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Advertising in Eye Spy is a must for anyone who wants to communicate with intelligence, military and security professionals.

More than 55% of EYE SPY readers have budgetary control - an audience of key decision-makers and opinion-formers including chief executives, directors and senior managers

More than 10% of EYE SPY readers are chief executives

A quarter of EYE SPY readers control budgets in excess of  £1 million

"EYE SPY enables me to reach key figures in the security field and delivers high response rates , that is why I choose to advertise in EYE SPY"
Peter Jenkins - Author "Advanced Surveillance, Surveillance Tradecraft"

Advertising in EYE SPY is great value

Series adverts - Book a series of adverts and receive a 20% discount and stretch your marketing budget

Inserts - Loose inserts can provide greater detail that can be achieved in an advert

Web advertising - Banner advertising on this site will give you brand and product awareness plus click troughs' straight to your site. When you take out an advert or insert we offer a banner advert here for the same duration for just  £100 extra

Sponsorship - EYE SPY has sections available for sponsorship and the opportunity to advertise in a central pull-out (bound-in section), giving your organisation optimum brand exposure.

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