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A selection of features detailing attacks on London's passenger transit system by British Al-Qaida terrorists. Please search the data

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Attack was due to take place on 6 July. ES70, 2010
7/7 AQ safe house in Leeds discovered and sealed off. Feature. ES59, 2008
7/7 'Scout Team' - trial begins. ES55, 2008
Alexandra Grove, Leeds. Inside the 7/7 Bomb Factory. Feature. ES56, 2008
Al-Qaida strikes in London. ES34, 2005
AQ bombers performed dry run. Feature. ES48, 2007
Bombers surveilled years before attacks. ES37, 2005/6
Chapeltown Road, Leeds. 7/7 safe house. ES56, 2008
Communications with Pakistan controller. Feature. ES72, 2011
Cropped Intelligence. Feature. Service submitted poor quality surveillance image to informant who may have been able to identify 7/7 gang leader. ES72, 2011
Deadly arsenal recovered in Luton. Photo special of bombs not used in attack. Feature. ES36, 2005
Dry Run. Feature on pre-reconnaissance mission by London bombers. ES48, 2007
Falling Down. Feature - pre-7/7 related operation ended prematurely. Feature. ES48, 2007
Film footage of bomb blasts at Liverpool Street Station released. Feature. Photo essay. ES56, 2008
Former MI5 D-G, Eliza Manningham-Buller admits Service did not know what was happening. ES65, 2009
Inside View. London Suicide Bombings. Feature. ES34, 2005
Iraq link as computer file on 7/7 planning recovered. ES36, 2005
ISC. Intelligence and Security Committee Report into attacks. ES63, 2009
Jury rules on 7/7 reconnaissance mission. Feature. ES62, 20099
Leeds bomb factory rebuilt in New York. ES46, 2007
Links between 7/7 and 21/7 bombers uncovered. Time-Line. ES48, 2007
Liverpool Street. CCTV bomb footage. Feature. ES56, 2008
London 7/7 Inquests into deaths of 52 people begins. ES70, 2010
London 7/7 Reconnaissance Mission. Feature. ES56, 2008
Mastermind and 7/7 bomb plot liaison ,an dead. ES55, 2008
Mastermind of attacks may have fled via Heathrow Airport on 6 July. ES34, 2005
Memorial commemorating 5th anniversary. ES69, 2010
MI5 - 7/7 rumours and reality. Feature. ES48, 2007
MI5 surveillance footage shows 7/7 terrorists liaising with the Crevice AQ gang prior to London attacks. ES48, 2007
MI5 surveillance on London bombers. ES39, 2006
Missing MI5 fax warning of Mohammed Sidique Khan. Feature. ES59, 2008
Mohammad Sidique Khan, prior to attack. ES68, 2010
Photo essay of bombs recovered in Luton. ES36, 2005
Photo essays of attacks. ES34, 2005
Rachel North - survivor speaks with Home Secretary. ES41, 2006
Saudi intelligence provided on bombers before attack. ES52, 2007
Secret liaisons that linked three AQ UK gangs. ES68, 20120
Security Service warns its most secret files are at risk if it is forced to explain why it did not investigate further leads bomber
Stepford Files. Codename for resultant investigation into 7/7. ES39, 2006
Suspected 7/7 planner arrested. Feature. ES48, 2007
Terrorists caught on various CCTV cameras. ES36, 2005
Terrorists performed 'dry run' prior to attack Feature - The Reconnaissance Mission. ES36, 2005
The Leeds 7/7 Bomb Factory. Feature - Inquest shown photographs of inside of bomb factory. Photo Special. ES72, 2011
Top secret JIC report warned of London Tube attack in 2003. ES38, 2006
Video Tapes and a Fifth Bomber. ES42, 2006