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C. MI6/SIS Chief. ES01, 2001
C.S. Draper Laboratories. ES56, 2008
C121 Starlifter Cargo plane. (See Air Force One). ES42, 2006
C-47 Transport Plane. ES33, 2005
Cabanjo, Agent. ES26, 2004
Cabinet Rooms. ES41, 2006
Cabinet Secretary's Review of Megrahi Papers (See Lockerbie). ES72, 2011
Cabinet War Rooms (See Churchill Museum). ES17, 2003
Cable, Vince. ES88, 2013
Cablegate. Feature on US intel leaks to WikiLeaks. (See WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning and Julian Assange). ES76, 2011
Cablegate. See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Cables. Pentagon Hearing Article 32. Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks. Feature. ES77, 2012
CABMAN. See Tradecraft - Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Part 1. ES87, 2013
Cabon, Christine. (See Rainbow Warrior). ES3, 2001
Cadbury, George. ES70, 2010
Cadenet de, Alexander. ES21, 2003
Cadillac One. Presidential vehicle. Security feature, photo essay. ES23, 2004
Cadillac Presidential (USA) Limousine. ES77, 2012
Caesar, Julius. 100-44BC spy network. Feature. ES55, 2008
Caesar, Julius. The Art of War. ES85, 2013
Caesarea. Mossad strike unit activated. ES17, 2003
Caesar-Poloesau Papers. (See CIA intelligence files release). ES50, 2007
Cafe Daquise, Kensington, London. ES21, 2003
Cafe Daquise. Famous London venue used by spies for decades! Feature. ES56 2008
Caine, Michael. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Cairncross, John. (See Cambridge Spy Ring). ES9, 2002
Cairo Conference. 1943. Codename SEXTANT. ES78, 2012
Cairo Conference. ES52, 2007
Cairo, Egypt. Unrest and protests. ES72, 2011
Cairo. British Intelligence Centre. The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII.
Feature. ES90, 2014
Calabresi, Mario. ES88, 2013
Calderon, Felipe. ES88, 2013
Caldwell, William B. Feature - Check Mate (See Task Force 77). ES41, 2006
Calipari, Nicola. ES32, 2005
Call, James Arlon. ES10, 2002
Callaghan, James. ES41, 2006
Callimahos, Lambros D. ES41, 2006
Calvi, Roberto. ES72, 2011
Cama and Albless Hospital, Mumbai. ES60, 2009
CAMB. Campaign Against Military Bases. ES67, 2010
Cambell, Gordon. ES45, 2006
Cambell, Michael. ES76, 2011
Cambridge Spies. ES88, 2013
Cambridge Spies. New BBC drama series recreates infamous spy ring. ES17, 2003
Cambridge Spy Ring. British Intelligence. 500 Spy Sites of London. Feature. ES91, 2014
Cambridge spy ring. ES82, 2012
Cambridge Spy Ring. Feature. ES9, 2002
Camera Detection. ES38, 2006
Camera Flash Detonators. ES57, 2008
Camera technology. 3G covert cameras. Feature. ES63, 2009
Cameron, David. British Prime Minister on ISIS beheadings. ES93, 2014
Cameron, David. ES64, 2010
Cameron, David. ES88, 2013
Cameron, David. On killing of British soldier Lee Rigby. ES85, 2013
Cameron, David. UK prime minister. ES80, 2012
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. See Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Historical overview. Part 4. The Royal Intercepts. (TC) ES90, 2014
Camillagate. See Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Historical overview. Part 4. The Royal Intercepts. (TC) ES90, 2014
Camille, Edmund. ES88, 2013
Camp 020. (See Interrogation. WWII Interrogation British Style. Feature). ES79, 2012
Camp 020. Latchmere House, Surrey. ES94, 2014
Camp 30. (Seer Bowmanville). ES18, 2003
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. (See Iranian Spy Networks). ES74, 2011
Camp David. Naval Support Facility Thurmont. Feature. (See also US Secret Service). ES54, 2008
Camp Delta. (See Guantanamo Bay). ES21, 2003
Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Camp Lemonnier, Horn of Africa. US intel officers from Hurlburt Field die in aircraft crash. ES78, 2012
Camp Peary, Virginia. ES89, 2014
Camp Ritchie. ES91, 2014
Camp Vietnam. AQ terror training base in the Philippines. ES14, 2002
Camp X. Canada's secret WWII spy training facility. ES8, 2002
Camp X. ES91, 2014
Camp X. Fears of closure and loss of spy collection. ES69, 2010
Camp X. Feature - A View to a Kill. ES8, 2002
Camp X. Feature - Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order (dummies, and escape attempts by captured Germans). ES16, 2003
Camp X. Feature. ES10, 2002
Camp X. Inside secret training school. ES11, 2002
Camp X. Secrets of Camp X. Did You Know? Paul Edward Dehn. Part 1. ES93, 2014
Camp X. Secrets of Camp X. Did You Know? The Fire at Camp X. Part 2. ES94, 2014
Camp X-Ray. (See Guantanamo Bay). ES7, 2002
Camp Zeist. ES64, 2009
Campbell, Alastair. ES52, 2007
Campbell, Alastair. Feature - Inside Story. ES19, 2003
Campbell, Alastair. Notes on WMD Iraq Dossier. ES20, 2003
Campbell, Duncan. (See MI5 garages). ES33, 2005
Campbell, Duncan. ES87, 2013
Campbell, Krystal. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Campbell, Patrick. See CIA Uranium Sting Operation thwarts purchase/sale. ES87, 2013
Canada. Feature - Guy Fawkes Gang. Plot to blow-up Canadian Parliament. ES41, 2006
Canada. Moscow invokes treaty allowing surveillance flight over Canada. Feature. ES80, 2012
Canada. Red Espionage. Bogus Chinese Front Companies. Feature. ES92, 2014
Canada. Trinity Breach. Feature. Intel analyst arrested for security breach as Russian espionage suspected. ES78, 2012
Canada. USA and Israel placed on Canadian 'torture risk' list. Feature. ES54, 2008
Canada's CSIS not-so secret spy shop. Feature. ES54, 2008
Canada's Secret Military Intelligence Unit. Feature. ES56, 2008
Canadian Broadcast Centre. AQ target. ES51, 2007
Canadian Caper [The]. (See US Embassy Siege, Tehran). ES66, 2010
Canadian electronic intercepts. ES41, 2006
Canadian Gateway. ES42, 2006
Canadian Government Unauthorised Wiretaps of Mohawks. ES94, 2014
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. (See Mossad - Toronto). ES47, 2007
Canadian Parliament Building. Tentacles of ISIS. Feature. ISIS operatives and supporters launch and prepare attacks in Canada, UK, America and Europe.
ES94, 2014
Canadian Parliament Plot. Feature - Lured by the Guy Fawkes Recruiter. ES51, 2007
Canal Hotel, Baghdad. Bombing. ES78, 2012
Canaris, Admiral Wilhelm. ES88, 2013
Canaris, Wilhelm. ES75, 2011
Canaris, Wilhelm. ES9, 2002
Canaris, Wilhelm. ES93, 2014
Canaris, William. ES73, 2011
Canaris. Meeting with Ian Fleming. ES51, 2007
Canary Wharf, London. Airliner hijack plot thwarted by CIA. (See Heathrow Airport). ES42, 2006
Canary Wharf, London. AQ target. ES19, 2003
Canary Wharf, London. ES79, 2012
Canary Wharf, London. US Homeland Security confirm AQ plot. Feature. ES42, 2006
Cancellieri, Anna Maria. See Imam Rapito Affair. ES87, 2013
Candid. NATO codename for Chinese surveillance aircraft. ES41, 2006
Canine, Lt. General Ralph. ES83, 2013
Canine, Ralph J. ES23, 2004
Cannes Film Festival. ES49, 2007
Cannistraro, Vincent. ES39, 2006
Cannistrato, Vincent. CIA. ES13, 2002
Cano, Alfonso. ES57, 2008
Cantlie, John. ES93, 2014
Cantlie, John. ES94, 2014
Capbreton Incident [The]. Feature - ETA terrorists shoot dead surveillance officers. ES53, 2008
Capbreton, France. ES53, 2008
Cape Otranto. (See MI6 operations in Arctic and Barents Sea). ES21, 2003
Cape Town University. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Capenhurst Tower, Cheshire. ES88, 2013
Capitanchik, David. ES91, 2014
Capitol Building, Washington DC. Would-be al-Qaida bomber jailed for plotting attack. ES82, 2012
Capitol Building. Al-Qaida plot to strike iconic building using model aeroplanes. ES76, 2011
Capitol Building. ES23, 2004
Caproni, Valerie. ES66, 2010
Captain Might. Feature - A Child's Garden of Espionage. Premium 'spy' gifts offered on the legendary radio show. ES14, 2002
CAPTOR. Encapsulated Torpedo. Feature. ES72, 2011
Car Park Tradecraft. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Cara, Eli. ES27, 2004
Caracristi, Ann. ES83, 2013
Cardin, Ben. ES83, 2013
Carey, Ali Ramadan bin. (See Iranian spy networks). ES74, 2011
Cargo planes. ES22, 2003
Cargo ships and piracy. ES36, 2005
CARICOM. Caribbean Trading. ES94, 2014
Carlile, Alex. ES88, 2013
Carlile, Lord. ES57, 2008
Carlile, Lord. ES68, 2010
Carlos the Jackal. Couriers. Feature. ES50, 2007
Carlos the Jackal. ES68, 2010
Carlos the Jackal. Human Rights. ES39, 2006
Carlos The Jackal. Ramirez Sanchez. Court findings. ES79, 2012
Carnaby, Roland. ES56, 2008
Carnac, Charles Rivett. ES16, 2003
Carney, James. ES90, 2014
Carney, Jay. ES82, 2012
Carney, Jeffrey. ES20, 2003
Carney, USAF Colonel John. ES89, 2014
Carolina Biological Supply Company. ES72, 2011
Carpetbaggers. (See Psychological Intelligence Warfare). ES15, 2003
Carr, Bob. Australia Foreign Minister. Comments on Julian Assange. ES80, 2012
Carr, Bob. ES84, 2013
Carr, Bob. ES85, 2013
Carr, Jeff. ES72, 2011
Carre, John Le. Acknowledges MI6 carried out assassinations. ES70, 2010
Carre, John Le. Defection to KGB. Feature Comrade Le Carre. ES59, 2008
Carre, John Le. ES8, 2002
Carre, John le. ES94, 2014
Carre, John Le. Work for MI6. Feature. ES1, 2001
Carrera Hotel, Santiago, Chile. ES67, 2010
Carrington, NATO Secretary-General. ES85, 2013
Carroll, Kathleen. ES94, 2014
Carter, Jimmy. ES88, 2013
Cartwright, General James. (See Operation Olympic Games). ES82, 2012
Cartwright, General James. (See Operation Olympic Games). ES82, 2012
Cartwright, General James. Feature. Senior General 'Targeted' by US Department of Justice. ES86, 2016
Cartwright, James E. ES33, 2005
CAS. Covert Action Staff.. (See Unconventional Planning Department - CIA). ES68, 2010
Casa Triple Sec. American diplomatic post. WWII. See also The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the
Germans in WWII. Feature. ES90, 2014
Casaroli, Cardinal Agostino. ES33, 2005
Casein. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES47, 2007
Casement, Sir Roger. Black Diaries are authentic. Feature. ES9, 2002
Casey, General George. ES86, 2013
Casey, William J. Creator of CIA network in Iran. ES32, 2005
Casey, William J. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Casey, William. ES75, 2011
Cashill, Jack. ES23, 2004
Cashin, Kirill. ES58, 2008
Casilino, Rome. (See Hussain Osman). ES35, 2005
Casino Royale. MI6 uses launch of film to speak about the work of Service. Feature. ES44, 2006
Castelli, Jeffrey. CIA Chief of Station Rome. (See Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr and the Imam Rapito Affair). ES84, 2013
Castlereagh Police Station. Feature - Saint Patrick's Day Heist. Break-in at one of the most secure security centres in Europe. ES9, 2002
Castlereagh Police Station. IRA blamed for break-in. ES13, 2002
Castor beans. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
Castor Beans. (See Ricin). ES75, 2011
Castro, Fidel. (See Cuba - Island of Spies). ES77, 2012
Castro, Fidel. CIA assassination programme. Feature. ES50, 2007
Castro, Fidel. ES1, 2001
Castro, Fidel. ES73, 2011
Castro, Fidel. ES81, 2012
Castro, Fidel. Lordes Spy Base to Reopen. Feature. ES92, 2014
Castro, Fidel. Spying admission. ES38, 2006
Castro, Fiedel. Orders execution of CIA operative. ES34, 2005
Castro, Raul Modesto. (See Cuba - Island of Spies). ES77, 2012
Castro, Raul. ES55, 2008
CAT. Civil Air Transport. (See CIA). ES33, 2005
CAT. Civil Air Transport. Feature. CIA search for missing pilots. ES26, 2004
CAT. Civil Air Transport/Air America. ES80, 2012
Catholic Church. ES33, 2005
Catling, Lorna. (See Virginia Hall). ES47, 2007
Cats. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Catterick Army Camp. ES1, 2001
CAU. Communications Analysis Unit (FBI). ES56, 2008
Cavendish, Anthony. MI6. ES6, 2001
Caversham Park (BBC). See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Cavitating propeller. (See John Walker spy ring). ES81, 2012
CBC. Canadian Broadcasting Company. Terror plots against. ES94, 2014
CBI. Central Bureau of Investigation. India. ES79, 2012
CBRN. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear. Intel phrase. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence.
Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
CBS. News story on George Bush military service. ES29, 2004
CBSA. Canada Border Security Agency. ES90, 2014
CCH. Center for Cryptologic History (NSA). ES83, 2013
CCTV. Surveillance measures. ES35, 2005
CCTV. Use of during 21/7 bomber hunt in London. Feature. ES46, 2006
CD57RT. (See Enigmas). ES30 2004/5
CDL. Canal Defence Light. (See invisible tank project). ES9, 2002
Cell phone bomb. (See TigerTiger nightclub attack)/ ES50, 2007
Cell phone bombs. ES25, 2004
Cell phone bombs. ES32, 2005
Cell Phone Espionage. Feature. New methods to intercept any phone and the history of cell phone espionage and bugging technology. ES74, 2011
Cell Phone Interception. ES40, 2006
Cell phone interception. Feature - ES45, 2006
Cell phone security breached. Feature - A5/1 Chaos. ES66, 2010
Cell Phone Tracking and Interception. Feature. ES77, 2012
Cell phone triggers and detonators. ES43, 2006
Cell Phone. Interception Countermeasures. See Tradecraft - Targets and Opportunity. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Cell Phone. Tapping. Total cell phone security not achievable. Feature. ES88, 2013
Cell Phones. Interception. ES73, 2011
Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline. ES79, 2012
Cellcrypt. ES66, 2010
Censorship. Book on D-Notice Office is itself centre of controversy. ES59, 2008
Censorship. The Spies Who Wrote Me. Feature. Examination of the increasing number of books being written by former intel and security officials.
Centeno, Raul. (See Spanish Guardia Civil). ES53, 2008
Center Floor. NSA HQ. ES83, 2013
Center for Security Policy. [US]. ES15, 2003
Central Criminal Court, London. ES69, 2010
Central Identification Laboratory. ES33, 2005
Central Park, New York City. Feature. ES47, 2007
Central Saint Martins College. (See Gareth Williams). ES72, 2011
Century House, London. ES57, 2008
Century House, London. MI6. ES66, 2010
CERF Technologies International. ES1, 2001
CERN Large Hadron Collider. AQ agent in place. Feature - Infiltration. ES65, 2009
CERN. Large Hadron Collider. Al-Qaida insider plot to blow up facility. ES65, 2009
CERN. The Inside Man. Feature on al-Qaida scientist inside complex. ES79, 2012
CESG. Communications Electronics Security Group. (See GCHQ). ES1, 2001
CESID operation nets top AQ banker. ES9, 2002
CESID. Name change of famous Spanish Intelligence Service announced. ES11, 2002
CESID. Spanish Intelligence discover AQ terror cell. ES6, 2001
CESIS. Italian intelligence coordinating service. Feature - Spy Chief Departs. ES45, 2006
Cessna Citation. ES60, 2009
CFS. Canadian Forces Station, Leitrim, Canada. ES81, 2012
Chaffetz, Jason. (See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate). ES83, 2013
Chakrabarti, Shami. ES86, 2013
Chalabi, Ahmad. ES25, 2004
Chalabi, Ahmad. ES7, 2002
Chalabi, Ahmad. Feature - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?
Chalabi, Issam. ES79, 2012
Challenger Space Shuttle. (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
Chamber [The]. Secret Russian poison unit. Feature. ES10, 2010
Chambliss, Senator Saxby. ES89, 2014
Champagne Sapy. (See Mossad). ES55, 2008
Champollion, Jean-Francois. ES68, 2010
Champs-Elysees, Paris. Bomb plot foiled. ES82, 2012
Chanel, Coco. Agent F-7124. Feature - Codename Westminster. Controversy as Chanel accused of Abwehr links. ES75, 2011
Channel Tunnel. ES35, 2005
Channel Tunnel. Feature - Sky High Threat as AQ Target Tunnel. ES46, 2006
Chanticleer, Wayne, Pennsylvania. Feature. Relevance to codebreaking. ES74, 2011
Chantry House, London. ES76, 2011
Chan-yan, Albert Ho. ES86, 2013
Chaocipher. Code feature. ES70, 2010
Chaos Communication Congress. Berlin. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
Chaos Computer Club. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
Chapeltown Road, Leeds. 7/7 safe house. ES56, 2008
Chaplin, Charlie. (Charles Spencer). MI5 investigation into communist links. ES78, 2012
Chaplin, Charlie. Overt Tracking of Communists. ES93, 2014
Chapman Forward Operating Base. ES66, 2010
Chapman, Anna. (Real name Anya Kuschenko - see also SVR) ES69, 2010
Chapman, Anna. ES76, 2011
Chapman, Anna. ES84, 2013
Chapman, Anna. Feature - Moscow's Secret Angels. ES72, 2011
Chapman, Anna. Feature - Mystery of Moscow's Flexible KGB Rules. ES74, 2011
Chapman, Anna. Former SVR spy receives hostile reception at Russian lecture. ES76, 2011
Chapman, Anna. New Role for Former Russian Spy. Feature. ES94, 2014
Chapman, Anna. Outed SVR spy in fashion move. Feature. ES89, 2014
Chapman, Anna. Seeks career as a politician. ES70, 2010
Chapman, Eddie (MI5 agent ZigZag). ES3, 2001
Chapman, Eddie. ES46, 2007
Chapman, Eddie. ES63, 2009
Chapman, Nathan. The first US soldier to die in Afghanistan. ES7, 2002
Chapman. CIA Forward Operating Base. ES67, 2010
Charged Particle Beams. ES34, 2005
Charger. NATO codename for Russia's Tu-144. Based on UK-French Concorde. Feature. ES74, 2011
Charing Cross Hotel. ES66, 2010
Chariots. Human torpedo. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and
warfare. ES94, 2014
Charles de Gaulle International Airport. ES43, 2006
Charles, Prince of Wales. ES59, 2008
Charles, Prince. ES21, 2003
Charles, Prince. ES91, 2014
Charlian, Anton. ES34, 2005
Charlie. Robot fish. (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle). CIA. ES73, 2011
Charlotte International Cryptologic Symposium and Exhibit. Feature. ES79, 2012
Chat Rooms. ES44, 2006
Chataignier, Jean-Christophe.
Chatham House, London. ES77, 2012
Chatham House. ES47, 2007
Chatty, Kerim. ES13, 2002
Chatty, Kerim. Jailed for gun violation. ES15, 2003
Chaves, Hugo. ES22, 2003
Chavez, Adan. President of Venezuela. Crossword puzzle and assassination. ES80, 2012
Chavez, Hugo. President of Venezuela. ES80, 2012
Chavez. ES49, 2007
Chechen activists in BBC-MI6 spy row. Feature. ES57, 2008
Chechen terrorism. ES85, 2013
Chechen underworld. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Chechnya. AQ umbrella group. (See Beslan). ES28, 2004
Chechyna. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Check Point Software Technologies. ES60, 2009
Checker Cab. (See Operation Crevice/Crevis). ES25, 2004
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. ES65, 2009
Checkpoint Charlie. ES31, 2005
Checkpoint Charlie. ES58, 2008
Checkpoint Charlie. ES74, 2011
Cheetham Hill, Manchester. (Ricin plot). ES33, 2005
Cheetham Hill, Manchester. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
CHEKA. Chrezvychaynaya Komisiya Po Borbe s Kontr-revolutsyey i. (Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage). ES69, 2010
Cheka. ES54, 2008
CHEKA. Feature - A Turbulent History. ES69, 2010
Chekou, Adamou. (See bogus Niger-Iraq documents). ES27, 2004
Chemical Ali executed. ES66, 2010
Chemical bomb detection. Feature - Ten Seconds from Now. ES31, 2005
Chemical Bomb Plot. ES41, 2006
Chemical Warfare. Feature. ES1, 2001
Chemical Weapons, Iraq. ES59, 2008
Chemical weapons. Feature. The Lessons Never Learned. ES81, 2012
Chemist [The]. (See Abderrahim Zbakh). ES25, 2004
Chemist [the]. Codename for cell phone bomb builder. ES25, 2004
Chen, Qinan. Chinese espionage in America. ES54, 2008
Cheney, Dick. Attacks White House on ISIS. ES93, 2014
Cheney, Richard. ES10, 2002
Cheney, Richard. ES5, 2001
Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute. (See Chinese espionage). ES72, 2011
Chengdu J20 stealth-like Chinese Air Force fighter. ES72, 2011
Chentouf, Houria Chahed. ES65, 2009
Cher Ami. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Cherie Blair and the secret spy. ES51, 2007
Cherkashin, Victor. ES31, 2005
Chernyayev, Rudolf. ES41, 2006
Cherry Ripe. See Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Number Station. Feature. ES91, 2014
Chertoff, Michael. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Chertoff, Michael. ES36, 2005
Chertoff, Michael. ES43, 2006
Chertoff, Michael. ES58, 2008
Chertoff, Michael. ES59, 2008
Chertsey and Longcross Test Track. (See QinetiQ). ES34, 2005
Cheyenne Mountain. (See NORAD). ES86, 2013
Chhatrapati Rapid Shivaji Train Station, Mumbai. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Chiba University, Japan. ES84, 2013
Chicago AQ weapons and equipment list. ES42, 2006
Chicago O'Hare International Airport. (See Jose Padilla). ES10, 2002
Chicago skyscraper plot. ES42, 2006
Chicago Sun. (See British Security Coordination - MI6 operations). ES52, 2007
Chicken Farm Plot. ES69, 2010
Chicken Farm Plot. ES75, 2011
Chicken Farm Plot. Falling Down. Feature. Trial of JFK Airport bomb plotters concludes. ES78, 2012
Chicken Farm Plot. US-based AQ terror gang infiltrated by FBI. ES49, 2007
Chickens. See Operation Blue Peacock. ES72, 2011
Chilcott, Dominick. ES89, 2014
Chilcott, Sir John. Feature. Eye Only. (See also Iraq Dossier). ES86, 2013
Child, Julia. ES51, 2007
Chilean Intelligence Service helped UK during Falklands War. Feature. ES9, 2002
Chilver, Marie. A Spy Called Fifi. The 96 Hour Scheme. Feature. The secret life of an agent provocateur. ES93, 2014
Chin, Larry Wu-Tai. MSS spy in CIA. ES80, 2012
China air force fighter - J-10 built from stolen US technology. ES7, 2002
China airliner discovered with espionage equipment installed. CIA blamed. ES7, 2002
China and US submarine technology. Feature. ES49, 2007
China embarks on 'killer' satellite programme. ES72, 2011
China loses advanced surveillance aircraft. ES41, 2006
China targets huge new NSA complex on Hawaii. ES53, 2008
China. 610 Office. Chinese security organisation monitor Falun Gong Feature. ES80, 2012
China. A History of Espionage Wars. Feature. MI6-CIA operations in China. ES80, 2012
China. Chinese Whispers. Feature. UK intelligence contact man Neil Heywood murdered in China. ES79, 2012
China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature. Beijing claim arrest of CIA agent in senior government office. ES80, 2012
China. Cyber attacks. ES51, 2007
China. Cyber Espionage. Feature. ES91, 2014
China. Dangerous Cloning Industry. See China. Red Espionage. Bogus Front Companies. Feature. ES92, 2014
China. Embassy of China, Guyana. See MSS. Rise of the Dragon. Hub-79.
China. Embassy of China, London. ES93, 2014
China. Embassy of China, London. See MSS. Rise of the Dragon. Hub-79. ES94, 2014
China. Espionage fears raised by former NSA and D/CIA Director Michael Hayden. (See also Huawei). ES86, 2013
China. Great Hall of the People, Tiananmen Square, Beijing. ES80, 2012
China. MSS. Ministry of State Security. Rise of the Dragon. The 12 Bureaus. Feature. Inside China's super secret spy agencies. Part 1. ES93, 2013
China. New China Seas Intelligence War. China claims contested airspace announces Air Defence Identification Zone. CIA operational. Feature. ES89, 2014
China. Red Espionage. Bogus Front Companies. Feature. ES92, 2014
China. US House Intelligence Committee Report on Chinese technology spy fronts. ES82, 2012
China. US space secrets acquired in espionage operation. (See Dongfan Chung) ES64, 2009
China. USA in espionage talks. ES4, 2001
China. Warnings of Chinese espionage. Feature - A Degree in High Tech Spying and Cloning.ES74, 2011
China's domestic security service thwarts major AQ hijack plot. Feature - China Awakening. ES55, 2008
China's Pentagon spies sentenced. ES57, 2008
China's People Liberation Party. Feature. ES91, 2014
Chinatown. Espionage in London and elsewhere using food as a gateway. ES10, 2002
Chinese agent lures Downing Street official. Feature. ES57, 2008
Chinese Embassy, Belgrade. US warplanes destroy building. Feature - Red Dawn Rising. ES2, 2001
Chinese Espionage. Activities in Canada. ES49, 2007
Chinese Espionage. Feature - China's Spies All Over America. ES50, 2007
Chinese espionage. Feature - Nighthawks. US and Russian stealth technology stolen. ES72, 2011
Chinese Espionage. Feature - The Magic Shield. US AEGIS technology appears in Chinese warships. ES37, 2005/6
Chinese Espionage. Front companies in America. ES50, 2007
Chinese Espionage. US-based spy admits guilt. ES56, 2008
Chinese Hackers. ES33, 2005
Chinese Hackers. European government computers attacked. ES56, 2008
Chinese infiltration of British telecommunications. ES72, 2011
Chinese intelligence windfall as US Navy sails into Hong Kong. ES4, 2001
Chinese Intelligence. China grabs US secrets from helicopter destroyed in raid on bin-Laden's Abbottabad compound. Clandestine Service, CIA. ES75, 2011
Chinese Intelligence. Feature - Red Dawn Rising. ES2, 2001
Chinese Intelligence. Linked to death of cyber worker Shane Todd. ES84, 2013
Chinese Intelligence. MI5 warn of honeytraps. Feature. ES94, 2014
Chinese Intelligence. Presence on Cuba. ES77, 2012
Chinese warplanes force down US Navy EP-3E Orion surveillance aircraft. ES2, 2001
Chinook Flight ZD576 disaster. ES86, 2013
Chinook Flight ZD576. Case file removed from important book. ES59, 2008
Chinook Flight ZD576. Day of Disaster. Feature on associated MI5 operations. ES7, 2002
Chinook Flight ZD576. Lords Inquiry. ES6, 2001
Chinook Flight ZD576. Whitehall's Shameful Cover-Up? Report on the crash of UK helicopter that killed 29 people, including over 20 intelligence officers. ES1, 2001
Chip, Chapman. ES59, 2008
Chirac, Jacques. ES25, 2004
Chirac, Jacques. ES25, 2004
Chirac, Jacques. ES45, 2006
Chirac, President. Accusations of plot to overthrow French president. ES11, 2002
Chirazi, General Mohsen. ES89, 2014
Chocolate bomb. ES63, 2009
Chocolate. [as poison]. (See MI5 - All Our Yesterdays. Assassins, Coffee and Poison Powders). ES73, 2011
Choke Point. See Surveillance. Tradecraft. ES91, 2014
Choudhury, Mashudir Rahman. ES88, 2013
Choudhury, Mashudur. See MI5 Syrian Surveillance. UK suspects monitored. Feature. ES91, 2014
Chouet, Alain. DGSE. AQ airline plot warning. ES48, 2007
Chowdhury, Mohammed Moksudur Rahman. ES72, 2011
Chowdhury, Mohammed. ES78, 2012
Chowpatty Beach. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Christoflas, Demetris. ES81, 2012
Chuadhry, Umar. ES67, 2010
Chung, Dongfan 'Greg'. Boeing employee sold China US space secrets. ES64, 2009
Chung, Dongfan. Feature - Red Encounters. Chinese espionage in America. ES54, 2008
Chunhui, Gu. ES91, 2014
Chunwang, Jia. MSS. ES93, 2014
Church Committee. See Senator Frank Church. ES94, 2014
Church of Scientology surveilled by alleged terrorists in London. ES72, 2011
Church, Benjamin. (See Spies of the American Revolutionary War). Feature. ES85, 2013
Church, Robert. ES13, 2002
Church, Senator Frank. See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. See Mitrokhin Archive. ES92, 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge. ES17, 2003
Churchill Museum. Feature. ES32, 2005
Churchill, Winston. (See Camp David). ES54, 2008
Churchill, Winston. Drinking party with Stalin. ES86, 2013
Churchill, Winston. ES11, 2002
Churchill, Winston. ES78, 2012
Churchill, Winston. Nephews of Churchill identified as Soviet spies. Feature - Doubting Thomas, the Churchill Spies. ES1, 2001
Churchill, Winston. WWII Jewish plot to assassinate wartime leader. Feature. ES73, 2011
Churchill's War Rooms. New museum opens in London. Feature. ES17, 2003
Churkin, Vitaly. ES86, 2013
CIA front companies. ES80, 2012
CIC. Counter Intelligence Corp. (See OSS operations). ES31, 2005
Cilcennin, Viscount. First Lord of the Admiralty. (See Lionel Crabb). ES46, 2006
Cimoszewicz, Wlodzimierz. ES25, 2004
CIO. Central Intelligence Organisation. Feature. ES2, 2001
CIPB. Critical Infrastructure Protection Board. (See cyber threats). ES53, 2008
Cipher Pad. ES44, 2006
Circumnavigation • Roleplay and Tradecraft • Using Ideology as Gateways • Recruitment • Electronic Advantage. (TC) ES85, 2013
Cirillo, Corporal Nathan. See ISIS. Tentacles of ISIS. Feature. ISIS operatives and supporters launch and prepare attacks in Canada, UK, America and Europe.
ES94, 2014
Cirincione, Joseph. ES31, 2005
Citicorp skyscraper, New York. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
CitiCorp Tower. Terror plot. ES75, 2011
Citigroup Center, New York. ES44, 2006
Citigroup. London skyscraper targeted. ES28, 2004
Citigroup. New York skyscraper plot. ES28, 2004
Citti, Sergio. ES72, 2011
City University, London. ES74, 2011
Civic, Andrija. ES16, 2003
Civil Liberties and eavesdropping. ES36, 2005
Civil Servant pleads guilty to breaches of Official Secrets Act. ES59, 2008
Claire, Paul Lewis. ES85, 2013
Clairmont Mesa, San Diego. Apartment of 9/11 terrorists. ES75, 2011
Clairvaux Prison, France. ES79, 2012
Clancey, John l. CIA Angola. ES15, 2003
Clandestine Communications. Radio and the world of espionage. Feature. ES50, 2007
Clandestine Service, CIA. ES75, 2011
Clapper, James R. ODNI. ES73, 2011
Clapper, James. Director ODNI. Feature. Clapper orders all USIC to create polygraph system following intel leaks to media. Feature. ES80, 2012
Clapper, James. ES88, 2013
Clapper, James. NGIA. ES38, 2006
Clapper, James. ODNI Director on Prism leaks. ES86, 2013
Clapper, James. ODNI on Egypt unrest. ES72, 2011
Clapper, James. ODNI. ES70, 2010
Clapper, James. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
Claridge's Hotel, London. ES57, 2008
Clark, Tim. ES93, 2014
Clark, Timothy. Defence Intelligence. (See Mystery of the Gaul). ES2, 2001
Clarke, Colonel Dudley. Cross dressing deception officer. ES86, 2013
Clarke, Helen. ES59, 2008
Clarke, Joe. Canadian premier. ES66, 2010
Clarke, Liam. ES1, 2001
Clarke, Liam. ES18, 2003
Clarke, Peter. (See 21/7 London attacks). ES35, 2005
Clarke, Peter. (See London 21/7). ES46, 2007
Clarke, Peter. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Clarke, Peter. CTC chief to retire. Feature. ES51, 2007
Clarke, Peter. ES48, 2007
Clarke, Richard. Comments on tracking of 9/11 terrorists from Malaysia to Los Angeles. ES75, 2011
Clarke, Richard. ES25, 2004
Clarke, Richard. ES53, 2008
Class Seven Authorisation. (See MI6). ES70, 2010
Clayton-Hutton, Christopher. ES82, 2012
Clean Skin. Definition. ES50, 2007
Cleave, Michelle Van. ES32, 2005
Cleave, Michelle Van. ES32, 2005
Clegg, Nick. ES64, 2009
Clegg, Nick. ES64, 2009
Clinton, Bill. President and pardons. ES1, 2001
Clinton, General Sir Henry. ES85, 2012
Clinton, Hilary. ES64, 2009
Clinton, Hillary. ES72, 2011
Clinton, Hillary. ES80, 2012
Clinton, Hillary. ES90, 2014
Clinton, President Bill. Regrets over missed opportunities to kill OBL. ES7, 2002
Clivedon, Buckinghamshire. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
Clooney, George. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Clostridium Botulinum. (See Rakhman's Botox - FSB). ES67, 2010
CMAS. Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist. ES87, 2014
CMC. Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The eyes and ears of North America. Feature. Photo essay. ES54, 2008
CMG. Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. ES49, 2007
CND. FSB infiltration. ES48, 2007
CNI. Critical National Infrastructure. [UK]. ES49, 2007
CO19. (New Scotland Yard) (See 21//7 bombing). ES35, 2005
CO19. (See Jean Charles De Menezes). ES59, 2008
CO19. Central Operations Specialist Firearms Command. Feature. (See De Menezes Affair). ES52, 2007
CO19. Counter Terrorism Command. Arrest of suspected terror suspects in Bradford, Glasgow, London and Belfast. ISIS/al-Qaida,Republican threads. MI5 React.
Feature. ES88, 2013
CO19. Feature - End Game. (See De Menezes Affair). ES52, 2007
Cobra Event. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Cobra Gold. ES49, 2007
COBRA. Cabinet Office Briefing Room [A]. ES50, 2007
COBRA. Cabinet Office Briefing Room. ES68, 2010
COBRA. Meeting called ahead of various counter-terrorist operations in UK. ES76, 2011
COBRA. Meeting. (See Heathrow Airport alert). ES16, 2003
Code books. (American Civil War). ES83, 2013
Code of Hammurabi. ES68, 2010
Code Red Virus. Chinese computer hacking. ES4, 2001
Code Red. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Codebreaking Competition. ES42, 2006
Codebreaking. Bletchley Park Legends. Feature. ES74, 2011
Codebreaking. Feature - The Real Codebreakers. ES42, 2006
Codebreaking. Feature. ES41, 2006
Codebreaking. Feature. ES48, 2007
Coded Communications in e-mail. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Coded communications. ES64, 2009
Codemaking. Al-Qaida's operatives use wartime codes. ES36, 2005
Codemaking. Feature. ES48, 2007
Code-o-Graphs. (See A Child's Garden of Espionage). ES14, 2002
Codes and Ciphers - Feature. ES48, 2007
Codes. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Coffee, Wily. ES78, 2012
Coghlan, David. ES90, 2014
Coglan, David. See Tradecraft - Bugs and the Culture of Interception. ES88, 2013
Cohen, David. CIA. ES17, 2003
Cohen, Dr Avner. ES2, 2001
Cohen, Eli. Mossad. ES6, 2001
Cohen, Geula. (See Stern Gang). ES73, 2011
Cohen, Lona. ES50, 2007
Cohen, Morris and Lona. ES65, 2009
Cohen, Morris. ES50, 2007
Coins. (See Spy Coins). ES46, 2007
Colaba Police Station, Mumbai. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Colby, Carl. Son of former spymaster produces revealing film insight. ES76, 2011
Colby, William E. D/CIA. ES41, 2006
Colby, William. D/CIA. ES63, 2009
Colby, William. ES50, 2007
Colby, William. ES76, 2011
Cold War air reconnaissance missions. ES21, 2003
Cold War disinformation programme. ES24, 2004
Cold War Doctrine. See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Cold War Espionage. Spy cases examined and myths explored. Feature. ES55, 2008
Cold War fears heard at conference. ES22, 2003
Cold War Museum. Feature. ES8, 2002
Cold War. Barnham. ES44, 2006
Cold War. Buried Russian weaponry. See Mitrokhin Archive. ES92, 2014
Cold War. CIA espionage feature - 'A Secret Life'. ES28, 2004
Cold War. Feature - Counterspy. Cold War spy cases. ES31, 2005
Cold War. Feature - Heaven Help Us. Released intelligence files reveal Britain would have been overrun very quickly by Eastern Bloc. ES60, 2009
Cold War. Gorbachev's Warning. World on Brink of a New Cold War. Feature. ES94, 2014
Cold War. Last 'official' espionage victim. Feature. (See also Major Arthur D. Nicholson). ES74, 2011
Cold War. Picture feature - iconic images in the life of Berlin. ES74, 2011
Cold War. Spy Ripples from the Cold War. Feature. RAF and NATO aircraft engage Russian warplanes and ships as Moscow increases military operations
around the world. ES94, 2014
Coldfeet. Daring US Arctic operation to recover material from an abandoned floating North Pole Russian research base in 1962. Part 1. ES80, 2012
Colditz Castle. ES1, 2001
Colditz Castle. ES82, 2012
Coll, Steve. ES72, 2011
Collard, Christine. See Marie Chilver. A Spy Called Fifi. The 96 Hour Scheme. Feature. The secret life of an agent provocateur. ES93, 2014
Collier, Sean. (See Boston Marathon Bombing). ES86, 2013
Collier, Sean. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Collins, Colonel Tim. ES87, 2013
Collins, Colonel Tim. ES91, 2014
Collins, J. Lawton. Major General. (See Chanticleer). ES74, 2011
Collodion. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Collusion. Report by Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman. (See RUC). ES46, 2007
Colombia. Military Intelligence Service. ES57, 2008
Colombia. US surveillance contractors rescued. Feature - A Most Audacious Operation. ES57, 2008
Colossus. (See Story of Bletchley Park). ES27, 2004
Colossus. Codebreaking machine. ES20, 2003
Colossus. ES86, 2013
Colossus. ES88, 2013
Colossus. Feature - A Surviving fragment. ES64, 2009
Colossus. Machine that cracked Enigma to be rebuilt. Feature. ES35, 2005
Colson, Charles. (See Watergate). ES79, 2012
Colton Ore. ES43, 2006
Combatant Status Review Tribunal Notice. ES64, 2009
Combined Air Operations Centre. Real-time surveillance operations. ES41, 2006
Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Combined Task Force 150. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn
of Africa. ES84, 2013
Comey, James. ES94, 2014
Comey, James. Feature. FBI Changes. President Obama nominates Comey as new Director. ES86, 2013
Comfort Letters. See Northern Ireland. ES91, 2014
Cominak. Niger uranium mining. ES19, 2003
COMINT. (Communications Intelligence). ES21, 2003
COMINT. Communications Intelligence. Feature - Guardrail. ES58, 2008
Comitern. (See KGB). ES16, 2003
Command for Network Warfare. ES33, 2005
Commando Solo Super J, ES72, 2011
Commando Solo. (See Mind Control and also Operations). ES72, 2011
Comment Crew. ES92, 2014
Comment Crew. See Unit 61398. Feature. ES91, 2014
Commission of Inquiry on Syria. United Nations initiate war crimes investigation concerning ISIS atrocities. Feature. ES94, 2014
Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction. ES60, 2009
Committee of Foreign Affairs. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Committee of Secret Correspondence. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Committee X. Mossad. ES68, 2010
Communication. Secret methods of. Spies of the American Revolutionary War. Feature. ES85, 2013
Communication. The Unwitting Power of. Feature on GCHQ, Blackberry, Intelligence, Cyber and the riots which erupted in England 2011. ES75, 2011
Communications and Signals. Disruption by adverse weather. Feature. ES89, 2014
Communist Party Central Committee. ES63, 2009
Compartmentalised Intelligence. (See Hercules shoot down for example) . ES38, 2006
Compartmentalised Intelligence. ES73, 2011
Compound 19. Secret Soviet centre for biological warfare). Feature. ES19, 2003
Computer and Communications Industry Association. ES87, 2013
Computer Generated Voices. (Fear of Vocal Terrorism). Feature. ES51, 2007
Computer Hacking. Feature - Secret US Intelligence Hackers. (Countermeasures). ES33, 2005
Computer monitoring. ES24, 2004
Computer surveillance system. ES19, 2003
Computer Virus Time-Line. Feature on the history and types of computer viruses. ES44, 2006
Computer Virus. ES44, 2006
Comrade J. Feature - KGB Defector Sergei Tretyakov. ES54, 2008
Comverse. ES60, 2009
Conakry, Guinea. ES19, 2003
Concealed weaponry smuggled through airports. Feature - Briefing Room. Photo Essay. ES38, 2006
Concealment devices and objects. Feature. Photo essay. ES42, 2006
Concealment devices for terrorism. ES33, 2005
Conch Fritters. See CIA. ES92, 2014
Concordski. (See Charger or Tu-144). ES74, 2011
Concordski. Tupolev Tu-144. ES2, 2001
Coney, Simeon. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
Confederate Cipher Cylinder. ES40, 2006
Confederate White House. (See Mary Elizabeth Bowser). ES56, 2008
Conflict Zones. Personal security tips. ES38, 2006
Confusion Agent. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Congo. Uranium mines. ES27, 2004
Connery, Sean. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Connery, Sean. ES72, 2011
Connolly House, Belfast. (See MI5). ES32, 2005
Connolly House. MI5 bug. ES41, 2006
Connolly, Niall. ES9, 2002
Conolly, Arthur. British East Indian Company. ES77, 2012
Conrad Spy Ring. Feature. ES10, 2002
Conrad Spy Ring. Feature. ES10, 2010
Conservative Party Central Office. See Bugs and the Culture of Interception. Historical overview. Part 4. The Royal Intercepts. (TC) ES90, 2014
CONTEST. Counter-Terrorist Strategy. Feature on UK counter-terrorist measures and strategy. ES76, 2011
Contract Agencies. (See Front Companies). ES44, 2006
Contractors in Iraq. (See Plausible Deniability). ES29, 2004
Contractors in Iraq. Feature - Inside Story. ES43, 2006
Contractors. Inside Story. The 'Grey Men' of Iraq. ES43, 2006
Control Order. (See Home Office). ES68, 2010
Control Risks Group. (See Contractors in Iraq). ES29, 2004
Controlled Offensive Behaviour. KGB project. (See Remote Viewing). ES6, 2001
Controlled Questions. (See Lie Detectors). ES49, 2007
Cook, Andrew. ES12, 2002
Cook, Flight Lt. Rick. ES86, 2013
Cook, Richard. (See Chinook ZD576). ES7, 2002
Cook, Robin. ES32, 2005
Coombs, David. (See Bradley Manning). ES73, 2011
Coombs, David. Solicitor of Bradley Manning. ES80, 2012
Cooper, Chris. (See Breach). ES47, 2007
Cooper, D.B. (See Norjak Cold Case). ES53, 2008
Cooper, Dr Bruce. (See Stay Behind Cave). ES59, 2008
Cooper, Dr Bruce. ES47, 2007
Cooper, Dr. Martin. Inventor of cell/mobile phone. ES73, 2011
Cooper, Mathew. ES41, 2006
Cooper, Matthew. ES28, 2004
Cooper, Miles. ES82, 2012
Cooper, Roger. ES67, 2010
Cooperative Cyber Defence Center, Estonia. ES69, 2010
Copeland, David. Soho nail bomber. ES67, 2010
Copeland, Jack. Professor. ES80, 2012
Copenhagen. AQ target. ES65, 2009
Co-Proxamol. (See David Kelly). ES19, 2003
Coptercam 8 RPV. ES86, 2013
Corbijn, Anton. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Coreflood Virus. (See Cyber Weapons). ES73, 2011
Corera, Gordon. Art of Betrayal: Life and Death in the British Secret Service. Interview with BBC security correspondent. Stuxnet. ES75, 2011
Corera, Gordon. Research in Czech intel files reveals spy operated undetected in Parliament. ES80, 2012
Corinthia Hotel, Tripoli, Libya. ES88, 2013
Cornwall, David John Moore. Aka John le Carre. Feature. ES90, 2014
Corona. Space satellite. ES9, 2002
Corporate Espionage. Feature - Profile of a Corporate Spy. ES43, 2006
Corporate Espionage. Feature - The Enemy within. ES51, 2007 (See Spy Tradecraft). ES51, 2007
Corporate Espionage. New Intelligence Gatherers. (See Spy Tradecraft) ES56, 2008
Correa, Rafael. ES81, 2012
Correa, Rafael. President of Ecuador revokes Edward Snowden's travel permit. ES86, 2013
Correa, Rafael. President of Ecuador. ES80, 2012
COSMOS 389. (See ELINT). ES58, 2008
COSMOS 4. Spy satellite. ES15, 2003
COTS. Commercial Off The Shelf. ES88, 2013
Cotton, Sidney. ES82, 2012
Council for Chemical Security. Russia. ES52, 2007
Counter Surveillance. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES50, 2007
Counterfeit Money. How to check. ES46, 2007
Counterpunch Magazine. ES72, 2011
Counter-Terrorism Science and Technology Centre. UK. ES40, 2006
Counter-terrorism. Analysis and response. Feature. ES77, 2012
Counter-terrorism. Exercises. ES80, 2012
Counter-terrorism. Forensics. ES80, 2012
Counter-terrorism. Relations. ES80, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 1 - Signs and Definition. Series covers: • Intelligence Collection • Threat Analysis
(assessing the threat posed by groups and individuals) • Service Coordination • National Infrastructure • Risk Assessment • Counter-Intelligence
• Site Security (including locations such as airports, military facilities, weapons or hazardous storage and production sites). (TC) ES77, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 2 - Contact, Creation, Insurgency. • Tools of the Trade • Objectives and Options
• Forms of Terrorism from Biological to Suicide Attacks • Estimating Longevity of Threat • Predicting Attacks • Analysis of Terror Groups • Statistics
• Structure of Terror Groups • Finance • Operational Capability • Weaknesses • Associations • Operational Landscape • Strength. (TC). ES78, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 3 - Invisible Opponents: Identifying terrorist types and their objectives.
• Revolutionaries • National Appeal • Political Motives • Separatism • Religion • Lone Wolves • Forms of Terrorism • Political Terrorism • Nuclear Terrorism
• Money as a Motivation • Poisons and Toxins • Water Contamination • Explosives • Unconventional Attacks • The Media • Countermeasures. (TC). ES79, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 4 - Informants, HUMINT, Liaison and Agent Control. • Human Intelligence
• Agent Control and Relationship • Organisation and Control • Task Forces • Electronic Intelligence • Analysis • Training • Warning Systems. (TC) ES80, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 5 -The Sponsors of Terrorism. Designated countries • Political Influence
• Covert Official Support • Operations • Secret Sponsors • Hatred and Ideology • Strategy and Motivation • Regime Change • Assassinations
• Blue on Green Attacks • Front Organisations. (TC) ES81, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 6 -Letter Box Bombs: The delivery system and product. Types of Bombs and Explosives
• Case Examples • Fictitious Fronts • Lone Wolves • Airliners and Diplomats • The Bombers • Counter-measures
• Couriers and Hand Delivered Mail • Suspicious Mail and Packages • Warning Signs • Security in Mail Rooms • Statistics. (TC) ES82, 2012
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 7 - IEDs: Improvised Explosive Devices. Technology • Access to Products
• IED Description • Worldwide Attacks • Adapted Items • Transportation • Electronic Advances • Utilisation • Training • Counter-measures
• Types of Explosives • Cell Phone IEDs • Personal Body-worn IEDs • Placement • Locating IEDs • Future IEDs. (TC) ES83, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism. Radiological • Biological • Chemical • WMD • Toxic Poisons
• Diseases and Infections • Entomological Warfare • Plutonium • ABC • CBRN • UAT • Polunium-210 • Dirty Bombs • Pathogens and Germ Warfare
• Uranium • Bubonic Plague • West Nile Virus • Anthrax • Smallpox • Super poisons • Water Security. (TC) ES83, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 9 - The Gateway: Infiltration and Disruption. Intelligence Collection by
Circumnavigation • Roleplay and Tradecraft • Using Ideology as Gateways • Recruitment • Electronic Advantage. (TC) ES85, 2013
Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10. A Second in Time .Failures •Strategy • Errors • Signs and Cooperation
• Cryptic Clues • Word Exchange • Intercepts • Service Personnel and Agencies • Terror Group MO • Prevention • Momentary Lapses • Security • Planning
• Planning for the Unforeseen. (TC) ES86, 2013
Counter-terrorist book banned. ES64, 2009
Counter-terrorist operations in Canada. ES41, 2006
Couriers and Counter-Terrorism. Feature. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES50, 2007
Couriers. (See Intelligence Couriers). ES49, 2007
Couriers. Types of. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES49, 2007
Couriers. Types of. ES49, 2007
Courtailler, Jerome. (See Richard Reid, Shoe Bomber). ES7, 2002
Courtauld Institute of Art. Spy photo exhibition. ES20, 2003
Courtiour, Roger. (See Wilson Plot). ES40, 2006
Cousseran, Jean-Claude. DGSE. ES11, 2002
Cover and Legend. Feature. The Art of Concealment. How the spy tradecraft of Cover and Legend works. ES82, 2012
Covert Black Economy. Covert camera set. Product Review. ES47, 2007
Covert Black. Concealed camera unit. Product Review. ES43, 2006
Covert Camera Installation. Feature. ES49, 2007
Covert Recording. (See Bugs - Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Coward, Noel Peirce. MI6 contact man. Feature. ES51, 2007
Cowley, Christopher. ES67, 2010
Cox, Dr Christopher Burns. (See David Kelly). ES66, 2010
CPB. Customs and Border Protection Agency. (See Nuclear Trafficking). ES47, 2007
CPC. Counterproliferation Center (FBI). ES85, 2013
CPGB. Communist Party of Great Britain. MI5 surveillance. Feature. ES93, 2014
CPGB. See also MI5 and Britain's Red Historians. ES94, 2014
CPJ. Committee to Protect Journalists. ES13, 2002
CPNI. Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. Feature. Beware a National Bioterrorist Attack. ES74, 2011
CPO. Composite Signals Organisation. (See GCHQ). ES1, 2001
CPS. Crown Prosecution Service. (See Litvinenko). ES49, 2007
CPST. Check Point Software Technologies. (See Unit 8200). ES60, 2009
CQC. Close Quarter Combat. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Crabb, Lionel 'Buster'. ES70, 2010
Crabb, Lionel 'Buster'. Feature - Body in the Harbour. MI6 frogman. ES12, 2002
Crabb, Lionel Kenneth Philip. Feature - The Final Mission. MI6 diver mystery. ES46, 2007
Crabb, Lionel Kenneth Philip. Released documents reveal cover-up. ES46, 2007
Crabb, Lionel. Feature - Crabb Mystery Solved. ES53, 2008
Crabb, Lionel. Feature. MOD release top secret MI6 documents. ES51, 2007
Craig, Daniel. ES82, 2012
Craig, Daniel. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Craig, Greg. ES86, 2013
Cram, Cleveland. CIA. ES58, 2008
Cranfield Aerospace. ES43, 2006
Crawford, Tommy. ES22, 2003
Crawley Mob. MI5 codename for AQ terror cell investigated in Operation Crevice. Feature. ES48, 2007
Cray Cascade Super Computer. ES79, 2012
Cray Super Computers. ES40, 2006
Crazyhorse. AH-64 Apache gun-camera footage - 12 July 2007. (See SIPDIS). ES73, 2011
Credit card fraud. ES25, 2004
Credit Card Fraud. ES33, 2005
Credit Card Fraud. See Cell Phone Interception Countermeasures. Targets and Opportunity. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Credit Card knife (folding - covert). See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 5. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Creech AFB. ES77, 2012
Crest. MI6 Crest Revealed. Feature. ES44, 2006
Crests Intelligence Crests. Feature. ES43, 2006
Crests, Seal and Insignia. Feature - A Moment in Time. The world of intelligence crests. ES51, 2007
Crests. CSIS profile. ES41, 2006
Crests. Meaning, history and creation. Feature. ES51, 2007
Crevice. Listing of targets chosen. Feature. ES48, 2007
Crevice. Threads to 7/7 and 21/7 AQ London bomb gangs revealed. Feature. ES48, 2007
Crevice/Crevis, Operation. Feature - The Parliament Plot. ES44, 2006
Crickets. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Crimea. Russia seizes Crimea. Russia Rising. A New Cold War Forming. Feature. See also Ukraine Conflict. ES90, 2014
Crisswell, Dick. ES85, 2013
Critchfield, James. Dies, aged 86. Critchfield, James. ES18, 2003
Critchfield, James. Feature - A CIA Man's Blind Gamble. ES18, 2003
Croft, Rodney. ES73, 2011
Croix de Guerre. ES72, 2011
Cromitie, James. (aka Hussein and Adu Rahman), ES63, 2009
Crone, Jim. ES59, 2008
Croner's Guide to Exporting. ES82, 2012
Cross, George ES72, 2011
Crowley, Aleister. ES85, 2013
Crowley, Philip J. US State Department. ES73, 2011
Crucible. Military Intelligence Programme. UK. ES1, 2001
Cruise Missile. ES45, 2006
Crypto AG. Cipher machine manufacturer. ES86, 2013
Cryptology. Cryptologic Treasures. Feature on several important code machines. ES78, 2012
Cryptology. ES50, 2007
Cryptology. First Charlotte International Cryptologic Symposium and Exhibit. Feature. ES79, 2012
Crystal City. CCTV tapes. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Crystal Gazing. (See Remote Viewing). ES85, 2013
CS Teleconia. Cable laying ship. ES92, 2014
CSDIC. Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Camp. ES79, 2012
CSE. Canadian Communication Security Establishment warned that papers linked to Edward Snowden will be released. Feature. ES88, 2013
CSE. Canadian Communication Security Establishment. ES88, 2013
CSIS headquarters. ES41, 2006
CSIS notes emerging terrorist threat in Canada. ES18, 2003
CSIS structure. ES41, 2006
CSIS under investigating in Air India bomb case. ES18, 2003
CSIS website section on tradecraft. Feature. ES54, 2008
CSIS. (See TOPOFF). ES52, 2007
CSIS. Arrest of the 'Detonator Man'. (See 7/7 London bombings). ES48, 2007
CSIS. Canada's spies active abroad. ES26, 2004
CSIS. Canadian AQ intel informants. ES73, 2011
CSIS. Canadian intelligence helped detect Crevis AQ gang. Feature. ES48, 2007
CSIS. Canadian intelligence service seeks AQ cyber training school. ES16, 2003
CSIS. Canadian Parliament Plot. Feature - Lured by the Guy Fawkes Recruiter.
CSIS. Counter-espionage operation. Feature - Arrest of SVR Jackal. ES45, 2006
CSIS. Director Richard Fadden on importance of analysis. Feature. ES80, 2012
CSIS. Feature. Whirlpool Bridge Plot. Royal Canadian Mounted Police foil train plot by al-Qaida. ES85, 2013
CSIS. Operation thwarts major terror attack. ES41, 2006
CSIS. Report emerges Canadian traitor Jeffrey Delisle could have been arrested earlier. ES85, 2013
CSIS. Report of a 'thousand' spies in Canada. ES49, 2007
CSIS. Significant compromise of 'Five Eyes' intelligence. Feature - Trinity Top Secret. Canadian naval analyst Jeffrey Delisle arrested for espionage.
Recipients - GRU, Moscow. ES81, 2012
CSIS. Trinity Breach. Feature. Intel analyst arrested for security breach as Russian espionage suspected. ES78, 2012
CSIS. Use of ECHELON. ES51, 2007
CSS. Central Security Service. (See NSA). ES24, 2004
CSS. Central Security Service. ES91, 2014
CSS. Foreign Intelligence Service. Romania. ES43, 2006
CSS. See NSA Changing of the Guard Ceremonies. NSA Directors. Photo Special. ES91, 2014
CT Watch. Counter-Terrorism Watch. USA. ES80, 2012
CTBTO. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. ES65, 2009
CTC. Counter Terrorism Command (FBI). ES85, 2013
CTC. Counter Terrorism Command. ES51, 2007
CTC. Counter Terrorism Command. UK. Intelligence on AQ operation leaked. ES48, 2007
CTC. ES94, 2014
CTC. New Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command. ES80, 2012
CTC. New Scotland Yard Counter Terrorist Command raid various addresses in UK to thwart alleged bomb attacks. ES72, 2011
CTC. Officers detain terror suspects involved in the Woolwich, London, terrorist attack. (See Lee Rigby). ES85, 2013
CTC. See MI5 London Night Games. Feature. ES94, 2014
CTC. SO15. Counter Terrorism Command officers raid London addresses in connection with ISIS. Feature. ES93, 2014
CTD. FBI Counter Terrorism Division. Feature. ES77, 2012
CTIVD. Security Services Supervisory Committee. Holland. ES57, 2008
CTT. Cryptologic Technician Technical. US Navy. Feature. ES90, 2014
Cuba jams US broadcasts to Iran. ES19, 2003
Cuba. 1962 U-2 Incident. Feature. ES77, 2012
Cuba. Island of Spies. Feature - Is Russia Still Listening. Spy base Lourdes. ES77, 2012
Cuba. Number Stations. Carry on Transmitting. Feature. ES73, 2011
Cuba. Soviet missiles. ES24, 2004
Cuba. USAID satellite objections and espionage. Feature. ES73, 2011
Cuban Agent 202. Cuban agent jailed. Feature. ES69, 2010
Cuban espionage in USA. Feature - man and wide spies in place for years. ES63, 2009
Cuban espionage. US removes 14 people after counter-espionage operation. ES18, 2003
Cuban Exiles. 2506 Brigade. (See Bay of Pigs). ES34, 2005
Cuban Exiles. Spies arrested for surveillance. (See Cuban spy case). ES38, 2006
Cuban Five. La Red Avispa Spy Ring. (Information latest on attempts for freedom). ES63, 2009
Cuban intelligence analysts monitor US intentions. Feature - Eyes on SouthCom. ES55, 2008
Cuban Missile Crisis. ES42, 2006
Cuban Missile Crisis. ES86, 2013
Cuban Missile Crisis. Feature - Thirteen Days of October. ES52, 2007
Cuban spy case. ES38, 2006
Cuban spy networks in USA. ES55, 2008
Cuccagna, Marco. ES82, 2012
Culper Spy Ring. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Cultivation and Profiling of agents. (See Field Stations and Spies). ES40, 2006
Cultivation. (Espionage term). ES40, 2006
Cultural Warfare. ES58, 2008
Cumberbatch, Benedict. See The Imitation Game. ES94, 2014
Cumming, Mansfield. ES57, 2008
Cumming, Mansfield. ES82, 2012
Cumming, Sir Mansfield. ES72, 2011
Cumming, Sir Mansfield. MI6 Chief. Inside his 1920s headquarters. See British Intelligence. 500 Spy Sites of London. Feature. ES91, 2014
Cumming, Sir Mansfield. MI6 Chief's love of disguises. ES93, 2014
Cuneo, Ernest. ES51, 2007
Curie, Marie and Pierre. (See Polonium-210). ES84, 2013
Curium-244. ES45, 2006
Curtis House bomb factory. (See 21/7). ES54, 2008
Curtis, Stephen. Feature - helicopter crash lawyer feared Russian assassins. ES26, 2004
Curveball. CIA agent/informant. Feature. ES25, 2004
Curveball. ES75, 2011
Curveball. Feature - CIA WMD Source Identified. ES52, 2007
Curwen, Christopher. (See MI6 - The Curate's Egg). ES10, 2002
Curzon Street, London. ES66, 2010
Custer Battles. (See Contractors in Iraq). ES29, 2004
Customs and Excise Office. ES49, 2007
Cutler, Richard W. (See Counterspy). ES31, 2005
Cutler, Richard W. ES33, 2005
CV-2 Caribou. ES80, 2012
CX Report. (Cumming Exclusively), (See MI6). ES1, 2001
CXS. FBI Communications Exploitation Section. ES77, 2012
Cyanide. (See Berlin water supply). ES20, 2003
Cyanide. Production by al-Qaida in Yemen. ES76, 2011
Cyber Espionage
Cyclamen [Project]. Feature. ES14, 2002
Cyclone II. ES2, 2001
Cyprus. (See Christopher Metsos). ES76, 2011
Cyprus. Feature on island's strategic intelligence importance - Spy Cyprus: Signals, Mossad, Spies and Murder. ES81, 2012
Cyprus. Submarines, Spies and Cables. Feature on espionage and intelligence topics on the island of Cyprus. ES87, 2013
Czech Republic expels two Russian spies. ES64, 2009
Czech Republic. SDI sites. ES41, 2006