eye spy intelligence magazine index


A4. MI5 Surveillance Directorate. ES85, 2013
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 1. See Tradecraft. (TC). ES55, 2008
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 2. See Tradecraft. (TC). ES57, 2008
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 3. See Tradecraft. (TC). ES63, 2009
A-Z Language of Spies. Part 4. See Tradecraft. (TC). ES91, 2014
AAA. Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Feature. ES15, 2003
AAAS. American Association for the Advancement of Science. ES47, 2007
Aamar, Shaker. ES87, 2013
Aaviksoo, Jaak. Estonia. Cyber Terrorism. ES53, 2008
Abassi, Ahmed. (See Whirlpool Bridge Plot). ES85, 2013
Abbar-al, Abdul-Rahman. ES73, 2011
Abbas Abu. (See Achille Laoro). ES17, 2003
Abbasi, Feroz. ES19, 2003
Abbasi, Feroz. ES79, 2012
Abbott, Tony. Australian Prime Minister. ES92, 2014
Abbott, Tony. Australian Prime Minister. See also ASIO. Operation Appleby. Derails Sydney-Based Terror Cell. Feature. ES93, 2014
Abbottabad, Pakistan. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Abbottabad, Pakistan. (See death of Osama bin-Laden. ES73, 2011
Abbottabad. CIA and Electronic Intel. Feature. Examination of the computer and equipment recovered from bin-Laden's Abbottabad compound. ES74, 2011
Abbottabad. Letters from Abbottabad. Bin-Laden Sidelined? Feature. US Army Combatting Terrorism Center. Study on bin-Laden correspondence. ES79, 2012
ABC. Atomic, Biological and Chemical. Intel phrase. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
Abdelate, Ali. ES69, 2010
Abduction. ES33, 2005
Abdulaziz-bin, King Abdullah. ES76, 2011
Abdulkadir, Mohamed Abdulkadir. ES88, 2013
Abdulla, Bilal. ES58, 2008
Abdullah, Abdullah. ES76, 2011
Abdullah, Ahmed Abdullah. ES15, 2003
Abdullah, Bilal. ES50, 2007
Abdulmutallab, Farouk. Underpants bomber sentenced. ES78, 2012
Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk ES80, 2012
Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk. ES66, 2010
Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk. ES76, 2011
Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk. ES86, 2013
Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk. US intelligence and security failures review. ES68, 2010
Abe, Shinzo. Prime Minister of Japan. ES89, 2014
Abedin, Moinul. Jailed for 20 years for terror planning. ES8, 2008
Abedin, Moinul. Pivoting Dancer. ES7, 2002
Abel, Rudolf Ivanovich. (See The Luckiest Spy Coin). ES47, 2007
Abel, Rudolf. ES68, 2010
Aberdeen Robert Gordon University. ES91, 2014
Abidi-al, Fattah Younes. General. ES73, 2011
ABIN. Brazilian Intelligence officer in eavesdropping operations. ES58, 2008
ABIN. Brazilian Intelligence Service. ES43, 2006
ABIN. Wiretap statistics revealed. ES58, 2008
Abingdon Police, Oxfordshire. ES25, 2004
Abingdon, Oxford. (See death of David Kelly). ES19, 2003
Abissalov, Ibrahim. (See Sidney Reilly). ES12, 2002
Abizaid, John. ES27, 2004
Abkhazia. ES58, 2008
Able Danger. Feature - End Game for 9/11 Thread? ES46, 2007
Able Danger. Feature - The Strange Story of US Surveillance Unit. ES36, 2005
Able Danger. Senate Intelligence Committee investigation. ES46, 2007
Aboulmouoine, Hadijo. ES27, 2004
Abracadabra Restaurant, London. See Yuri Felshtinsky. ES91, 2014
Abraham, Stanley Grant Phanor. ES42, 2006
Abramovich, Roman. ES91, 2014
Abramson, Jill. ES87, 2013
Abramson, Jill. ES88, 2013
Absuge, Hassan Yusuf. Murder of. ES88, 2013
Abu Ghraib Prison, Baghdad. 500 al-Qaida prisoners escape in coordinated attacks. ES86, 2013
Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq. Chain of Command. Feature. ES27, 2004
Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq. Faked photographs and hoax. Feature. ES26, 2004
Abu Ghraib Prison. ES32, 2005
Abu Hafs Brigades. Winds of Death. ES25, 2004
Abu Nidal Organisation. ES85, 2013
Abu Salim Prison, Libya. ES76, 2011
Abu Sayyaf. AQ umbrella group in the Philippines. ES60, 2009
Abu-Salfa, Moner Mohammed. Aka Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki. ES91, 2014
Aburahman, Ismail. (See 21/7). ES54, 2008
Abuzeid, Ali. ES1, 2001
ABW. Agencja Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego. Poland domestic Intelligence Service. ES94, 2014
ABW. Two GRU agents arrested in Poland. Feature. ES94, 2014
Abwehr. Codename Westminster. Feature. ES75, 2011
Abwehr. ES60, 2008
Abwehr. ES70, 2010
Abwehr. ES88, 2013
ABWEHR. German military intelligence. ES63, 2009
Abwehr. WWII operations against America. ES73, 2011
AC-130 Corridor [The]. Operation targets 1998 US Embassy bombers. ES46, 2007
AC-130H Spectre. Countermeasures. ES46, 2007
Academy of Sciences, Moscow. ES77, 2012
Access Storage. (See Crevice). ES41, 2006
Access storage. ES25, 2004
Account Rendered. See Andrew Tyrie. ES92, 2014
Achille Lauro. Feature - Terrorist Caught by CIA. ES17, 2003
Achraf, Mohamed. ES34, 2005
ACLU. American Civil Liberties Union. ES57, 2008
Acoustic Sensors. ES43, 2006
Acoustical Espionage. Feature. ES36, 2005
ACPO P25. ES77, 2012
Acrostar Mini Jet. ES33, 2005
Action Directe - Jailed Leaders Time to Die? Feature. AD terrorist Jean Marc Rouillan. ES1, 2001
Active Camouflage. ES34, 2005
Active Measures. KGB Black Propaganda. ES27, 2004
Activity [The]. Feature - Special Forces/Intel hunting AQ terrorists. ES39, 2006
Adabi, Haider al. Iraq Prime Minister. Intelligence shared. Feature. ES93, 2014
Adam Snuffbox. Codename for officer hunting German spies. Feature. ES39, 2006
Adams, Gerry. ES32, 2005
Adams, Gerry. ES7, 2002
Adams, Gerry. ES91, 2014
Adams, James. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
Adams, John. ES61, 2009
Adaptive Camouflage. Feature. ES58, 2008
Adebolaja, Michael. (See Lee Rigby). ES85, 2013
Adebolajo, Jeremiah. Claims MI6 and MI5 tried to recruit him. (See also Lee Rigby). ES86, 2013
Adebolajo, Michael. ES86, 2013
Adebolajo, Michael. ES88, 2013
Adebolajo, Michael. ES94
Adebolajo, Michael. Found guilty of murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. Feature. ES89, 2014
Adebowale, Michael. (See Lee Rigby). ES85, 2013
Adebowale, Michael. ES86, 2013
Adebowale, Michael. ES88, 2013
Adebowale, Michael. ES94, 2014
Adebowale, Michael. Found guilty of murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. Feature. ES89, 2014
Adelstein, Dr Edward. ES84, 2013
Aden-Abyan Islamic Army. ES91, 2014
Adey, Ross. ES68, 2010
Adlon Hotel, Berlin. (See P. G. Wodehouse). ES75, 2011
Adly-el, Habib. ES73, 2011
Admiralty, Whitehall. ES61, 2009
Admiralty. ES42, 2006
Adnani, Muhammad al. ISIS. ES94, 2014
Adrar des Ifohgas Mountains, Mali. ES84, 2013
Adriavskiy, Ivan. See MH17. ES94, 2014
Advanced Electronic Devices. ES43, 2006
AEC. Atomic Energy Commission. ES11, 2002
AEGIS Technology. Chinese spies steal vital US weapons technology. ES35, 2005
Aeroflot. ES1, 2001
AeroVironment Project. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Afalah, Mohamed. ES34, 2005
Afghan Revolutionary Front. AQ/Taliban group. ES60, 2009
Afghanistan Army. Fears over US troop withdrawals. ES84, 2013
Afghanistan Taliban. ES73, 2011
Afghanistan. Operating in Afghanistan 1980/90s and Northern Alliance. Feature. ES5, 2001
AFRICOM. ES92, 2014
AFRICOM. US Africa Command. ES91, 2014
AFRICOM. US Africa Command. Feature. Arc of Instability: Al-Qaida's Journey Across Africa. ES83, 2013
AFRICOM. US Africa Command. State Department Ignored AFRICOM Intelligence. Feature. ES91, 2014
Afridi, Dr Shakil. British agent involved with operation targeting Osama bin-Laden. Feature. ES81, 2012
Afridi, Shakil. Doctor who helped CIA find bin-Laden receives 33-year prison sentence for treason. ES80, 2012
Afridi, Shakil. Doctor who helped CIA find Osama bin-Laden is sacked. ES79, 2012
Afridi, Shakil. ES88, 2013
Afrika Corps. The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII. Feature. ES90, 2014
Afroz Mohammed. ES7, 2002
AFSA. Armed Forces Security Agency (See NSA). ES83, 2013
AFSA. Armed Forces Security Agency, Arlington Hall. (See NSA - Origins). Feature. ES24, 2004
AFSA. Armes Forces Security Agency. ES86, 2013
Agca, Mehmet Ali. (Pope assassin). ES33, 2005
Agca, Mehmet Ali. Released from prison and meets Pope John Paul II. Agca, Mehmet Ali.
Agence France Presse. ES60, 2009
Agent [Sub]. ES38, 2006
Agent 24. ES80, 2012
Agent 355. ES9, 2002
Agent Adam Snuffbox. ES39, 2006
Agent Ahn. ES76, 2011
Agent Alek. ES16, 2003
Agent Alex. ES51, 2007
Agent Amir. ES78, 2012
Agent April Fool. CIA outwit Russians and Saddam in Iraq disinformation programme. ES40, 2006
Agent April Fool. How the CIA bluffed Saddam by using a double agent. ES28, 2004
Agent Cabanjo. (See CIA-Nazi operatives). ES26, 2004
Agent Champagne. The Yitzhak Rabin assassination plot. (Feature). ES7, 2002
Agent Cicero. ES78, 2012
Agent Cindy. (See Cheryl Bentov). (See Mordechai Vanunu). ES25, 2004
Agent Cindy. (See Mordechai Vanunu). (See Sexpionage). ES7, 2002
Agent Contact. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Agent Curveball. ES33, 2005
Agent Curveball. Feature - A Briefcase Full of Lies. ES52, 2007
Agent Curveball. Feature - CIA contact denies WMD allegation. ES59, 2008
Agent Cynthia. (See Amy Thorpe). (See Sexpionage). ES7, 2002
Agent Delta. ES46, 2007
Agent Diomid. ES44, 2006
Agent Fairwell. (See Vladimir Vetrov). ES24, 2004
Agent Farewell. ES75, 2011
Agent Fox. (See Mahmoud-al, Mabhouh Khalfan - Dubai Assassination). ES68, 2010
Agent Gelatine. ES9, 2002
Agent Grandfather. ES82, 2012
Agent Handler. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Agent HOLA. ES92, 2014
Agent in Place. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Agent Indian. ES85, 2013
Agent Infliction. (See MI5). ES2, 2001
Agent Johny. ES91, 2014
Agent Lavel. ES80, 2012
Agent Lavinia. (See Clandestine Communications). ES50, 2007
Agent Liberal. (See VENONA). ES42, 2006
Agent Madame. ES53, 2008
Agent Meeting Points. Locations used by spies to meet their contacts and handlers. Feature. ES65, 2009
Agent Miss Mary. ES42, 2006
Agent Notation. (See MI5 operation - Pakistan Embassy. ES22, 2003
Agent Notation. ES89, 2014
Agent Orange. (See plot to kill Victor Yushchenko). ES31, 2005
Agent Ovation. ES87, 2013
Agent Parlour Maid.  Feature - FBI Spy Case Collapses. ES38, 200
Agent Piccadilly. (See Georgi Markos). ES34, 2005
Agent Plasma Screen. es90, 2014
Agent Pogo. ES78, 2012
Agent Provocateur. (See Spies in the Puzzle Palace). ES56 2008
Agent Provocateurs. ES45, 2006
Agent PT16B. (See plot to kill Gaddafi). ES2, 2001
Agent Quantum. ES82, 2012
Agent Rainbow. ES78, 2012
Agent Ramon. ES1, 2001
Agent Rowlands. ES50, 2007
Agent Savoy. ES31, 2005
Agent Savoy. ES31, 2005
Agent Seahorse. ES82, 2012.
Agent Shah. (See Clandestine Communications). ES50, 2007
Agent Shelley. ES82, 2012.
Agent Shinkawa. ES1, 2001
Agent Simon. ES52, 2007
Agent Sir Albert. ES1, 2001
Agent Snow. ES78, 2012
Agent Sonia. ES16, 2003
Agent Theocrat is Simon Wiesenthal. ES70, 2010
Agent Tricycle. ES82, 2012.
Agent Viola. ES94, 2014
Agent Westminster. (See Coco Chanel). ES75, 2011
Agent White Rabbit. ES82, 2012.
Agent Z3. ES82, 2012
Agent ZigZag. ES31, 2005
Agent. Angel. ES59, 2008
Agent. Babylon. ES59, 2008
Agent. Baronx. ES63, 2009
Agent. Garbo. ES63, 2009
Agent. Piccadilly. (See Georgi Markov). ES57, 2008
Agent. Primrose. ES51, 2007
Agent. Sinbad. ES59, 2008
Agent. Top Hat. Feature. ES13, 2002
Agent. Zephyr. Bon Voyage. Several Legendary Ghosts Depart. Feature. ES58, 2008
Aghazadeh, Reza. ES46, 2007
Aghi, Ziyad. ES64, 2009
AGI. Auxillary Gatherer of Intelligence. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence
collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
Agiza, Ahmed. ES33, 2005
Aharoni, Zvi. Mossad agent who helped catch Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Passes away. Intel Deaths. Feature. ES80, 2012
Ahern, Bertie. ES32, 2005
Ahmad, Babar. (See USS Benfold). Feature. ES55, 2008
Ahmad, Muhammad Ali Mumtz. ES58, 2008
Ahmadabadi, Zahra Kazemi. (See Evin Prison). ES67, 2010
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud. ES53, 2008
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud. ES75, 2011
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud. ES89, 2014
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud. Ground Zero visit stopped. ES51, 2007
Ahmadinejad, Mahoud. ES40, 2006
Ahmadinejad, Mahoud. ES79, 2012
Ahmed, Fayez. (See Flight 175 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Ahmed, Habib. ES60, 2009
Ahmed, Kafeel. (See TigerTiger and Glasgow attacks). ES50, 2007
Ahmed, Kafeel. ES59, 2008
Ahmed, Lord. Telephone tapping. ES7, 2002
Ahmed, Mahmood. ISI Director. ES5, 2001
Ahmed, Mohammed Sharfaz. (See MI5. Feature. MI5 Surveillance X Three). ES85, 2013
Ahmed, Muhammed Naeem. ES88, 2013
Ahmed, Mustafa. Feature - On the Trail of the AQ Paymaster. ES5, 2001
Ahmed, Nahin. ES92, 2014
Ahmed, Rahin. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
Ahmed, Rangzieb. ES60, 2009
Ahmed, Rangzieb. ES64, 2009
Ahmed, Sabeel. ES59, 2008
Ahmed, Shirwa. ES61, 2009
Ahmed, Syed Haris. ES64, 2009
Ahmed, Wakil. ES35, 2005
Ahmedzay, Zarein. (See New York City Subway Plot). ES83, 2013
Ahmedzay, Zarein. Turning Queen's Evidence. Feature. Al-Qaida plot to attack New York.. ES79, 2012
AIA. Air Intelligence Service. USA. ES43, 2006
Ain Amenas Gas Field. Attack by al-Qaida. (See Moktar Belmoktar. Feature. End Game for Mr Marlboro. Intel effort to capture AQ leader. ES84, 2013
Ain Amenas Gas Field. Reasons for Attack. ES84, 2013
AIPAC. American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. ES33, 2005
Air America. ES49, 2007
Air America. Feature - Operation Tropic. ES33, 2005
Air America. Feature - The CIA's Secret Civilian Airline. ES7, 2002
Air Combat Command. USAF. ES77, 2012
Air Concentration Projects. (Terrorist attack preparation). ES35, 2005
Air Force One - codename Angel. AQ used word to contact airliner on day of 9/11. (Feature). ES4, 2001
Air Force One allegedly contacted by AQ at time of 9/11. ES5, 2001
Air Force One. 9/11. ES27, 2004
Air Force One. Countermeasures. ES42, 2006
Air Force One. Feature - The Flying White House. ES42, 2006
Air Force One. Usage of call sign. ES42, 2006
Air France 447. Feature - intelligence interest in the crash of airliner en-route from Brazil to France. ES63, 2009
Air India Flight 182. ES18, 2003
Air Launch. ES2, 2001
Air Malta. ES64, 2009
Air Marshal. (See Federal Air Marshal). ES38, 2006
Air Marshals and surveillance. Feature - Hiding in Plain Sight. ES43, 2006
Air Marshals deployed on UK flights. (See also Sky Marshals) ES23, 2004
Air Passengers. Pinpointing Terrorists. (See also SPOT). ES43, 2006
AIR. American Institute for Research. ES84, 2013
AIR. American Institute of Research. ES82, 2012
Airline Intelligence. Terrorist countermeasures. ES66, 2010
Airline security overhaul in USA. ES14, 2002
Airman Flight School, Norma, Oklahoma. ES39, 2006
Airman Flight School, Norman, Oklahoma. (See Zacarias Moussaoui). Feature. ES39, 2006
Airplane bomb testing technology. ES38, 2006
Airport Intelligence. Feature - Advanced Security and Technology to Thwart Airline Bombers. ES32, 2005
Airport Security and Terrorist Profiling. Feature. ES43, 2006
Airport Security. (Body language). ES33, 2005
Airport Security. Feature - Caught on Camera. New technology to thwart terrorists. ES37, 2005
Airport Security. Feature - On-board passenger items restricted. (See Operation Overt). ES43, 2006
Airport Security. Feature - Removing the Weakest Link. ES45, 2006
Airport security. US installs high-end see-through scanners at vital airports. ES66, 2010
Airport. Situation Checks Unwelcome - Feature. ES43, 2006
Airships. Feature - In From the Cold. (New security applications). ES18, 2003
Airwave Radios. (See Surveillance on the Underground). ES55, 2008
Aisheh, Amer Abu. See Operation Brother's Keeper. ES93, 2014
AISI. Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna. [Internal Information and Security Agency]. ES86, 2013
AIVD. Algemene Inlichingen-en Veiligheidsdienst. Dutch Intelligence Service. ES66, 2010
AIVD. Algemene Inlichtingen - en Veiligheidsdienst. (Dutch Intelligence Service). ES57, 2008
AIVD. Dutch Intelligence Service. (See Daniel Houghton). ES69, 2010
AIVD. Headquarters, Zoetermeer, Netherlands. ES83, 2013
AIVD. Holland. ES43, 2006
AIVD. Operations against active CIA team. Feature. (See also CTIVD). ES57, 2008
AIVD. Surveillance on Iran nuclear plant. ES58, 2008
AK-47. ES49, 2007
Akbar, Jawad. ES41, 2006
Akbar, Jawad. ES44, 2006
Akhmadov, Uvais. See Assassination List. ES91, 2014
Akhtar, Lt. General Rizwan. ISI. ES93, 2014
Akram, Munir. ES28, 2004
Akrotiri, Cyprus. Activists break into UK military base. ES3, 2001
Akrotiri. SBA - Sovereign Base Area Cyprus. ES81, 2012
Akula Class submarines. ES4, 2001
Al Abud Network. Terror group in Iraq (post Saddam). ES29, 2004
Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai. Alleged Mossad agent involved in the assassination Mahmoud al-Mabhouh identified. Feature. ES90, 2014
Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai. ES68, 2010
Al Furat. Manufacturing facility, Iraq. ES13, 2002
Al Ghafiqi Project. Iraq's M21 Directorate unconventional weapons programme. Feature. ES32, 2005
Al Hadi Project. ES86, 2013
Al Jazeera Television Station. ES17, 2003
Al Jazeera. Bombing memo leak. ES44, 2006
Al Jazeera. OBL tapes acquired. ES13, 2002
Al Jazeera. Sackings after Iraq spy links. ES18, 2003
Al Khums. Port in Libya. RAF operations. ES74, 2011
Al Nasra Front. Atrocities. ES92, 2014
Al Qa Qaa Explosives' Storage Complex. (See MI6 surveillance of Iraq WMD). ES30 2004/5
Al Seer Marine, Abu Dhabi. ES89, 2014
Al Shabaab. ES79, 2012
Al Shabaab. ES93, 2014
Al Shabaab. The White Widow - Attacks in Kenya. Feature. ES87, 2013
Al Taji chemical site, Iraq. ES12, 2002
Al Tawid. AQ umbrella group, Jordan. (See Operation Crevice/Crevis). ES25, 2004
Al Tibnah, Dayr az Zawr, Syria. (Syrian nuclear plant). ES52, 2007
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. ES18, 2003
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. ES18, 2003
Al-Assad, Asma. ES81, 2012
Al-Assad, President Bashar. ES81, 2012
Al-Hilli, Sadd. Annecy, France. Assassination. ES87, 2013
Al-Hilli, Zaid. Annecy, France. Assassination. ES87, 2013
Al-Jarrah, Ziad. 9/11 hijacker. ES6, 2001
Al-Khadra Farm Company, Libya. (See Farmco). ES73, 2011
Al-Muhaajiroun. ES91, 2014
Al-Mulathameen. [Masked Brigade]. Al-Qaida franchise, Mali. (See Mokhtar Belmokhtar). ES84, 2013
Al-Naba. (The News). Magazine of ISIS. ES92, 2014
Al-Nusra Front. ES91, 2014
Al-Qaida 'Public Key' for Asrar Mujahideen. ES86, 2013
Al-Shabaab. AQ umbrella group (translation - 'the Lads'). ES64, 2009
Al-Shabaab. AQ umbrella group focussed on recruitment of US nationals. ES61, 2009
Al-Shabaab. ES76, 2011
Al-Shabaab. ES88, 2013
Al-Shabaab. Seal raid on terror site occupied by terrorists in Libya. ES88, 2013
Al-Shabab. ES83, 2013
Alab, Ana. ES86, 2013
Alabama National Guard. CIA Disguise Aircraft and Bay of Pigs. Feature. ES34, 2005
Alabama National Guard. ES34, 2005
Alaghi-al, Mohammed. ES81, 2012
Alamagordo, New Mexico. ES47, 2007
Alan Turing Cryptography Competition. Feature. ES94, 2014
Alan, Hasil Mohammed Rahaham. Arrested at Heathrow Airport with hand grenade. ES16, 2003
Alavi, Seyed Mahmoud. Iran Intelligence Minister. ES94, 2014
Alavi, Seyed. Iran intelligence chief. ES88, 2013
Albany Trust. MI6 front company. ES60, 2008
Albert Memorial, London. ES68, 2010
Albert V. Bryan Court House, Alexandria, Virginia. (See Zacarias Moussaoui). ES39, 2006
Albright, David. ES31, 2005
Albright, David. ES52, 2007
Albright, Madeleine. ES1, 2001
Alcatel-Lucent. See NSA surveillance. ES88, 2013
Alcohol and Espionage. ES45, 2006
ALCOM. Alaskan Command. ES85, 2013
Alderney Street, London. (See Gareth Williams). ES70, 2010
Aldgate Station, London. (See 7/7 attacks). ES34, 2005
Aldo Moro. Red Briggades kidnapper caught. ES24, 2004
Aldrich, Richard. ES45, 2006
Aldrich, Winthrop W. (See The Room). ES42, 2006
Alec Station, Afghanistan. ES66, 2010
Alec Station. CIA OBL research station closed down. ES42, 2006
Alec Station. Feature - Eyes of a Predator. ES36, 2005
Aleksei. Bogus Russian agent. (See Operation Dragonfly). ES33, 2005
Alekseyeva, Lyudmila. (See NGOs). ES39, 2006
Aleppo. (See Syrian Conflict). ES82, 2012
Alexander Fleming House, London. ES82, 2012
Alexander, Chris. ES90, 2014
Alexander, General Keith. ES86, 2013
Alexander, General Keith. See NSA Changing of the Guard Ceremonies. NSA Directors. Photo Special. ES91, 2014
Alexander, Keith B. Appointed Director of NSA. ES41, 2006
Alexander, Keith. (NSA) Appointed first head of US Cyber Command. ES68, 2010
Alexander, Keith. ES60, 2009
Alexander, Keith. ES61, 2009
Alexander, Keith. ES88, 2013
Alexander, Keith. NSA Director announces he is stepping down. ES90, 2014
Alexander, Keith. NSA Director. ES79, 2012
Alexander, Keith. Secret visit to Turkey. ES61, 2009
Alexandra Grove, Leeds. ES59, 2008
Alexandra Grove, Leeds. Inside the 7/7 Bomb Factory. Feature. Photo essay. ES56, 2008
ALF. Animal Liberation Front. ES62, 2009
Alfonsin, Raul. ES84, 2013
Alfred P. Murrah Building. ES13, 2002
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. ES79, 2012
Algeria. Al-Qaida behead French hostage. Feature. ES93, 2014
Algeria. AQ terror cells moving into Europe. ES16, 2003
Algeria. AQ training camp incident leaves 30 terrorists dead. ES67, 2010
Algeria. SAM-7 missile plot aimed at UK. ES16, 2003
Algeria. UN headquarters attack. ES84, 2013
Alghamdi, Ahmed. (See Flight 175 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alghamdi, Hamza. (See Flight 175 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alghamdi, Saeed (United Airline Flight 93 hijacker). ES4, 2001
Alghamdi, Saeed. (See Flight 93 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Algranati, Rita. ES24, 2004
Alhamzi, Nawaq. (See Flight 77 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alhamzi, Salem. (See Flight 77 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alhaznawi, Ahmed. (See Flight 93 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Ali-Mohammadi, Dr Moussad. Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated. ES67, 2010
Ali, Abdullah Ahmed. ES55, 2008
Ali, Abdullah Ahmed. ES74, 2011
Ali, Abdullah Yassin Siraj. (See 21/7). ES54, 2008
Ali, Abikhar Mohamed. CIA role in his capture. Feature. ES18, 2003
Ali, Abikhar Mohamed. ES18, 2003
Ali, Ashik. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
Ali, Ashik. ES76, 2011
Ali, Ashik. ES82, 2012
Ali, Aziz Ali Abd Al. ES56, 2008
Ali, Bahader. ES76, 2011
Ali, Khaled Hussein. ES63, 2009
Ali, Muhedin. (See 21/7). ES54, 2008
Ali, Waheed. ES48, 2007
Ali, Waheed. ES55, 2008
Ali, Waheed. ES59, 2008
Alien Registry. (See Secret Service Bureau). ES61, 2009
Alieva, Zaira. ES89, 2014
Alim, Mohammed Rashid Saeed. (aka Nicky Reilly). ES59, 2008
All Russia State Television and Radio Company. (See Radio Voices of the Clandestine Services). ES75, 2011
Allawi, Iyad. ES26, 2004
Allawi, Iyad. ES29, 2004
Allen, Alex. JIC Chairman found in pool of blood. Feature. ES57, 2008
Allen, Ben. (See Ben Zygier). ES84, 2013
Allen, Charles. ES66, 2010
Allen, General Lew. ES83, 2013
Allen, John. US Marine General. ES76, 2011
Allen, Martin. (See MI6 plot to assassinate Himmler). ES35, 2005
Allen, Percy. ES65, 2009
Allex, Denis. ES84, 2013
Allex, Denis. Kidnapped French DGSE officer killed by al-Qaida in Somalia. ES83, 2013
Alliance. Alliance Strike ISIS. Feature. ISIS targets across Iraq and Syrian attacked. ES93, 2014
Alliance. Formation of 60 nation alliance to combat ISIS. The Alliance: Prelude to Attack. Hunting ISIS from the air. Feature. ES93, 2014
Almani-al, Abu Askar. Killed in CIA Predator strike. ES70, 2010
Alnami, Ahmed. (See Flight 93 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alnami, Ahmed. (United Airline Flight 93 hijacker). ES4, 2001
Alom, Jahangir. (See Royal Wootton Bassett). ES85, 2013
Alom, Jahangir. ES84, 2013
Alomari, Abdul Aziz. (See Flight 11 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alon, Ben. (See Ben Zygier). ES84, 2013
Alpha 1. Codename of agent Rubezahl. (See MI6 intel loss to Russia). ES29, 2004
Alpha Group. FSB. ES89, 2014
Alpha Squad. Russian Special Forces end highjack in North Caucasus. ES4, 2001
Alpine Cow. (See Anschlag, Andreas and Heidrun). ES84, 2013
Alred P. Murrah Building. (See Oklahoma bombing). ES14, 2002
Alshehri, Mohald. (See Flight 175 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alshehri, Wail. (See Flight 11 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alshehri, Waleed M. (See Flight 11 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
Alternative 20A. CIA facility Plaine de Jars, Laos. ES33, 2005
Alternative Futures. Alleged Pentagon/MI6 front company. ES70, 2010
Alternative Futures. Front company. (See Igor Sutyagin). Feature. ES25, 2004
Alternative Three. Feature. ES69, 2010
Alvarez, Carlos M. (See Cuban spy case). ES38, 2006
Alvarez, Carlos. ES47, 2007
Alvarez, Elsa. (See Cuban spy case). ES38, 2006
Alveraz, Elsa. ES47, 2007
Alves, Garibaldi. ES58, 2008
Alwan, Ahmed Rafid. ES52, 2007
Alwan, Rafid. ES59, 2008
AMAN. Military Intelligence Directorate. (See also IDF). Israel. ES58, 2008
Amano, Yukiya. ES84, 2013
Amano, Yukiya. ES88, 2013
Amanpour, Christiane. ES13, 2002
Amateur Radio. ES69, 2010
Ameri, Abdulmagid Saleh. ES81, 2012
American Airlines Flight 11. ES4, 2001
American Airlines Flight 444. ES82, 2012
American Airlines Flight 63. (See Richard Reid). ES32, 2005
American Airlines Flight 63. Feature - Shoe Bomber's AQ Connection with Amsterdam. ES7, 2002
American Airlines Flight 77. ES4, 2001
American Airlines, Flight 77. ES4, 2001
American Bar Association. ES16, 2003
American charged with treason. Feature. ES44, 2006
American Civil War codebooks. ES83, 2013
American Committee on Spies. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
American Covenant. ES5, 2001
American Media Inc. (See Anthrax attacks). ES38, 2006
American MI5. ES58, 2008
American Society for Psychical Research. (See Remote Viewing). ES84, 2013
Americans, The. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Americium-241. (See Operation Spangle). ES29, 2004
Americium-241. ES45, 2006
Ameriki-al, Bashir. ES64, 2009
Amerithrax Investigation. Feature. ES44, 2006
Amery, John. ES75, 2011
Amery, Julian. ES75, 2011
Ames Laboratory. ES58, 2008
Ames Laboratory. ES65, 2009
Ames, Aldrich. (Beating Lie Detectors). ES49, 2007
Ames, Aldrich. ES31, 2005
Ames, Aldrich. ES42, 2006
Ames, Aldrich. ES53, 2008
AMIA bombing 1994. (See also Hezbollah agents attack Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Feature - The Anniversary Bomber). ES81, 2012
AMIA Jewish Centre. (See 1984 bombing). ES52, 2007
AMIA. Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) building, Buenos Aire.
AMIA. Argentine Israelite Mutual Association. 1994 bombing of Jewish centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ES77, 2012
Amilcar Cabral International Airport. ES78, 2012
Amin, Idi. ES6, 2001
Amin, Salahuddin. ES41, 2006
Amin, Salahuddin. ES44, 2006
Amir Kabir University. ES75, 2011
Amir, Yigal. ES84, 2013
Amiri, Shahram. Iran nuclear scientists returns after providing useful intelligence to CIA on Iran's nuclear sites.Feature. ES69, 2010
Amiri, Shahram. Iranian nuclear scientist. ES67, 2010
Amman, Jordan. ES32, 2005
Ammonium Chloride. (See Bali bombing). ES14, 2002
Ammonium nitrate. ES25, 2004
Ammonium nitrate. ES33, 2005
Ammonium Nitrate. ES41, 2006
Ammonium nitrate. ES85, 2013
Amnesty International. Case against CIA 'black sites'. ES76, 2011
Amnesty International. ES59, 2008
Amnesty International. ES64, 2009
Amnesty International. See also British Intelligence. Spying on Lawyers. Feature. ES94, 2014
Amriki-al, Abu Mansour. ES66, 2010
Amrozi 40. (See Bali bombing). ES14, 2002
Amrozi. Bali bomber. ES18, 2003
Amsterdam. AQ terror cells arrive in Holland. ES7, 2002
AMTRAK. (See Whirlpool Bridge Plot). ES85, 2013
Amtrak. ES14, 2002
Analyst. (Intelligence). ES44, 2006
Anam, Ala. ES89, 2014
Anarchist Cookbook. ES84, 2013
Anaya, Jorge. Admiral. ES79, 2012
Anchory. Codename. (See Tony Blair). ES60, 2009
Andalusi, Abdullah al. ES92, 2014
Andaulousli, Amir. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Anderson, James. (See Operation Paget). ES34, 2005
Anderson, Robert. (See Jack the Ripper). ES42, 2006
Anderson, Robert. FBI. ES91, 2014
Anderson, Ross. Restructuring MI5. Feature. ES93, 2014
Anderson, Rudolf. (See 1962 Cuban U-2 Incident). ES77, 2012
Anderson, Stephen. ES39, 2006
Andrade, Noberto. ES47, 2007
Andrade, Noberto. ES50, 2007
Andrew, Christopher. (See Defence of the Realm). ES65, 2009
Andrew, Christopher. Author chosen to write MI5 official authorised history. ES12, 2002
Andrew, Christopher. ES92, 2014
Andrews AFB. ES89, 2014
Andries, Gerald. (See Rainbow Warrior). ES3, 2001
Andropov, Yuri. ES16, 2003
Andropov, Yuri. ES3, 2001
Andropov, Yuri. ES86, 2013
Angel Fire. Airborne countermeasures. ES23, 2004
Angel of Death. (Aslan Gasayev). ES20, 2003
Angelton, James. ES13, 2002
Angleton, James Jesus. D/CIA. ES10, 2002
Angleton, James. D/CIA. ES78, 2012
Angleton, James. ES42, 2006
Anglo American Project. (See Story of Bletchley Park). ES27, 2004
Angola. Spy charge for Global Witness worker. ES47, 2007
Animal Activists. Feature - Aim to Kill. (MI5 investigate extremists). ES1, 2001
Ankara Esenboga Airport. ES82, 2012
Annan, Kofi. UN office bugged. ES24, 2004
Annan, Kofi. UN Secretary General. ES13, 2002
Annecy Shootings. Feature. Anatomy of a Bizarre Incident. ES84, 2013
Annecy, France. Assassination of Saad al-Hilli. French police gunman was a professional. ES87, 2013
Annecy, France. Assassination of Saad al-Hilli. Police issue photofit of assassin. ES88, 2013
Annecy, France. Feature. The Annecy Shootings. (See also Operation Damocles Take Two. Feature. Israel's next move in its secret war with Iran). ES84, 2013
Anonymous. Cyber hacking group. ES79, 2012
Anotov, Alexander. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
ANP. Afghanistan National Police. ES61, 2009
ANPR. Automatic Number Plate Recognition. See Surveillance. Feature. ES94, 2014
Ansar al Islam. ES86, 2013
Ansar al-Islam. AQ umbrella group. ES17, 2003
Ansar al-Sharia. ES87, 2013
Ansar al-Sharia. ES89 2014
Ansar Dine. Terrorist group. ES94, 2014
Ansar Jerusalem. Al-Qaida franchise. ES83, 2013
Ansari, Fahim. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Anschlag, Andreas and Heidrun. Feature. Patriot Games. SVR spies outed by US-SVR double agent. ES84, 2013
Anschlag, Andreas and Heidrun. Feature. Senior Service. Spies represented by legendary spy lawyer. ES84, 2013
Anschlag, Andreas and Heidrun. Feature. SVRs 'Sasha' and 'Olgo': True identities of 'Pit' and 'Tina' may never be known. ES84, 2013
Anschlag, Andreas. Links with SVR spy Raymond Poeteray. ES85, 2013
Anschlag, Andreas. Ripples of Russian Spy Ring. Arrests made connected to the collapsed SVR spy ring in USA. Feature. ES80, 2012
Anschlag, Heidrun. Links with SVR spy Raymond Poeteray. ES85, 2013
Anschlag, Heidrun. Ripples of Russian Spy Ring. Arrests made connected to the collapsed SVR spy ring in USA. Feature. ES80, 2012
Anson, George. (See Shugborough Hall). ES30 2004/5
Anson, George. ES30 2004/5
ANSSI. National Agency for the Security of Information. France. ES92, 2014
ANSSI. National Security Agency, France. ES88, 2013
Anthony, Paul. ES70, 2010
Anthrax attacks in the United States. ES5, 2010
Anthrax attacks. Feature - Suicide end hunts for Anthrax Man. Feature. ES58, 2008
Anthrax postings. Profiling the sender of deadly packages. Feature. ES11, 2002
Anthrax. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Anthrax. 50 anthrax aerial bombs go missing in Baghdad. ES9, 2002
Anthrax. FBI and Stephen Hatfill. ES12, 2002
Anthrax. Feature - Handle with Care. Search for postal terrorist. ES10, 2002
Anthrax. Threat to Parliament. ES25, 2004
Anthrax. Time-line of US attacks. ES38, 2006
Anthropometric Comparison. ES13, 2002
Anti-missile security measures used by El Al Airline following attacks by AQ. ES27, 2004
Anti-Surveillance. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES50, 2007
Anti-Surveillance. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES59, 2008
Anti-Surveillance. DVD presentation. Feature. ES59, 2008
Anti-Surveillance. Performed whilst driving.
Anti-Surveillance. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Anti-terrorist airline seats. ES19, 2003
Antonio, Arranz. ES81, 2012
Antonov 124-100. ES77, 2012
Antoshkin, Nikolai Timofeyevich. (See KGB bug). ES60, 2009
ANUBIS. See MSS. ES93, 2014
AOR. Areas Of Responsibility. ES83, 2013
Apache helicopter. ES33, 2005
Apex System LLC. ES82, 2012
APOC. Anglo-Persian Oil Company. See Operation Boot. ES87, 2013
Apollo 11. ES81, 2012
Apostles [the]. ES64, 2009
Apostles [The]. See Cambridge Spy Ring. ES6, 2001
Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 5. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Applegate, Rex. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Approaches. Technical term used for the sixteen basic psychological ploys used to overcome the enemies' resistance to reveal all. (See US Military Intelligence
Interrogation) ES80, 2012
Aqaba, Jordan. ES35, 2005
AQIM. Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. ES70, 2010
AQIM. ES79, 2012
AQIM. ES83, 2013
AQUILA. ES32, 2005
Arab nuclear intelligence. (See Jonathan Pollard). ES43, 2006
Arab-Israeli War 1948. ES81, 2012
Arabian Sea. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa.
ES84, 2013
Arad, Uzi. ES65, 2009
Arafat, Suha. ES81, 2012
Arafat, Suha. ES82, 2012
Arafat, Suha. ES88, 2013
Arafat, Suho. Widow of Yasser wants body exhumed for tests. ES80, 2012
Arafat, Yasser. (Born Mohammed Abdel-Rwf arafat al-Qudwa al Hussaini) dies. ES30 2004/5
Arafat, Yasser. ES18, 2003
Arafat, Yasser. ES2, 2001
Arafat, Yasser. ES82, 2012
Arafat, Yasser. Feature. Was PLO leader assassinated. Polonium-210 discovered on clothing. ES80, 2012
Arafat, Yasser. France launches investigation over possible Polonium-210 poisoning. ES81, 2012
Arafat, Yasser. Polonium 210 found in items recovered from his person. ES88, 2013
Arafat, Yasser. Remains tested for Polonium 210 poisoning. ES82, 2012
Aragoncillo, Leandro. ES36, 2005
Arak nuclear plant sabotaged. Feature. Iran claims Western spies arrested. ES94, 2014
Arak nuclear site, Iran. ES24, 2004
Arak. Heavy Water Reactor plant, Iran. ES69, 2010
ARAMCO cyber attack. ES82, 2012
Arar, Maher. ES33, 2005
Araud, Gerard. ES88, 2013
Arbabsiar, Manssor. (See plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to USA). ES76, 2011
Arc de Triomphe, Paris. Bomb plot foiled. ES82, 2012
Arc Electronic Inc. FBI probe Russian-linked export company. ES82, 2012
Archetypal Spies. Feature. ES45, 2006
Archibald, Francis 'Frank. ES85, 2013
Arctic Sea. (See Russia). ES64, 2009
Arctic Sea. ES65, 2009
Area 51, Nellis Air Force Test Range. (See Sentinel Incident). ES77, 2012
Aref, Imam Yassim. ES28, 2004
Arendt, Rudolf. ES54, 2008
Arenzana, Asier. ES81, 2012
Argentina Air Force (AAF). ES79, 2012
Argentina bombing. Iran ordered attack on Jewish centre in Buenos Aires. ES22, 2003
Argentina. 1984 Jewish Centre Bombing. New Evidence. ES52, 2007
Argentina. Controversial Olympic Games video released. ES79, 2012
Argentina. Dirty War. Feature. Angel of Death and Britain's Iron Lady. Operations and atrocities performed by Argentinian Alfredo Astiz. ES83, 2014
Argentina. Feature - MI6 South Atlantic watchers. Argentina makes claim for Falklands as 30th anniversary of war with UK nears. ES78, 2012
Argentina. MI6: New Argentina Looking Glass. Feature. Service analysts accelerate predictions on possible military action to retake Falkland Islands. ES79, 2012
Argentina's raid on the Rock. How Argentina planned to attack Royal Navy ships in Gibraltar during Falklands War. ES11, 2002
Argon. Space satellite. ES9, 2002
Argov, Shlomo. ES68, 2010
Argov, Shlomo. ES85, 2013
Argov, Shlomo. Israeli Ambassador. (See Abu Nidal). ES12, 2002
Argov, Udi. ES81, 2012
Ariana Afghan Airlines. Taliban stranglehold. ES1, 2001
Arie, Ze'ev Gur. (See Mossad). ES55, 2008
Arik, Engin. ES75, 2011
Arinc, Bulent. Turkey deputy prime minister. ES80, 2012
Arkan. Feature - Old Scores Settled. (See also Zeliko Raznatovic). ES17, 2003
Arkia Airlines. Airliner attacked in Kenya by AQ. ES14, 2002
Arkia Israel Airlines 757 Mombasa incident. ES81, 2012
Arkin, William M. (See Top Secret America). ES69, 2010
Arkon (aka Zeljko Raznatovic). See Gill Dando. ES2, 2001
Arlington Cemetery. Lockerbie memorial. ES64, 2009
Arlington Hall. (See NSA). ES42, 2006
Arlington Hall. Donald Plisko, NSA Guardrail concept serviceman passes away. ES85, 2013
Arlington Hall. US Army Cryptologic headquarters. ES83, 2013
Arlington Military Cemetery. ES89. 2014
Arlington National Cemetery. ES62, 2009
Armageddon. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Armitage, Richard. ES5, 2001
Arms dealer caught in intel sting operation in Newark. ES20, 2003
Arms to Iran. ES94, 2014
Armstrong, Neil. ES81, 2012
Armstrong, Sir Robert. ES77, 2012
Army Corps of Engineers. ES93, 2014
Army of the Mohajedin. (See Omar Zayan). ES5, 2001
Arndale Centre, Manchester. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Arndale Centre, Manchester. 1996 IRA bombing. ES74, 2011
Arnold, General Benedict. ES9, 2002
Arnold, Mike. ES89, 2014
Aroca, Ricardo Patino. ES90, 2014
Arranz, Antonio Troitino. ETA. ES80, 2012
Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal. ES36, 2005
Arsenal Associated Football Club. (See Litvinenko). ES49, 2007
Arshad, Hafiz. (aka Abdul Rehaman Chota). ES60, 2009
Arshad, Umar. (See MI5. Feature. MI5 Surveillance X Three). ES85, 2013
Art of Distraction. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Art of War. (See Sun Tzu). ES55, 2008
Artamonov, N. F. KGB. ES53, 2008
Artificial Fingerprints. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Aruchi, Mussab. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
Arundel House, London. ES77, 2012
As-Sahab. Propaganda wing of Al-Qaida. ES57, 2008
Ascension Island. ES84, 2013
Asgari, Ali Reza. ES47, 2007
Asghari, Ali Reza. ES65, 2009
Asgharzadeh, Ebrahim. See US Embassy, Tehran. 1979 occupation by Iranian forces and protesters. Feature. ES89, 2014
Asha, Dr Mohammed. ES59, 2008
Asha, Mohammed. ES50, 2007
Ashcroft, James. Former British army Captain on contract security workers in Iraq. ES43, 2006
Ashcroft, John. ES12, 2002
Ashcroft, John. ES60, 2009
Ashcroft, John. ES89, 2014
Ashendon. (See Somerset Maugham). ES51, 2007
Ashik Ali. (See MI5. Feature. MI5 Surveillance X Three). ES85, 2013
Ashkenazi, Gabi. ES53, 2008
Ashkenazi, Gabi. ES60, 2009
Ashkenazi, Gabi. ES63, 2009
Ashley Mansions, London. ES57, 2008
Ashtari, Ali. ES57, 2008
Ashton, Cathy. ES90, 2014
Asian Tigers (terrorist group). ES73, 2011
ASIC. Application Specific Integrated Circuit. ES7, 2002
Asiedu, Manfo. (See London 21/7). ES46, 2007
Asiedu, Manfo. ES48, 2007
ASIO. Australian intelligence organisation in recruitment drive. ES46, 2007
ASIO. Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. ES9, 2002
ASIO. Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Nuclear plant attack thwarted. ES37, 2005/6
ASIO. Counter terrorist raids. ES37, 2005/6
ASIO. ES61, 2009
ASIO. Intel Chief on Syrian conflict and Surveillance. Feature. ES92, 2014
ASIO. Intelligence organisation may have been infiltrated. ES56, 2008
ASIO. Investigation of passport duplicity by Mossad. ES84, 2013
ASIO. List of risks to country revealed. ES46, 2007
ASIO. Operation Appleby. Derails Sydney-Based Terror Cell. Feature. ES93, 2014
Asiri-al, Ibrahim Hassan. Al-Qaida bomb maker creates new type of underwear bomb. ES81, 2012
Asiri-al, Ibrahim Hassan. ES76, 2011
Asiri-al, Ibrahim Hassan. TSA warn of undetectable new underwear bomb. ES86, 2013
Asiri, Ibrahim al. ES87, 2013
Asiri, Ibrahim al. Links to ISIS and Khorasan. Feature. ES93, 2014
Asiri, Ibrahim Hassan al. Al-Qaida's Bomb Menace. Feature. ES80, 2012
Asiri, Ibrahim Hassan al. Bombmaker creates new underwear bomb. ES79, 2012
Asiri, Ibrahim Hassan al. See Al-Qaida create new covert bomb as warnings of airliner attacks issued. New Trans-Atlantic Bombers. Feature. ES92, 2014
ASIS. (See TOPOFF). ES52, 2007
ASIS. Australian Secret Intelligence Service. ES68, 2010
ASIS. ES61, 2009
ASIS. New Australian intelligence training school launched. ES25, 2004
Asiyalov, Nadia. ES89, 2014
Asiyalova, Naida. ES89, 2014
Aslanova, Oksana. ES89, 2014
Aslanova. Oksana. ES89, 2014
ASLIB. Association of Special Libraries. See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Aspect, Alain. (See Remote Viewing). ES82, 2012
Aspect, Alain. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
Asperger Syndrome. ES76, 2011
Asquith, Dominic. British ambassador to Libya - assassination attempt. ES89, 2014
Asquith, Herbert. ES61, 2009
Asquith, Sir Dominic. Attack on. ES82, 2012
ASR Telex machine. ES89, 2014
Assad-al, Bashar. ES75, 2011
Assad-al, Bashar. President Syria. ES21, 2003
Assad, Bashar al. President of Syria. ES80, 2012
Assad, Bashar al. Syrian Conflict. Opening Pandora's Box. Feature. ES87, 2013
Assad, Maher. ES87, 2013
Assange, Julian. (Release of US DOD classified files).(See also Wikeleaks). ES69, 2010
Assange, Julian. (See Bradley Manning). ES73, 2011
Assange, Julian. (See US Cables-WikiLeaks). ES77, 2012
Assange, Julian. ES87, 2013
Assange, Julian. ES90, 2014
Assange, Julian. Extradition looms for WikiLeaks founder -Julian Assange. Feature. ES76, 2011
Assange, Julian. References GCHQ internal communications. ES85, 2013
Assange, Julian. Voices support of NSA contractor Edward Snowden. (See Prism Surveillance). ES86, 2013
Assange, Julian. WikiLeaks founder launches verbal attack on Washington from Ecuador Embassy in London. ES81, 2012
Assange, Julian. WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum in Ecuador to avoid deportation to Sweden. Feature. ES80, 2012
Assassination List. (See assassination attempt on London-based Russian banker German Gorbuntsov. Feature. Underworld: The Assassination List. ES81, 2012
Assassination List. A Strange Twist of Fate. Feature. More deaths linked to alleged Russian List. ES91, 2014
Assassination List. Feature. Arrest made in the shooting of several targets including London banker German Gorbuntsov. ES84, 2013
Assassination of MI6 contact man and Mossad agent, Ashraf Marwan. ES50, 2007
Assassination. Feature - The Prague Tradition. (The history of assassination). ES50, 2007
Assassination. The Secret Agenda of Office 225: Sleepers, poison needles and propaganda. Feature. ES76, 2011
Assembly Point Aviation Inc. ES86, 2013
Associated Press. See also Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Associated Press. US Department of Justice secures phone records related to intel leaks. ES85, 2013
Astana, Kazakhstan. (Nuclear suitcase bomb). ES49, 2007
Astiz, Alfredo. Feature. Angel of Death and Britain's Iron Lady. Operations and atrocities. ES83, 2014
Astor Hotel, Zurich. (See Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan). ES86, 2013
Astor Place. New York. (See Times Square car bomb). ES68, 2010
Astor, Lord. (See Profumo Affair). ES14, 2002
Astor, William. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
ASTOR. Raytheon Sentinel Airborne Stand-Off Radar. ES73, 2011
ASW. Anti-Submarine Warfare. (See MI6 submarine operations against Russia). ES4, 2001
Asymmetric Conflict. Feature - Cultural Warfare. ES59, 2008
Asymmetric Warfare. Feature. ES58, 2008
AT&T. ES41, 2006
ATAC. Anti Terrorist Alert Center. ES43, 2006
Atash, Tawfiq Bin. (Yemen AQ operations). ES5, 2001
Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal. (See MIT). ES43, 2006
Atef, Mohammed. AQ tactical chief killed by USAF strike in Afghanistan. ES6, 2001
ATF. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. ES59, 2008
Athens Olympic Games. (See Greek phone tap mystery). ES40, 2006
Athens phone tapping mystery. Feature - Espionage, Blackmail and Murder. ES40, 2006
Athens. Spy case. Vodafone faces huge fine. ES44, 2006
Atkins, Vera. SOE. ES70, 2010
Atkinson, John. ES34, 2005
Atkinson, Peter. ES49, 2007
Atkinson, Simon. ES57, 2008
Atlangeriyev Crime Gang. (See murder of Anna Politkovskaya). ES57, 2008
Atlangeriyev, Movladi. Codename Lord/Lenin. Feature. (See plot to assassinate Boris Berezovsky). ES57, 2008
Atlanta Olympic Games bomb incident. ES12, 2002
Atlantic Bridge. Think Tank. ES76, 2011
Atlantic Conveyor. ES79, 2012
Atlantic General Enterprises. CIA front company. ES80, 2012
Atlas rocket. ES90, 2014
Atlas. Security operation to protect New York City. ES17, 2003
AtlasAir Flight 4203. Feature - Iran's Aircraft Crash Mysteries. ES75, 2011
Atlee, Clement. ES18, 2003
Atlee, Clement. ES58, 2008
Atocha Railway Station. ES25, 2004
Atom Bomb. Feature - Hitler's Scientists Did Test Nuclear Device. ES32, 2005
Atom Spies. Feature - KGB's Atomic Recruiters. ES47, 2007
Atom Spies. Feature - Reawakening The Dead. Release of important spy documents relating to Soviet KGB spy ring. ES54, 2008
Atomic Espionage. Famous spy witness dies in America. (See Arom Spies). ES57, 2008
Atris, Hussein. ES81, 2012
Atta, Mohamed. Feature - The Prague Connection. ES14, 2002
Atta, Mohamed. Visa application US Embassy, Berlin. ES36, 2005
Atta, Mohammed. (See Able Danger). ES46, 2007
Atta, Mohammed. ES79, 2012
Atta, Mohammed. ES86, 2013
Atta, Mohammed. Lead hijacker of 9/11 attack. (See Flight 11 - 9/11). ES4, 2011
Atta, Mohammed. Pre-2000 9/11 video. ES44, 2006
Atta, Mohammed. Reports he is in Prague. ES5, 2001
Attack on. Bombers have been assassinated by the Mossad. Mossad Strikes Again? Feature. ES89, 2014
Attar-el, Mohamed Essam Ghoneim. ES47, 2007
Attash, Waheed Bin. ES56, 2008
Atwater, Captain F. Holmes. (See Remote Viewing). ES83, 2013
Auchinleck, General Sir Claude. See The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII.
Feature. ES90, 2014
Augsburg, Emil. ES18, 2003
Augustin, Burson. ES42, 2006
Augustine, Rothschild. ES42, 2006
Aum Shinrikyo. ES35, 2005
Aum Shinrikyo. ES84, 2013
Aum Shinriyko. (Supreme Truth). (Japanese cult). ES67, 2010
AUM. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Aurora Flight Sciences. (See Vulture). ES56, 2008
Austin, General Lloyd. ES94, 2014
Australia. Government agrees building of new ECHELON base. ES47, 2007
Australia. Government asks Mossad Station Chief to leave. ES68, 2010
Australia. Threat levels raised. ES93, 2014
Australian and French intelligence shared over AQ. ES22, 2003
Australian ISIS operatives. ES93, 2014
Australian nuclear plant targeted by AQ. Feature - Nuclear Sting. ES37, 2005/6
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. ES49, 2007
Austria. Assassination case points Moscow underworld. ES61, 2009
Automatic Teller Machines. ES37, 2005/6
Autonomous Action. Profile. ES61, 2009
Avakov, Arsen. ES92, 2014
Aviano AFB, Italy. ES33, 2005
Aviano Air Base, (USAF). ES86, 2013
Aviation security. New legislation on cargo-carrying aircraft. ES22, 2003
Aviran, Yitzhak. ES89, 2014
Avital, Shai. Major General - IDF. (See Depth Corps). ES77, 2012
Aviv, Juval. (See Lockerbie) ES40, 2006
Avnar. Mossad. (See Europa Hotel Incident). ES68, 2010
AW. Agencja Wywiadu. Polish intelligence service. ES79, 2012
AW. Foreign Intelligence Agency, Poland. ES92, 2014
AWACS. ES41, 2006
Awadeh, Mustafa Ali. ES85, 2013
Awadi-Al, Ghazi. ES53, 2008
Awlaki-al, Anwar. ES66, 2010
Awlaki-al, Anwar. ES67, 2010
Awlaki-al, Anwar. ES70, 2010
Awlaki-Al, Anwar. ES84, 2013
Awlaki-al, Anwar. Feature - Langley's Most Wanted. ES68, 2010
Awlaki-al, Anwar. MI5 link terror preacher to UK and USA plots. ES68, 2010
Awlaki-al, Anwar.ES73, 2011
Awlaki, Anwar al. ES79, 2012
Awlawki, Anwar al. An FBI asset. Feature. ES93, 2014
Axelrod, David. ES82, 2012
Ayalon Prison, Ramle, Tel Aviv. ES84, 2013
Ayalon Prison. ES85, 2013
Ayalon, Daniel. Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister claims 'no evidence' of Mossad involvement in connection with Dubai assassination. ES68, 2010
Aylos Nikolas Station. ES87, 2013
Ayoubi, al Hala. (See Spy Tradecraft - Trading Places: The Professionals. ES75, 2011
Ayrault, Jean Marc. ES88, 2013
Ayrault, Jean-Marc. French Prime Minister on Syria. ES87, 2013
Ayyash, Yahya. Hamas bombmaker. ES83, 2013
Azar, Raymond. ES37, 2005/6
Azarbar, Arian. See Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. ES90, 2014
Azari, Omarjan. ES93, 2014
Azarmehr, Potkin. ES80, 2012
Azima, Parnaz. ES49, 2007
Azimkar, Patrick. ES62, 2009
Azis, Amir. Major. (See CIA-ISI Spy War). ES74, 2011
Aziz, Abu Rahin. ES92 2014
Aziz, Fahd bin Abdul. ES22, 2003
Aziz, Tariq. ES17, 2003
Aziz, Tariq. ES6, 2001
Aznar, Jose Maria. (See Madrid train bombings). ES25, 2004
Aznar, Prime Minister Jose Maria. (See ECHELON and ETA). ES3, 2001
Azzam [the American]. ES44, 2006
Azzam the American. (See Adam Pearlman). ES57, 2008
Azzam, Abu. ES36, 2005