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Da Vinci Code. ES30 2004/5
Daallo Airlines. ES66, 2010
Dabas, Moutaz Almallah. ES32, 2005
Dabbagh, Al. ES23, 2004
Dabbashi, Ibrahim. ES73, 2011
Dachau concentration camp. ES82, 2012
Dadaschnejad, Mojtaba. ES75, 2011
Dad's Army. Plot line of popular BBC comedy based on factual incident (See the Great Panjandrum). ES75, 2011
Dadullah, Mullah Mansoor. ES72, 2011
Daesh. See ISIS. ES93, 2014
Dafydd, Lolo Ap. ES73, 2011
Dagan, Meier. ES56, 2008
Dagan, Meir. ES72, 2011
Dagan, Meir. ES75, 2011
Dagan, Meir. ES78, 2012
Dagan, Meir. ES81, 2012
Dagan, Meir. ES82, 2012
Dagan, Meir. Mossad Director. ES74, 2011
Dagestan. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Dagestan. Russian security services strike terrorists. Feature. ES89, 2014
Dahdah, Abu. Madrid train bomber leader jailed. ES36, 2005
Dahir, Sheikh Hassan. Al Shabaab. ES87, 2013
Dahl, Roald. Feature - In the Line of Fire. ES58, 2008
Dai Hong Dan. Hijacked vessel, Somalia. ES57, 2008
Daily Mirror bugging report. ES88, 2013
Daily Mirror. Hoaxed Iraq torture photographs. ES42, 2006
Daily Telegraph's. D-Day crossword puzzle. Feature. ES56, 2008
Daily Threat Matrix. (See White House). Feature. ES18, 2003
Dale, Jason. Flight 93 pilot. ES20, 2003
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. ES65, 2009
Dallas skyscraper plot. FBI expose AQ man in sting operation. ES65, 2009
Dalton, Hugh. ES60, 2008
Dalton, Hugh. Minister for Economic Warfare. ES91, 2014
Dalton, Timothy. ES74, 2011
Dalyell, Tam. ES40, 2006
Dalyell, Tom. Notes on Lockerbie bombing. ES20, 2003
Dalzel-Job, Patrick. ES82, 2012
Damari, Yigal. ES81, 2012
Damascus, Syria. ES47, 2007
Damascus. Syrian Conflict. Opening Pandora's Box. Feature. ES87, 2013
D'Ambrosio, Stefano. ES63, 2009
Damon, Matt. (See The Good Shepherd). ES47, 2007
Damon, Matt. UN Stabilisation Mission, Haiti. ES87, 2014
D'Amuro, Pasquale J. ES19, 2003
Dandah, Abu. ES6, 2001
Dando Gill. BBC presenter murder case. (See also NCIA). ES2, 2001
Danesfield House, RAF Medmenham. ES86, 2013
Danilov, Valentin. ES25, 2004
Danish Intelligence states AQ is planning attack. Feature. ES57, 2008
DA-Notice Committee. ES62, 2009
DA-Notice Committee. Feature on this little-understood office and its relevance to national security and intelligence matters. ES8, 2002
DA-Notice issued on release of MI6 officers' names. ES35, 2005
DA-Notice System. (Defence Advisory). ES33, 2005
DA-Notice System. Myths and Facts. ES62, 2009
DA-Notices. (Defence Advisory). (See Media and Spooks). Feature. ES42, 2006
Danov, Rumen. Bulgarian security advisor. (See Georgi Markov). ES34, 2005
Dansey, Claude. ES82, 2012
Dansey, Edward Majorbanks Claude. ES60, 2009
Dansey, Sir Claude. ES63, 2009
Danz, Helmuth. ES1, 2001
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (US Embassy bombings). ES33, 2005
Dark Actors. (See David Kelly). ES19, 2003
Dark Arts. Feature on entering the world of surveillance and intelligence. ES44, 2006
Dark Avenger [The]. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Darling, Alistair. ES37, 2005/6
DARPA. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. ES68, 2010
DARPA. ES31, 2005
DARPA. ES56, 2008
DARPA. ES72, 2011
DARPA. Finance for invisibility projects. ES58, 2008
DARPA. The VIVI Programme. Feature. ES76, 2011
Darroch, Sir Kim. Raises questions over Huawei and Chinese intel links. ES86, 2013
Dart, Richard. (See also London Olympic Games 2012. Pre-Games terrorist operations as UK suspects arrested. ES81, 2012
Dart, Richard. (See Royal Wootton Bassett). ES85, 2013
Dart, Richard. ES84, 2014
Darwin, John. Feature - Day of the Jackal II. ES53, 2008
DAS. Colombia Domestic Intelligence Service. ES61, 2009
Dasch, George John. ES73, 2011
Daschle, Thomas. ES58, 2008
Dassault Rafale. French Air force. ES73, 2011
Data Handling Procedures in Government. UK Report. ES91, 2014
Data Loggers. ES39, 2006
Data Loss. Feature. A history of intel files and computer loss in Britain. Plus statistics. ES57, 2008
Data Trawling. ES60, 2009
D'Auria, David. ES40, 2006
Davenport, Marsha. ES50, 2007
David Z. (See Zygier, Ben. Feature. The Strange Case of Prisoner X. Mossad officer suicide after major security lapse). ES84, 2013
Davidson, James. (See Operation Tracer). ES74, 2011
Davies, Gavyn. ES27, 2004
Davies, Hugh, counsel to the Litvinenko Inquest. ES82, 2012
Davies, Ted. (See Lionel Crabb). ES46, 2006
DaVinci Code. Judge inserts 'secret code' into court ruling over plagiarising book - Holy Blood Holy Grail. Feature. ES40, 2006
Davis, David. ES54, 2008
Davis, Dr Christopher. ES19, 2003
Davis, Ed. ES85, 2013
Davis, Jefferson. ES56, 2008
Davis, Raymond Allen. ES73, 2011
Davis, Raymond Allen. Feature - Dangerous Liaisons. Shooting incident in Pakistan. ES72, 2011
Davis, Raymond. ES79, 2012
Davutoglu, Ahmet. ES88, 2013
Dawe, Leonard. ES56, 2008
Dawkins, Richard. ES78, 2012
Dayan, Mosha. ES68, 2010
Dayan, Moshe. ES78, 2012
Dayton Peace Accords. (Yugoslavia). ES62, 2009
Dayton, Keith. DIA. ES19, 2003
DB. Drzavna Bedzbednos. (Serbian Secret Police). Feature. ES62, 2009
DCRI. Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, France. ES79, 2012
DCRI. Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence. France. ES76, 2011
DDA. Defence Diversification Agency. [UK]. ES41, 2006
D-Day. Feature - Men and Machines. ES25, 2004
D-Day. Feature - Message in a Crossword. Landing locations revealed in strange crossword. ES56, 2008
D-Day. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
DDOS. Distributed Denial of Service. (See cyber). ES44, 2006
De Freitas, Michael. (See The Bank Job). ES50, 2007
De L'Alma Tunnel, Paris. (See Operation Paget). ES34, 2005
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Feature - High Stales in an Uncertain World. ES35, 2005
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Feature - Immediate Response. Anatomy of the CO19 operation and circumstances of shooting. ES59, 2008
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Feature - Nettletip and the De Menezes Affair. ES52, 2007
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Feature - Testimonies presented at Inquest. ES59, 2008
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Feature on surveillance log books. ES39, 2006
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Innocent man shot dead in counterterrorist operation seeking 21/7 bombers. ES35, 2005
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Inquest. ES59, 2008
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Inquest. Family calls it 'whitewash'. Feature. ES59, 2008
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Interview with surveillance expert on the operation that went wrong. ES35, 2005
De Menezes, Jean Charles. No order given to shoot. ES37, 2005/6
De Menezes, Jean Charles. Scotland Yard investigation into shooting. ES53, 2008
De Wohl, Louis. (See MI5 and Hitler). ES55, 2006
DEA - Drugs Enforcement Agency. Major profile of agency. ES12, 2002
DEA. Capital Sting. Feature. Administration foil Iranian-backed plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador, Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir. ES76, 2011
DEA. Former agent Robert Levinson. Feature. ES89, 2014
DEA. Photo special of recovered items from drugs' cartels, including submarine, weapons and light aircraft. ES76, 2011
Deacon, George. ES80, 2012
Dead Drop Spike. CIA concealment object. ES73, 2011
Dead Ground. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Dead Letter Drops (KGB) in New York City. ES47, 2007
Dead Letter Drops used by Rudolph Hess. ES17, 2003
Dead Letter Drops. Concealed hiding places used by spies to exchange information, etc. ES8, 2002
Dead Letter Drops. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Dealey Plaza, Dallas. (See Kennedy). ES5, 2001
Dear love, Sir Richard. MI6 Chief to step down. ES26, 2004
Dearlove, Richard. MI6. Warns of nuclear terrorist attack on UK. ES37, 2005
Dearlove, Sir Richard. ES54, 2008
Dearlove, Sir Richard. ES60, 2009
Dearlove, Sir Richard. ES73, 2011
Dearlove, Sir Richard. ES87, 2013
Dearlove, Sir Richard. ES92, 2014
Dearlove, Sir Richard. Feature. Eyes Only. Former MI6 Chief threatens to reveal his version of UKs Iraq Dossier which contained intel why invasion was necessary.
ES86, 2013
Dearlove, Sir Richard. MI6 Chief in USA. ES17, 2003
Dearlove, Sir Richard. MI6. ES34, 2005
Dearlove, Sir Richard. On Iraq Weapons Dossier. ES19, 2003
Death of a Dissident. (See Litvinenko). ES52, 2007
Debus, Sigurd. (See Red Army Faction). ES85, 2013
Deception operations. ES63, 2009
Declaration of Independence. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Declared Field Station. ES40, 2006
Decode Key. (See also One Time Pad). ES50, 2007
Decoder Ring (See Espionage Extra). ES24, 2004
Decoder Ring. Feature - The Legendary Decoder Ring. (See also Captain Midnight). ES24, 2004
Decoding Text. ES36, 2005
Deconfliction. Intelligence procedure. (See CIA National Clandestine Service). ES37, 2005/6
Dee, John. (See Remote Viewing). ES85, 2013
Deep Black. See CIA. ES92, 2014
Deep Cover. (See Cover and Legend - Tradecraft). ES82, 2012
Deep Throat. (See Mark Felt and Watergate). ES75, 2011
Deep Throat. (See Watergate). ES34, 2005
Deep Throat. (See William Felt). ES60, 2009
DEFCON hacker conference, Las Vegas. ES80, 2012
Defections. ES43, 2006
Defendu. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Defenestration. (See History of Assassinations). ES50, 2007
Defense Computer Crime Center. [US]. ES67, 2010
Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy. ES73, 2011
Defensive Driving. ES33, 2005
Defoe, Daniel. ES8, 2002
Defreitas, Russell. (See JFK fuel line terror plot). ES69, 2010
Defreitas, Russell. ES49, 2007
Defreitas, Russell. Sentence. ES78, 2012
Degtyaryov 7.62mm sniper rifle. See also Ukraine Conflict. ES90, 2014
Dehn Productions. ES93, 2014
Dehn, Kurt. Feature - The Curious Case of. ES51, 2007
Dehn, Paul Edward. See Camp X. ES93, 2014
Deighton, Len. ES82, 2012
Dej, Gheorghe. Poison dart assassination attempt by KGB revealed. ES12, 2002
Deja vu. (See surveillance). ES59, 2008
DeLancey Jr., Oliver. Head of British Secret Service, New York. ES49, 2007
Delimkhanov, Adam. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Delisle, Jeffrey Paul. Canadian navy intel analyst arrested in HMCS Trinity intel fusion base security breach. ES78, 2012
Delisle, Jeffrey. ES85, 2013
Delisle, Sub-Lt. Jeffrey. Feature. Spy Meetings and Liaisons. ES82, 2012
Delisle, Sub-Lt. Jeffrey. Significant compromise of 'Five Eyes' intelligence. Feature - Trinity Top Secret. Canadian naval analyst arrested for espionage. Recipients
- GRU, Moscow. ES81, 2012
Delisle, Sub-Lt. Jeffrey. Spy case caused 'irreparable damage'. ES83, 2013
Delmulle, Johan. ES60, 2009
Delta Air Lines. ES38, 2006
Delta Class Soviet submarine. ES81, 2012
Delta Force. Clash with AQ and Taliban in Afghanistan. ES6, 2001
Delta Force. ES73, 2011
DELTA Force. ES82, 2012
Delta Force. Operation to free US Embassy staff in Iran. Feature. ES89, 2014
Delta Force. Special Forces and CIA Special Activities Division agents detain Osama bin-Laden's ‘reconnaissance man’ - Abu Anas al-Liby. Feature. ES88, 2013
Delta Force. Unit eliminates AQ active unit cell in conjunction with SAS. ES37, 2005/6
DELTA Forces, Norway. (Also referred to as Contingency Unit Beredskapstrotten (BT)). ES75, 2011
Delta Junction. National Missile Defense Shield test location, Alaska. Feature. ES11, 2002
Delta. Rocket launches. ES42, 2006
Delves, Major General Cedric. SAS commander of the unit which killed IRA men on Gibraltar. ES1, 2001
Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan. (See Iranian Embassy siege). ES59, 2008
Democritus. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
Dempsey, General Martin. chairman of the Joint Chiefs. ES83, 2013
Dempsey, General Martin. ES93, 2014
Dempsey, General Martin. See NSA Changing of the Guard Ceremonies. NSA Directors. Photo Special. ES91, 2014
Dempsey, Martin. General. Chairman US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Speaks on cyber espionage. ES79, 2012
Dempsey, Martin. US Joint Chiefs of Staff warns Iran to stop bomb quest. Feature. ES77, 2012
Dench, Judy. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Denial of Service Attacks. (See Cyber Terrorism). ES44, 2006
Denning Report. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
Dennis, Richard. Brigadier. ES73, 2011
Denniston, Alastair Graham. ES26, 2004
Denniston, Alastair. ES82, 2012
Denniston, Alastair. ES92, 2014
Dent, Robert. ES16, 2003
Denver Cryptologic Center (NSA/CSS ) opens. ES79, 2012
Deon Capital. (See CIA front companies and Iran). ES74, 2011
Department 858. ES86, 2013
Department EH. ES63, 2009
Depleted Uranium 238. (See Dirty Bombs). ES30 2004/5
Depp, Johny. ES46, 2007
Dept. of State. Early espionage case interest. ES53, 2008
Depth Corps. Israel resurrects shadowy unit already dubbed 'Iran Command'. ES77, 2012
Der Bild. NSA surveillance. ES88, 2013
Der Spiegel. (See Iraq WMD). ES59, 2008
Der Spiegel. ES88, 2013
DERA. Defence Evaluation and Research Agency. (UK). ES32, 2005
Dera Ismail Khan Prison - 300 inmates, many belonging to al-Qaida and the Taliban escape from, Pakistan in a coordinated series of prison attacks. ES86, 2013
Dere, Mohammed. ES74, 2011
Deriabin, Peter. KGB. ES53, 2008
Deripaska, Oleg. ES59, 2008
Derrick-Frost, Amy. US Navy. See Operation Neptune Spear. ES94, 2014
Derunta Camp, Afghanistan. AQ facility for experiments on animals and bio weapons. Feature. ES17, 2003
Desai, Gurukanth. ES72, 2011
Desai, Gurukanth. ES78, 2012
Desch, Joseph. ES78, 2012
Desert Campaign WWII. The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII. Feature.
ES90, 2014
Desert One Assembly Point. See US Embassy, Tehran. 1979 occupation by Iranian forces and protesters. Feature. ES89, 2014
DesLauriers, Richard. ES81, 2012
DesLauriers, Richard. ES85, 2013
Det [The]. ES62, 2009
Det. 14 Intelligence Company. (14 Int). Feature. Britain's Senior Service. (Surveillance). ES46, 2007
Detachment [the]. 14 Int surveillance unit targets AQ and OBL. Feature. ES28, 2004
Detachment 88. ES49, 2007
Detachments. (See 14 Int). ES46, 2007
Detection Branch. (See Secret Service Bureau). ES61, 2009
Detention (42 Day) plan. Feature - Blinded by the Fog. ES59, 2008
Detention Centres. (See Extraordinary Rendition). ES39, 2006
Detroit Christmas Day terror plot. ES66, 2010
Deutch, John M. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Deutch, John. ES19, 2003
Deutch, John. ES62, 2009
Deutsche Bahn. (See German train plot). ES43, 2006
Deutsche Wiedervereinigung. (German Reunification). ES76, 2011
Devenney, Edward. (See Espionage. Disgruntled Spies. Feature. Reasons for Espionage). ES83, 2013
Devenney, Edward. (See Silent Service. Feature. Submarines, Technology and Espionage). ES83, 2013
Devenney, Edward. Royal Navy mariner pleads guilty to spy charges. ES82, 2012
DevGru. (See The Activity). ES39, 2006
Deviant. UAE and Saudi Intelligence term used to describe an al-Qaida operative, associate or supporter. ES83, 2013
Devil's Mountain. (See Teufelsberg -NSA Field Station - Berlin). ES74, 2001
DEW. Distant Early Warning (stations). ES80, 2012
DFC. Defense Clandestine Service. Feature. US create new intelligence service. Pentagon and intelligence project. ES79, 2012
DGSE. (See Niger uranium document hoax). ES40, 2006
DGSE. Agent infiltration code-named Damson Berry. Feature. ES79, 2012
DGSE. Direction Generale La Securite Exterieure. France
DGSE. Feature - Investigation of Air France 447. ES63, 2009
DGSE. French Intelligence blame MI6 for sinking of Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior. ES38, 2006
DGSE. French Intelligence report says Osama bin-Laden is dead. Feature. ES45, 2006
DGSE. Kidnapped officer Denis Allex murdered by al-Qaida in Somalia. Two DGSE officers killed in raid to free him. ES83, 2013
DGSE. Service warned of AQ airline plot in January 2001. Feature. ES48, 2007
DGSE. Surveillance operations. ES88, 2013
DGSE. Uncover plot to attack Channel Tunnel. ES46, 2007
Dguet, Leonie. (See Dirty War Argentina and Alfredo Astiz). ES84, 2013
Dhekelia, SBA - Sovereign Base Area Cyprus. ES81, 2012
DHS. Department of Homeland Security. [US]. (See also Homeland Security).
DHS. Department of Homeland Security. US agents trap Iranian equipment dealers in London sting operation. ES45, 2006
DHS. Department of Homeland Security. Warn of London AQ plot. ES42, 2006
Dhuhulow, Hassan. ES88, 2013
DI. Defence Intelligence. Job losses at Ministry of Defence intelligence sections. ES54, 2008
DIA knew of Iraq weapons and chemical deployment. ES12, 2002
DIA to create world's most powerful pseudo-military intelligence service. ES83, 2013
DIA. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets). ES74, 2011
DIA. Agency in conflict with CIA over Iraq's WMD. ES26, 2004
DIA. Agency research into Remote Viewing. ES81, 2012
DIA. Analyst passes secrets to China. ES45, 2006
DIA. CIA WMD reports - DIA interpretation of intelligence. ES29, 2004
DIA. Closure of Remote Viewing programmes. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
DIA. Concerns over CIA intelligence from agent 'Curveball'. Feature - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy? ES26, 2004
DIA. Cuban Desk. ES55, 2008
DIA. Defense Intelligence Agency. ES9, 2002
DIA. ES58, 2008
DIA. ES9, 2002
DIA. Intelligence and a 'doomsday cashe' of files. Edward Snowden leaks. Feature. ES88, 2013
DIA. Intelligence on Iraq's WMD. ES18, 2003
DIA. Secret surveillance unit Gray Fox. ES32, 2005
DIA. Security breached according to BND officer. ES29, 2004
DIA. White House conspiracy theories as senior US intelligence officers step down. Feature. ES91, 2014
DIA. WMD findings. ES33, 2005
Diana Inquest. (Eye Witness Reports). ES52, 2007
Diana Inquest. MI6 Chief rejects assassination theory. ES54, 2008
Diana Inquest. No Conspiracy, No Cover-Up. Feature. ES55, 2008
Diana Princess of Wales. Operation Paget launched. ES32, 2005
Diana, Princes of Wales. New Diana Inquest. ES23, 2004
Diana, Princess of Wales. Believed she would die in car crash. Letter. Feature. ES22, 2003
Diana, Princess of Wales. Complex investigation. ES39, 2006
Diana, Princess of Wales. Feature - Death Was Simple Accident. ES46, 2007
Diana, Princess of Wales. Feature - The Hidden Evidence. ES7, 2002
Diana, Princess of Wales. French police reopen certain aspects of case. ES43, 2006
Diana, Princess of Wales. Inquest called for over death of Diana in Paris car crash. ES2, 2001
Diana, Princess of Wales. Inquest. Feature - Spy Theories Examined. ES52, 2007
Diana, Princess of Wales. Latest findings of Operation Paget. ES36, 2005
Diana, Princess of Wales. Paget officers examine seat belts and forensics. ES41, 2006
Diana, Princess of Wales. Photo time-line of crash. ES36, 2005
Diana, Princess of Wales. The Increment: Death of Princess Diana. Allegations of SAS/MI6 involvement in death of Princess Diana examined. Feature. ES87, 2013
Dianna, Princess of Wales. See Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Historical overview. Part 4. The Royal Intercepts. (TC) ES90, 2014
Diaoyu Islands. ES89, 2014
DIA's Cuban spy. ES10, 2002
DiCaprio, Leonardo. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Dicher, Avi. ES81, 2012
Dick, Cressida. ES37, 2005/6
Dick, Cressida. ES53, 2008
Dickens, Charles. ES61, 2009
Dickinson, Vevalee. (See couriers). ES49, 2007
Diedrich, Bernard. (See Dead Man Walking). ES50, 2007
Diego Garcia. Extraordinary Rendition. Deep Black Central Exchange. Feature. ES92, 2014
Diego Garcia. US facility receives 400 bunker busting bombs. ES67, 2010
Diego, Daniel San. ES62, 2009
Dierks, Hilmer. Abwehr. See Vera Schalburg. ES94, 2014
Dietrich, Marlene. Feature. Psychological work for the OSS. ES51, 2007
Dietrich, Marlene. Work for the OSS. ES51, 2007
Dietrich, Sepp. SS General. ES79, 2012
Digital Blackwater. ES75, 2011
Digital Footprints. Feature. ES37, 2005/6
Digital Photography. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES72, 2011
Digital Receiver Technology Inc. ES94, 2014
Digital Video Cameras. Feature. ES61, 2009
Dima. (See Silent Service. Feature. Submarines, Technology and Espionage). ES83, 2013
Dimona nuclear site, Israel. ES25, 2004
Diomid. (See George Blake). ES44, 2006
Diotis, Ioannis. (See Greek phone tap mystery). ES40, 2006
Diplock System. (Legal trial). ES38, 2006
Diplomatic Feeds. (See SIPDIS). ES73, 2011
Dipole. Communications addition. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES60, 2009
Dip-Tel. Diplomatic Telegram. ES88, 2013
Directed Energy Weapons. Feature. ES26, 2004
Directed Energy. ES43, 2006
Directional Ultrasound. Feature. (See Mind Control series). ES69, 2010
Director of Establishments. MI5 in court to prevent publication of officer's memoir. ES65, 2009
Directorate Counter Terrorism & United Kingdom. ES42, 2006
Directorate M-21. (See Iraq Mukhabarat). ES32, 2005
Directorate of Science and Technology. CIA. ES72, 2011
Directorate of Special Forces. UK. ES39, 2006
Dirtbox. Cell phone interception. Feature. ES94, 2014
Dirty Bomb. (RDD - Radiological Dispersal Device). ES62, 2009
Dirty Bomb. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
Dirty Bomb. Analysis of debris. ES45, 2006
Dirty bomb. Arrests in Georgia. ES19, 2003
Dirty Bomb. Impact of. Feature. ES62, 2009
Dirty Bomb. Maritime Threat. Feature. ES30 2004/5
Dirty Bomb. New York City countermeasures. ES47, 2007
Dirty Bomb. Radiological Bomb. Feature - explanation. ES30 2004/5
Dirty Bombs. UN security fears. ES40, 2006
Dirty radiological bomb. ES2, 2001
Dirty Tricks, Disinformation, Distraction and Deceit. Feature. ES52, 2007
Dirty War, Argentina. Feature. Angel of Death and Britain's Iron Lady. Operations and atrocities performed by Argentinian Alfredo Astiz. ES83, 2014
DIS. Defence Intelligence Staff, Ministry of Defence. ES74, 2011
DISA. Defense Informations Systems Agency. Conference. ES78, 2012
Disclosure Committee. UK. ES68, 2010
Disguise Techniques. Part 1. Feature - Magic and Illusion. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES51, 2007
Disguise Techniques. Part 2. Feature. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES52, 2007
Disguise Techniques. Part 3. Feature. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES53, 2008
Disguise Techniques. Primary Elements and Components. Feature. ES51, 2007
Disguise. 21/7 bomber used disguise to escape London. ES47, 2007
Disguise. Quick change techniques. ES51, 2007
Disguises. ES32, 2005
DISPUTE. (See SVR Military Unit 54939). ES81, 2012
Distraction Operations and Techniques. In all environments. (See also Psychological Distraction). ES48, 2007
Distraction Operations as Trigger. ES48, 2007
Distraction Operations for political gain. ES48, 2007
Ditchley Foundation. ES92, 2014
Djafari, Yocef . (See Abbas Boutrab). ES38, 2006
Djerba Airport. ES73, 2011
Djerf al Nadaf. Iraq chemical facility. ES52, 2007
Djindic, Zoran. Assassinated. ES17, 2003
DLT. Directed Lie Test. ES49, 2007
Dmitrov, Dragomir. ES81, 2012
DMZ. Demilitarised Zone. ES76, 2011
DMZ. South-North Korea. ES76, 2011
DNA. Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Feature and application to intelligence collection. ES35, 2005
DNA. Forensics Collection. Feature. ES35, 2005
D-Notice Advisory. (See Signals Jamming). ES74, 2011
D-Notice Office. Feature on structure, advisories etc. ES30 2004/5
D-Notice Secretary Andrew Vallance. ES91, 2014
D-Notice. See also Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Doctor [The]. Terror leader. (See Haydar Abu Doha). ES33, 2005
DOD. Department of Defense. Cyber attacks. ES51, 2007
DOD. Report on threats posed by IEDs. ES83, 2013
DOD. White House conspiracy theories as senior US intelligence officers step down. Feature. ES91, 2014
Dodge WC54 WWII ambulance. (See Chanticleer). ES74, 2011
Dog Track. See CIA. ES92, 2014
Dogs. (See Sniffer Dogs). ES39, 2006
Doha, Haydar Abu. Code-named The Doctor. (See Salafist Group). ES33, 2005
Doherty, Glen. Feature. ES93, 2014
Doherty, Glenn. (See Benghazi). ES82, 2012
Dollis Hill. (See Berlin spy tunnel). ES18, 2003
Dollis Hill. Feature - Secret of GPO Research Station. ES58, 2008
Dolphins. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Dolphins. Protection of US bases. ES47, 2007
Domain Programme. (See FBI). ES48, 2007
Domazet, Davor. ES72, 2011
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. (Homeland Security). US. ES47, 2007
Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. Lie Detectors introduced. Feature. ES40, 2006
Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. Terrorist attack. ES89, 2014
Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. Terrorists strike in Russia. Feature - Moving to Moscow. ES72, 2011
Domon, Alice. (See Dirty War Argentina and Alfredo Astiz). ES84, 2013
Donal, Graeme. ES75, 2011
Donaldson, Bruce. ES81, 2012
Donaldson, David. Alleged MI6 agent. ES41, 2006
Donaldson, Denis. Feature - British 'agent' shot dead in Northern Ireland. ES40, 2006
Donaldson, Denis. New investigation into murder of British agent. ES84, 2013
Donbass People's Militia. ES92, 2014
Donetsk Oblast. ES92, 2014
Dong, Wang. ES91, 2014
Donilon, Tom. ES87, 2013
Donilon, Tom. ES89, 2014
Donitz, Admiral Karl. ES88, 2013
Donohue, Richard. (See Boston Marathon Bombing). ES86, 2013
Donovan, William J. Major General. Statue. ES73, 2011
Donovan, William. (See OSS to CIA). ES56, 2008
Donovan, William. ES82, 2012
Donovan, William. OSS/CIA. ES9, 2002
Doomsday E6B aircraft. The New Looking Glass. Feature. ES77, 2012
Door Entry System. See also See Tradecraft - Cell Phone Interception Countermeasures. Targets and Opportunity. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
DOP. Directorate of Plans. CIA. ES67, 2010
Dora Farm Bunker. ES18, 2003
Dornay, Theodre. ES16, 2003
Dorril, Stephen. ES67, 2010
Dorril, Stephen. ES89, 2014
Dorronsoro, Juan Maria. ES81, 2012
Dory, Amanda. ES83, 2013
Dostum, Abdul Rashid. ES19, 2003
Dostum, Abdul Rashid. ES48, 2007
Double Agents. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Double Cross System. ES63, 2009
Double XX agents. ES82, 2012
Doubleday, Nelson. (See The Room). ES42, 2006
Doubles. Use of. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Doughnut [the]. (See GCHQ). ES49, 2007
Douri-al, Izzat Ibrahim. ES22, 2003
Dover AFB, Delaware. ES49, 2007
Dovgy, Dmitry. ES57, 2008
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Downing College, Cambridge. (See George Blake). ES44, 2006
Downing Street Director of Communications. ES52, 2007
Downing Street. Conflict with BBC over Iraq war. Feature. ES52, 2007
Downing Street. ES34, 2005
Downing Street. Feature - New Intel Hotline to Moscow. ES72, 2011
Downing Street. Protest by MI6 agent and former KGB officer. ES31, 2005
Downlink Interception. ES36, 2005
Doyle, Conan. Profile. ES54, 2008
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. ES93, 2014
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. Feature. ES20, 2003
Doza, Basilio. Brigadier. ES79, 2012
Dozo, Brigadier General Lami. ES84, 2013
DPBAC. Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee. (See also D-Notice). ES59, 2008
DR Congo. Uranium mines. Feature - Iran's Uranium Smugglers. ES43, 2006
Draeger, Donn. ES91, 2014
Dragan Dabicc. (aka Radovan Karadzic). ES57, 2008
Dragon Absorb. (See Remote Viewing). ES81, 2012
Dragon Eye. (See UAVs). ES30 2004/5
Dragon Lady. (See U-2). ES34, 2005
Dragonfly Insectohopter. CIA. ES73, 2011
Dragonfly. Agent. ES63, 2009
Drake, Thomas. ES81, 2012
Drake, Thomas. ES88, 2013
Dreamland. (See Area 51). ES77, 2012
Dreyfus, Mark. ES84, 2013
Drilling. (See anti/counter surveillance measures). ES50, 2007
Driving Security. ES58, 2008
Driving. Feature - Foundations of Tactical Driving. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES57, 2008
Driving. Security feature on protective driving. ES33, 2005
Driving. Security feature on protective driving. ES34, 2005
Drosnin, Michael. ES22, 2003
Drucke, Karl. See Vera Schalburg. ES94, 2014
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Drumheller, Tyler. CIA European Division. (Warning on Curveball WMD intelligence). ES33, 2005
Drumheller, Tyler. ES49, 2007
Drumheller, Tyler. Warning over accuracy of WMD intelligence. Feature. ES59, 2008
Drumont, Lional. (See Andrew Rowe). ES36, 2005
Dry Cleaning. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Dry Run. Pre-terrorist reconnaissance planning. ES48, 2007
Dryden Flight Research Center. (Edwards AFB). ES30 2004/5
DS. Diplomatic Security. ES90, 2014
DSD. Defence Signals Directorate. Australia. ES51, 2007
DSD. Defence Signals Directorate. Australian intelligence service. ES13, 2002
DSD. Defense Signals Directorate base Geraldton, Australia. ES81, 2012
DSD. The Tampa Affair. Feature. ES13, 2002
DSF. Director Special Forces. [UK]. ES67, 2010
DSI. Direction de la Securite Interieure. Algerian intelligence service. ES79, 2012
DSS. Defense Security Service. Report reveals 1000 attempts at espionage. ES46, 2007
DSS. Diplomatic Security Service. USA. Feature. ES90, 2014
DST. Direction de la Surveillance de Territoire. Morocco's Intelligence Service warns of AQ operatives crossing to Spain. Feature -
DST. Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire. France. ES75, 2011
DST. Directorate for Territorial Surveillance, France. ES42, 2006
DSTL. (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory). ES32, 2005
DSTL. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. [UK]. ES34, 2005
DSTL. Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory, Porton Down. Scientists deployed in terror incidents. ES59, 2008
DTI. Department of Trade and Industry. Radio interception. ES77, 2012
Dubai International Airport. ES67, 2010
Dubai Police Service. ES68, 2010
Dubai. Feature - Anatomy of an Assassination. Murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Khalfan. (See Mossad). ES67, 2010
Dubrovka Theatre, Moscow. ES52, 2007
Dubrovka Theatre, Moscow. ES85, 2013
Dubrovka Theatre, Moscow. Terrorist attack. ES89, 2013
Duff, Bill. ES45, 2006
Duff, Sir Anthony. ES41, 2006
Duff, Sir Anthony. ES6, 2001
Duff, Sir Anthony. MI5 D-G. ES38, 2006
Dugway Proving Ground. Feature. ES11, 2002
Dujana, Abu. (aka Yusron Mahmudi). ES49, 2007
Duka, Dritan. ES49, 2007
Dulles Airport, Washington DC. (See Gareth Williams). ES70, 2010
Dulles Airport. ES27, 2004
Dulles International Airport. ES23, 2004
Dulles, Allen W. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Dulles, Allen Welsh. Friendship with Ian Fleming. ES86, 2013
Dulles, Allen. D/CIA. ES58, 2008
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Dulles, Allen. ES34, 2005
Dulles, Allen. See Gehlen Spy Organisation. Feature. ES91, 2014
Dulmatin. ES80, 2012
Dumb Computer. Feature. ES69, 2010
Dumenkov, Andrei. ES44, 2006
Dunbar, Duff, Commander. ES4, 2001
Dunderdale, Wilfred. ES82, 2012
Duplex System. (See cell phones). ES73, 2011
DuPont. ES92, 2014
Duquesne Spy Ring. Feature. ES53, 2008
Duquesne Spy Ring. Feature. ES58, 2008
Duquesne, Frederick Joubert. ES53, 2008
Duquesne, Fritz Joubert. ES58, 2008
Durcan, Andrew. ES35, 2005
Durrani, Akran Khan. ES22, 2003
Durrani, Mahmud Ali. ES45, 2006
Dust chip. ES75, 2011
Dutch intelligence gathering in Iraq. ES22, 2003
Dutch Intelligence Service infiltrated. ES30 2004/5
Duvdevan [The]. Israeli undercover terrorist 'elimination' unit. ES29, 2004
DVR. Digital Video Recorder. ES43, 2006
Dwelle, Ken 'Wis'. USAF Captain. ES72, 2011
DWS. Diplomatic Wireless Service. ES88, 2013
Dyke, James Hart. (See MI6 - A Year with MI6). ES72, 2011
Dyke, James Hart. Feature. James Bond 50 Year Celebration posters. ES82, 2012
Dynamite. [Nitroglycerin]. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 7 - Spy Tradecraft). ES83, 2013
DynCorp. (See Contractors in Iraq). ES29, 2004
Dyson, James. Famous UK inventor warns of Chinese espionage. Feature - A Degree in High Tech Spying and Cloning. ES74, 2011
Dyson, Sir James. ES93, 2014
Dzerhinsky, Felix. Monument returns to Moscow. Feature. ES39, 2006
Dzershinsky, Felix Edmondovich. (See SVR). ES69, 2010
Dzhan, Makhsud. ES79, 2012
Dzhebirkhanova. See Sibir Airlines Flight 1047. ES28, 2004