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H. Sichel & Sons. MI6 front company. ES60, 2008
H5N1. Bird Flu. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
Haarlem, Erwin Van. ES76, 2011
Haarms, Monika. (See German train plot). ES43, 2006
HAARP. High Frequency Active Aural Research Programme. ES79, 2012
Habash, George. ES17, 2003
Habib, Salvi. ES75, 2011
Hacker Hunter. From Moscow With No Love. Intel operation to secure services of top computer hackers in Moscow. ES77, 2012
Hackers. Feature. ES76, 2011
Hacking. Widespread hacking of several notable people in the UK, includes computer hacking. Feature - Hacking and Trojan Horses. ES73, 2011
Hadi, Abdul. ES62, 2009
Hadi-al. ES48, 2007
Hadidera-al, Adnan Saeed. Iraqi defector. ES11, 2002
Hafez, Abdel Halim. ES50, 2007
Haftar, General Khalifa. ES91, 2014
Hage-al, Ali. ES37, 2005/6
Hage-el. Wadih. ES15, 2003
Hagel, Chuck. ES86, 2013
Hagel, Chuck. Nominated as next head of Pentagon. ES83, 2013
Hagel, Chuck. On ISIS. ES93, 2014
Hagel, Chuck. US Defense Secretary Fired. Feature. ES94, 2014
Hagelin MO209. ES86, 2013
Hagelin, Boris. ES86, 2013
Hagen, Poul. ES78, 2012
Hague, William. (See GCHQ. British Intelligence seeks young cyber talent. Feature. New Recruiters. Announcement made at Bletchley Park). ES82, 2012
Hague, William. Comments on loss of British Intelligence agents. ES77, 2012
Hague, William. ES73, 2011
Hague, William. ES89, 2014
Hague, William. UK Foreign Secretary. ES79, 2012
Hague. MI6 Field Station. ES60, 2008
Hague. Prosecutor is 'MI6 Spy'. ES51, 2007
Hai, Abdou. ES23, 2004
Haider, Faizan. (See Raymond Davis). ES72, 2011
Haider, Numen. See ASIO. Operation Appleby. Derails Sydney-Based Terror Cell. Feature. ES93, 2014
Haig, Alexander. ES65, 2009
Haili-al, Abu Zubair. Feature - Moroccan Intelligence Capture the 'Bear'. ES11, 2002
Hain, Peter. ES46, 2007
Hainan Island. EP-3E Incident 2001. Feature. ES89, 2014
Hainan Island. ES1, 2001
Haines, David. ES93, 2014
Hair Spray Trick. ES45, 2006
Hajizadeh, General Amir. ES84, 2013
Hak, Park Sang. (See Office 225). ES76, 2011
Hakim-al, Ayatollah Muhammad Baqr. ES24, 2004
Hakin, Boubaker. ES86, 2013
Hakluyt. ES79, 2012
Halabi-al, Ahmad. ES21, 2003
Halabja, Iraq. Chemical weapons attack on Kurds. ES84, 2013
Halali, Farid. ES27, 2004
Halevi, Efraim. ES93, 2014
Halevy, Efraim. ES22, 2003
Halevy, Efraim. ES55, 2008
Halevy, Efraim. ES88, 2013
Halevy, Ephraim. Former Mossad Director on Iran's nuclear ambitions. ES81, 2012
Halevy, Ephraim. Mossad Director. ES9, 2002
Halevy, Ephraim. Warns of Iranian nuclear missile project. ES11, 2002
Halifax, Lord. Feature - The Misguided Mission. ES58, 2008
Hall, Colin. ES79, 2012
Hall, Paul R. (aka Hassan Abu Jihad). Feature - Spy and Terrorist. (See USS Benfold). ES55, 2008
Hall, Reginald. Room 40. (See Zimmermann Telegram). ES10, 2010
Hall, Theodore. ES93, 2014
Hall, Virginia. ES9, 2002
Hall, Virginia. Feature on honoured OSS/SOE agent. ES47, 2007
Hall, William Reginald. ES61, 2009
Hall, William Reginald. ES62, 2009
Hallatt, Lady Justice Dame Heather. (See London 7/7 Inquests). ES70, 2010
Hallicrafters. (See ELINT). ES58, 2008
Halpin, David. (See David Kelly). ES66, 2010
Ham radio operators. ES76, 2011
Ham Radio. ES69, 2010
Ham, General Carter F. Announces retirement. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Ham, General Carter. ES89, 2014
Hamad, Jihad. ES43, 2006
Hamaha, Oumar Ould. ES86, 2013
Hamas Tunnels. Labyrinth of Tunnels. Feature. ES92, 2014
Hamas. Chief Ismail Haniyeh seeks exit from Syria. Feature. ES80, 2012
Hamas. ES21, 2003
Hamas. ES76, 2011
Hamas. ES94, 2014
Hamas. Feature - Hamas and Israel Vow to Destroy Each Other. ES18, 2003
Hamas. Gaza. Caught in the Gaza Crossfire. Feature. Major fighting between Palestinian forces and Israel Defence Forces. ES92, 2014
Hamas. Hamas Death Confusion. Feature. Gun-runner Kamel Hussein Ranaja (a.k.a. Nizar Abu Mujhad) found dead in Damascus.

ES80, 2012
Hamas. The 1997 Poison Ear Drop Assassination Plot. Feature. Mossad operation targets senior Hamas figure. ES80, 2012
Hamas. Yahya Ayyash, chief bombmaker. ES83, 2013
Hamas-Iranian intelligence links. ES60, 2009
Hambali. (Riduan Isamudin) Key Bali terrorist arrested. ES20, 2003
Hambali. a.k.a. Riduan Islamuddin. ES79, 2012
Hambleton, Hugh. ES69, 2010
Hambro, Sir Frank. ES63, 2009
Hamburg 9/11 terror planning cell. US and German Intelligence services clash. ES11, 2002
Hamburg. AQ 9/11 cell. ES6, 2001
Hamburg. AQ 9/11 terror cell. ES24, 2004
Hamburg. German police detain AQ suspects. ES16, 2003
Hamdan, Mustafa. ES37, 2005/6
Hamdan, Saeed. ES75, 2011
Hamer, David. ES40, 2006
Hamer, David. ES79, 2012
Hamilton, Captain John. ES84, 2013
Hamilton, Duke. ES17, 2003
Hamlett, Nyall. ES94, 2014
Hamlili, Adil Hadi al-Jazairi Bin. ES73, 2011
Hammadeh Hassen. Colonel. Syrian officer defects to Jordan flying MiG-21. ES80, 2012
Hammam-el, Yahya Abul. ES86, 2013
Hammami, Omar. ES87, 2013
Hammarskjold, Dag. ES15, 2003
Hammond, Mark. ES64, 2009
Hammond, Philip. ES93, 2014
Hammond, Philip. UK Defence Minister. ES77, 2012
Hammoud, Assem. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Hampel, Paul William. ES45, 2006
Hampton Inn, Spring Lake, North Carolina. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets). ES74, 2011
Hampton, Timothy. ES65, 2009
Hamza, Abu. Aka Mustafa Kamel Mustafa. Edge of Reality. Feature. ES91, 2014
Hamza, Abu. ES39, 2006
Hamza, Abu. US seeks extradition of controversial cleric from UK. ES26, 2004
Hamza, Dr Khidir. Feature - Stealing the Fire. (See Iraq nuclear ambitions). ES13, 2002
Hamza, Sheik Abu. Photo special. ES12, 2002
Hamza-al, Abu. (Mostafa Kamel Mostafa). Feature - Pressure Grows on Controversial Cleric. ES19, 2003
Han Class submarine. China (PLA). ES80, 2012
Hancock, Brian. ES72, 2011
Hancock, Mike. (See also Katia Zatuliveter). ES76, 2011
Hand, Louise. ES81, 2012
Handgun. Favoured by agents. See Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Handgun. Revolver and Automatic. See Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Handwriting Recognition. Feature. ES31, 2005
Haneef, Mohammed. ES50, 2007
Haniyeh, Ismail. Hamas chief. ES80, 2012
Hanjour, Hani. (See Flight 77 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Hanjour, Hani. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Hanjour, Hani. ES04, 2001
Hanjour, Hani. ES36, 2005
Hanjour, Hani. ES8, 2002
Hanks, Tom. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Hanley, Sir Michael. MI5 D-G. ES38, 2006
Hannibal. ES76, 2011
Hannigan, Robert. Appointed new GCHQ Director. ES91, 2014
Hannigan, Robert. ES94, 2014
Hanning, August. BND President. Feature - The Waiting Game. ES14, 2002
Hanning, August. ES51, 2007
Hanning, Dr August. BND Director (Germany). ES10, 2002
Hannsen, Robert. ES86, 2013
Hans, Christopher (aka Kamel Bourgass). ES33, 2005
Hansen Nicolay. ES36, 2005
Hansen, Peer Henrik. ES80, 2012
Hanssen, Robert. FBI agent denies spy charges. ES2, 2001
Hanssen, Robert. Feature. Was KGB Double agent Betrayed by Writer? ES31, 2005
Hanssen, Robert. Russian agent accuses his former employer of poor security. ES9, 2002
Hanssen, Robert. Spy admits Moscow role. ES3, 2001
Hanssen, Robert. The Spy Who Loved Himself - FBI Man is Double Agent. ES1, 2001
Hanyok, Robert. ES61, 2009
Haqqani Network. (See also CIA-ISI Tensions Grow). Feature. ES76, 2011
Haqqani Network. (See ISI-Taliban Liaisons). ES73, 2011
Haqqani, Husain. Pakistan Ambassador to USA. (See CIA-ISI Spy Wars). ES74, 2011
Haq-ul, Zia. (See Gas Limos Project). ES49, 2007
Harakat-ul Jihad Islami. AQ umbrella group. ES65, 2009
Harari, Mike. Mossad Chief. Feature. ES93, 2014
Harbin Y-12. ES89, 2014
Harbin, Heilongjiang. ES76, 2011
Hard Pins. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES14, 2002
Hardcastle, Bill. ES94, 2014
Harden-al, Iyad. Assassinated by the Mossad. ES2, 2001
Harel, Isser. (See Operation Damocles Take Two. Feature. Israel's next move in its secret war with Iran). ES84, 2013
Harethi-al, Qa'ed Sunyam. ES39, 2006
Harethi-al, Qa'ed Sunyan. OBL representative in Yemen. (See The Activity). ES39, 2006
Harf, Maria. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. ES89, 2014
Hari, Mata. ES7, 2002
Hari, Mata. Feature - Master Spy or Innocent Victim? ES6, 2001
Hariri, Rafik. Feature. Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister. ES37, 2005/6
Harkar, A.W.A. MI5 D-G. ES38, 2006
Harker, A.W. ES62, 2009
Harman, Bruce. (See Anthrax investigation). ES11, 2002
Harman, Jane. ES42, 2006
Harman, Jane. ES62, 2009
Harms, Monika. ES51, 2007
Harmsworth, Alfred Charles. (See Lord Northcliffe). ES70, 2010
Harnack, Milfred. (See Sexpionage). ES7, 2002
Harper, John. ES79, 2012
Harper, Stephen. Canadian Prime Minister. ES94, 2014
Harper, Stephen. ES51, 2007
Harper, Stephen. ES78, 2012
Harper, Stephen. ES81, 2012
Harragua Route. Secret AQ channel into Europe from Algeria. Feature. ES16, 2003
Harriman, Averall. US Ambassador. ES68, 2010
Harriman, Averell. ES83, 2013
Harris, Larry. ES84, 2013
Harris, Martin. ES90, 2014
Harris, Robert. Spy Novelist and the Mandelson Affair. ES1, 2001
Harrison, Benjamin. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Harrison, Sarah, ES87, 2013
Harrow Gang [the]. (See Gas Limos Project). ES49, 2007
Harrowdown Hill, Oxfordshire. ES25, 2004
Hart, John Limond. Controversial CIA official dies. ES10 2002
Hartlepool. The Legend of. Feature on 1800 naval incident. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Hartmann, Florence. ES51, 2007
Harvard University report. Controlling Nuclear Warheads and Materials. ES17, 2003
Harvey Point. ES88, 2013
Harvey, Bill. CIA. ES58, 2008
Harvey, Glenmore Tranear. ES21, 2003
Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment. ES54, 2008
Hasan, Abdul Rakib. ES37, 2005/6
Hasan, Major Nidal. ES93, 2014
Hasan, Major Nidal. Trial of Fort Hood terrorist begins. ES86, 2013
Hasan, Nidal Malik. ES66, 2010
Hasan, Nidal Malik. Rogue soldier kills 13 colleagues at Texan military base. ES65, 2009
Hasan, Salam. (See Al-Naief assassination). ES34, 2005
Haselau, Hamburg. (See Polonium-210 trail). ES49, 2007
Hashim, Walid. ES22, 2003
Hassaine, Reda. ES39, 2006
Hassaine, Reda. ES6, 2001
Hassaine, Reda. Feature on infiltration agent. ES79, 2012
Hassan, Mohammad Omar Aly. ES64, 2009
Hassan, Sale. ES34, 2005
Hassan, Sayyed. Secretary General, Hezbollah. ES78, 2012
Hassan, Tarik. ES94, 2014
Hassanpour, Ardeshire. ES61, 2009
Hassell, Ulrich Von. ES58, 2008
Hassoun, Adham Amin. (See Jose Padilla). ES54, 2008
Hat. (See MI5 7/7 investigation). ES39, 2006
Hatch, David. ES61, 2009
Hatch, David. ES79, 2012
Hatch, David. ES83, 2013
Hatfill, Stephen. Anthrax investigation. ES12, 2002
Hatfill, Steven. ES20, 2003
Hatfill, Steven. ES58, 2008
Haupt, Herbert Hans. ES73, 2011
Haushofer, Albrecht. ES31, 2005
Haval, Vaclav. Czech Cold War hero dies. ES77, 2012
Havas covert mini submarines. Feature on work and submarine designs of Jean Claude Havas. ES78, 2012
Havas, Jean Claude. ES78, 2012
Havatzlot. (See Israel Intelligence Corp.). ES60, 2009
Have Blue Demonstrator. ES77, 2012
Have Blue. (See stealth technology). ES72, 2011
Have Blue. Programme. ES77, 2012
Have Blue. The 2011 RQ-170 Sentinel Incident. Iran secures secret drone. Feature - Have Blue Again. A look at America's UAV programme and implications
Have Corndog. ES77, 2012
Have designations. Secret USAF/CIA projects. ES77, 2012
Have Doughnut. ES77, 2012
Have Drill. ES77, 2012
Have Ferry. ES77, 2012
Have Idea. ES77, 2012
Havel, Vaclav. ES14, 2002
Haw Haw, Lord. (See William Joyce). ES1, 2001
Haw, Tony. ES39, 2006
Hawala. ES42, 2006
Hawks. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Hawsawi-al, Mustaf. ES33, 2005
Hay, Abdul. ES23, 2004
Hayari-al, Younis Mohammed Ibrahim. ES35, 2005
Hayat Media Center. ISIS. ES93, 2014
Hayden, Chief Petty Officer Steven. ES83, 2013
Hayden, General Michael. ES90, 2014
Hayden, General Mike (NSA). ES1, 2001
Hayden, Michael. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Hayden, Michael. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Hayden, Michael. Comments on Syrian nuclear project. ES56, 2008
Hayden, Michael. Confirms Iran seeking nuclear bomb. ES55, 2008
Hayden, Michael. D/CIA orders release of controversial CIA files. ES50, 2007
Hayden, Michael. D/CIA says AQ is in retreat. ES56, 2008
Hayden, Michael. D/CIA warns of a new AQ operative set to defeat countermeasures. ES61, 2009
Hayden, Michael. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Hayden, Michael. D/CIA. ES44, 2006
Hayden, Michael. ES51, 2007
Hayden, Michael. ES53, 2008
Hayden, Michael. ES90, 2014
Hayden, Michael. Fears of links between technology firm Huawei and Chinese Intelligence raised. ES86, 2013
Hayden, Michael. New CIA Director. ES41, 2006
Hayden, Michael. NSA Director initiates '100 Days of Change'. ES83, 2013
Hayden, Michael. On Army Field Manual. (See CIA interrogation methods). ES55, 2008
Hayhanen, Reino. (See The Luckiest Spy Coin). ES47, 2007
Hayhurst, Claire. (See Gareth Williams). ES80, 2012
Hayman, Andy. (See MI5: The Spies Who Wrote Me). ES74, 2011
Hayman, Andy. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Hayman, Andy. ES36, 2005
Hayman, Andy. ES53, 2008
Hayman, Andy. ES64, 2009
Hayman, Peter. (See Brixmis). ES34, 2005
Haymarket Street, London. ES50, 2007
Haymarket. (See TigerTiger). ES59, 2008
Haynes, Earl. ES63, 2009
HAZMAT. (Hazardous Material). ES49, 2007
Hazmi-al, Nawaf. ES75, 2011
Haznawi, Al. (United Airline Flight 93 hijacker). ES4, 2001
HB designations. (See Have Blue). ES77, 2012
Headington Hill Hall, Oxfordshire. See Robert Maxwell. ES88, 2013
Headley, David Coleman. Danish surveillance. ES65, 2009
Headley, David Coleman. Feature - Mumbai Surveillance Man. ES66, 2010
Headley, David Coleman. Surveillance man admits guilt regarding his role in the Mumbai attacks on 2008. ES67, 2010
Headley, David. ES86, 2013
Healey, Kenneth. NYPD. ES94, 2014
Heath Robinson Machine. (See Story of Bletchley Park). ES27, 2004
Heath, Edward. UK prime minister. ES80, 2012
Heathfield, Donald. ES76, 2011
Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 bomb plot. Feature. ES56, 2008
Heathrow Airport. AQ plot to bring down airliner with SAM-7 missile disturbed. ES16, 2003
Heathrow Airport. ES25, 2004
Heathrow Airport. ES86, 2013
Heathrow Airport. MI5 sting operation targets bogus spy. ES34, 2005
Heathrow Airport. Mortar attack foiled. ES36, 2005
Heathrow Airport. New X-Ray scanners. ES30 2004/5
Heathrow Airport. Passenger arrested with hand grenade. Feature. ES16, 2003
Heathrow Airport. Security dossier lost. ES27, 2004
Heathrow Airport. US intelligence thwarts AQ aeroplane hijacking plan. ES42, 2006
Heathrow Express. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Heathrow Express. AQ target. ES45, 2006
Hedley, John Hollister. (See Valerie Plame Film). ES55, 2008
Heffetz, Assaf. (See Yamam). ES29, 2004
Heffron, Peadar. ES73, 2011
Heick, Heinrich Harm. ES73, 2011
Heimbach, Michael J. FBI Counter Terrorist Division. ES62, 2009
Heinemann, Margot. ES94, 2014
Hejmo, Father Konrad Stanislaw. ES33, 2005
Hekmati, Amir. Former US Marine held by Iran. ES78, 2012
HEL. High Energy Lasers. (See Directed Energy Weapons). ES26, 2004
Heletei, Valeriy. Ukraine Defence Minister. ES92, 2014
Helios PH40. No ordinary hand-held searchlight. Product Review. ES51, 2007
Hellfire AGM-114 missile. Feature. ES14, 2002
Hellfire Missile. ES30 2004/5
Helms, Jesse. ES26, 2004
Helms, Richard M. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Helms, Richard. (See Operation Cyanide). ES16, 2003
Helms, Richard. D/CIA. ES8, 2002
Helms, Richard. ES53, 2008
Helms, Richard. ES78, 2012
Helms, Richard. Former D/CIA dies. Feature - Death of a CIA Maverick. ES14, 2002
Help for Heroes. ES85, 2013
Helsinki, Finland. ES47, 2007
Hemingway, Ernest. ES51, 2007
Hemlock/Bruneau. (See Prism Surveillance. Feature. Trans-Atlantic Espionage or Big Brother?).
Hemmingway, Ernest. ES8, 2002
Hendel, Yoaz. (See Mossad's Kensington Trojan). ES74, 2011
Hendy-Freegard, Robert. Feature - The 'MI5 Spy' Who Loved Himself. ES34, 2005
Henning, Alan. ES93, 2014
Henry, Shawn. ES63, 2009
Henry, Shawn. ES73, 2011
Henry's Bar, Greek Street, Leeds. MI5 sting operation. Feature. ES55, 2008
Hentschel, Karl. ES61, 2009
Herari Ofer. Mossad. ES75, 2011
Hercules EC-130J. ES72, 2011
Hercules police teams. ES75, 2011
Hercules Teams. Security special on New York City counter-terrorist team. ES23, 2004
Hercules XV179. Aircraft shot down by Iraqi insurgents. Feature - Intelligence Failure . ES38, 2006
Hermiston, Roger. See St Ermin's Hotel. Intelligence Book of the Year Award. Feature. ES91, 2014
Hernandez, Gerado. (See La Red Avispa - Wasp Network). ES10, 2002
Hernandez, Oscar Ramiro Ortega. ES78, 2012
Herndon Control Center, Virginia. ES27, 2004
Herrera, Naudimar. ES42, 2006
Herri Batsasuna Party. (See ETA). ES1, 2001
Hersh, Seymour. ES31, 2005
Hertz, Heinrich. ES58, 2008
Hess, Rudolf. Enduring Mystery Surrounding Death of Hess. Feature. ES87, 2013
Hess, Rudolf. ES79, 2012
Hess, Rudolf. Feature - For Your Eyes Only. ES2, 2001
Hess, Rudolf. Feature - Letters. ES17, 2003
Hess, Rudolf. Feature - Sanctuary. (Secret files from Hess's jail cell). ES17, 2003
Hess, Rudolf. New information. ES4, 2001
Hess, Rudolf. Vital clue in the mystery of Hess revealed. Feature. ES31, 2005
Hessen-Hanau, Frankfurt. AQ plot. ES51, 2007
Heszeimer, Alfred. (See BND). ES1, 2001
Hewitt, Martin. Deputy Assistant Commissioner New Scotland Yard. ES92, 2013
Hewitt, Martin. Deputy Assistant Commissioner, NSY. ES79, 2012
Hewitt, Martin. NSY Deputy Assistant Commissioner ES88, 2013
Hexagon KH-9 reconnaissance satellite. ES94, 2014
Hexogen. RDX explosives. (See Sibir Airline hijacking). ES55, 2008
Heydar Aliyev Airport near Baku, Azerbaijan. ES80, 2012
Heydari, Hossein. Iranian Intelligence. ES59, 2008
Heyden, Michael. ES60, 2009
Heydrich, Reinhard. Assassination of. Feature. ES91, 2014
Heydrich, Reinhard. ES60, 2008
Heywood, Neil. (See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature). ES80, 2012
Heywood, Neil. ES81, 2012
Heywood, Neil. UK intelligence contact man murdered in China. ES79, 2012
Heywood, Sir Jeremy. ES87, 2013
Hezbollah agents attack Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Feature - The Anniversary Bomber. ES81, 2012
Hezbollah armed wing prescribed by European Union as terrorist group. ES86, 2013
Hezbollah bomb factories and explosive devices. Feature. ES55, 2008
Hezbollah. Agent linked with suicide of Mossad officer Ben Zygier. ES85, 2013
Hezbollah. Burgas Israeli tourist bus bombers identified. ES84, 2013
Hezbollah. ES54, 2008
Hezbollah. ES78, 2012
HF. High Frequency. (See ELINT). ES58, 2008
Hib, Hib, Iraq. ES41, 2006
Hicheur, Adlene. CERN - The Inside Man. ES79, 2012
Hicks, David. ES53, 2008
Hicks, Gregory. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Stand Down. Dissecting intelligence. Fall out and aftermath.

Feature. ES93, 2014
Hidden Hand [the]. ES2, 2001
Hiding in Plain Sight. Feature. ES49, 2007
Higgins, Colonel Williams. ES86, 2013
High Commission of Canada, London. ES90, 2014
High Resolution imagery. (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
High Speed Nuclear Detonator Triggers. Feature. (See Iran - nuclear projects). ES75 2011
High Speed Rail. See al-Qaida. ES87, 2013
Highjacking. Countermeasures. ES24, 2004
Highway 1-395. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Hijacking. US warnings. ES19, 2003
Hijazi, Faraq. Iraqi intelligence director and meeting with OBL. ES6, 2001
Hijmans, Michiel. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa.
ES84, 2013
Hill, Christopher. ES94, 2014
Hill, Clint. ES47, 2007
Hill, Peter. ES55, 2008
Hillenkoetter, Roscoe H. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Hilli, Saad al. Assassination of. ES88, 2013
Hilli-al, Syed. (See Annecy Shootings). ES84, 2013
Hilton Hotel, London. ES50, 2007
Himmler, Heinrich. Bogus documentation. Feature - Nearly Rewriting History. ES35, 2005
Himmler, Heinrich. ES88, 2013
Himmler, Heinrich. Feature - Did MI6 Assassinate Heinrich Himmler. ES35, 2005
Himmler, Heinrich. Strange 'comfort for the troops' feature. (See also Borghild Project). ES75, 2011
Hinchley-Cook, Colonel Edward. MI5. See Camp 020. ES94, 2014
Hindawi Case. Feature. London incident which averted war between Israel and Syria. ES82, 2012
Hindawi, Nezar. Feature. The Hindawi Case. London incident which averted war between Israel and Syria. ES82, 2012
Hindenburg, Paul Von. ES61, 2009
Hindu Kush, Afghanistan. Photo special. ES5, 2001
Hinduja, Gopichand and Srichand. ES2, 2001
Hitler, Adolf. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Hitler, Adolf. ES32, 2005
Hitler, Adolf. ES46, 2007
Hitler, Adolf. Feature - Astrology, MI5, Hitler and the Stargazer. ES55, 2008
Hitler, Adolf. Interest in the occult. ES85, 2013
Hitler, Adolf. The Unconventional Road to Valkyrie. Major feature. Unusual intelligence-driven plots to kill Hitler. ES75, 2011
Hitler's lost fleet discovered. (See U-Boats - 30th Flotilla). ES54, 2008
Hitt, Parker. Colonel. ES78, 2012
Hizb ut-Tahrir. ES91, 2014
HM Naval Base Davenport. ES83, 2013
HMCS Trinity, Canada. (See Trinity Top Secret. Canadian naval analyst Jeffrey Delisle arrested for espionage. Recipients - GRU, Moscow). ES81, 2012
HMCS Trinity, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canadian intel fusion centre. Feature. (See CSIS - Trinity spy case). ES78, 2012
Hmeid, Kamel. Gaza Governor. ES93, 2014
HMGCC. Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre. ES33, 2005
HMMWV - High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle. ES72, 2011
HMNB Clyde. ES91, 2014
HMNZS Irirangi, New Zealand. Naval communications facility. ES85, 2013
HMP Belmarsh. (High Security). ES49, 2007
HMP Full Sutton. ES63, 2009
HMP Woodhill. ES54, 2008
HMS Antrim. ES84, 2013
HMS Astute. ES91, 2014
HMS Bulldog. ES44, 2006
HMS Bulwark. Naval vessel to guard London 2012 Olympic Games. ES77, 2012
HMS Conqueror. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in

intelligence collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
HMS Cornwall. (See Iran Spy Games). ES48, 2007
HMS Cornwall. ES89, 2014
HMS Cumberland. ES73, 2011
HMS Daring. ES54, 2008
HMS Dauntless. ES78, 2012
HMS Drake (HM Naval Base Davenport), stone frigate (shore establishment), Plymouth Royal Navy Dockyard. (See Silent Service. Feature. Submarines,
HMS Drake. (See Edward Devenney). ES82, 2012
HMS Endurance. ES79, 2012
HMS Endurance. ES84, 2013
HMS Foxhound. ES61, 2009
HMS Illustrious. ES84, 2013
HMS Invincible. ES79, 2012
HMS Invincible. ES84, 2013
HMS Manchester. Operations against Somalian AQ terrorists and pirates. ES57, 2008
HMS Ocean. ES79, 2012
HMS Ocean. Naval vessel to guard London 2012 Olympic Games. ES77, 2012
HMS Petard. (See Enigma). ES8, 2002
HMS Plymouth. ES84, 2013
HMS Rothesay. ES83, 2013
HMS Sabre. ES90, 2014
HMS Sheffield. ES79, 2012
HMS Sir Galahad. ES9, 2002
HMS Sir Tristan. ES9, 2002
HMS Trafalgar. (See Silent Service. Feature. Submarines, Technology and Espionage). ES83, 2013
HMS Vernon. ES51, 2007
HMS Vigilant. Vanguard Class submarine. ES83, 2013
HMS Warspite. ES28, 2004
HMS Wolf. ES88, 2013
HMSIS. Military Strategic Intelligence Service. Hungary. ES10, 2010
HMTD. Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine. ES55, 2008
HMTD. Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine. Explosive. ES35, 2005
Hoarau, Gerard. Assassination of. ES88, 2013
Hoare, Mike. ES88, 2013
Hoare, Samual. ES85, 2013
Hoare, Sir Samual. MI6. ES89, 2014
Hobertson Advisors. (See CIA front companies and Iran). ES74, 2011
Hobo Code [the]. Drifters unique code on display at the National Cryptologic Museum. Feature. ES56, 2008
Hobsbawm, Eric. ES94, 2014
Hoch, Ludvik. See Robert Maxwell. ES88, 2013
Hock, Jan Ludvik. (Robert Maxwell). Feature - A Real Harry Lime. ES22, 2003
Hockheimer, Henry. ES20, 2003
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Hodgson, Lynn. ES10, 2002
Hoffa, Jimmy. FBI re-open case. ES4, 2001
Hoffman, Christopher M. (See Flight 77). ES41, 2006
Hoffman, Johanna. ES53, 2008
Hoffman, Jon Fitje. ES88, 2013
Hoffman, Philip Seymour. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Hoffman, Robert Patrick. Tracking Intelligence: 30-Years for would-be Russian Agent. Feature. ES90, 2014
Hoffman, US Navy Petty Officer (retired) Robert Patrick. (See Silent Service. US submariner attempted espionage Feature.

Tracking Intelligence). ES83, 2013
Hofmann, Dr Albert. (See LSD). ES66, 2010
Hofstad cell. (See Dutch Intelligence). ES30 2004/5
Hogan-Howe, Sir Bernhard. New Scotland Yard Police Commissioner. ES91, 2014
Hogg, Major General R. Commander US Army Africa. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Holder, Eric. ES86, 2013
Holder, Eric. ES91, 2014
Holder, Eric. ES92, 2014
Holiday Inn, Brent Cross, London. ES29, 2004
Holland Tube. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Holland, Paul George. (See Jack Roche). ES26, 2004
Hollande, Francois. ES86, 2013
Hollande, Francois. ES88, 2013
Hollande, Francois. French President on ISIS. ES93, 2014
Hollis, Roger. ES58, 2008
Hollis, Roger. ES83, 2013
Hollis, Roger. ES89, 2014
Hollis, Roger. MI5 Director-General. ES80, 2012
Hollis, Sir Roger. ES94, 2014
Hollis, Sir Roger. Hollis is the Fifth Man. ES1, 2001
Hollis, Sir Roger. MI5 D-G. ES38, 2006
Hollis, Sir Roger. MI5 D-G. ES65, 2009
Hollis, Sir Roger. MI5 D-G. Hunt for KGB mole. ES64, 2009
Holloway, Admiral James. US Navy. ES89, 2014
Hollywood. Feature - Intelligence Movies - Breach and The Good Shepherd. ES47, 2007
Hollywood. Feature - the cinema and spies. ES16, 2003
Holme, John. ES54, 2008
Holmes, Laura. ES78, 2012
Holmes, Sir John. ES92, 2014
Holocaust Museum., Washington DC. ES63, 2009
Holsworthy Army Camp. Targeted by AQ. ES64, 2009
Holtzberg, Rabbi Gabriel. ES60, 2009
Holtzberg, Rivka. ES60, 2009
Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Davinci Code court trial. ES40, 2006
Holy Grail. Codebreakers try to solve cryptic message. ES26, 2004
Holy Grail. Secret writings at Shepherds Monument revealed. ES30 2004/5
Holy Trinity Church. ES56 2008
Holy Trinity Church. KGB dead letter drop. ES27, 2004
Holy Tuesday. (See 9/11 attacks). ES12, 2002
Holy Tuesday. (See September 11). ES22, 2003
Home Guard. ES75, 2011
Home Office. Countering ISIS. Avoiding Recruiters. Feature. ES92, 2014
Home Office. Move towards total surveillance criticised. Feature. (See also Black Box). ES56, 2008
Home Patrol 1. ES77, 2012
Home Security. (Personal). ES41, 2006
Home, Robin Douglas. ES83, 2013
Home-grown terrorists. ES63, 2009
Homeguard. Security camera. Product Review. ES41, 2006
Homeland Security chief warns of biological weapon attack by AQ. Feature. ES59, 2008
Homeland Security. Advisory System. ES40, 2006
Homeland Security. Alert as AQ plans to strike fuel tankers. ES35, 2005
Homeland Security. Counter-espionage unit established. ES58, 2008
Homeland Security. ES16, 2003
Homeland Security. Feature - Notes on Espionage. ES58, 2008
Homeland Security. New intelligence service launched. ES7, 2002
Homer. (See Venona). ES64, 2009
Homing Pigeons. ES58, 2008
Hong Kong. Demonstrations against NSA surveillance programme Prism. ES86, 2013
Hong Kong. Intelligence status in China. See MSS. ES93, 2014
Honours. Feature on persons honoured for their work in intelligence and famous markers. ES75, 2011
Hoon, Geoff. Defence Secretary UK. ES19, 2003
Hoon, Geoff. ES20, 2003
Hooper, John. ES60, 2008
Hoover, Edgar J. ES52, 2007
Hoover, Edgar J. Secret plan to arrest thousands of Americans revealed. ES53, 2008
Hoover, Edgar. On Charlie Chaplin and communist links. ES78, 2012
Hoover, J. Edgar. ES82, 2012
Hoover, J. Edgar. FBI headquarters building for sale. ES87, 2013
Hope, Robert. (See ASIO infiltration). ES56, 2008
Hoppe, Ernesto. Feature - The Total Spy. ES51, 2007
Horn of Africa. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and

around the Horn of Africa).ES84, 2013
Horn of Africa. (See pirates). ES60, 2009
Horn of Africa. ES76, 2011
Horn of Africa. ES84, 2013
Horn of Africa. US intel operations. ES78, 2012
Horne, James. ES73, 2011
Horowitz, Ziggi. (See Mind Reading). ES33, 2005
Horsley, Sir Peter. ES8, 2002
Horst, ter Guusje. (See Detroit airplane bomber). ES66, 2010
Hortefeux, Brice. ES65, 2009
Hortefeux, Brice. French Interior Minister. Assassination plot. ES79, 2012
Horten Flying Wings. ES77, 2012
Horten IV, glider. ES77, 2012
Horten, Reimer. ES77, 2012
Horten, Walter. ES77, 2012
Hosni, Soad. ES50, 2007
Hosni-al, Ziad. ES85, 2013
Hosni-al, Ziad. ES86, 2013
Hossain, Mohammed. ES28, 2004
Hosseini, Seyed Ali. Iran Supreme Leader. ES89, 2014
Hosseinian, Khosrow. Iran Intelligence Minister. ES88, 2013
Hosseinpour, Ardeshir. Strange death of Iranian scientist. Feature. ES78, 2012
Hostage Survival Training. Feature. ES57, 2008
Hostage Taking. Feature - Intelligence Insight. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES57, 2008
Hostage Taking. Feature - Minimising the Risks. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES58, 2008
Hostage Taking. Stages of Capture. ES61, 2009
Hostage Taking. Surviving Captivity. Feature. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES61, 2009
Hotel Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai. ES67, 2010
Hotel Carrera, Chile. (See Jonathan Moyle). ES70, 2010
Hotel Metropole, Leeds. (See Penkovsky). ES75, 2011
Hotel National, Moscow. Bomb attack. ES89, 2014
Hotel Room. Bugs and Eavesdropping. ES45, 2006
Houdini, Harry. ES63, 2009
Houghton, Daniel. (See Espionage. Disgruntled Spies. Feature. Reasons for Espionage). ES83, 2013
Houghton, Daniel. Arrested for espionage. ES67, 2010
Houghton, Daniel. Feature - £1 Million Pay Off. ES69, 2010
Houghton, Harry. (See Clandestine Communications). ES50, 2007
Hounam, Peter. (See Operation Cyanide). ES16, 2003
House Armed Services Committee. USA. ES93, 2014
House of Commons Intelligence and Security Committee. ES2, 2001
House of Commons. Sarin target for AQ. ES35, 2005
House of Windsor. Released KGB dossier reveals spy operations against Royal Family. Feature. Bugs and Spies: KGB V The House of Windsor. ES83, 2013
House on 92nd Street. (See also Duquesne Spy Ring). ES53, 2008
Houses of Parliament targeted by AQ. ES6, 2001
Howard, David. ES51, 2007
Howard, John. Australian Prime Minister. ES18, 2003
Howard, John. ES29, 2004
Howard, Trevor. ES90, 2014
Howe, General William. ES85, 2013
Howe, Sir Bernhard Hogan. New Scotland Yard Police Commissioner. ES93, 2014
Howeidi, Amin. Director GID. Egypt. ES50, 2007
Howes, Thomas. ES57, 2008
HPM. High Power Microwaves. (See Directed Energy Weapons). ES26, 2004
HRC. Human Rights Council, United Nations. ES90, 2014
Hristo, Hristov. ES57, 2008
Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, Banbury, UK. ES86, 2013
Huawei Technologies. ES94, 2014
Huawei Telecom. Feature - British Telecommunications Vulnerable. ES72, 2011
Huawei. (See US House Intelligence Committee Report on Chinese technology spy fronts). ES82, 2012
Huawei. Links to China's intelligence service raised. ES86, 2013
Huawei. Links to China's intelligence service raised. ES86, 2013
Hub-79. And the Fourth Bureau. Feature. MSS communications and intercepts. ES94, 2014
Hubber Spy Worm. See MSS. Rise of the Dragon. Hub-79. ES94, 2014
Hudson River. ES42, 2006
Hudson, Duane. ES82, 2012
Hughes, Howard. (See Project Jennifer). ES63, 2009
Hughes, Hugh Lorys. (See Mulberry). ES75, 2011
Huichang, Chung. MSS. ES93, 2014
Hulon, Willie T. ES48, 2007
Hulton Press Ltd. See Marie Chilver. ES93, 2014
Hulton, Edward. ES93, 2014
Human Rights Watch - data on UAV strikes - casualties. Feature. ES88, 2013
Human Rights Watch. ES41, 2006
Human torpedo. ES32, 2005
HUMINT. Human Intelligence. ES25, 2004
Hummingbird MAV. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Humphry's, John. Feature - Lie Another Day. ES19, 2003
Hundi. ES42, 2006
Hungarian Uprising. ES81, 2012
Hungarian Uprising. ES94, 2014
Hunia, Brigadier General Maciej. AW. Poland. ES92, 2014
Hunt, Dr Nicholas. (See David Kelly). ES25, 2004
Hunt, Howard. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Hunt, Howard. ES14, 2002
Hunt, Howard. ES8, 2002
Hunt, Rex. Governor Falkland Islands. ES79, 2012
Hunter's Stone. ES86, 2013
Hunting, Rich. ES44, 2006
Hunting, Roger. ES44, 2006
Huntingdon Life Sciences, research centre. ES1, 2001
Huntingdon Life Sciences. ES62, 2009
Hurlburt Field, Florida. US intel officers die in Horn of Africa aircraft crash. ES78, 2012
Hurst, Ian. (Aka Martin Ingram). Computer hacking. Feature. ES73, 2011
Hurt, John. ES75, 2011
Hurtado, Aquilino. Ecuador National Police Chief. ES80, 2012
Husain, Zain Al Abidin Mohammed. ES7, 2002
Husin, Azahari Bin. ES37, 2005/6
Husin, Azahari. ES80, 2012
Hussain, Hasib. CCTV of bomber in London. ES56, 2008
Hussain, Hasib. ES34, 2005
Hussain, Mujahid. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
Hussain, Nabeel. ES41, 2006
Hussain, Nabeel. ES44, 2006
Hussain, Nazam. ES72, 2011
Hussain, Nazan. ES78, 2012
Hussain, Tanvir. ES55, 2008
Hussain, Tanvir. ES74, 2011
Hussein, Atris. ES78, 2012
Hussein, bin Talal. King Hussein of Jordan. ES80, 2012
Hussein, Qusay. ES17, 2003
Hussein, Saddam. Iraq leader challenges London to provide evidence of his WMD. ES11, 2002
Hussein, Saddam. No Iraq-AQ link. ES23, 2004
Hussein, Saddam. POW status granted. ES23, 2004
Hussein, Saddam. US Army/FBI military interrogation of Saddam begins. Feature.
Hussein, Saddam. US capture Iraq leader. Feature. ES23, 2004
Hussein, Saddam. US Command produce images of how missing Iraq leader might look. ES19, 2003
Hussein, Syed. (See MI5. Feature. MI5 Surveillance X Three). ES85, 2013
Hussein, Uday and Qusay shot dead in fierce battle in Mosul, Iraq. ES19, 2003
Hussein, Uday. ES17, 2003
Hutchinson, Asa. Director. DEA.
Hutton Inquiry into intelligence on Iraq's WMD. ES20, 2003
Hutton Inquiry. Iraq War. Feature. ES20, 2003
Hutton Inquiry. WMD intelligence presented. ES23, 2004
HVA. Haupterwaltung. STASI element. ES77, 2012
HVA. STASI Foreign Directorate. ES49, 2007
HVA. Stasi Surveillance Directorate. (See Operation Rosewood). ES73, 2011
Hwa, Won Jeong. ES59, 2008
Hybrid Bio Systems. ES76, 2011
Hydra. Codename of wireless communication system at Camp-X, Canada. ES13, 2002
Hydrogen Peroxide bombs. (See Operation Overt). ES43, 2006
Hyman, Ray. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
Hyman, Ray. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
Hypnosis. (See Mind Control series and Manchurian Candidates). ES67, 2010
Hypnosis. ES79, 2012
over incident. ES77, 2012
Philip Hammond. UK Foreign Secretary. ES92, 2014
Technology and Espionage). ES83, 2013