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F-117 Nighthawk. Feature - Stealth Fighter Retired. ES58, 2008
F-16. Strike kills Abu Mus ab Alfresco. (See Task Force 77). ES41, 2006
F-161 Sufa. Israeli Air Force. ES46, 2007
F-22 Raptor. ES47, 2007
F-22 Raptor. ES77, 2012
F-22 Raptor. See Chinese Espionage. ES92, 2014
F-313. Iran Air Force stealth project. ES84, 2013
F-35 Lightning II. ES77, 2012
FA. Forschungsamt des Reichsluftfarhtministerium Agency. ES88, 2013
FAA Explosives Detection Canine Team Programme. ES39, 2006
FAA. Federal Air Marshal Service. ES66, 2010
FAA. Federal Aviation Administration, Washington DC. ES23, 2004
Fabius, Laurent. French Foreign Minister renames ISIS. Feature. ES93, 2014
Face Biometrics. ES53, 2008
Face of Tomorrow [The]. (See interview with David Bickford). ES26, 2004
Facebook. ES92, 2014
Facebook. Use as a political medium. ES72, 2011
Facial Recognition. ES31, 2005
Facial Thermograms. ES53, 2008
Faculty of Fine Arts. (See 9/11 attacks). ES12, 2002
Faddon, Richard. CSIS Director. ES80, 2012
Fadhli, Muhsin al. See Khorasan. ES93, 2014
Fadill-al, Mohsen. ES15, 2003
Fadill-al, Mohsen. ES15, 2003
Faheem, Mohammad. (See Raymond Davis). ES72, 2011
Fahy, Peter. (See Operation Pathway). ES62, 2009
Fair Game. (See Valerie Plame). ES41, 2006
Fair Game. Feature - Controversial CIA incident to be made into feature film. (See Valerie Plame). ES55, 2008
Fairbairn, Lt Colonel William Ewart. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Fairbairn, William. ES94, 2014
Fairbairn-Sykes Combat Knife. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 5. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Fairburn, William E. ES19, 2003
Fairchild Aerial Camera. (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
Faisal, Saud al. ES88, 2013
Faisal, Turki Al. ES76, 2011
Fake documentation, including invoices, inheritance, trade deals etc. Feature. ES47, 2007
Falahi-al, Thamur. ES22, 2003
Falahi-al, Thamur. ES22, 2003
Falcon. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Falcon. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Falconry Unit. MI5. ES58, 2008
Falconry Unit. MI5. ES58, 2008
Falessi, Maurizio. ES24, 2004
Falk, Bernhard. BKA. Germany. ES54, 2008
Falkender, Baroness. (See Wilson Plot). ES40, 2006
Falkland Islands. Feature. Angel of Death and Britain's Iron Lady. Operations and atrocities. ES83, 2014
Falkland Islands. MI6 monitors Argentina ambitions. ES78, 2012
Falkland Islands. MI6: New Argentina Looking Glass. Feature. Service analysts accelerate predictions on possible military action to retake Falkland Islands.
ES79, 2012
Falkland Islands. Radio broadcasts of invasion. ES85, 2013
Falklands War. Audio recordings between White House and Downing Street questioned. ES89, 2014
Falklands War. Intelligence operations. ES66, 2010
Falklands War. Intelligence perspective. Feature. ES28, 2004
Falklands War. US diplomacy measures. ES84, 2013
Fallon, William J. ES20, 2003
Fallon, William J. ES20, 2003
Fallujah II, Iraq. Chlorine and Phenol plants. ES13, 2002
Fallujah II, Iraq. Chlorine and Phenol plants. ES13, 2002
Fallujah. Battle of. ES30 2004/5
False Flag Operations. ES90, 2014
Falun Gong. ES80, 2012
FAM. Federal Air Marshal. (Training). ES38, 2006
FAM. Federal Air Marshal. ES38, 2006
Family Jewels. CIA releases controversial operational files. ES50, 2007
FAMS. Federal Air Marshal Service. Feature - Tactical Detection and Information Sharing. ES38, 2006
FAMs. Federal Air Marshals Service. History. ES43, 2006
FAPSI. Federal Agency of Government Communication and Information. ES54, 2008
FAPSI. Federal Agency of Government Communication and Information. ES54, 2008
FAPSI. Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information. Russia. Feature. ES8, 2002
FAPSI. Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information. Russia. Feature. ES8, 2002
Farage, Nick. ES2, 2001
FARC. Americans captured in failed mission. ES16, 2003
FARC. ES57, 2008
FARC. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Feature - Dirty Bomb Hunt. ES55, 2008
FARC. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. ES9, 2002
Farda, Radio. ES49, 2007
Faremo, Greta, Norway Justice Minister. ES78, 2012
Farewell Dossier (The). (See Colonel Vladimir Vetrov). ES75, 2011
Farewell Dossier. (See Gus Weiss). ES24, 2004
Farewell Dossier. (See Gus Weiss). ES24, 2004
Farish, William S. Appointed US Ambassador to Britain.
Farish, William S. Appointed US Ambassador to Britain.
Farish, William. ES17, 2003
Farish, William. ES17, 2003
Farkhet, Abdelmajid. ES25, 2004
Farm [the]. CIA Training Facility. Feature.
Farm, the. Camp Peary near Williamsburg, Virginia. ES82, 2012
Farmco. Farm complex near Benghazi used to assemble MI6-SAS team in Libya. ES73, 2011
Farnborough Airfield, Hampshire. (See MI6 Intelligence Wars and Musa Kusa). ES73, 2011
Farooq, Khaled. ES61, 2009
Farr, Charles. Favourite to become new C of MI6. ES60, 2009
Farrell, Terry. ES57, 2008
Farrell, Terry. ES57, 2008
Faruq-al, Omar. AQ 'warned' CIA of Bali attack. ES13, 2002
Faruq-al, Omar. AQ 'warned' CIA of Bali attack. ES13, 2002
Fasa. Uranium mining plant, Iran. ES69, 2010
Fash, Majid Jamali. (See Mossad). ES72, 2011
Fashi, Jamali Majid. Alleged Mossad agent hanged. (See Iran. The Prestige). ES80, 2012
Fashi, Jamali Majid. Feature. A Remarkable Double Take. Poor spy tradecraft not the work of Mossad. ES80, 2012
Fashi, Majid Jamali. ES84, 2013
Fasson, Tony. (See Enigma). ES8, 2002
Fast, Barbara. ES27, 2004
FAST. Families Against Stress and Trauma. ES92, 2014
FATA. Federal Administered Tribal Territories (Pakistan). ES72, 2011
FATA. Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. ES79, 2012
Fatan-al, Abu. (Al-Qaida in Sudan). ES72, 2011
Fateh-110 (Conqueror). ES88, 2013
Fatima. Black Widow. ES20, 2003
Fatima. Black Widow. ES20, 2003
Fattal, John. (See three US hikers charged with espionage in Iran). ES74, 2011
Fattal, John. (See three US hikers charged with espionage in Iran). ES74, 2011
Fattal, John. Iran jails 'suspected' US spies. ES75, 2011
Faulding, Peter. ES79, 2012
Faulding, Peter. ES88, 2013
Faulk, Mufee. ES60, 2009
Fava, Claudio. (See Extraordinary Rendition). ES40, 2006
Fawkes, Guy. ES44, 2006
Fawwaz, Khalid. ES1, 2001
Fayed, Al, Mohamed. ES87, 2013
Fayed, Al. ES70, 2010
Fayed-al, Dodi. ES32, 2005
Fayed-al, Dodi. ES32, 2005
Fayed-al, Mohamed. ES22, 2003
Fayed-al, Mohamed. ES22, 2003
Fayed-al, Mohamed. ES32, 2005
Fayed-al, Mohammed.ES41, 2006
Fayed-al. Mohammed. ES52, 2007
Fazul, Harun. ES55, 2008
FBS. Federal Border Service. Russia. ES54, 2008
FBW. Fly-by-wire. ES73, 2011
FDA. First Division Association. ES9, 2002
FDCS. Federal Drug Control Service. Russia. ES54, 2008
FDCS. Federal Drug Control Service. Russia. ES54, 2008
Fearing, Ron. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Fearing, Ron. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Feature. Persona Non Grata. ES85, 2013
February 17. Terrorist group. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Stand Down. Dissecting intelligence. Fall out and aftermath. Feature. ES93, 2014
Fecteau, Richard G. (See CAT CIA). ES26, 2004
Fecteau, Richard G. ES33, 2005
Fecteau, Richard. CIA. ES94, 2014
Fedeorchatenko, Dmitry. ES78, 2012
Federal Bureau of Telecommunications Statistics (Bundesstelle fur Fernmeldestatistik). See also Gehlen Organisation. ES88, 2013
Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act. ES38, 2006
Federal Reserve Bank, New York. (See Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Nafis). ES82, 2012
Fedotov, Yuri. ES49, 2007
Fedotov, Yury. ES61, 2009
Feduleev, Grigory. (See Sidney Reilly). ES12, 2002
Feinstein, Dianne. ES85, 2013
Feinstein, Dianne. ES85, 2013
Feinstein, Dianne. ES92, 2014
Feinstein, Senator Dianne. ES88, 2013
Feith, Doug. ES39, 2006
Feith, Douglas J. ES28, 2004
Feith, Douglas J. ES28, 2004
Feldman, Avigdor. ES86, 2013
Feldman, Zvi. ES85, 2013
Felgenhauer, Pavel. ES72, 2011
Felgenhauer, Pavel. ES72, 2011
Felix, Jorge. ES58, 2008
Felix, Jorge. ES58, 2008
Fellers, Colonel Frank Bonner. ES88, 2013
Fellers, Colonel Frank Bonner. ES89, 2014
Fellgate, Jean Alex. SOE. ES93, 2014
Felshtinsky, Yuri. (See Litvinenko). ES45, 2006
Felshtinsky, Yuri. ES88, 2013
Felshtinsky, Yuri. Interview with historian who helped the Litvinenko family flee Russia and who co-authored the book 'Blowing Up Russia' with the former KGB
officer and MI6 agent. Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Felshtinsky, Yuri. Interview with historian who helped the Litvinenko family flee Russia and who co-authored the book 'Blowing Up Russia' with the former KGB
officer and MI6 agent. Death of a Spy: The Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko. Interview. Part 2. ES91, 2014
Felt, Mark. ES34, 2005
Felt, Mark. ES75, 2011
Felt, William. Deep Throat (Watergate) source dies. Feature. ES60, 2009
Feltman, Jeffrey. ES89, 2014
FEMA. ES50, 2007
FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency. ES4, 2001
FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency. ES4, 2001
FEMA. Pentagon - Flight 77 imagery. ES41, 2006
Female Employment in the intelligence world. Feature. ES49, 2007
Ferdaus, Rezwan. (See FBI - Eyes on the Pentagon). ES76, 2011
Ferdaus, Rezwan. Capitol Building, Washington DC. Would-be al-Qaida bomber jailed for plotting attack. ES82, 2012
Ferguson, Harry. Former MI6 officer shamed by treatment of Guantanamo Bay inmate. ES87, 2013
Ferhani, Ahmed. ES75, 2011
Ferihegy Airport, Hungary. ES67, 2010
Feroze, Junade. (See Gas Limos Project). ES49, 2007
Feroze, Junade. ES49, 2007
Ferris, John. ES61, 2009
Ferrograph recorder. ES87, 2013
Ferrograph reel-to-reel recorder. ES77, 2012
Fertiliser Bomb Plot. (See Operation Crevice). ES41, 2006
Fertiliser. ES25, 2004
Fetherstonhaugh, Jim. ES79, 2012
Fetherstonhaugh, Jim. ES83, 2013
Fetherstonhaugh, Peter. ES88, 2013
Feudal Intelligence Gathering. Part 2. ES56, 2008
Feudal Intelligence Gathering. Part 3. ES57, 2008
Feudal Intelligence Gathering. Part 4. ES57, 2009
Feynman, Richard. ES86, 2013
FGS. Federal Guard Service. Russia. ES54, 2008
Fhimah-al, Amin Khalifa. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Fialka. (See Enigmas). ES30 2004/5
Fiat Uno. (See Diana Inquest). ES52, 2007
Fidan, Hakan. MIT (Turkey) intelligence chief. ES88, 2013
Fidan, Hakan. New intelligence chief of Turkey's MIT. ES69, 2010
Field Agent. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Field Agent. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Field Station 83. ES89, 2013
Field Stations and Spies. How they operate. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES40, 2006
Field Stations. Intelligence collectors. Feature. ES88, 2013
Fielding, Nick. ES16, 2003
Fienberg, Stephen. (See Lie Detectors). ES13, 2002
Finance Networks of Al-Qaida. ES42, 2006
Finance. Terror monies. ES20, 2003
Financial Warfare - Feature - Indirect Attacks. ES47, 2007
Financial Warfare. ES58, 2008
Financial Warfare. Feature - The Counterfeit Kings. ES46, 2007
FINBACK. NATO reporting name of Shenyang J-8. People's Liberation Air Force, China. ES89, 2014
Fine, Glenn. ES47, 2007
Fingerprints. (Artificial). (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Fingerprints. ES40, 2006
Fingerprints. See also Surveillance. The Changing Face of Surveillance. A Necessary Dark Art? Part 1. Feature. Informative overview covering the last one hundred
years of this vital intelligence element. (TC) ES93, 2014
Finn, Christopher. ES87, 2013
Finnish 50 Markkaa Coin. ES47, 2007
Finsbury Park Mosque, London. ES79, 2012
Finsbury Park Mosque. ES19, 2003
Finucane, Geraldine. ES83, 2013
Finucane, Pat. 'Confession tape suppressed'. ES2, 2001
Finucane, Pat. Feature. Agents of the State. Review of assassination case released shows collusion. ES83, 2013
Finucane, Pat. Murder of. ES1, 2001
Fire arms smuggling on aircraft. ES38, 2006
Firebar. Feature - Stealing the Soviet Crown Jewels. Part 1. (Cold War espionage). (See Brixmis). ES34, 2005
Firebar. Feature - Stealing the Soviet Crown Jewels. Part 2. (Cold War espionage). (See Brixmis). ES35, 2005
Firedrake. (See Signals Jamming). ES74, 2011
Firestone, Thomas. ES85, 2013
Firewalls. ES61, 2009
Firmin, Rusty. ES87, 2013
Firmin, Rusty. SAS officer who led Blue Team into the Iranian Embassy, and helped end 1980 siege. Interview. ES68, 2010
Firmin, Rusty. SAS. ES68, 2010
Firth, Colin. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Firth, Colin. ES75, 2011
Fischer, Bobby. Target of FBI communist investigation. ES14, 2002
Fischer, Franz. Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. ES60, 2008
Fischer, Hans-Gerhadt. ES14, 2002
Fischer, Joschka. ES1, 2001
FISH. Breaking of German stream ciphers. (See Typewriters. History of and use in Intelligence). ES86, 2013
FISH. Intelligence product. ES64, 2009
Fishenko, Alexander. (See Arc Electronic Inc). ES82, 2012
Fishing. ES82, 2012
Fissile Radiological Material. ES47, 2007
Fitin, Pavel. ES63, 2009
Fitton, Tom. Judicial Watch. (See Flight 77). ES41, 2006
Fitzgerald, Harry. ES32, 2005
Fitzgerald, Peter. ES37, 2005/6
Fitzpatrick, Mark. ES84, 2013
Fitzsimons, Brian. (See Chinook Flight ZD576 disaster). ES86, 2013
Five Eyes Consortium. AUSCANNZUKUS. ES81, 2012
Five Eyes. ES88, 2013
Five Eyes. Feature. Radio Secrets and Five Eyes: Intercept capabilities. ES85, 2013
Five Eyes. Feature. Secret Signals: Five eyes and Stoneghost Accessed. ES82, 2012
Fixing Intel. Report. ES91, 2014
Fizzy drink bottles. [As weapon delivery method]. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Flame cyber virus. The Perfect Espionage Tool. Feature on cyber virus attacks. ES80, 2012
Flame of Liberty, Paris. ES41, 2006
Flanagan, Ronnie. ES86, 2013
Flanagan, Ronnie. ES9, 2002
Flea Bomb. ES76, 2011
Fleet Street. ES42, 2006
Fleet Street. Feature - Street of Secrets. Intelligence connections with media. ES12, 2002
Fleischer, Ari. (See Green Quest). ES15, 2003
Fleming, Ian. (See Double agent killed by MI6. Feature. A Licence to Kill?). ES85, 2013
Fleming, Ian. ES33, 2005
Fleming, Ian. ES82, 2012
Fleming, Ian. Friendship with CIA Director Allen Dulles. ES86, 2013
Fleming, Ian. Jamaican tribute as airport renamed. ES72, 2011
Fleming, Ian. MI6. ES51, 2007
Fleming, Lucy. ES72, 2011
FLETC. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. ES22, 2003
Fletcher, Evonne. Gunman who murdered female police officer outside Libyan People's Bureau, London, in 1984 named. ES81, 2012
Fletcher, Yvonne. ES88, 2013
Fletcher, Yvonne. Feature - 1984 Libyan Embassy Siege. ES22, 2003
Fletcher, Yvonne. Feature. ES2, 2001
Fletcher, Yvonne. GCHQ intercepted Libyan signal prior to her murder. ES89, 2014
Fletcher, Yvonne. Syrian conflict threatens NSY investigation into the death of police officer outside Libyan Embassy. Feature. ES91, 2014
Flicke, Wilhelm. ES88, 2013
Flickr. (See CIA's 'Dream Factory'). ES73, 2011
Flight 77 Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Flight 77. Debris examined. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified). ES41, 2006
Flight 93. Analysis of hijacked aircraft's voice tape. ES20, 2003
Flight 93. Destination White House? ES20, 2003
Flight 93. Time-line. ES40, 2006
Flight Guard System. El Al countermeasures. ES27, 2004
Florian de, Pierre Bousquet. ES16, 2003
Florida AQ plots. ES42, 2006
Florov, Stanimir. ES84, 2013
Flory, Peter. ES57, 2008
Flowers, Kenneth. See Tommy Flowers. ES88, 2013
Flowers, Thomas Harold. ES58, 2008
Flowers, Thomas. ES26, 2004
Flowers, Tommy. BT honours unsung hero of codebreaking centre Bletchley Park. Feature. ES88, 2013
Flowers, Tommy. Bust unveiled of famous computer engineer and British Intelligence contact man. Feature. ES89, 2014
Floyd, Charles. ES46, 2007
Fluency Committee. ES64, 2009
Flying Wings. The Wing Will Fly... Again. Feature. ES77, 2012
Flynn, Errol. Feature - The Secret Diaries. ES4, 2001
Flynn, General Michael. ES91, 2014
Flynn, Mike. ES66, 2010
Fodor, Eugene. OSS. ES51, 2007
Foggo, Kyle Dustin. ES64 2009
Foggo, Kyle. ES58, 2008
Fogle, Ryan Christopher. ES92, 2014
Fogle, Ryan Christopher. Feature. Persona Non Grata. CIA agent arrested in Moscow attempting to recruit Russian counter-terrorist expert. ES85, 2013
FOIA. Freedom of Information Act. ES62, 2009
Folayfel, Ahmad. ES75, 2011
Foley, Frank. Feature. ES60, 2008
Foley, Frank. MI6 Berlin Station Chief. ES31, 2005
Foley, James. ES93, 2014
Foley, Larry. AQ assassinate US diplomat. ES14, 2002
Foley, Larry. Arrests in murder case. ES15, 2003
Foley, Tim. ES81, 2012
Foley, Tracey. ES76, 2011
Folliard, Gail. (See Mossad - Dubai assassination). ES67, 2010
Fondren Jr, James Wilbur. Jailed for espionage. ES66, 2010
Fondren, James. ES63, 2009
Foot and Mouth controversy. Secret files real concern. ES2, 2001
Foot print device. ES63, 2009
Foote, Samuel. (See the Great Panandrum). ES75, 2011
Force 17. Palestinian Special Defence unit. ES2, 2001
Ford, Brian J. Professor. ES75, 2011
Ford, Gerald. (See Air Force One). ES42, 2006
Ford, Mathew. ES46, 2007
Ford, President Gerald. See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Fordham Colonel. (See Operation Tracer). ES47, 2006
Fordon, David. ES28, 2004
Fordow. Incident at Iran's nuclear plant near Qom. F-313.
Foreign Broadcast Information Service. (See CIA). ES68, 2010
Foreign Office, London. ES65, 2009
Foreign Office. ES41, 2006
Foreign Service Institute. USA. ES90, 2014
Forensic bullet matching. ES40, 2006
Forensic Psychology. ES43, 2006
Forensics. ES35, 2005
Forest Gate Police Station. Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature - Night Games in London. MI5 bugged bombers across London. ES56, 2008
Forest Gate, London. (See chemical plot). ES41, 2006
Forest Road, London. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Forest Road, London. Bomb Factory. (See Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot). Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot. ES55, 2008
Forlong, James. ES21, 2003
Forster, John. CSE, Canada. ES88, 2013
Forsyth, Frederick. Eye Spy meets former MI6 officer and spy writer. ES2, 2001
Fort [the]. MI6 Training Facility. ES37, 2005/6
Fort Bragg, North Carolina. ES89, 2014
Fort Bragg. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets). ES74, 2011
Fort Bragg. ES81, 2012
Fort Campbell. Kentucky. (See Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (SOAR). ES73, 2011
Fort Dix Army Camp (Terror plot). Feature - The $20 Error. ES49, 2007
Fort G. Meade. NSA HQ. Relocation. ES83, 2013
Fort George, Inverness. ES86, 2013
Fort Gordon, Georgia. ES86, 2013
Fort Greely, Alaska. ES41, 2006
Fort Halstead. MOD Forensic Explosive Laboratory. (See Lucozade bottle bombs). (See Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES56, 2008
Fort Hood, Texas. Trial of Major Nidal Hasan begins. ES86, 2013
Fort Hood. AQ operative Army Major Nidal Hasan murders 13 colleagues. ES65, 2009
Fort Huachuca, Arizona. ES80, 2012
Fort Monckton, MI6. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Fort Monckton. (MI6 training facility). ES1, 2001
Fort Monckton. ES67, 2010
Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. ES49, 2007
Fort Myer, Virginia. ES61, 2009
Fort Tryon Park. ES47, 2007
Forth Road Bridge, Scotland. AQ target? ES7, 2001
Fortune 500. ES60, 2009
Forty Committee [The]. Feature. ES51, 2007
Fouda, Yosri. ES14, 2002
Fouladh, Yousef. ES76, 2011
Foundation For Civil Liberties, New York. (See Boris Berezovsky). ES52, 2007
Four Day Field Test. See Marie Chilver. A Spy Called Fifi. The 96 Hour Scheme. Feature. ES93, 2014
Four Square Laundry. (MI5 front company). Feature. ES66, 2010
Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Fourth Networked Estate. Feature ES94, 2014.
Fowler, Robert. ES84, 2013
Fox [the]. (See Mahmoud al-Mabhouh). ES67, 2010
Fox, Liam. Business Cards and Intelligence. Feature. ES76, 2011
Fox, Liam. ES78, 2012
Fox, Liam. ES88, 2013
Fox, Liam. ES91, 2014
Fox, Liam. UK Secretary of State. ES74, 2011
FPS. Federal Protective Service, Russia (Kremlin Guard). ES19, 2003
FRA. Forsvarets Radioanstalt. National Defence Radio Establishment. ES47, 2007
Fradkov, Mikhail. Director of SVR, Russian overseas intelligence service. ES69, 2010
Fradkov, Mikhail. ES54, 2008
Fradkov, Mikhail. SVR. ES92, 2014
Fraenkel, Naftali. ES92, 2014
Fraenkel, Naftali. ES93, 2014
France honours OSS/SOE agent. ES47, 2007
France intelligence budget (2009). ES57, 2008
France Telecom. ES88, 2013
Franchetti, Mark. (See BBC documentary - Britain's Most Wanted). ES53, 2008
Franchetti, Mark. (See Litvinenko). ES53, 2008
Franchetti, Mark. ES5, 2001
Franco, General. Assassination plot. ES6, 2001
Francois, Donatien Alphonso. (See Gareth Williams). ES72, 2011
Frank, Sidney E. ES50, 2007
Frankfurt Airport plot. Feature. ES51, 2007
Frankfurt Main Airport. ES66, 2010
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. CIA operation. ES52, 2007
Frankignoul. (See 100 Years of British Intelligence). ES61, 2009
Franklin, Benjamin. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Franklin, Larry. ES28, 2004
Franklin, Lawrence. Feature - Pentagon Analyst Face FBI Spy Charges. ES33, 2005
Franks, General Tommy. ES11, 2002
Franks, General Tommy. ES8, 2002
Frattini, Franco. ES52, 2007
Free Syrian Army. ES92, 2014
Freedom of Information Act Bill (UK). ES1, 2001
Freegard, Robert David Hendy. ES46, 2007
Freeh, Louis. ES23, 2004
Freeh, Louis. ESIM 2, 2001
Freemasons. House of the Temple, Washington DC - AQ target. ES64, 2009
French Air Force. Strikes ISIS targets. ES93, 2014
French counter-terrorist raids thwart AQ European plots. ES60, 2009
French counter-terrorist raids thwart AQ European plots. ES60, 2009
French eavesdropping trial involving Elysee Presidential Palace begins. ES30 2004/5
French Intelligence concerns over Chinese honeytraps. ES72, 2011
French intelligence officials warned of AQ airline plot prior to 9/11. Feature - Fragmented Intelligence. ES48, 2007
French Intelligence spying fears over new Russian Orthodox Cathedral project in Paris. ES73, 2011
French Intelligence. ES42, 2006
French Intelligence. Feature - The Spy Who Never Was. (One million dollar ruse). ES37, 2005/6
French Intelligence. Spy faked reports for 20 years. ES24, 2004
French National Police. ES49, 2007
French Police Anti-Terrorist Division. (See SDAT). ES53, 2008
French Resistance. ES49, 2007
French Resistance. ES51, 2007
French Section SOE. ES93, 2014
French security services discover ricin at train station. ES17, 2003
French UN Mission, New York. ES88, 2013
FRENCHELON. (French ELINT programme). ES8, 2002
Frey Effect. (See Mind Control series). ES69, 2010
Fridtof Thurmann Sonsteby, famous SOE agent in Norway Passes away. Intel Deaths. Feature. ES80, 2012
Friedman, Colonel William. ES86, 2013
Friedman, Elizebeth Smith. ES40, 2006
Friedman, Litzi. (See Kim Philby). ES5, 2001
Friedman, William F. ES23, 2004
Friedman, William. ES70, 2010
Fritsche, Klaus-Dieter. ES88, 2013
Frog 7. ES74, 2011
Frohlich, Christa-Margot (Red Army Faction). ES1, 2001
Frohlich, Christa-Margot jumps bail. ES2, 2001
Fromm, Heinz. BfV. (Federal Office for the Protection of Germany). ES70, 2010
Fromm, Heinz. Head of Germany's BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) departs after file shredding gaffe. ES80, 2012
Front companies. (See PCO). Passport Control Office.
Front Companies. ES1, 2001
Front companies. MI5. ES22, 2003
Frost, Stephen. (See Dr David Kelly). ES74, 2011
FRU - agents say they have been 'abandoned by MOD'. ES2, 2001
FRU - Defence of the Realm. Feature on undercover military intelligence unit. ES11, 2002
FRU - Force Research Unite. Feature - Dangerous Liaisons. ES1, 2001
FRU. ES83, 2013
FRU. Force Research Unit. ES73, 2011
FRU. Force Research Unit. Surveillance. Feature. ES94, 2014
FRU. Force Research Unite. ES41, 2006
Frunz Military Academy, Moscow. ES72, 2011
FSA. Free Syrian Army. (Seeb also Syrian Conflict). ES81, 2012
FSB (Federal Security Service), Russia, identifies '400 spies'. ES1, 2001
FSB accuse MI6 and CIA of espionage. ES52, 2007
FSB and Biological Weapons Material. Feature. ES51, 2007
FSB and CIA investigate street trader 'Rakhman' and his deadly cache of toxins. Feature - The Hunt For Rakhman's Botox. ES67, 2010
FSB arrest CIA agent Ryan Christopher Fogle in Moscow attempting to recruit Russian counter-terrorist expert.
FSB colonel 'outed' in strange twist of fate. Feature. ES60, 2009
FSB counter-espionage division film MI6 officer with 'spy rock'. ES39, 2006
FSB counter-intelligence operation nets five foreign spies. Feature. ES23, 2004
FSB counter-terrorist official in London to study tactics. ES38, 2006
FSB foil Moscow terror plot by al-Qaida operatives from the North Caucasus. ES85, 2013
FSB hunt terrorists responsible for Domodedovo Airport, Moscow bombing. ES72, 2011
FSB in search for more AQ 'black widows'. ES67, 2010
FSB intelligence to Iran thwarts Israeli air strike. Feature - FSB April Secrets. ES62, 2009
FSB officer charged with espionage in Austria. ES49, 2007
FSB officers to appear at Litvinenko Inquest. ES86, 2012
FSB poison envelope trick used to target Chechen terror leader - Shamil Basayev. ES10, 2002
FSB publishes annual spy report. ES53, 2008
FSB raid TNK-BP offices in Moscow. Feature. ES55, 2008
FSB use unidentified gas to end Moscow Theatre siege. ES52, 2007
FSB warned CIA of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
FSB. Alpha Group. ES63, 2009
FSB. Arc Electronic Inc. FBI probe Russian-linked export company. ES82, 2012
FSB. Arrest of alleged CIA agent following passing of 7,000 classified documents. ES80, 2012
FSB. Facility in Fabrika manufacturer of poisons. (See Assassination List. Feature). ES84, 2013
FSB. Feature - Hello Comrade. Upturn in West of Russian espionage. ES25, 2004
FSB. Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti. (Federal Security Service). Feature and History. ES39, 2006
FSB. Infiltration of Greenpeace and CND. ES48, 2007
FSB. Jailed American agent who believed he was owed a pension. Feature - Double Agent. ES61, 2009
FSB. MI6 helpers in Russia targeted. ES44, 2006
FSB. New Cold War spy games as Russia's SVR adopt 'active measures'. Feature. ES27, 2004
FSB. Officials warn AQ is trying to secure WMD. ES35, 2005
FSB. Propaganda (Edward Snowden). ES91, 2014
FSB. Security service strengthens spy laws. Feature. ES56, 2008
FSB. Service attempts to recruit US diplomat in Moscow. ES85, 2013
FSB. Specialist Electronics Laboratory. ES82, 2012
FSO Federalnaya Sluzhba Okhrany, Russia. [Federal Protective Service]. Feature. A Russian Dilemma. Service reverts to using typewriter due to intercept
concerns. ES86, 2013
FSO Federalnaya Sluzhba Okhrany, Russia. [Federal Protective Service]. Formerly KGB Ninth Directorate. ES86, 2013
FSO. Federal Protective Service. Russia. Feature. ES19, 2003
FSR. Federal Investigative Service. Russia. Feature. ES55, 2008
FTOs. Foreign Terrorist Organisations (as defined by US Government - December 2011). Comprehensive listing. ES77, 2012
Fuchs, Franz. ES82, 2012
Fuchs, Klaus. (See KGB's Atomic Recruiters). ES47, 2007
Fuchs, Klaus. Atomic spy. ES5, 2001
Fuchs, Klaus. ES93, 2014
Fuchs, Klaus. See also David Greenglass. Death of a Spy. Feature. ES94, 2014
Fuchs, Klauss. ES16, 2003
Fuentes, Thomas. ES10, 2010
Fuisz, Dr Richard. See Lockerbie bombing. ES89, 2014
Fujimori, Alberto. Peru charges former president with war crimes. ES2, 2001
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan. ES73, 2011
Full Sutton Prison. ES62, 2009
Fulton Skyhook. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES80, 2012
Fulton Skyhook. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES80, 2012
Fulton, Andrew. MI6 Field Station Chief, Washington DC. ES54, 2008
Fulton, Kevin. (See also Unsung Hero). ES41, 2006
Fulton, Kevin. Feature - From IRA Courier to Bomb Maker. ES41, 2006
Fulton, Kevin. Former Force Research Unit operator. Interview. ES18, 2003
Fulton, Robert. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES80, 2012
Fuming, Fong. Alleged CIA spy jailed in China. ES9, 2002
Furuseth, Andrew. ES58, 2008
Fury. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Future Imagery Architecture. (See NRO). ES2, 2001
FVEY. Abbreviation of Five Eyes. Occasional. ES88, 2013
Fylingdales, RAF. Early Warning Station. ES10, 2002
Fylingdales. National Missile Defense. Feature. ES15, 2003
Fylingdales. Photo essay. ES15, 2003