The Commission has released its final report, available below in PDF format. The report is also available in bookstores nationwide and from the Government Printing Office.

Complete 9/11 Commission Report  
7.4 MB
Executive Summary
5.9 MB
Public Statement by the Chair and Vice Chair Regarding the Report


36 KB
  Contents, List of Illustrations and Tables, Members, and Staff 233 KB
  Preface 67 KB
  Chapter 1: "We Have Some Planes" 952 KB
  Chapter 2: The Foundation of the New Terrorism 1.44 MB
  Chapter 3: Counterterrorism Evolves 188 KB
  Chapter 4: Responses to al Qaeda's Initial Assaults 185 KB
  Chapter 5: Al Qaeda Aims at the American Homeland 312 KB
  Chapter 6: From Threat to Threat 209 KB
  Chapter 7: The Attack Looms 949 KB
  Chapter 8: "The System Was Blinking Red" 146 KB
  Chapter 9: Heroism and Horror 2.3 MB
  Chapter 10: Wartime 109 KB
  Chapter 11: Foresight--and Hindsight 133 KB
  Chapter 12: What to do? A Global Strategy 184 KB
  Chapter 13: How to do it? A Different Way of Organizing the Government 158 KB
  Appendices 109 KB
  Notes 669 KB




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