eye spy intelligence magazine index


M-4 Naval Enigma. ES78, 2012
Maasen, Hans-Georg. President of Germany's BfV. ES84, 2013
Mabahith Amn Al Dawlah. Egypt. (See SSIS). ES73, 2011
Mabhouh, Mahmoud al. Alleged Mossad agent involved in the assassination al-Mabhouh identified. The Network. Feature. ES90, 2014
Mabhouh, Mahmoud al. ES79, 2012
Mabhouh, Mahmoud-al. ES84, 2013
Mabhouh, Mahmoud-al. ES86, 2013
Mabhouh, Mahoud Abdel al. ES80, 2012
Mabhouh-al, Mahoud. Mossad Spy Chase Continues. Report. ES76, 2011
Mabus, Ray. ES86, 2013
MacAskill, Kenny. ES91, 2014
MacAskill, Kenny. Scottish Justice Minister. (See Lockerbie). ES69, 2010
MacDonald, Margo. ES91, 2014
MacDonald, Simon. ES88, 2013
MacDonogh. ES61, 2009
MacGibbon, James. ES94, 2014
Machon, Annie. ES2, 2001
Machon, Annie. ES22, 2003
Mack, Gary. ES47, 2007
Mackay, Peter. Canada National Defence Minister. ES78, 2012
MacKay, Peter. ES61, 2009
MacKay, Peter. ES81, 2012
Maclean, Donald. (See Cambridge Spy Ring). ES9, 2002
Maclean, Donald. ES82, 2012
Maclean, Donald. Received UK money whilst in Russia. ES2, 2001
Maclean, Donald. See Mitrokhin Archive. ES92, 2014
Macmillan, Harold. UK prime minister. ES80, 2012
Macnaghten, Sir Melville. ES42, 2006
Macombs Bridge. ES47, 2007
MacStiofain, Sean. Former IRA leader dies. ES2, 2001
Mad Bomber [The]. (Metesky, George). ES38, 2006
MAD. Mutual Assured Destruction. ES63, 2009
Madame Tussauds, London. Bomb attack. ES82, 2012
Madni, Iqbal. ES33, 2005
Madrid AQ Bombings. Feature - A Strange Twist of Fate. ES25, 2004
Madrid bombing mastermind captured. ES38, 2006
Madrid bombings. Bulgarian link. ES26, 2004
Madrid Bombings. Laptop computer seized. ES32, 2005
Madrid Bombings. Seven arrests. ES30, 2004/5
Madsen, Wayne. ES90, 2014
Maersk Alabama. ES93, 2014
Mafart, Alain. (See Rainbow Warrior). ES3, 2001
Magdalen College, Oxford. ES26, 2004
Magdalen College, Oxford. ES4, 2001
Magic and Illusion. (See Disguise Techniques). ES51, 2007
Magic Box. CIA surveillance technique. ES78, 2012
Magic Lantern. (See FBI). ES6, 2001
Maginnis, Ken. ES46, 2007
Maginot Line. ES62, 2009
Magnet. Project Magnet. US programme - measures and maps the Earth's magnetic variation. ES80, 2012
Magnetic Anomaly Detector Boom. Submarine counter-measure (airborne). ES83, 2013
Magnets. Order for thousands of magnets linked to Iranian nuclear programme. ES26, 2004
Magnitsky, Sergei. (See Assassination List. Feature). ES84, 2013
Magnitsky, Sergie. ES91, 2014
Magomedov, Suleiman. ES89, 2014
Mahan Airline. US accuse airline of flying Iran Quds forces for terror training. Feature. ES76, 2011
Mahane Yehuda Market terrorist attack, Jerusalem. ES80, 2012
Mahdi Army. ES47, 2007
Maheu, Robert. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Mahmood, Dr Bashir-ud-Din. ES7, 2002
Mahmood, Imran. (See Royal Wootton Bassett). ES85, 2013
Mahmood, Imran. ES84, 2013
Mahmood, Mazher. ES29, 2004
Mahmood, Shujah. ES41, 2006
Mahmood, Shujah. ES44, 2006
Mahmood, Waheed. ES41, 2006
Mahmood, Waheed. ES44, 2006
Mahmoud-al, Mabhouh Khalfan. Assassinated by Mossad agents in hotel in Dubai. ES67, 2010
Mahmoud-al, Mabhouh Khalfan. Feature - Dubai Intelligence Trail. ES72, 2011
Mahsud, Hakimullah. ES73, 2011
Mahsud, Sabir. ES73, 2011
Maidan. See Ukraine Conflict. ES91, 2014
Mail bombs. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 6 - Tradecraft). ES82, 2012
Mail Interception Centres. ES58, 2008
Mail Interception. ES58, 2008
Mail Man [The]. Feature - Cold War 'Spy Broker' dies. ES58, 2008
Mail Security. Feature - Letter Bombs and Risk Assessment. (See also Spy Tradecraft) ES44, 2006
Maillaud, Eric. ES88, 2013
Main Line Philadelphia. (See Chanticleer). ES74, 2011
Maior, George. Romanian intelligence director meets MI6 counterpart. ES90, 2014
Maisky, Ivan. ES8, 2002
Maiziere, Thomas de. ES88, 2013
Maiziere, Thomas de. ES92, 2014
Majeed, Suhaib. ES94, 2014
Majid, Abdul Waheed. Aka Abu Suleiman al-Britani. ES90, 2014
Majid-al, Ali Hassan. [Chemical Ali]. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
Majid-al, Ali Hassan. 'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq. ES66, 2010
Mak, Chi. ES37, 2005/6
Mak, Chi. ES49, 2007
Mak, Tai Wang. ES37, 2005/6
Makarov PM. Handgun. See Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Makarov semi-automatic pistol. ES81, 2012
Makarov, Victor. Feature - KGB double agent 'let down' by Britain. ES24, 2004
Makarov, Victor. MI6 agent. Feature - KGB Man Left Out in the Cold. ES31, 2005
Makarov, Viktor. ES49, 2007
Makhachkala, Dagestan. Terrorist attack. ES89, 2014
Makhmudov, Dzhabrail. ES57, 2008
Makhmudov, Ibragim. ES57, 2008
Makhmudov, Rustan. Prime suspect in assassination of Anna Politkovskaya arrested. ES75, 2011
Makhmudov, Rustan. See Anna Politkovskaya. A Family of Assassins. Feature. ES91, 2014
Maki, Eugene. ES47, 2007
Makkwai, Muhamad Ibrahim. ES18, 2003
Makovkin, Dmitry. ES89, 2014
MAKS Airshow, Moscow. ES74, 2011
Maktoum, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al. UAE Vice President and Prime Minister. ES93, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Intelligence collected on BUK missile system used to shoot down Flight MH17. ES92, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. MH17 Update. Feature. ES93, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. NSA intercepts vital conversations relevant to shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Feature. ES92, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Russia reveals controversial new evidence of shootdown. Feature. ES94, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Counter-terrorism officials investigate disappearance of. Feature. ES90, 2014
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Worldwide press coverage. Feature. ES90, 2014
Malaysian Airlines MH17. MH15 shootdown. An Intelligence Perspective. Feature. ES92, 2014
Maldonado, Daniel. ES61, 2009
Maldonado, Daniel. ES65, 2009
Mali. Al-Qaida 22-point memo to avoid UAV attacks discovered. ES84, 2013
Mali. French military offensive against al-Qaida. ES83, 2013
Malicious Communications Act. ES1, 2001
Malik, Abdul. ES51, 2007
Malik, Rehman. Pakistan Interior Minister. (See also CIA-ISI Tensions Grow). Feature. ES76, 2011
Maliki, Nouri. ES41, 2006
Malinski, Mieczyslaw. ES46, 2007
Malizia, James. RCMP. ES85, 2013
Malta Trading Company. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Malta Trading Company. ES64, 2009
Malta. (See MI6 operations). ES69, 2010
Malvo, Lee Boyd. (See Washington Sniper Case). ES14, 2002
Mamdouh, Mohamed. ES75, 2011
Mamedov, Georgiy. ES78, 2012
Mamedov, Georgiy. ES82, 2012
Mamontov, Arkady. ES62, 2009
Man Without A Face. (CIA nickname for Markus Wolf). Feature. ES45, 2006
Mananakee, Barry. ES30 2004/5
Manassas. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
Manbar, Nathum. ES28, 2004
Manchur, Colonel Yully. ES94, 2014
Manchurian Candidates. ES45, 2006
Manchurian Candidates. Feature on mind control and Cold War experiments. ES8, 2002
Mancini, Marco. ES42, 2006
Mancini, Marco. ES87, 2013
Mandela, Nelson. Alleged MI6 Agent. Feature. ES10, 2002
Mandela, Nelson. Alleged MI6 contact man. ES70, 2010
Mandelson, Peter. (See MI6 Intelligence Wars). ES73, 2011
Mandelson, Peter. ES59, 2008
Mandelson, Peter. Feature - Spy Novelist and the Mandelson Affair. ES1, 2001
Mandelson, Peter. Phone tapping case. ES6, 2001
Mandiant Report on Unit 61398. ES91, 2014
Mangoux, Erard Corbin de. DGSE. ES70, 2010
Manhattan Bomb Project. Spies and Saboteurs. Feature. ES93, 2014
Manhattan Project. ES47, 2007
Manhattan Project. ES64, 2009
Manhattan Project. Famous witness dies. ES57, 2008
Manhattan Project. Feature. ES16, 2003
Manhattan Raid [The]. AQ propaganda film. ES57, 2008
Mann, Michael. ES52, 2007
Mann, Simon. Feature - Espionage, Coups and Oil. ES72, 2011
Manning, Bradley. ES81, 2012
Manning, Bradley. Honoured. Feature. ES90, 2014
Manning, Bradley. Pentagon. Hearing Article 32. WikiLeaks and US Cables. Feature. ES77, 2012
Manning, Bradley. Sentenced for espionage and announces gender change. ES87, 2013
Manning, Bradley. SIPDIS and the Case of Bradley Manning. Loss of US intel worldwide. ES73, 2011
Manning, Bradley. US Army analyst admits leaking documents and cables. ES84, 2013
Manning, Bradley. US Cables. Feature. Damage analysis data granted to defence team. ES80, 2012
Manning, Bradley. US intel analyst cleared of aiding enemy, guilty of espionage. ES86, 2013
Manning, Bradley. US intel analyst court martialed. ES78, 2012
Manos AFB. Feature - The Frontier of Freedom. ES62, 2009
Manos Spy Base. Feature. Russia accuses US of operating NSA and CIA stations. ES62, 20099
MANPAD or MPAD. Man-portable air defence system. ES92, 2014
Mansal 18. Gaul Survey ship (See Gaul MV). ES21, 2003
Mansfield, Mark. ES55, 2008
Mansfield, Michael. ES52, 2007
Mansouri, Ali. ES88, 2013
Mansouri, Major Mariam al. UAE Air Force. See Alliance Strike ISIS. Feature. ISIS targets across Iraq and Syrian attacked. ES93, 2014
Manzariyeh Air Base. ES89, 2014
Maples, Michael. DIA Director. ES58, 2008
MARAD. Maritime Administration [US]. ES36, 2005
Maradykovo chemical plant, Russia. Terrorist attack. ES89, 2014
Marana Air Park, Tucson, Arizona. ES80, 2012
Marburg, Germany. (See SVR and BKA). ES76, 2011
MARC Bot. Remotely controlled IED countermeasures device. ES32, 2005
March Shipping Line. (See Operation Lemon-Aid). ES41, 2006
Marcinkiewicz, Kazimierz. Poland. Rejects 'secret CIA prison' claims. ES41, 2006
Marconi Company. Communications. ES50, 2007
Marconi, Gulielmo. ES58, 2008
Margello, Jose Manuel Garcia. Spanish Foreign Minister. ES79, 2012
Margolis, Laurie. (See Falkland Islands). ES85, 2013
Mariam Appeal. (See George Galloway). ES19, 2003
Marine One. Blueprints secured by Iran. ES28, 2004
Marioli, Mario. ES32, 2005
Maritime dirty bomb trafficking. ES30 2004/5
Maritime security in Horn of Africa. UK issues licences for armed guards on vessels to protect vessels from pirates. ES76, 2011
Maritime Security. Cargo movement. ES22, 2003
Maritime Security. Feature - Clear and Present Danger. ES21, 2003
Maritime Security. Feature - Operation Safeport. ES36, 2005
Maritime Sleepers. Feature - British Intelligence tracking terrorists and renegade pilots. ES57, 2008
Maritime Threats. US Counter-Terrorist responses. Feature. ES57, 2008
Markelov, Stanislav. ES61, 2009
Market Garden. WWII Allied operation. ES80, 2012
Marketing Research Association. (See CIA front companies and Iran). ES74, 2011
Markin, Vladimir. ES72, 2011
Markin, Vladimir. ES89, 2014
Markov, Annabel. ES34, 2005
Markov, Georgi. Bulgarian dissident and MI6 contact man killed with ricin-tipped poisoned umbrella on Waterloo Bridge, London.
Markov, Georgi. Cold Case Re-opened. Feature. ES57, 2008
Markov, Georgi. ES81, 2012
Markov, Georgi. Feature - Agent Piccadilly. ES34, 2005
Markov, Georgi. Feature - The Assassin's Deadly Touch. New information on famous poison umbrella case. ES15, 2003
Markov, Sergei. ES91, 2014
Markovic, Rade. ES1, 2001
Marks, Leo. ES63, 2009
Markson, Jim. See Conch Fritters and Tropical Breeze. Feature. ES92, 2014
Marlowe, Christopher. ES8, 2002
Marriott Hotel, Jarkata. Terror attack. ES20, 2003
MARS. Military Auxiliary Radio System. ES86, 2013
Marston, William Moulton. (See Polygraphs). ES13, 2002
Martha Pope. Omagh bombing. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
Martin B-57 Canberra. ES80, 2012
Martin, Anne and David. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Martin, Brett. ES84, 2013
Martin, Brett. ES88, 2013
Martin, Bryan Minkyu. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets). ES74, 2011
Martin, Jacque Felipe. (See Bulgarian bus bombing). ES81, 2012
Martin, William. NSA defector. ES83, 2013
Martino, Rocco. Feature - Fool's Gold. Iraq-Niger affair. ES37, 2005
Martinoc, Valerey. ES1, 2001
Marty, Dick. ES39, 2006
Marty, Dick. ES41, 2006
Marwan, Ashraf. ES70, 2010
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - Master Spy - Codename Angel. ES69, 2010
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - Mayfair Mystery Deepens. ES52, 2007
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - Silent Witness. ES51, 2007
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - Spy Mystery. New Scotland Yard launch second investigation into death of former Mossad agent. Feature. ES59, 2008
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - Strange Twist of Fate. ES59, 2008
Marwan, Ashraf. Feature - The Prague Tradition. ES50, 2007
Masaryk, Jan. ES50, 2007
Mashaal, Khaled. ES86, 2013
Mashaal, Khalid. ES15, 2003
Mashad-El, Dr Yahya. ES84, 2013
Mashal, Khaled. Assassination target. ES90, 2014
Mashd-al, Yahiya Amin. ES75, 2011
Mashregh News. Iranian intelligence front. ES75, 2011
Masons. ES72, 2011
Masri, Abu Hamza al. ES79, 2012
Masri-al, Abu Hamza. Pressure grows on controversial cleric. ES19, 2003
Masri-al, Abu Nasr. ES60, 2009
Masri-al, Abu Obaidah. ES58, 2008
Masri-al, abu Ubaida. Feature. ES55, 2008
Masri-al, Abu Zubair. ES60, 2009
Masri-al, Shaik Sa'id. AQ number three killed in Predator strike, Al-Masri responsible for assassination of Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto. ES68, 2010
Massereene Barracks, Antrim, Northern Ireland. ES62, 2009
Massino, Joseph. ES15, 2003
Massive Ordnance Penetrator. GBU-57A/B. Feature on America's new bunker busting bomb. ES77, 2012
Massoud, Ahmed Shah, Northern Alliance leaders assassinated. ES8, 2002
Massoud, Ahmed Shah. Feature. ES72, 2011
Massoud, General Ahmed Shah. Photo essay. ES5, 2001
Massri-al, Abu Jihad. ES59, 2008
Mastering the Internet. (See GCHQ). ES86, 2013
Match Trick. ES45, 2006
Mates, Michael. ES2, 2001
Mathew, Sir Theobald. ES75, 2011
Matouk, Mohammed. Suspect in killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. ES75, 2011
Matrix Churchill. Feature - The Iraq Super Gun Affair. ES15, 2003
Matrix telephone bug. Review. ES23, 2004
Matrix. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
Matskevich, Igor. ES81, 2012
Mattei, Enrico. ES72, 2011
Matthews, Peter. See St Ermin's Hotel. Intelligence Book of the Year Award. Feature. ES91, 2014
Mattis, James. ES57, 2008
Maugham, Somerset. ES51, 2007
Maugham, Somerset. ES61, 2009
Maugham, Somerset. MI6. ES42, 2006
Maugham, Somerset. MI6. ES8, 2002
Maurer, Ueil. ES83, 2013
Mauskopf, Roslynn. ES49, 2007
MAV. Micro Air Vehicles. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Mawby, Raymond. UK politician operated on behalf of Czechoslovakian Intelligence. Feature. ES80, 2012
Maxwell, Raymond. ES83, 2013
Maxwell, Raymond. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. ES93, 2014
Maxwell, Robert. Born Ludvik Hoch. FBI and KGB files. Feature. ES88, 2013
Maxwell, Robert. ES70, 2010
Maxwell, Robert. Feature - Spy Maxwell - A Real Harry Lime. ES22, 2003
Maxwell, Robert. War crimes police tracked Maxwell. Feature. ES39, 2006
May, Alan Nunn. (See KGB's Atomic Recruiters). ES47, 2007
May, Alan Nunn. ES54, 2008
May, Allan Nunn. ES64, 2009
May, Dr Edwin. (See Remote Viewing). ES84, 2013
May, Theresa. ES85, 2013
May, Theresa. ES91, 2014
May, Theresa. UK Home Secretary. ES76, 2011
Mazarine, Pingeot. ES30 2004/5
Mazeina-al, Khamis Mattar. ES67, 2010
Mazidih-al, Badran Turki. ES58, 2008
Mbasogo, Teodoro Obiang Nguema. President Equatorial Guinea. ES72, 2011
McAdams, Daniel. ES91, 2014
McAleese, John. (See Contractors in Iraq). ES29, 2004
McAleese, John. (See HEAT - Spy Tradecraft). ES30 2004/5
McAleese, John. ES77, 2012
McAleese, John. SAS soldier and participant of Iran Embassy siege dies in Greece. ES75, 2011
McAleese, John. SAS. ES68, 2010
McAleese, Paul. ES75, 2011
McAleese, Sergeant Paul. ES68, 2010
McCabe, Nicole Sandra. ES72, 2011
McCabe, Nicole. ES90, 2014
McCaffrey, General Barry. ES92, 2014
McCain, John. Senator accuses President Obama of deliberately leaking intel to boost his image. ES80, 2012
McCarthy, John.
McCarthy, Joseph. ES14, 2002
McCarthy, Mary O. (See AQ Black Sites), ES40, 2006
McCarthy, Senator Joseph. See FBI surveillance of communists. Feature. ES93, 2014
McCaugherty, John. ES70, 2010
McCaul, Michael. ES89, 2014
McCauley, Martin. ES9, 2002
McChord AFB. ES53, 2008
McColl, Colin. ES10, 2002
McColl, Sir Colin. James Bond - 'A good recruiting tool.' ES64 2009
McCone, John A. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
McCone, John. (See Cuban Missile Crisis). ES52, 2007
McConnell AFB. ES62, 2009
McConnell, Michael. ES54, 2008
Mcconnell, Michael. ES60, 2009
McConnell, Mike. Appointed Director of National Intelligence. ES47, 2007
McConville, Jean. ES91, 2014
McCord, James. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
McCord, James. ES14, 2002
McCormack, Colonel Alfred. ES86, 2013
McDonald, Flora. ES66, 2010
McDonald, Kenneth. ES45, 2006
McDonald, Michael. (See Operation Samnite), ES10, 2002
McDonald, Ramsey. Dislike of MI6. ES62, 2009
McDonell, Mike. ES41, 2006
McDonough, Denis. ES87, 2013
McDonough, Dennis. US Deputy Security Advisor. ES89, 2014
McDowall, John. ES59, 2008
McEldowney, Nancy. ES90, 2014
McFaul, Michael. ES78, 2012
McFaul, Michael. ES85, 2013
McGonagle, William. ES16, 2003
McGregor, Ewan. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
McGregory, Daniel. ES47, 2007
McGuinness, Martin. British agent shot dead in Northern Ireland.
McGuinness, Martin. ES81, 2012
McGuinness, Martin. MI6 agent allegations. Feature. ES41, 2006
McGuinness, Martin. Sinn Fein. Feature - The Peace Note. ES2, 2001
McGuire-Dix Joint Base, Lakehurst, New Jersey. ES81, 2012
McHale, William. TimeLife. ES72, 2011
McInerney, Thomas G. ES39, 2006
McKevitt, Michael (RIRA). ES2, 2001
McKierman, David. ES27, 2004
McKinnon, Gary. (Pentagon hacker). ES41, 2006
McKinnon, Gary. (See Pentagon hacking case). Feature. ES61, 2009
McKinnon, Gary. ES79, 2012
McKinnon, Gary. Hacker loses appeal in respect of extradition to USA for Pentagon intrusion. ES76, 2011
McKinnon, Gary. Pentagon computer hacker reprieve? ES69, 2010
McKnight, John. (See Mordechai Vanunu). ES25, 2004
McLaughlin, John. E. CIA. ES66, 2010
McLaughlin, John. ES33, 2005
McLaughlin, John. ES51, 2007
McLaughlin, Mitchel. ES41, 2006
McLeod, Bob. (See Falkland Islands). ES85, 2013
McLeod, Hugh. ES39, 2006
McMahon, John. ES86, 2013
Mcmillan, Harold. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
McNeill, Lt. General Dan. New head of US forces fighting AQ and Taliban. ES11, 2002
McNulty, Tony. ES49, 2007
McTaggart, David. Greenpeace Co-founder Dead. ES1, 2001
McVeigh, Timothy. ES13, 2002
McVeigh, Timothy. ES75, 2011
McVeigh, Timothy. ES79, 2012
McVeigh, Timothy. Oklahoma bomber. ES4, 2001
MD5 Decrypter. ES69, 2010
MDA. Missile Defense Agency. Feature. ES41, 2006
Mebo, Zurich. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Mebo. (See Lockerbie) ES40, 2006
Mebo. (See Lockerbie). ES58, 2008
Mebus, Heinz. ES84, 2013
Meckenheim, Marburg, Germany. (See Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag). ES84, 2013
Medgyessy, Peter. Hungarian Prime Minister reveals he was secret agent Comrade D-209. ES11, 2002
Media agents. Why some journalists receive privileged information over others. Feature. ES80, 2012
Media and Intelligence relations. ES42, 2006
Media and Intelligence. Feature. How press briefings by intel and military figures can be exploited by media. ES80, 2012
Media. Feature - Secrecy and the Media. Interview with D-Notice Secretary, Nick Wilkinson. ES62, 2009
Medunjanin, Adis. (See New York City Subway Plot). ES83, 2013
Medunjanin, Adis. Turning Queen's Evidence. Feature. Al-Qaida plot to attack New York.. ES79, 2012
MEDUSA. (See Mind Control series). ES69, 2010
Medvedev, Dmitry. Cuban links. ES77, 2012
Medvedev, Dmitry. ES57, 2008
Medvedev, Dmitry. ES58, 2008
Medvedev, Dmitry. ES89, 2014
Medvedev, Dmitry. ES90, 2014
Megale, Bruno. (See CIA Milan operations). ES56, 2008
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset Ali. (Release of. (See Lockerbie). ES64, 2009
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset Ali. (See Lockerbie). ES66, 2010
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset Ali. (Trail of). (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset Ali. ES72, 2011
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset Ali. Feature - Fresh Doubts over Lockerbie Evidence. (See Lockerbie). ES58, 2008
Megrahi-al, Abdel Baset. ES75, 2011
Megrahi-al, Abdelbaset. ES50, 2007
Megrahi-al, Abdelbasset. Lockerbie bomber in new appeal. Feature. ES62, 2009
Megrahi-al, Abdul Basset Ali. ES40, 2006
Meguerba, Mohammed. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Meguerba, Mohammed. (See Operation Salt). ES33, 2005
Mehalba, Ahmed. ES21, 2003
Mehanna, Tarek. ES65, 2009
Mehanna, Tarek. ES76, 2011
Mehmanparast, Ramin. ES72, 2011
Mehr-Abad AFB, Iran. ES62, 2009
Mehrdad, Pouria. ES90, 2014
Mehsud, Baitullah. ES54, 2008
Mehsud, Hakimullah (Baitullah). Planner of raid which killed six CIA officers killed. ES67, 2010
Mehsud, Hakimullah. ES88, 2013
Meigs, Montgomery. Feature - IED Countermeasures. ES39, 2006
Meiklejohn, Ronald. MI6 Field Station Chief, Estonia. ES62, 2009
Meir, Golda. Prime Minister of Israel. (See also Committee X) ES68, 2010
Mejjati-el, Karim. ES20, 2003
Melbury Road. Feature. The Intelligence Secrets of Melbury Road - MI6 headquarters and other surprising buildings linked to intelligence. ES82, 2012
Meliani [the]. (See Al-Qaida). ES3, 2001
Melissa. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Mello, Sergio Viera de. ES78, 2012
Mellon, Andrew W. (See The Room). ES42, 2006
Melman, Yosi. ES15, 2003
Melman, Yossi. ES28, 2004
Melville, William. MI5. ES63, 2009
MEMS. Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems. ES29, 2004
MEMS. Micro-electro-mechanical-system. ES75, 2011
Menashe, Ari Ben. Mossad. ES11, 2002
Menderes, Adnan. ES88, 2013
Mendes, Gilmar. ES58, 2008
Mendes, Sam. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Mendez, Antonio J. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Menendez, Robert. Senator. ES72, 2011
Mengale, Josef. (See Mossad). ES58, 2008
Menner, Simon. (See STASI. Secret Images from the STASI Archive). ES75, 2011
Menoline Limited. MI6 front company. ES60, 2008
Menwith Hill, England. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Menwith Hill. ES47, 2007
Menwith Hill. ES60, 2009
Menwith Hill. ES79, 2012
Menwith Hill. ES86, 2013
Menwith Hill. ES88, 2013
Menwith Hill. NSA Field Station. ES52, 2007
Menwith Hill. Photo Special. ES2, 2001
Menzies, Jean Charles de. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
Menzies, Stewart. MI6 Chief. ES62, 2009
Menzies. (See MI6). ES60, 2008
MEPS. Military Entrance Processing Station. Seattle terror plot. (See FBI and the Third Man). ES74, 2011
Merah, Mohamed. ES79, 2012
Merah, Mohamed. ES82, 2012
Mercedes. S280.
Mercedes-Benz W220 (German Government). ES77, 2012
Mercer, Patrick. ES64, 2009
Mercury Programme. NASA. ES72, 2011
Mercury switch. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 6 - Tradecraft). ES82, 2012
Merdawi, Tabet. ES4, 2001
MERINO. (See Pine Gap). ES47, 2007
Merkel, Angela. (See Prism Surveillance. Feature. Trans-Atlantic Espionage or Big Brother?). ES86, 2013
Merkel, Angela. ES90, 2014
Merkel, Angela. German Chancellor speaks about Berlin Wall. ES75, 2011
Merkel, Angela. German Chancellor. See Suspected CIA spies arrested. CIA Station Chief Departs Berlin. Double Agents. Feature. ES92, 2014
Merkulov, Vsevolod. ES63, 2009
Mershon, Mark. J. ES42, 2006
Meshaal, Khaled. Hamas Prime Minister. ES80, 2012
Meskini, Abdelghani. ES31, 2005
Metesky, George. (The Mad Bomber). (See Profiling a Terrorist). ES38, 2006
Metropolitan Magazine. (See MI6 plot to kill Rasputin). ES36, 2005
Metsada. (See Mossad). ES6, 2001
Metsos, Christopher. Agent handler for the 2010 SVR spy ring in USA. ES69, 2010
Metsos, Christopher. CIA Jackal or SVR Magician? Feature. ES69, 2010
Metsos, Christopher. ES76, 2011
Metsos, Christopher. ES81, 2012
Metsos, Christopher. ES82, 2012
Metsos, Christopher. ES84, 2013
Metz, Thomas. ES27, 2004
Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport. Explosives discovered. ES13, 2002
Mexico Consulate, New York 2007 terror attack. ES86, 2013
Meyer, Kurt. General. ES79, 2012
Meyssan, Thierry. ES41, 2006
MH17. See Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. ES93, 2014
MH-6 Little Bird. ES89, 2014
MHCHAOS. Secret CIA counter-terrorist programme in the 1960s. ES78, 2012
Mi Gunship. ES84, 2013
MI4. ES86, 2013
MI9. Military Intelligence 9. Feaure. Secret wartime tradecraft manual featuring spy devices, escape maps etc. ES82, 2012
MI9. Military Intelligence. (Escape Committee). ES58, 2008
Miah, Abdul Malik. ES72, 2011
Miah, Abdul. ES78, 2012
Miami Seven. ES42, 2006
Mice and Airport Security. Feature. ES72, 2011
Michael, Joseph. ES58, 2008
Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages. ES57, 2008
Micro Espionage. Feature - Spying Game Reinvented. Incredibly small MAVs and advanced spying tools. ES31, 2005
Micro Robots. ES33, 2005
MicroFly Project. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
MicroFlyer. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Micro-satellites. Feature. ES37, 2005/6
Microwave Weapons. ES34, 2005
MID. Military Intelligence Directorate. IDF. ES93, 2014
Middle East. Hamas and Israel vow to destroy each other. ES18, 2003
Midhar-al, Khalid. (See Flight 77 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Midnight Ride. (See Paul Revere). ES85, 2013
Mig-25 (Foxbat). ES21, 2003
MiG-29. Warplane. ES47, 2007
Mikhail. (See The Luckiest Spy Coin - Espionage Extra). ES47, 2007
Milan CIA Field Station. ES63, 2009
Milan, Italy. (See Abu Omar). ES33, 2005
MILDWASH. Call Sign. See The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII.

Feature. ES90, 2014
Military Cryptanalytics. ES41, 2006
Military Port Control Service. ES61, 2009
Military Rabbinate, Israel. ES85, 2013
Military Revolutionary Committee. (Russia). ES62, 2009
Mill, Lt. Keith. ES84, 2013
Millay, William. Feature. A Dangerous Joker. US serviceman on espionage charges. ES85, 2013
Mille, Marco. ES86, 2013
Millennium Dome. (See Hinduja Brothers). ES2, 2001
Millennium Hotel, London. ES45, 2006
Millennium Plot. Bomber named only as 'U' set for release. ES57, 2008
Millennium Plot. LNG concerns. ES31, 2005
Millennium Plot. Terror attack thwarted on Los Angeles Airport. ES4, 2001
Miller, Glenn. New information on mystery. Feature. ES4, 2001
Miller, John. FBI. ES56, 2008
Miller, Judith . (See David Kelly). ES31, 2005
Miller, Judith. ES38, 2006
Milliband, David. ES61, 2009
Milliband, David. ES92, 2014
Milliband, David. Feature - Secret Liaisons and Protocols. ES65, 2009
Milliband, David. Foreign Secretary. UK. ES63, 2009
Millimeter Wave Scanner. ES92, 2014
Millimeter Wave Technology. Feature. ES66, 2010
Millimeter-Wave Directed Energy. ES34, 2005
Mills, Patricia. ES76, 2011
Milosevic, Slobadan. MI6 accused of assassination attempt. ES1, 2001
Milosevic, Sloboban. ES62, 2009
Milosevic, Slobodan. Assassination operation. ES54, 2008
Milosevic, Slobodan. ES39, 2006
Milosevic, Slobodan. ES51, 2007
Milosevic, Slobodan. ES87, 2013
MILSTAR. (See US Space Command/NORAD). Feature. ES15, 2003
MILSTAR. ES52, 2007
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 1. Human senses. ES64, 2009
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 10. The Mobile Phone - more than a message carrier? ES73, 2011
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 11. Electricity - an invisible mind predator? ES74, 2011
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 12. Radio Frequency Identification System. ES75, 2011
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 13. Insects and Animals: A Lesson from History. ES76, 2011
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 14. Word Strategy. ES77, 2012
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 15. The Phenomena of 'Meme'. ES78, 2012
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 16. Future World. Series conclusion. ES79, 2012
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 2. Behavioural manipulation. ES65, 2009
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 3. Chemicals and drugs. ES66, 2010
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Mind manipulation. ES67, 2010
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 5. Hypnosis and triggers. ES68, 2010
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Microwave transmissions. ES69, 2010
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 7. How information is received and understood by the brain. ES70, 2010
Mind Control Principles in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 9. Commando Solo and Psy-Ops. ES72, 2011
Mind Reading. Counter-terrorist application). ES33, 2005
Mindhar-al, Nawaf. ES04, 2001
Mindhar-al, Nawaf. ES75, 2011
Mindszenty, Cardinal. ES79, 2012
Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. MI6 front company.(See MI6). ES60, 2008
Ministry for Civil Resilience. [UK]. ES20, 2003
Ministry of Defence laptop computer losses. (See Data Loss Disasters). ES57, 2008
Ministry of Defence loses 59 security laptop computers - alarms Pentagon. ES1, 2001
Ministry of Defence. Anti-terrorism file discovered in ditch. ES42, 2006
Ministry of Defence. Combined forces launch specialist counter-terrorist command ahead of 2012 London Olympic Games. ES74, 2011
Ministry of Defence. Counter Terrorism and UK Operations. ES59, 2008
Ministry of Defence. Feature - Secret files on espionage prevention end up on the Internet. ES65, 2009
Ministry of Defence. Illusion projects. ES58, 2008
Ministry of Defence. Listening devices found in Whitehall. Feature. ES2, 2001
Ministry of Defence. Secret front - 90 MI. Counter-intelligence operation. Feature. ES25, 2004
Ministry of Justice (UK) web site hacked. ES81, 2012
Ministry of Sound, London. ES63, 2009
Ministry of Sound. Nightclub, London. AQ target. ES41, 2006
Minni, Ahmad I. ES67, 2010
Minority Report. New counter-terrorist facial recognition technology. Feature. ES93, 2014
Minox camera. ES73, 2011
Minox III camera. ES76, 2011
Minox spy camera. ES19, 2003
Minshall, Colonel Thomas Harold. ES82, 2012
Minshall, Merlin. (See Melbury Road). ES82, 2012
Mira Hotel, Hong Kong. ES87, 2013
Miranda, David. Enemy of the State. Feature. ES90, 2014
Miranda, David. ES88, 2013
Miranda, David. Fair Game. Feature. Partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald detained by British security services in connection with Edward Snowden's NSA and
GCHQ leaks. ES87, 2013
Mirgha'ed, Mohsen Rezaee. ES89, 2014
Mirzai, Amir. ES85, 2013
MIS. Military Intelligence Service. Slovakia. ES51, 2007
Misawa, Japan. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Mismari-al, Nurl. ES73, 2011
Miss Mary. (See John Vassall). ES42, 2006
Missile Defence Shield. (Secrets compromised). ES60, 2009
Missile Defence Shield. CIA hunts intelligence on secret Russian missile and rocket sites. Alleged agent arrested. ES80, 2012
Missile Defence Shield. Feature Spy Bases in UK join project. ES52, 2007
Missile Defense Complex, Fort Greely. ES58, 2008
MIT targets die after aircraft crashes during nuclear surveillance operation. ES49, 2007
MIT. (Directorate of Electronic and Technical Intelligence). ES82, 2012
MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ES31, 2005
MIT. Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (National Intelligence Organisation), Turkey. ES88, 2013
MIT. National Intelligence Organisation, Turkey. ES69, 2010
MIT. National Intelligence Organisation. Turkey. ES43, 2006
MIT. Research into high-speed computers.ES79, 2012
MIT. Turkish Intelligence Service. ES49, 2007
Mitchell, Bernon. NSA defector. ES83, 2013
Mitchell, Graham. Deputy D-G MI5. (See MI5 bugging). ES57, 2008
Mitchell, Graham. ES64, 2009
Mitnick, Kevin. (See Bradley Manning). ES73, 2011
Mitro, Vladimir. ES27, 2004
Mitrokhin Archive. ES7, 2002
Mitrokhin Archive. KGB documents in British Intelligence archives. Mitrokhin Files Released. Feature. ES92, 2014
Mitrokhin, Vasili. ES16, 2003
Mitrokhin, Vasili. ES84, 2013
Mitrokhin, Vasili. KGB defector to UK writes book - The Mitrokhin Archive. ES3, 2001
Mitrokhin, Vasili. KGB. MI6 Exfiltration Operation. ES92, 2014
MITT. Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. (See Bulava missile system). ES77, 2012
Mitterand, Francois. ES84, 2013
MK/B53. Nuclear bomb. US dismantles last B53 bomb. Feature. ES76, 2011
MKULTRA programme. Feature. ES66, 2010
MKULTRA. ES64, 2009
MKULTRA. ES79, 2012
Mladic, Ratko. Serb fugitive and war crimes suspect arrested. ES74, 2011.
MLM. Military Liaison Missions. Feature. ES75, 2011
MN4. Spy object fears. ES37, 2005/6
MO5. Military Operation 5. ES61, 2009
Moallem-al, Walid. ES37, 2005/6
Mo-Allen Kalayeh. Nuclear research centre, Iran. ES69, 2010
Mobile Anti-Surveillance. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES59, 2008
Mobile phone espionage. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
Mobile Phone System. Feature. ES73, 2011
Mobile User Objective System. (See US Defence Shield). ES47, 2007
Mobley, Sharif. ES76, 2011
Moby Dick. (See Balloons in Wartime). ES30 2004/5
Mockingbird. See Fourth Estate. ES94, 2014
MOD lose another computer. ES59, 2008
MOD. A British Intelligence Dilemma. Implications of an independent Scotland. Feature. ES91, 2014
MOD. Chinese Intelligence. MOD produces manual warning of honeytraps. Feature. ES94, 2014
MOD. Ministry of Defence. Primary user of MI6 intelligence. ES38, 2006
MOD. UK forces in joint manoeuvres with Polish counterparts. ES94, 2014
Model Aeroplanes. As weapons delivery systems. ES76, 2011
Modern Sleeve. (See MI5. Feature. MI5 Surveillance X Three). ES85, 2013
Modin, Yuri. KGB agent runner in London. ES64, 2009
MODS. Mobile Ordnance disrupter Systems. (See Directed Energy Weapons). ES26, 2004
Mogadiscio, Somalia. CIA operations. ES18, 2003
Moghadam, Hassan Tehrani. Major General dies in Iran military base explosion. ES78, 2012
Moghadam, Hassan Tehrani. Major General. Iranian missile chief dies in mystery blast. ES77, 2012
Moghadam, Lt. General Nasser. SAVAK, Iran. ES89, 2014
Moghaddam, Esmail Ahmadi. ES47, 2007
Mohaddessin, Mohammad. National Council of Resistance of Iran. ES31, 2005
Mohamad, Mahathir. Prime Minister Malaysia. ES16, 2003
Mohamad, Yousef. ES43, 2006
Mohamed, Binyam. ES64, 2009
Mohamed, Binyam. ES67, 2010
Mohamed, Wahbi. (See 21/7). ES54, 2008
Mohammad Al-Ahmad Naval Base. Kuwait. ES74, 2011
Mohammad, Jude Kenan. ES64, 2009
Mohammad, Masoud Ali. Iran. ES75, 2011
Mohammadi, Masoud Ali. Iranian scientist. ES80, 2012
Mohammadi, Masoud. ES78, 2012
Mohammadreza, Delavar. ES90, 2014
Mohammed, Asif. ES17, 2003
Mohammed, Binyam. ES56, 2008
Mohammed, Binyam. ES78, 2012
Mohammed, Fazul Abdullah. (See AC-130 Corridor), ES46, 2007
Mohammed, Fazul Abdullah. ES18, 2003
Mohammed, Fazul Abdullah. ES87, 2013
Mohammed, Fazul Abdullah. ES88, 2013
Mohammed, Fazul Abdullah. US Embassy bomber shot dead in Somalia. Feature. ES74, 2011
Mohammed, Fazul Andullah. ES55, 2008
Mohammed, Khalid Shaikh. CIA documents on Waterboarding. ES62, 2009
Mohammed, Khalid Sheik. ES86, 2013
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. (See Project Bojinka and Overt). ES43, 2006
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. 9/11 mastermind arrested by Pakistan ISI officers. ES16, 2003
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. 9/11 mastermind formally charged. ES79, 2012
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. 9/11 mastermind wanted to attack London. Feature. C
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. ES53, 2008
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. ES67, 2010
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Feature - 9/11 Mastermind. ES53, 2008
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Feature - Australian Visa Mystery. ES29, 2004
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Feature - Day of the Jackal. ES10, 2002
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Judgement nears. ES56, 2008
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Links to other terror groups and attacks. ES79, 2012
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. Plot to kill Pope John Paul II. ES79, 2012
Mohammed, Khamis. ES2, 2001
Mohammed, Ramzi. (See London 21/7). ES46, 2007
Mohammed, Ramzi. ES60, 2009
Mohieddin, Zakaria. Egyptian Intelligence. Passes away. Intel Deaths. Feature. ES80, 2012
Mohnhaupt, Brigette. ES47, 2007
Moianen, Hannu. SUPO. Espionage investigation. Feature. ES18, 2003
MOIS. Basij Militia and MI6. Storming of the British Embassy. Feature. ES89, 2014
MOIS. ES88, 2013
MOIS. Feature. The Illusionist Hand of Iran's VEVAK. Inside VEVAK. Propaganda and creative elements. ES84, 2013
MOIS. Ministry of Intelligence and Security. Iran Intelligence Service. (See also VEVAK). ES84, 2013
MOIS. Mistrust, Suspicion and Revenge: The Legacy. Examination of events involving Iran's intelligence services. Feature. ES89, 2014
MOIS. Suspicions grow Iranian Intelligence know whereabouts of former FBI agent Robert Levinson. Feature. ES89, 2014
Mokady, Udi. Cyber Ark. ES80, 2012
Mokbel, Tony. ES51, 2007
Moles, Edward. See Waldorf Astoria Hotel. ES94, 2014
Moles. Feature - Mole Hunters in MI5. ES64, 2009
Mollier, Sylvain. (See Annecy Shootings). ES84, 2013
Mollins, Francois. ES82, 2012
Molody, Konon Trofimovich. (aka Gordon Lonsdale). ES65, 2009
Mombasa Hotel and air attack. Mossad links AQ to attack. Feature. ES15, 2003
Mombasa, Kenya. The White Widow - Attacks in Kenya. Feature. ES87, 2013
Mombasa. AQ attack foiled. ES20, 2003
Monaco. Death of Princess Diana. Allegations of SAS/MI6 involvement in death of Princess Diana examined. Feature. ES87, 2013
Money Laundering. Learning and understanding. Feature. ES36, 2005
MONITOR-3. (See SVR Military Unit 54939). ES81, 2012
Monkey dung explosive. ES69, 2010
Monkeys. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Monoghan, James. ES9, 2002
Monopulse Radar. ES6, 2002
Monroe Institute. ES84, 2013
Monroe, Marilyn. CIA secret tapes and surveillance. Feature. ES21, 2003
Montaperto, Ronald N. DIA espionage case. ES45, 2006
Montecristo. Cargo vessel. ES76, 2011
Montes, Ana Belen. DIA intelligence analysts charged with espionage. ES5, 2010
Montes, Ana Belen. DIA officer jailed for espionage. ES14, 2002
Montes, Ana Belen. ES73, 2011
Montes, Ana Belen. ES85, 2013
Montes, Ana Belen. Spy admits espionage charges. ES9, 2002
Montesinos, Vladimiro and Alberto, Fujimore. Peru's Spymaster on the Run. ES1, 2001
Montesinos, Vladimiro. Peru spymaster captured and threatens to reveal all. ES3, 2001
Montesinos, Vladimiro. Spymaster jailed for nine years. ES11, 2002
Montgomery, Field Marshal Bernard. See The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII.
Feature. ES90, 2014
Montgomery, Field Marshal. Imperial War Museum exhibit. ES13, 2002
Montgomery, General Bernhard. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Montoneros. Marxist terror group. (See Dirty War, Argentina). ES84, 2013
Montreal Concordia University. ES42, 2006
Moon Base ELINT. See Project Horizon. Spying from the Moon. Feature. ES92, 2014
MOONPENNY. Feature. See NSA. ES89, 2014
Moorcroft, Paul. ES75, 2011
Moore, Jonathan. ES55, 2008
Moore, Lt. Colonel Bernie. ES81, 2012
Moore, Major General Jeremy. ES84, 2013
Moore, Roger. (See Oklahoma bombing). ES33, 2005
Moorgate, London. ES63, 2009
Moose, Charles. (See Washington DC Sniper Attacks). ES29, 2004
Moose, Charles. Police Chief. (See Washington Sniper Case). ES14, 2002
MOP. Massive Ordnance Penetrator. GBU-57A/B. ES77, 2011
Moqadam, Esmaeli Ahmadi. ES72, 2011
Moqed, Majid. (See Flight 77 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Morael, Henri. ES73, 2011
Morales, David Sanchez. ES45, 2006
Moran, Christopher. See St Ermin's Hotel. Intelligence Book of the Year Award. Feature. ES91, 2014
Mordechai, Yoav. Israeli Bridgeboard. ES78, 2012
Morel, Jacques. ES52, 2007
Morell, Michael. ES82, 2012
Morell, Michael. ES83, 2013
Morell, Michael. ES88, 2013
Morgan Contemporary Gallery, Berlin. ES75, 2011
Morgan, Piers. (See bogus British soldier torture claims). ES29, 2004
Morgenavisen Jllands-Posten. ES65, 2009
Morison, Samuel Loring. ES9, 2002
Moritz, Herwart Holland. (See Chaos Computer Club). ES74, 2011
Moro, Aldo. ES79, 2012
Moro, Aldo. ES8, 2002
Morris, Robert. The Financier. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Morris, Ryan. ES78, 2012
Morris, Stephen. ES82, 2012
Morrison, John E. ES40, 2006
Morrison, John. Chief of Defence Intelligence. (MOD). ES54, 2008
Morrison, Scott. Australian Border Minister. ES93, 2014
Morse Code. ES49, 2007
Morse, Samuel F. B. ES49, 2007
Mort Wilhelm. ES39, 2006
Mortati, Tommaso. (See Conrad Spy Ring). ES10, 2002
Morwenstow, England. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Morwenstowe. (See GCHQ). ES1, 2001
Mosaddegh, Mohammad. ES87, 2013
Moscow Center. ES82, 2012
Moscow Central. Codeword for SVR headquarters in Russia. ES76, 2011
Moscow Central. ES84, 2013
Moscow Centre. Feature on KGB spies. ES16, 2003
Moscow Helsinki Group. ES78, 2012
Moscow Higher Technical School. ES70, 2010
Moscow Human Rights Centre. ES61, 2009
Moscow Metro attacks. AQ Chechen terrorists strike in city. ES67, 2010
Moscow Metro. Terrorist planners killed by FSB/Special Forces. ES68, 2010
Moscow Signal. Bug in the US Great Seal. Feature. ES68, 2010
Moscow Spy Rock. Feature. ES52, 2007
Moscow Theatre Hostage. Feature. ES57, 2008
Moscow Theatre Siege. ES24, 2004
Moscow Theatre Siege. Mystery gas identified. ES52, 2007
Moscow. Domodedovo Airport. Terrorists strike in Russia. Feature - Moving to Moscow. ES72, 2011
Moscow. Underworld engages in more assassinations. Feature. ES61, 2009
Moseley, Max. ES56, 2008
Moshrefah, Mostafa Ali. ES75, 2011
Moslehi, Heidar. Iran intelligence minister. ES72, 2011
Moslehi, Heidar. Iran spymaster. ES74, 2011
Mosley, Edward. ES90, 2014
Mosley, Oswald. ES93, 2014
Mosol, Iraq. ES32, 2005
Mosque Bomber. (See Martyn Gilleard). ES57, 2008
Mossadegh, Mohammad. ES65, 2009
Most Wanted. Feature - Historical overview of poster. (See FBI) ES46, 2007
Mostafa, Faisal. ES7, 2002
Motahhari, Ali. Accused of being MI6 asset. ES89, 2014
Motasim, Momen. ES94, 2014
Motassadeq-el, Mounir. ES34, 2005
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires. (See Dirty War, Argentina). ES84, 2013
Motorin, Sergei. ES1, 2001
Motorola. ES73, 2011
Motouk, Mohamed Matouk. ES91, 2014
Mottaki, Manouchehr. ES65, 2009
Moughniyah, Imad. ES78, 2012
Mount Avital, Golan Heights. Unit 8200 facility. ES80, 2012
Mount Gabriel. (See Backbone). ES8, 2002
Mount Rushmore. AQ target. ES19, 2003
Mount Street Galleries, Mayfair. (See MI6 - A Year with MI6). ES72, 2011
Mountain Climber. MI6 officer. ES77, 2012
Mountbatten, Lord Louis. ES9, 2002
Mousa, Samireh. ES75, 2011
Mousaui, Mir-Hossein. ES67, 2010
Moussaoui, Zacarias, Habib. So-called '20th 9/11 hijacker'. ES6, 2001
Moussaoui, Zacarias. ES79, 2012
Moussaoui, Zacarias. ES91, 2014
Moussaoui, Zacarias. FBI agent warning on flight school training. ES10, 2002
Moussaoui, Zacarias. Feature - Dreamcatcher. Trial of 20th 9/11 hijacker begins. ES39, 2006
Moussaoui, Zacarias. Rants against Queen Elizabeth. ES43, 2006
Moussaoui, Zaccarias. Trial. ES21, 2003
Moussavi, Mir Hossein. (Iran opposition - Green Movement). ES80, 2012
Moussavian, Hossein. ES48, 2007
Moustapha, Imad. ES56, 2008
Movenpick Hotel, Sharm el-Sheikh. Terror attack. ES73, 2011
Mowry, David P.,Pearl Harbor Symposium, ES61, 2009
Moyle, Jonathan. (See Project Babylon) ES67, 2010
Moyle, Jonathan. Feature - A Most Sinister Death. ES15, 2003
Moyle, Jonathan. MI6. ES70, 2010
MPS. Ministry of Public Security, China. ES80, 2012
MQ-9 Reaper. UAV surveillance role. ES94, 2014
Mr Marlboro. (See Mokhtar Belmokhtar). ES84, 2013
Mr X. (See Iraq-Niger document affair), ES28, 2004
MRF. Military Reaction Force UK. ES89, 2014
MSS. (See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature). ES80, 2012
MSS. China Intelligence Service. Guojia Anquan Bu. (Ministry of State). ES51, 2007
MSS. Ministry of State Security or Guojia Anquan Bu. ES93, 2014
MSS. Rise of the Dragon. Hub-79. And the Fourth Bureau. Feature. MSS communications and intercepts. Part 2. ES94, 2014
MSS. Rise of the Dragon. The 12 Bureaus. Feature. Inside China's super secret spy agencies. Part 1. ES93, 2013
MTA. Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NYC. ES32, 2005
Mubarak, Hosni. ES50, 2007
Mubarak, Hosni. ES73, 2011
Mubarak, Hosni. Feature - Egypt and Intelligence. ES72, 2011
Mubarak, President Mohamed Hosni Sayyid. ES69, 2010
Mucklow, Tim. ES83, 2013
Mueller, Robert S. ES50, 2007
Mueller, Robert. Criticises release of Al Megrahi. ES64, 2009
Mueller, Robert. ES47, 2007
Mueller, Robert. ES61, 2009
Mueller, Robert. ES82, 2012
Mueller, Robert. ES89, 2014
Mueller, Robert. FBI-New Scotland Yard cooperation. Feature. ES55, 2008
Mueller, Robert. Feature. FBI Changes. Director retires. ES86, 2013
Mueller, Robert. New FBI chief appointed. ES3, 2001
Mueller, Robert. Profile. ES3, 2001
Mugabe, Robert. (See Radio Truth). ES75, 2011
Mugabe, Robert. Claims MI6 are trying to overthrow him. ES11, 2002
Muggeridge, Malcolm. MI6. ES91, 2014
Mughniyeh, Imad. (See Mossad). ES54, 2008
Mugica, Ainhoa. ES13, 2002
Muhajer-al, Abu Hamza. ES41, 2006
Muhammad, John Allen. (See Washington Sniper Case). ES14, 2002
Muhammed, Sultan. ES58, 2008
Muhe, Ulrich. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Muhgniyeh, Imad. ES58, 2008
Mujahidh, Walli. (See FBI and the Third Man). ES74, 2011
Mukasei, Isaakovich Mikhail. Famous KGB spy dies. ES58, 2008
Mukasei, Isaakovich Mikkhail. Bon Voyage. Several Legendary Ghosts Depart. Feature. ES58, 2008
Mukhabarat. Iraq Intelligence Service (Saddam Hussein). ES17, 2003
Mukhabarat. Syria Military Intelligence Service. ES82, 2012
Mulberry. ES56, 2008
Mulberry. WWII harbour project. ES75, 2011
Mulcaire, Glenn. (See Hacking). ES73, 2011
Muldowney, George. ES87, 2013
Mull of Kintyre. See Chinook ZD576 crash. ES7, 2002
Mullen, Admiral Mike. ES86, 2013
Mullen, Mike. (Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff) ES68, 2010
Mullen, Mike. Admiral - Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff. (ISI-Taliban links). ES73, 2011
Mullen, Mike. Admiral. ES76, 2011
Mullen, Mike. ES64, 2009
Muller, Heinrich. Critchfield, James. ES18, 2003
Muller, Karl. ES32, 2005
Muller. CIA connections with former Gestapo chief. ES2, 2001
Mulligan, Colonel Mike. ES87, 2013
Mulvenna, Dan. ES27, 2004
Mulvenna, Daniel J. ES91, 2014
Mumbai Police Force suffer great losses in terrorist attack. Feature. ES60, 2009
Mumbai Port Security Service. ES61, 2009
Mumbai terrorist attack. Feature - A European connection? ES61, 2009
Mumbai. Cell phone and agent handler of attacks arrested. Feature. ES80, 2012
Mumbai. Feature - Anatomy of India's 9/11. Terrorists strike in India's premier city. ES60, 2009
Mumbai. Mastermind already in prison? Feature. ES60, 2009
Mumbai. Pressure cooker bombs. ES86, 2013
Mumbai. Terror communications link LeT attackers with address in London. ES61, 2009
Mumme, Francis. Feature - The Escapee and Spy. ES58, 2008
Munaut, Sylvain. (See Cell Phone Espionage and Karsten Nohl.). ES74, 2011
Munich Olympic Games, 1972. ES79, 2012
Munich. Steven Spielberg releases movie on 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre. ES38, 2006
Munoz, Felip. ES61, 2009
Munshi, Hammaad. ES58, 2008
MUOS. Satellite. Mobile User Objective System. See US Cyber Fleet Command. Feature. ES90, 2014
Murakhovdsky, Viktor. ES92, 2014
Murdoch, Iris. ES94, 2014
Muriuki, Paul. ES93, 2014
Murphy, Anne-Marie. (See Hindawi Case). ES82, 2012
Murphy, Cynthia. ES76, 2011
Murphy, Richard. ES76, 2011
Murphy, Richard. ES84, 2013
Murray, Allan. ES49, 2007
Murray, Brian J. ES85, 2013
Murray, Patrick. CIA Chief of Staff. ES30 2004/5
Murray, William 'Bill'. CIA Station Chief Paris. ES87, 2013
Murrell, Hilda. Arrest in CND murder case. ES18, 2003
Murrell, Hilda. Strange death of CND protester, links to Sizewell-B nuclear reactor. ES11, 2002
Mursi, Midhat. (See Derunta and CIA). ES17, 2003
Mursi, Mohamed. ES94, 2014
Musaev, Murad. ES89, 2014
Museum of Aviation, Belgrade, Serbia. ES72, 2011
Musharaff, Pervez. ES12, 2002
Musharraf, Pervez. Assassination plot foiled on Pakistan leader. ES13, 2002
Musi, Abdul Wal-i. ES62, 2009
Muslim Brotherhood. ES83, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood. ES93, 2014
Mussolini, Benito. Birthplace of. ES90, 2014
Mussolini, Benito. ES75, 2011
Mussolini, Benito. Feature. ES90, 2014
MUST. Military Intelligence. Militara underrattelse- och sakerhetstjansten. Sweden. ES94, 2014
Mutallab, Dr Alhaji Umaru. ES66, 2010
Muthana, Aseel. ES92, 2014
Muthana, Nasser. ES92, 2014
Mutmaen, Abdul Hai. Taliban. ES23, 2004
Mutmain, Mohammad Ihsan. ES8, 2002
Muzammil, Yusaf. ES60, 2009
MV Al Hijrad. ES84, 2013
MV Alaed. Russia warning over ship intercepts by NATO countries. Feature. ES80, 2012
MV Arctic. Sea Mystery. Feature. ES78, 2012
MV Farah III. ES79, 2012
MV Francop. ES90, 2014
MV Gaul. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare.
ES94, 2014
MV Maersk Alabama. ES62, 2009
MV Magellan Star. ES84, 2013
MV Mavi Mamara. IDF boards vessel. Feature. ES88, 2013
MVF. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukraine. ES91, 2014
My Doom. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
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