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A Study in Terrorism. Feature. Counter-terrorist Division arrest lone wolf Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari. ES72, 2011
AEGIS China spy ring broken. ES37, 2005/6
Agent Parlour Maid Chinese spy case collapses. ES38, 2006
America's MI5. Feature on domestic intelligence service plans. ES43, 2006
Amerithax investigation ends. ES58, 2008
Analysis Unit; Worldwide
Anatomy of a Hypothetical Terrorist Case. Feature. ES40, 2006
Animal rights' terror suspect joins OBL on FBI's most wanted list. Feature. ES62, 2009
Anwar al-Awlawki an FBI asset. Feature. ES93, 2014
AQ Air Plane Bomb Plot Terrorist Jailed. Feature - End of the Identity Man. ES38, 2006
Arc Electronic Inc. FBI probe Russian-linked export company. ES82, 2012
Arrest of the last member of the Ludwig Spy Ring. Feature. ES51, 2007
Audio, Video and Image Analysis Unit. ES38, 2006
Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on FBI/CIA watch list. ES85, 2013
Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Bureau and MI5 close ranks on terror groups. ES20, 2003
Bureau anger at CIA 'home role'. ES4, 2001
Bureau anti-terrorist division uncover plot to bring down tallest US skyscraper. ES42, 2006
Bureau arrest spy code-named Fang. ES63, 2009
Bureau concern over Robert Oppenheimer. Feature. See MI5 and Britain's Red Historians. ES94, 2014
Bureau counter-espionage unit 'out' Israeli agent. ES60, 2009
Bureau hires analysts to improve intelligence gathering. ES48, 2007
Bureau investigates leak of MI6-CIA al-Qaida penetration operation which uncovered new type of underwear bomb. ES81, 2012
Bureau investigation UNABOM. Hunt for the Unabomber. (See also Ted Kaczunski. ES82, 2012
Bureau launch massive investigation into bomb attack at Boston Marathon. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Bureau monitors young US nationals travelling to Somalia. ES76, 2011
Bureau names China Cyber Espionage operatives. Feature. ES91, 2014
Bureau still searching for sender of Anthrax letters. ES38, 2006
Bureau surveillance of communists. Feature. ES93, 2014
Bureau to help organise security for American athletes at 2012 London Olympic Games. ES77, 2012
Bureau warns AQ sleeper cells are getting more sophisticated. ES16, 2003
Capital Sting. Feature. DEA and FBI foil Iranian-backed plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir. ES76, 2011
Capitol Building, Washington DC. Would-be al-Qaida bomber Rezwan Ferdaus jailed for plotting attack. Captured in FBI sting operation. ES82, 2012
Capturing Jonathan Pollard. Feature. ES43, 2006
Chinese espionage. Feature - New 'Red' Scandal. ES17, 2003
Code case. Breaking jail man's code reveals vital clue. ES44, 2006
Comprehensive look at spy tradecraft and all key spies. ES76, 2011
Counter Terrorist Division monitor AQ recruitment from within USA. ES61, 2009
Counter-espionage division trap would-be spy. ES65, 2009
Counterespionage. New FBI strategy. ES32, 2005
Counter-terrorist division foils attack in New York. ES63, 2009
CPC. Counterproliferation Center. ES85, 2013
Creation of the FBI counter-espionage division. ES53, 2008
CTC. Counter Terrorism Command (FBI). ES85, 2013
CXS. FBI Communications Exploitation Section. ES77, 2012
Dale Watson who believed OBL is dead retires. ES12, 2002
Director Mueller warns of huge Chinese effort to obtain US secrets. ES50, 2007
Domain Programme created to help espionage countermeasures. ES48, 2007
Domestic spy wing mooted. ES26, 2004
End of the African AQ Courier. Feature. Bureau 'most wanted' Fazul Abdullah Mohammed shot dead in Somalia. ES74, 2011
Espionage Countermeasures. Foreign spies inside US Intelligence. ES32, 2005
Exercise to contain a biological area. Photo essay. ES49, 2007
Extremist Financial Unit and Domestic WMD Unit .ES77, 2012
Eyes on the Pentagon. Feature. Model aeroplane al-Qaida plot to attack Pentagon and other US targets foiled. ES76, 2011
FBI - agency in need of reform? ES4, 2001
FBI analyst charged with espionage. ES36, 2005
FBI Analytical Branch. Includes: Counterterrorism Analysis. ES77, 2012
FBI and CIA call truce. ES10, 2002
FBI and NYPD trap Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Nafis, a would be al-Qaida bomber plotting to attack Federal Reserve in New York. Feature. Liberty Street Sting.ES82, 2012
FBI and the Third Man. Paid informant helps thwart US terror plot. Feature. ES74, 2011
FBI counter-terrorist division foils AQ attack in Dallas. ES65, 2009
FBI Criminal Cyber, Response and Services Branch. Feature. ES91, 2014
FBI CTD (Counter Terrorism Division). Feature. ES77, 2012
FBI Cyber Division. ES63, 2009
FBI dismantle Cyber Gang. Feature. ES73, 2011
FBI dismantle SVR spy ring. ES69, 2010
FBI Fly Team. ES85, 2013
FBI HQ, Norfolk, Virginia. ES90, 2014
FBI issues warning on new wave of AQ shoe bombers. ES52, 2007
FBI Laboratory Division. ES39, 2006
FBI launch hunt for American featuring in ISIS film Flames of War. ES93, 2014
FBI mix up in search for AQ bombers. Feature - The Big Deception. ES23, 2004
FBI offer reward for Anthrax letter hoaxer. ES59, 2008
FBI Office, London. Feature. ES55, 2008
FBI perform sting operations targeting rogue traders in China and Iran. ES81, 2012
FBI seeks wider international role. ES23, 2004
FBI Spy Case. Feature - The Luckiest Spy Coin. US spy case involving exposing KGB spy ring in America. ES47, 2007
FBI terrorist informants. ES49, 2007
FBI to move headquarters. Feature. ES83, 2013
FBI used Pakistan UN Ambassador in sting operation against arms seller. ES28, 2004
FBI-New Scotland Yard cooperation. Feature. ES55, 2008
FBI's Crystal Ball. 2004 Transport Warning . ES32, 2005
Feature. Liberty Street Sting.ES82, 2012
First ever spy case investigated by Bureau. Feature. Spy Lessons Learned. ES53, 2008
Focus on WMD. New unit created. ES42, 2006
Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force. Includes: Joint Terrorism Task Force. ES77, 2012
Former agent missing in Iran. ES53, 2008
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh defends organisation against criticism over 9/11. ES13, 2002
Fuel depot targeted by AQ in New York. ES49, 2007
Ghost Stories: FBI Release SVR Surveillance Footage. Feature (photo) on covert surveillance of SVR spy network exposed by Bureau investigation
HAZMAT. (Hazardous Material). ES49, 2007
History of the Most Wanted Poster. Feature. ES46, 2007
Hunt for the Times Square Bicycle Bomber. Feature. ES86, 2013
Intelligence circulation, analysis and action. ES40, 2006
Intelligence on AQ plot to fly aircraft into US nuclear power stations. Feature. ES5, 2001
Internal worries after Hanssen case. ES9, 2002
International investigation begun to identify three al-Qaida operatives involved in the murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. Feature.
Iran Intel Mind Games. Photos surface of missing former FBI agent Robert Levinson. ES83, 2013
ITOS. FBI International Terrorism Operations Section. ES77, 2012
JTTF. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
Last great Mafia boss brought down. ES15, 2003
Launch of major counter-terrorist computer programme. Feature - Tap And Go Technology. ES54, 2008
Louis Freeh resigns as head of FBI. ES2, 2001
Magic Lantern Project. Eavesdropping. ES6, 2001
Master bomber placed on 'most wanted' list. ES62, 2009
Mobile Command Center Vehicle. ES52, 2007
Mueller, Robert. New FBI chief appointed. ES3, 2001
New powers to investigate terrorist suspects. ES10, 2002
New York City tunnel plot exposed. ES42, 2006
NSB. National Security Branch (FBI). ES85, 2013
NTCT. National Counterterrorism Center. [FBI]. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
NYPD Intelligence Division foil al-Qaida lone wolf terrorist as FBI distances itself from operation. Feature - 60 Minutes. ES77, 2012
Operation Lemon-Aid. Bureau counter-espionage division traps KGB spies. Feature. ES41, 2006
Operation to infiltrate RIRA based at HQ. ES20, 2003
Patriot Games. Bureau criticised over electronic eavesdropping. Feature. ES47, 2007
President Obama nominates James B. Comey as new Director. ES86, 2013
Pressure mounts on Abu Hamza al-Masri. ES19, 2003
Project Server in the Sky. Instant personal data recognition technology. ES54, 2008
Proposals for restructure of FBI. ES10, 2010
Quest for intelligence from covert communications. ES56, 2008
Recruitment drive on campuses. ES25, 2004
Release of intelligence files on MI5's famous spycatcher Guy Liddell reveal tensions between services. ES82, 2012
Robert Mueller retires. Feature. FBI Changes. ES86, 2013
Robert Patrick Hoffman. 30-year prison term for would be spy. ES90, 2014
Russian SVR 'spy' detained. ES36, 2005
Search continues for missing agent Robert Levinson. ES57, 2008
Secret 32-page report on infiltration by foreign spies sent to White House. ES32, 2005
See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. FBI media operation targets would-be bomber. Feature ES94, 2014.
Selling US Secrets. FBI and NCIS thwart navy intel specialist trying to sell secrets to China. Feature. ES74, 2011
Special investigative unit arrives in Mumbai to help investigation. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Stevens in Benghazi. Feature. The Benghazi Three. ES85, 2013
Still seeking information on US Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya. ES87, 2013
Sting Operations. Feature. ES45, 2006
Surveillance on AQ terror cells in New Jersey. ES49, 2007
Surveillance. The Changing Face of Surveillance. A Necessary Dark Art? Part 1. Feature. Informative overview covering the last one hundred years of this vital intelligence element. (TC) ES93, 2014
Suspects lost as FBI continue 9/11 probe. ES6, 2001
Suspicions grow Iranian Intelligence know whereabouts of former FBI agent Robert Levinson. Feature. ES89, 2014
Task Force 04 starts programme to identify AQ operatives in USA. ES27, 2004
TFOS. FBI Terrorist Financing Operations Section. (Includes Radical Fundamentalist Financial Investigations Unit; Financial Analysis Unit; Worldwide
The Benghazi Three. ES85, 2013
The Bureau's strange Zero Files that don't fit any category. Feature. ES26, 2004
The 'Casing Tapes'. Evidence found of AQ reconnaissance in USA. ES54, 2008
The Norjak Cold Case. FBI continue investigation of airline hijacking mystery. Feature. ES53, 2008
Tracing the Anthrax. FBI unveils science of investigation. Feature. ES58, 2008
Tracking Hamas terror money. ES21, 2003
Training for US Operations. FBI tracking hundreds of citizens travelling to Syria. Feature. ES91, 2014
Undercover surveillance thwarts Mumbai attack in Washington dc. ES64, 2009
US Army/FBI military interrogation of Saddam begins. Feature. ES54, 2008
US seeks to establish MI5-type organisation and remove several directorates from FBI. ES14, 2002
US-based AQ terror gang infiltrated by FBI. ES49, 2007
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New Yortk City. Room Service. Feature. Espionage fears. ES94, 2014
Warning issue of a Mumbai-type attack in an American city. ES61, 2009
Westwind 99. Simulated terrorist attack exercise. ES38, 2006
Whistleblower says Bureau not providing tools to understand and fight terrorists. Feature. ES56, 2008
William Felt Sr, source of the Watergate intelligence, dies. ES60, 2009
Wiretaps. ES38, 2006
WMD/DT. FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction and Domestic Terrorism Section. ES77, 2012
World At Risk. Report warns of WMD attack on US soil by 2013. ES60, 2009