, Richard. (See Cabinet Secretary's Review of Megrahi Papers - Lockerbie). ES72, 2011
Thomas, Tommy Yeo. ES82, 2012
Thomberg, Anders. ES81, 2012
Thompson, Julian. Major General. Warning of new Argentina attempt to retake Falklands. ES79, 2012
Thompson, Walter J. (See British Security Coordination). ES52, 2007
Thompson, Zale. ES94, 2014
Thorpe, Amy. (See Sexpionage). ES7, 2002
Threat Level [UK]. UK level lowered to Substantial. ES64, 2009
Threat Levels. New UK anti-terrorist strategy. ES42, 2006
Threat Levels. UK introduces threat level system. Feature. ES40, 2006
Threatcon Alpha. (See NASA). ES4, 2001
Three Card Trick. (See Mind Control Part 14). ES77, 2012
Three Mile Island. CIA believe AQ has US nuclear plants in its sights. ES10, 2002
Thuggee. ES94, 2014
Thule AFB, Greenland. (See National Missile Defence programme/SDI). ES41, 2006
Thuraya satellite phone used by Mumbai terrorists. ES61, 2009
Thuraya satellite phone. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES74, 2011
Thuraya. Satellite phone. ES41, 2006
Thurman, Tom. ES89, 2014
Thurman, Tom. FBI. ES66, 2010
Tice, Russel. ES38, 2006
TICOM. Target Intelligence Committee. Secret UK-US operations to secure intelligence on Germany's wartime SIGINT. Feature. ES88, 2013
TIDE. Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment. ES66, 2010
Tidespring. Royal Fleet Auxiliary. ES84, 2013
Tiegan, John. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. ES93, 2014
Tier Sprechschule (animal speaking school|). (See Valkyrie). ES75, 2011
TigerTiger bombing linked to 7/7 figures. Feature. ES53, 2008
TigerTiger night club, London. ES66, 2010
TigerTiger Nightclub, London. AQ car bomb attack. Feature - 72 Hours. (See also Operation Seagram). ES50, 2007
TigerTiger, London nightclub bomb attack. ES58, 2008
Tiitinen List [The]. Feature. (See Stasi). ES68, 2010
Tikriti-al, Abid Hamid Mahmud. ES23, 2004
Tillbrook, Bill. CO19. ES52, 2007
Tiltman, John Hessell. ES26, 2004
Tiltman, John. (See Codemaking and Codebreaking). ES48, 2007
Tilton, Edward. (See Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 11). ES74, 2011
Timberlake, James. See Diplomatic Security. Security at existing and new US Embassy in London. Feature. ES90, 2014
Timberwolf. ES77, 2012
Timberwolf. See Ronald Reagan. ES88, 2013
Timbuktu, Mali. ES84, 2013
Time, Life Magazine. ES33, 2005
Timers. ES40, 2006
Times of India. ES60, 2009
Times Square bomb plot. ES69, 2010
Times Square Car Bomb. New York's iconic area attacked by AQ terrorist, Faisal Shahzad. ES68, 2010
Times Square, New York. Attack on US military recruiting station. ES63, 2009
Times Square, New York. Celebrations as news of OBLs demise reaches American public. ES73, 2011
Times Square, New York. Pressure cooker bomb plot. ES85, 2013
Times Square. ES75, 2011
Times Square. Hunt for the Times Square Bicycle Bomber. Feature. ES86, 2013
Timofte, Mihai. (See Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan). ES86, 2013
Tin Eye. (See Robin Stephens). ES63, 2009
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Review of new picture. Feature. ES75, 2011
Tinkerbell. MI5 telephone interception programme. ES76, 2011
Tinkerbell. MI5 telephone wiretap operation. ES79, 2012
Tinkerbell. See Tradecraft - Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Part 1. ES87, 2013
Titall II Solo. Feature. Visit to Titan II silo on the US-Mexican border. ES76, 2011
Titan Computer. ES79, 2012
Titan Corporation. (See Abdulhakeem Nour). ES56, 2008
Titan II. Nuclear bomb. US dismantles last B53 bomb. Feature. ES76, 2011
Titan Rain. Feature - Moonlight Maze and the world's most dangerous cyber gangs. ES51, 2007
Tito, Josip Broz Marshal. (See Secret Tunnels - Pljesevica Mountains). ES28, 2004
TMT. Turkish Resistance Movement. ES81, 2012
TNT. (Trinitrotoluene). AQ use of. ES22, 2003
TOAG. Tailored Access Operations Group. NSA. ES87, 2013
Tobacco pouch camera. ES73, 2011
Tobin, John. Russia says arrested scholar is CIA spy. ES3, 2001
Tobin, John. US 'spy' to walk free. ES4, 2001
Tobon, Nydia Romera De. (See Carlos the Jackal. ES50, 200
Tochka SS21 nuclear-tipped missile. ES2, 2001
Todd, Clifford. (See Alexandra Grove Bomb Factory). ES56, 2008
Todd, Rick and Mary. ES84, 2013
Todd, Shane. Chinese Intelligence linked to death of cyber worker Shane Todd in Singapore. ES84, 2013
Toddington Service Station. (See Cropped Intelligence - MI5). ES72, 2011
Todorov, Vladimir. ES57, 2008
Tohir. (See Bali bombings). ES22, 2003
Tokyo. Terrorist attack. ES32, 2005
Tol Nof, Israel. Nuclear weapons storage site. ES46, 2007
Tolley, Neil. Brig. General. Espionage comments on North Korea. ES80, 2012
Tolson, Clyde. ES82, 2012
Tomahawk SLCM sea-launched Cruise missile. ES83, 2013
Tomahawk. Cruise missiles. Feature - AQ sells China recovered missiles. ES5, 2001
Tomlinson, Richard. (See Diana Inquest). ES54, 2008
Tomlinson, Richard. (See MI5: The Spies Who Wrote Me). ES74, 2011
Tomlinson, Richard. ES83, 2013
Tomlinson, Richard. ES87, 2013
Tomlinson, Richard. ES94, 2014
Tomlinson, Richard. Ex-MI6 officer launches website - Tomlinson v MI6. ES41, 2006
Tomlinson, Richard. Ex-MI6 officer questioned by NSY. ES26, 2004
Tomlinson, Richard. Feature - The Fugitive. ES28, 2004
Tomlinson, Richard. Feature - War of Words. ES41, 2006
Tomlinson, Richard. Former MI6 officer refused permission to enter USA. ES8, 2002
Tomlinson, Richard. French Intelligence raid flat. ES42, 2006
Tomlinson, Richard. Profits of 'The Big Breach' to be seized. ES4, 2001
Tomlinson, Richard. 'The Big Breach' - book reveals MI6 secrets. ES1, 2001
Toner, Mark. ES72, 2011
Tonopah Test Range, Nevada. 30th Reconnaissance Squadron. ES77, 2012
Tonopah Test Range, Nevada. ES58, 2008
Tooth bug. (Miniature transmitter inside tooth). ES11, 2002
Top Secret America. Huge Washington Post investigation on the scale of US Intelligence. ES69, 2010
Top, Noordin Mohammed. ES80, 2012
Topoff 2. US security exercise. Feature. ES23, 2004
TOPOFF. Counter-terrorist security exercise. ES52, 2007
TOPOL missile test. ES1, 2001
Topp, Alan. Flight controller Prestwick Airport. (See Lockerbie). ES72, 2011
Tor M2E. Russian mobile defence system. (NATO reporting name GAUNTLET). ES69, 2010
Tora Bora Jack. Feature - A Strange Business. ES29, 2004
Tora Bora. Battle. ES7, 2001
Tordella, Dr Louis. ES83, 2013
Tor-M1. Weapons system. ES38, 2006
Torney, Hugh. INLA. ES2, 2001
Toronto 18. Al-Qaida terror cell. ES94, 2014
Toronto, Canada. (See Guy Fawkes Plot). ES41, 2006
Toronto. Mossad spy ring exposed. ES47, 2007
Torre, Roberto. ES72, 2011
Torture Without Pain. Interrogation methods. ES12, 2002
Torture. Fake stories in media. Feature. ES26, 2004
Torture. UK accused of complicity . ES62, 2009
Toshimitsu, Shigemura. ES58, 2008
Totsky, Konstantin. Director Federal Border Service, Russia. ES55, 2008
Touch [the]. STASI surveillance spray. ES1, 2001
Touma, Mazen. ES37, 2005
Tounisi, Abdella. ES85, 2013
Toure, Hamadoun. Head of United Nations International Telecommunications Union. ES80, 2012
Tournachon, Gaspard-Felix. ES86, 2013
Tower House. (See Melbury Road. Feature. The Intelligence Secrets of Melbury Road - MI6 headquarters and other surprising buildings linked to intelligence.
ES82, 2012
Tower of London. ES61, 2009
Tower of the Juche Idea, Pyongyang, North Korea. ES76, 2011
Towfigh, Salim. (See Iranian Embassy Siege). ES68, 2010
Trabelsi, Nizar. ES11, 2002
Trabelsi, Nizar. NATO Base Target. AQ bomb plotter jailed. Feature. ES20, 2003
Tracer operations in WWII. (See Operation Tracer). ES47, 2007
Tracey, Lee. ES89, 2014
Trache, Bassam. ES67, 2010
Trachtenberg, Alex. See Westgate Shopping Mall. ES93, 2014
Track Stick. Affordable GPS. Product Review. ES39, 2006
TRACON. US radar control. ES78, 2012
Trade Fairs and Espionage. ES34, 2005
Trade Shows. Espionage. ES45, 2006
Trafficant, Santos. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Trafford Centre, Manchester. AQ target. ES25, 2004
Trafford Centre, Manchester. AQ terrorist target. ES62, 2009
Trafford Centre, Manchester. ES83, 2013
Trailblazer. ES86, 2013
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Codewords used by AQ cell. ES56, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Deep Black. ES49, 2007
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - End Game. Suspected mastermind of plot killed. Feature. ES60, 2009
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Manufacturing Fizzy Covert Bombs. ES55, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - MOD experts replicate bomb potential. Photo essay. ES56, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Night Games in London. MI5 bugged bombers across London. ES56, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Operation Overt. ES43, 2006
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Suspects Arrested. ES52, 2007
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Flight routes and aircraft selected by terrorists. ES52, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Retrial of suspects. Feature. ES58, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Terrorists plead guilty, but not to central charge. Feature. ES57, 2008
Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Terrorists used codewords to communicate. Feature. ES57, 2008
Trans Sahara Unit. CIA. ES66, 2010
Transmitting Cameras. ES49, 2007
Transport House, Smith Square, London. Bugging of. Feature. ES90, 2014
Trans-Siberian Pipeline. ES75, 2011
Trapero, Fernando. (See Spanish Guardia Civil). ES53, 2008
Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London (See MI6/Libya/Lockerbie). ES69, 2010
Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London. (See MI6 Intelligence Wars and Musa Kusa). ES73, 2011
Travis, Commander Edward. ES86, 2013
Travis, Sir Edward. (See GCHQ. Feature. A Bag of Secrets). ES82, 2012
Travkin, Major General. GRU. ES92, 2014
Trawlers, Spy. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare.
ES94, 2014
Treasury Solicitor General. ES41, 2006
Trench, Captain. ES61, 2009
Trepashkin, Colonel Mikhail. FSB. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Trepashkin, Mikhail. Feature - Vital Witness? (Litvinenko). ES53, 2008
Tretyakov, Sergei. (See Comrade J). ES54, 2008
Tretyakov, Sergei. ES70, 2010
Tretyakov, Sergei. Former KGB spy dies. ES69, 2010
Triacetone Triperoxide. (TATP) Explosives. ES31, 2005
Triacetone Triperoxide. (TATP) Explosives. ES32, 2005
Tricycle Theatre, London. (See Katia Zatuliveter). ES77, 2012
Tricycle. Agent. ES63, 2009
Trident. ES83, 2013
Trifa, Viorel. (See CIA-Nazi operatives). ES26, 2004
Trillo, Federico. ES90, 2014
Trinity A-bomb test. See Manhattan Project. ES94, 2014
Trinity College, Cambridge. ES64, 2009
Trinity College, Cambridge. ES9, 2002
Trinity College, Cambridge. ES92, 2014
Trinity Top Secret. Canadian naval analyst arrested for espionage. Recipients - GRU, Moscow. ES81, 2012
Trinity. (See HMCS Trinity spy case). ES78, 2012
Triode Thyratron. ES75, 2011
Triple Agents. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Triple Canopy Company. (See Contractors in Iraq). ES29, 2004
Triple Frontier. ES81, 2012
Tripoli Military Council. ES78, 2012
Triumph Adler Twen. ES86, 2013
Trofimoff, George. Appeal refused for spy. ES26, 2004
Trofimoff, George. Feature - Tao Russia with Love. US Army Reserve Colonel charged with espionage. ES3, 2001
Tronov, Nicolai. ES75, 2011
Tropical Breeze. See CIA. ES92, 2014
Tropinov, Andrei. ES75, 2011
Trotsky, Leon. (aka Lev Davydovich Bronstein). ES3, 2001
Trotsky, Leon. ES70, 2010
Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party. ES6, 2001
Trotter, Andy. ES34, 2005
Trudeau, Pierre. ES54, 2008
Trujillo, Rafael. Assassination. Feature - Dead Man Walking. (CIA involvement noted). ES50, 2007
Truman Plaza, Berlin. (See Teufelsberg -NSA Field Station - Berlin). ES74, 2001
Truman, Harry S. ES42, 2006
Trump, Donald. ES87, 2013
TRUST. Front organisation for communist OGPU. ES62, 2009
Tryon Park. ES47, 2007
TS/SCI. ES43, 2006
TSA Screeners. ES38, 2006
TSA. Al-Qaida create new covert bomb as warnings of airliner attacks issued. New Trans-Atlantic Bombers. Feature. ES92, 2014
TSA. Authority warns of new type of al-Qaida underwear bomb. ES86, 2013
TSA. John Pistole warns of new type of underwear bomb built by Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri. ES81, 2012
TSA. Transportation Security Administration. ES31, 2005
Tsakhaeva, Dzannet. ES89, 2014
Tsalikidis, Costas. (See Greek phone tap mystery). ES40, 2006
Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar. (See Boston, USA). ES85, 2013
Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar. Boston Marathon bomber appears in court. ES86, 2013
Tsarnaev, Tamerlan. (See Boston, USA). ES85, 2013
TSC. Terrorist Screening Service. ES51, 2007
TSC. Top Secret Clearance. ES74, 2011
TSCTP. Trans Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
TSDB. Terrorist Screen Data Base. [US]. ES66, 2010
Tsinghua University, Beijing. ES86, 2013
Tsouli, Younis. (aka Irhabi007). ES64, 2009
Tsouli, Younis. ES57, 2008
Tsvetanov, Andrei. ES57, 2008
Tsvetanov, Tsvetan. ES81, 2012
Tsvetanov, Tsvetan. ES84, 2013
TTP. Tehreek-e-Taliban. ES73, 2011
Tu-144 - last Tupolev aircraft known as 'Concordski' sold. ES2, 2001
Tu-144. (See Charger). ES74, 2011
Tu-95. Russia. Spy Ripples from the Cold War. Feature.
Tualbeh, Mahmoud. ES4, 2001
Tube Alloys Project. (See Melita Norwood). ES58, 2008
Tube Alloys Project. ES16, 2003
Tube Alloys Project. ES18, 2003
Tube. (See London Underground). ES34, 2005
Tullett, Eric. (See GCHQ. Feature. A Bag of Secrets). ES82, 2012
Tumblety, Dr Francis J. (See Jack the Ripper). ES42, 2006
Tumblety, Francis. (See Jack the Ripper). ES32, 2005
Tung-Tse, Mao. ES75, 2011
Tunny analog. ES64, 2009
TUNNY cipher system. (See Bletchley Park). ES74, 2011
Tunny. (See Codebreaking). ES48, 2007
Tunny. ES88, 2013
Tupolev Tu22. ES2, 2001
Tupolev, Alex. ES74, 2011
Tupolev-95 Bear. (Overflights of West resume). ES51, 2007
Turbulence NSA programme. ES86, 2013
Turchynov, Oleksandr. ES90, 2014
Turing Alan. Statue of famous codebreaker unveiled. Feature. ES50, 2007
Turing Archive for the History of Computing. ES80, 2012
Turing, Alan. Cryptography Competition. Feature. ES94, 2014
Turing, Alan. ES3, 2001
Turing, Alan. ES74, 2011
Turing, Alan. ES92, 2014
Turing, Alan. Feature. Codebreaking Genius - Death an Accident? ES80, 2012
Turing, Alan. Gay legendary codebreaker receives Royal Pardon. Feature. ES89, 2014
Turing, Alan. Secret hand-written papers go on show at Bletchley Park. ES79, 2012
Turing, Sir John Dermot. ES74, 2011
Turing, Sir John Dermot. ES75, 2011
Turkey. AQ attacks expected. ES22, 2003
Turkey. Feature. The Latakia Incident. Syria shoots down Turkish Air Force ELINT aircraft. ES80, 2012
Turkey. Osama bin-Laden's former 'spokesman' Suleiman Abu Ghaith arrested. ES84, 2013
Turner, Admiral Stansfield. Former D/CIA says Iraq no threat. ES3, 2001
Turner, Stansfield. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Turney, Faye. Bogus letters. (See Iranian Propaganda). ES48, 2007
Turney, Faye. ES84, 2013
Turning Queen's Evidence. Feature. 21/7 bomber wants to talk to MI5. ES49, 2007
Turning, Alan Mathison. ES26, 2004
Turning, Alan Mathison. Feature - Yesterday's Hero. ES26, 2004
Turrou, Leon. FBI. ES53, 2008
Turtle. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
Tushino Airfield, Moscow. Concert attack. ES89, 2014
Tutte, Bill. (See Codemaking and Codebreaking). ES48, 2007
Tuttle, Robert. US Ambassador to UK. ES46, 2007
Tuttlemann, Axel. ES57, 2008
TVG. French high speed train. See Al-Qaida target European High Speed Rail. ES87, 2013
TWA Flight 800. CIA animation film. ES23, 2004
TWA Flight 800. Official conclusion. ES24, 2004
TWA Flight 800. Part 1. Feature - First Strike? ES23, 2004
TWA Flight 800. Part 2. Feature. ES24, 2004
Twetten, Thomas. CIA. ES80, 2012
Twinn, Peter. Feature - A Million to One. (See Enigmas). ES30 2004/5
Twitter. ES77, 2012
Twitter. Use of by terrorists. ES92, 2014
Tyahnybok, Oleh. ES90, 2014
Typewriters. History of and use in Intelligence. Feature. A Russian Dilemma. ES86, 2013
Typex Cipher Machine. (See Enigmas). ES30 2004/5
Typhoon Class submarine. ES82, 2012
Tyrie, Andrew. ES79, 2012
Tyrie, Andrew. ES92, 2014
Tzu, Sun. ES55, 2008