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Spy Tradecraft, Spycraft, Abbreviation/designation - TC

A comprehensive series of features that cover a great many elements of intelligence collection often described as tradecraft or spycraft.

Anti-Surveillance. Tactical Driving (all climates and conflict theatres). (TC) ES57, 2008
Anti-Surveillance. Interview and tip with specialist trainer. (TC) ES59, 2008
Anti-Surveillance. Part 1. The Art and Discipline of. (TC) ES59, 2008
Anti-Surveillance. Part 2. The Art and Discipline of. (TC) ES60, 2009
Anti-Surveillance. The art of. (All measures examined). (TC) ES50, 2007
Are You Being Bugged? (countermeasures) (TC) ES14, 2002
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 1. (TC). ES55, 2008
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 2. (TC). ES57, 2008
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 3. (TC). ES63, 2009
Battle of Bugs and Eavesdropping. (Comprehensive notes on wire-taps, targets and counter-surveillance). (TC) ES41, 2006
Bombs in Mail. (Countermeasures). (TC) ES44, 2006
Bugs. (Notes on covert recording, bugs and countermeasures). (TC) ES48, 2007
Can You Trust The Telephone (telephone tapping). (TC) ES13, 2002
Cell Phone Espionage. Feature. New methods to intercept any phone and the history of cell phone espionage and bugging technology. (TC). ES74, 2011
Cell Phone Tracking and Interception. (TC) ES77, 2012
Coded Sentences and Responses. (See Delisle, Sub-Lt. Jeffrey. Feature. Spy Meetings and Liaisons). (TC) ES82, 2012
Common Espionage Techniques. (TC) ES56, 2008
Communicating (methods) with Spies. (TC) ES69, 2010
Communication, Observation and Concealment. (TC) ES44, 2006
Corporate Espionage. (Insider Threats). (TC) ES51, 2007
Corporate Espionage. (Profile of a Corporate Spy). (TC) ES43, 2006
Corporate Espionage. New intelligence gathering methods. (TC) ES56, 2008
Counter Surveillance. (TC) ES50, 2007
Counter Terrorism. (Profiling, Countermeasures, Counter Surveillance). (TC) ES61, 2009
Counter-Terrorism Surveillance Notes. (TC) ES76, 2011
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 1 - Signs and Definition. Series covers: • Intelligence Collection
• Threat Analysis (assessing the threat posed by groups and individuals) • Service Coordination • National Infrastructure • Risk Assessment • Counter-Intelligence
• Site Security (including locations such as airports, military facilities, weapons or hazardous storage and production sites) (TC) ES77, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 2 - Contact, Creation, Insurgency. • Tools of the Trade • Objectives and Options
• Forms of Terrorism from Biological to Suicide Attacks • Estimating Longevity of Threat • Predicting Attacks • Analysis of Terror Groups • Statistics
• Structure of Terror Groups • Finance • Operational Capability • Weaknesses • Associations • Operational Landscape • Strength • (TC). ES78, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 3 - Invisible Opponents: Identifying terrorist types and their objectives. • Revolutionaries
• National Appeal • Political Motives • Separatism • Religion • Lone Wolves • Forms of Terrorism • Political Terrorism • Nuclear Terrorism • Money as a Motivation
• Poisons and Toxins • Water Contamination • Explosives • Unconventional Attacks • The Media • Countermeasures • (TC). ES79, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 4 - Informants, HUMINT, Liaison and Agent Control. • Human Intelligence
• Agent Control and Relationship • Organisation and Control • Task Forces • Electronic Intelligence • Analysis • Training • Warning Systems • (TC) ES80, 2012

Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 5 -The Sponsors of Terrorism. Designated countries • Political Influence
• Covert Official Support • Operations • Secret Sponsors • Hatred and Ideology • Strategy and Motivation
• Regime Change • Assassinations • Blue on Green Attacks • Front Organisations. (TC) ES81, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 6 -Letter Box Bombs: The delivery system and product. Types of Bombs and Explosives
• Case Examples • Fictitious Fronts • Lone Wolves • Airliners and Diplomats • The Bombers • Counter-measures • Couriers and Hand Delivered Mail
• Suspicious Mail and Packages
• Warning Signs • Security in Mail Rooms • Statistics.(TC) ES82, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 9 - The Gateway: Infiltration and Disruption. Intelligence Collection by Circumnavigation
• Roleplay and Tradecraft • Using Ideology as Gateways • Recruitment • Electronic Advantage. (TC) ES85, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 7 - IEDs: Improvised Explosive Devices. Technology • Access to Products
• IED Description • Worldwide Attacks • Adapted Items • Transportation • Electronic Advances • Utilisation • Training • Counter-measures
• Types of Explosives • Cell Phone IEDs • Personal Body-worn IEDs • Placement • Locating IEDs • Future IEDs. (TC) ES83, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism. Radiological • Biological • Chemical • WMD • Toxic Poisons
• Diseases and Infections • Entomological Warfare • Plutonium • ABC • CBRN • UAT • Polunium-210 • Dirty Bombs • Pathogens and Germ Warfare • Uranium
• Bubonic Plague • West Nile Virus • Anthrax • Smallpox • Super poisons • Water Security. (TC) ES83, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10. A Second in Time .Failures •Strategy • Errors • Signs and Cooperation • Cryptic Clues
• Word Exchange • Intercepts • Service Personnel and Agencies • Terror Group MO • Prevention • Momentary Lapses • Security
• Planning • Planning for the Unforeseen. (TC) ES86, 2013

Couriers and Counter-Terrorism. (All traits, ruses, and skills). (TC) ES50, 200
Cover and Legend. Feature. The Art of Concealment. How the spy tradecraft of Cover and Legend works. (TC) ES82, 2012
Covert Computer Monitoring. (TC) ES12, 2002
Covert Rural Dipole. (Building and use of a dipole for better rural communications). (TC). ES60, 2009
Dark Arts. (Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Tricks). (TC) ES44, 2006
Defendo. Personal defence skills. (TC) ES19, 2003
Dirty Tricks, Disinformatioin, Distraction and Deceit. (TC) ES52, 2007
Disguise Techniques. (Primary Elements and Components). (TC) ES51, 2007
Disguise Techniques. Dangers. (TC) ES53, 2008
Disguise Techniques. Feature - Less Is Often Best. (TC) ES53, 2008
Disguise Techniques. Part 1. Magic and Illusion. (TC) ES51, 2007
Disguise Techniques. Part 2. Make-up, dress and behaviour. (TC) ES52, 2007
Disguise Techniques. Part 3. Art of Illusion. (TC) ES53, 2008
Distraction operations and techniques in all environments. (TC) ES48, 2007
DIY Series. Part 1. (Build a long-range video or camera). (TC) ES44, 2006
DIY Series. Part 2. (Build a room transmitter and receiver kit for less than a pint of beer). ES45, 2006
DIY Series. Part 3. Three Projects. (Document copy fluid; invisible ink; plastic for various applications including molding). (TC) ES47, 2007
DIY Series. Part 4. Four Projects. (Recordings only you can hear; build a sound amplifier; through wall listening device; parabolic microphone). (TC) ES48, 2007
DIY Series. Part 5. (Utilsing everyday objects to conceal covert cameras). (TC) ES49, 2007
Escape and Evasion. Teachings of the Russian System. (TC) ES14, 2002
Fake documentation, including invoices, inheritance, trade deals etc. (TC) ES47, 2007
Field Stations. (Everything you need to know about how they operate). (TC) ES40, 2006
Foundations of Tactical Driving. (Instructional feature for professional drivers in all operational and security environments, including surveillance
GPS. Surveillance by Stealth. (TC) ES39, 2006
Hair Spray Trick. (TC) ES45, 2006
Hard Pins. Identification pins and recognition insignia. (TC) ES14, 2002
HEAT. Hostile Environment Awareness Training. (TS) ES30 2004/5
Hostage Survival: Guidance to the Initial Responder. (TC) ES63, 2009
Hostage Takers. Intelligence insight and methodology that will help you understand and survive. (TC) ES57, 2008
Hostage Taking. Minimising the Risks. (TC) ES58, 2008
Hostile Environment Training. (TC) ES38, 2006
Hotel Security. (Tips and espionage countermeasures). (TC) ES45, 2006
Image Interpretation. Feature. Photo, Film and Video Intelligence. Understanding information gleaned from imagery and film and the important role of a
photo analyst. Context • Understand Content • Clues within Frames • Military Application • Evidence
• Forms of Collection • Technology • Signatures • Creating Virtual Graphics • Development. (TC) ES86, 2013
Importance of Identification, evidence collection and verification. (TC) ES76, 2011
Infiltration. (All aspects examined0. (TC) ES44, 2006
Intelligence and Security Projects. (TC) ES32, 2005
Intelligence Couriers and Communications. (Types of courier, how they operate and communicate) (TC). ES49, 2007

Interrogation. Stratagem of Interrogation - The Sixteen Approaches. Feature. US Military Intelligence approach to the art of interrogation without the
use of torture. (TC). ES80, 2012

Letter and package handling and opening. Security Measures. (TC) ES44, 2006
Listening Devices. (Placement) (TC) ES44, 2006
Match Trick. (TC) ES45, 2006
Mobile Anti-Surveillance. (TC) ES59, 2008
Notes on Surveillance. (TC) ES65, 2009
Notes on Surveillance: Confirming Identity and Occupancy. Investigative methods to surveil difficult targets and confirm identity. (TC) ES76, 2011
Observation Skills (Test). (TC) ES44, 2006
Observation training. Feature - 60 Seconds: What do you see? (TC) ES69, 2010
Origins of the Brush Pass. (TC) ES29, 2004
Photographic Interpretation. (TC) ES15, 2003
Photography and Surveillance. New series begins on learning surveillance photography skills. Part One - Digital Photography. (TC). ES72, 2011
Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Five - Focusing and Exposure. (TC) ES76, 2011
Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Four - Correct Exposure and Metering. (TC) ES75, 2011
Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Six - Night Photography and Image Intensifiers. (TC) ES77, 2012

Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Seven - Using Video. (TC). ES78, 2012

Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Three - Camera Lenses and Keeping Your Camera Steady. (TC). ES74, 2011 
Photography and Surveillance. Series on learning surveillance photography skills. Part Two- Digital SLR Cameras. (TC). ES73, 2011
Professional Surveillance Training. (TC) ES29, 2004
Profiling a Terrorist (TC). ES38, 2006
Props. Feature on the beginning of Cover and Legend. (TC) ES82, 2012
Removal Firms. Information forwarding. Feature. (TC). ES72, 2011
Reporting for Spies. Intelligence and the Media. (TC) ES52, 2007
Roles and name designations given to those at the cutting edge of intelligence. (TC) ES56, 2008
Room Bugs and Radio Microphones. (TC) ES11, 2002
Rule of Hostage Survival. Part 2. (Surviving captivity). (TC) ES62, 2009
Rules of Hostage Survival. Part 1. (Surviving captivity). (TC) ES61, 2009
Safety (Personal) Abroad. (Tips and security guidance). (TC) ES25, 2004
Secret surveillance images from the STASI Archive. Feature on remarkable exhibition of covert STASI surveillance operations and tradecraft
including disguise techniques. (TC) ES75, 2011
Secrets of the Spy Trade. Part 1. (The Switch or Live Drop). (TC). ES26, 2004
Secrets of the Spy Trade. Part 2. (Dead Letter Drops). (TC). ES27, 2004
Secrets of the Spy Trade. Part 3. (Espionage countermeasures). (TC). ES29, 2004
Spies in the Puzzle Palace. Feature. An examination of the various descriptions assigned to agents, officers, operation and assets. (TC). ES56, 2008
Spy Catching. Methods. (TC) ES42, 2006
Spying Game: Persons of Interest. Espionage dangers for overseas business people. (TC) ES45, 2006
Surveillance - FBI-Style. (TC) ES38, 2006
Surveillance Driving Skills. (TC) ES46, 2007
Surveillance Legislation in UK. (TC). ES41, 2006
Surveillance on the Underground. (Techniques, methods and problem solving). (TC) ES55, 2008
Surveillance Operator. (TC) ES22, 2003
Surveillance Techniques. (TC) ES21, 2003
Surveillance Vehicles. (Choice of. Recognition). (TC) ES46, 2007
Surveillance Watch Trick. (TC) ES40, 2006
Surveillance. (Foot Surveillance). (TC) ES25, 2004
Surveillance. (Mobile Surveillance). (TC) ES26, 2004
Surveillance. (Triggers and Operations). (TC) ES23, 2004
Surveillance. What Analysts Look For. (TC) ES76, 2011
Talking without Words. (Secret communications and signs). (TC) ES42, 2006
Technical Tracking Device. (TC) ES27, 2004
Telephone Tap Countermeasures. (What the ordinary person can do). (TC) ES32, 2005
The Art of Distraction. (Multifaceted subject including performing distraction and false operations) (TC) ES48, 2007
The Art of Going Grey. (How spies perform with near impunity). (TC) ES37, 2005/6
The A-Z Language of Spies. Secret sayings, meanings and acronyms. (TC) ES63, 2009
The Listening Trick. (TC) ES44, 2006
Tickets Please. (Gathering intelligence from ticks, receipts, documents etc.) (TC) ES41, 2006
Tracking Terror Money (Procedures and Methods). (TC) ES42, 2006
Trading Places: The Professionals. Feature on creating and using realistic disguises by film make-up artist Hala Al Ayoubi. (TC) ES75, 2011
Training the 21st Century Operative. (Intelligence requirements) (TC) ES28, 2004
Unrestricted Warfare. (Full spectrum of modalities). (TC) ES40, 2006
Vehicle Security Tactics. (TC) ES16, 2003
Vehicle surveillance tips for Winter. (TC) ES44, 2006
Vehicle Tracking. (TC) ES15, 2003
Video Photography. (Obtaining covert film footage) (TC) ES16, 2003